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How They Lie

Must the politician lie?
Each one of us asks this question when we hear the lies and horror stories that Germany's enemies spread throughout the world through the press or radio.

Obviously a politician cannot wear his heart on his sleeve when he is working for the success of his country. Only hypocrites and innocent dreamers would demand that he speak openly about his plans. Just as a businessman does not divulge his secrets to his rival, so also in politics, with even greater justification, much must remain a secret.

But there is an immense difference between discretion in business and the rude slander of rivals in one's private life.

For example, what would you say if a colleague of yours, whom you regarded as a rival and who disliked you, were to spread the rumor that your household is in disorder, that you murder small children and rape defenseless women? Rest assured that in our country such a person would soon be behind bars.

But the international politicians and journalists who slander entire peoples in a shameless manner not only run around freely, they impudently put on airs as the saviors of human culture. No lie is too crude for them, no slander too vulgar — they understand their craft.

Even in World War I they knew how to incite hate with the help of atrocity propaganda. We all recall those daily lies of the "German barbarian" who, "like a wild beast rages over the earth and destroys everything in hate and the fury of annihilation, who tortures children and delights in the tears of mothers," as a foreign paper once wrote.

In war, man stands against man. Each serves the fatherland in his own way, and no soldier will deny the knightly convictions of a noble opponent. Today, however, a cowardly gang of professional agitators daily invents new lies and pictures from the safety of their desks.

How was the German soldier once depicted by enemy atrocity propaganda? We all know them, for we had fathers, brothers, sons, and men out there. For instance, on 20 March 1915, the newspaper "Le Rire Rouge" published the following picture of the good German soldier:

A bloodthirsty murderer of women and children, a robber and plunderer, who nourishes himself with sausages made from human flesh — that was how it saw the brave and loyal German soldier.

Each of us knows what a crude and baseless lie this is. Every decent person in the world should have known this. And yet: "Some of it will always be believed, the stupid and gullible will never see through it all" — so hope the political liars and slanderers.

The lies that began 25 years ago continue today.

In 1938, another newspaper, one worst of the yellow press, used this cartoon to show the alleged

"Nazi tyranny" that supposedly threatened the world.

We know what to think about this flood of slander flowing over the German people. We heard the same things between 1914 and 1918. Then as now, they are attempting to drive a wedge between leaders and people. The goal of this propaganda is always the annihilation of Germany.

We are also familiar with the old lie about the desecration of churches and shrines, which are once again in fashion with our enemies.

This is the undamaged cathedral of Tschenstochau.

The picture of the Polish shrine of the Black Madonna, with the German soldiers in the foreground, was taken after its alleged destruction by German bombers.

While the lying and yellow press of the entire world and the enemy transmitters were inventing hypocritical stories about the presumed destruction of the holy picture, the prior of Tschenstochau wrote the above letter to the German military authorities that clearly testifies that the monastery and holy picture were untouched.

Thus the lie regarding supposed German attack could be immediately exposed. The English Ministry of Advertising has had nothing to say since.

In reality, these lies are ancient. Our enemies always babble about violated sanctuaries, persecuted priests, murdered children and tortured women in order to prejudice the world against Germany and to arouse the impression that the world must be defended against "the barbarians who are threatening human culture."

The picture above is taken from a leafet dated 19 August 1914. The same lie was used back then. Supposedly the Germans had attacked the monastery at Jasno-Gora.

They always lied, they lie today, they lie, they lie.

"German military shoots a child,"
a typical atrocity story of our enemies, from the years 1914-1918.

There were countless numbers of these malicious pictures in World War I. Today we see new versions of this crude charge. Enemy radio reports drugged candy and poison gas-filled children's balloons, with which German troops allegedly killed Polish children.

And our enemies decided to spread this vile slander in the exact moment that the world heard from neutral journalists about the unimaginable crimes perpetrated by the Poles on fellow German countrymen.

This picture shows: Foreign observers examine the mutilated corpses of murdered Germans. They include Mr. Jäderlund from "Stockholms Tidningen," Mr. Knudsen from "Berlinske Tidningen," Mr. Blockzijl from "Allgemeen Handelsblad" in Amsterdam, Mr. Appelius for the Italian press, and so on.

All of these neutral independent reporters saw and corroborated the terrible atrocities against Germans with their own eyes.

In light of these proven facts, the shameless enemy presumes to turn the tables and pin these murders on the Germans, declaring that the murdered, whose names and addresses are known, are Poles.

Not only Germany, but the whole world knows exactly what a decent, upright and good person this unpretentious soldier was.

The picture we see here was known around the world.

A stubborn crude monster, malicious, cunning and brutal.

To whom was this slanderous distortion useful? Only the warmongers who wanted to starve and annihilate the entire German people.

The world knows this picture of the Führer Adolf Hitler.

Countless accurate and genuine photographs are at the disposal of anyone who wants to see them. We all know this face: serious or cheerful — it is always good-natured and full of strength.

Germany's opponents, who hate the Führer, know that as well. They should know that lies, particularly doctored photographs, are quickly exposed. But that does not stop these professional liars.

This is how they think the Führer should look.

This is how they see him. This is how they portray him. Every line in this drawing is a lie. Every detail is invented. The blind, stupid hate of intellectual weaklings speaks from this drawing.

This scarecrow is supposed to represent the Führer.

The faces of the mob who carry this scarecrow through the streets of New York clearly reflect of the lowest characteristics of Jewish subhumanity. The yellow rag "Le droit de vivre" was proud to print this picture at the end of 1938.

They hate the Führer, because he exposes their lies and crimes.
They hate him, because he rescued the hard-working German people from exploitation.

How happy they would be to see the Führer and the entire German people delivered into the dark machinations of the world Jewry! It shows the impotence of the Jews, since all they can do is drag a straw man through the streets and burn it.

What do these subhumans know about the joy of a genuine national community? These warmongers are hard at work rousing the world against Germany. How little they know about the indisoluble bond between Führer and people that is so overwhelmingly clear in this picture:

The Führer speaks with German workers.

He knows that he can trust them, and they know that our cause is in his good hands.

All Germany knows the jubilation and deep emotion of the liberated Sudeten Germans; in other countries this picture also left a deep impression.

It is just this indissoluble unity between people and Führer that fills our enemies with impotent rage.

Therefore they have hypocritically declared their war aim to be the "Abolition of Nazism." They try to separate Führer from his people with their laughable pamphlets. They know that German unity is the deepest cause of German strength, which today astounds the entire world.

After the liberation of the Sudetenland, they spread lies that the residents of the region joined Germany against their will.

And what does the lying foreign press make out of this picture?

This picture allegedly shows a desperate woman who weeps bitterly as she is forced to give the Hitler salute, screams the lying papers of the Jews and moneybags of the whole world. Of course they only showed this portion of the photo, because if they had shown the entire photo, it would not have had the desired effect. From the bearing of the remaining persons of this picture, it is clear that no one was forced to give the German greeting.

The lying press must consider its readers stupid in daring to put forth such impudent falsifications.

The enemy countries, who are so worried about the fate of the German people, also worry about the S. A.
We have often seen them; we know how these men look. They are our comrades, our colleagues in the workplace, our fathers, brothers, sons and men.

Do they look like this? Since when are these imagined daggers the true symbol of the S. A.? Once again some professional liar has taken his pen in his hand.

They lie, they lie....

German men from all regions and occupations use their free time and energy in regular practice, so they can be ready to serve the community. When in the summer of 1939 the agricultural labor force was too small to bring in the rich harvest, these men freely joined in to help with the harvest, serving the homeland on peaceful fields. Why does the enemy press, which loves to speak of its objective reporting, never carry such pictures of Germany?

But it gets even better. The Polish newspaper "ABC" of 30 May 1939 told its readers how things looked in Germany.

"Beer is lacking. They eat dog meat and sparrows. They get their fat from rats."

This story is so nice that one should really provide pictures.

Every German worker, who in the evening sits at a well-stocked table, who enjoys his glass of beer, every German housewife, who buys a piece of meat, can refute the Polish "ABC." It is true that in our cramped German territory we do not swim in luxury, but have enough and it is good.

But the liars are not interested in the truth. They will certainly pay for their swindle.

The Polish liars are naturally not alone. A French newspaper — again "Le Rire" — says the same thing.

Here you see how this lying paper imagines a butcher shop in Germany: instead of nourishing sausage, meat cutlets, and loins of veal, guns are hanging on the walls!

And the truth? We all know it. Occasionally one kind of meat or another is in short supply, but we have always had enough, including sausage.

In any case, on 16 September 1939 in weekly market on Großgörchenstraße, in one of the so-called working class districts of Berlin Schönberg, this is how the meat stand of Paul Wegt looked.

Meanwhile, the base yellow press of our enemies has forced us to defend our lives with guns in our hands against the envy and resentment and threats of our enemies. As long as this defensive war endures, we will have to be frugal. But, no one is hungry, nor will anyone ever be.

What we have will be shared fairly.

The more one examines their endless scribbling and radio news, the clearer one sees that these expert liars have never spoken the truth, not even once.

This time a newspaper really outdid itself. Here we see how a German holiday is libeled.

Christmas and Nazi Winter Relief

What idiots do the fabricators of such lies hope to reach? We certainly can not invite all the imbeciles of the world at our expense to experience Christmas in Germany, in order to show them how it really is here. But anyone who wants to know the truth can find it. If we can be proud of anything, we can be proud of this — that even though things may be a bit scarce and modest, no one needs to be hungry or cold, least of all at Christmas. Every German mother of a family can honestly confirm this.

We all know this picture. It is the Christmas celebration of a German family that did not have the means by itself to celebrate this holiday of love in the way the Führer wishes, in the way that every German family should experience.

The NSV [the Nazi Party charity] got involved.

Helpers, men and women, walked upstairs and downstairs, heard the wishes of the needy, and provided gifts.

We all know the results. In any case, the 80 million people of the greater German Reich know that the liar who drew the picture on the previous page of an alleged German Christmas is not only a liar but also an idiot. If the gentlemen wanted to lie, they should have at least started out more intelligently, so that they were not found out immediately.

But if one thinks that the Christmas picture is the pinnacle of stupid unbelievable lies, he is mistaken. You already know, that in Germany every young man asks the mother and father when he wants the hand of their daughter in marriage. Do you know how such a solemn moment looks?

You must certainly do not know this. The artists of the magazine "Regards" drew this delightful and accurate picture for their 27 October 1938 issue:

This prospective son-in-law uses a pistol to persuade the mother and father to allow him to marry their daughter. According to them, that is one of Hitler's "customs."

Are German women and girls really as absolutely stupid and helpless as they seem in this picture? Each one of us knows how in truth, our girls are fresh and free, in the workplace, in sports, on excursions or amusements; they choose the right man for themselves.

We took the trouble to learn if the artist who drew this picture had been taken to a madhouse. But he is still at large.

And here is the truth:

German citizens, hardly starving, take a pleasure cruise on a KdF ship.

They find convalescence, delight and strength in the sun and fresh air, and in the cheerful company of their fellow countrymen.

What National Socialist Germany has done and continues to do for working people is unique in the entire world.

The foreign plutocratic countries that are dominated by high finance viewed this new and happy life with envy and ill-will. They never ceased in their endeavor to compel this new Germany into war, to keep it in the same miserable state it was in after the Treaty of Versailles.

But Germany knows what it has to lose. And because it is stronger than the rest of the world, it will end this struggle victoriously.

Naturally the professional liars love to tell fairy tales in which the swindle is not so obvious.

Consider the West Wall:

A broad strip of secure fortifications along Germany's western border that makes it once and for all impossible for foreign troops to break into the Rhineland. It will make it impossible for Negro soldiers from some foreign army to make German women and girls miserable, as in the years following World War I.

This West Wall, the secure defense of the German people and German labor, was begun in 1938 and worked on continuously in 1939 to make it strong and insurmountable. In the future, Germans living near the western border of the Reich can live life securely.

But the West Wall is a long way away from most people, and it is largely a military secret; not everyone who wants to see it can. The professional liars are waging a campaign of lies against the West Wall. They began a campaign of lies about the West Wall.

For weeks the lying radio sations abroad spread their fairy tales:

"The Rhine flooded and covered the entire West Wall..."

"The West Wall is poorly built. When the Führer had test shots fired against it, and everything fell apart. The Führer is enraged."

These lies poured out of radio receivers in the entire world.

What does the enemy radio care that 500,000 West Wall workers can expose their lies?

We graciously invite these storytellers to come to Germany to speak with a few West Wall workers. Let them speak with the workers who mixed the concrete and drove in the girders and fit the steel plates together. These workers would tell the liars something; they would make it clear how easily the West Wall upon which they work can be blown apart.

The West Wall will survive, even if the entire foreign press and radio liars bang their heads against it.

Meanwhile, the German army showed the entire world that it is superior to all others, that it is invincible.

During World War I, England's attempts to turn America against Germany failed. The sinking of the Lustania because the welcome pretext for intervention.

Mr. Churchill, English warmonger, First Lord of the Admiralty, architect of the encirclement campaign had it easy in the fall of 1939.

When he decided to wage war against Germany, he selected four English passenger ships that were sailing to America. Then he sent the above telegram, dated 28 August 1939, to Cunard White Star Lines, compelling them to turn German passengers away from these ships, as they would be uncomfortable eyewitnesses. See the accompanying letter from the shipping company, dated 29 August 1939. Churchill then sent suitable "rescue ships" to be "coincidentally" on the course of these ships, which were now loaded with Americans. The Athenia was torpedoed and sunk. If the affair with the "Athenia" not worked, then one of the other three ships would have been sunk, so that Mr. Churchill would have more stories for the English Ministry of Lies.

We know the rest. The yellow press of the world blows Churchill's lying horn obediently: a German submarine allegedly sank the "Athenia."

But the evil, criminal escapade failed. Germany got hold of the documents and exposed the criminals.

Once again, one of the vilest and most base of the English lies is exposed.

In the same newspaper an honest French journalist showed how things really are

A misfortune occurred, perhaps a murder. A woman lies on the pavement of a big city street in a pool of blood. Thousands of greedy, shameless eyes look upon this tragedy. All of the terrible details are described, because that is how newspapers are sold.

Freedom of the press...

The following story is perhaps the best way of showing the reality of moneybags journalism, and how decent foreign journalists are forced to invent lie afer lie.

A couple of months ago, a foreign journalist whose name we must hide in order to protect his job, came to Germany. He wanted to see the alleged "Nazi hell" with his own eyes, in order to give an eyewitness account.

He saw workers who had jobs. He saw workers taking vacations with the KdF. And he saw workers going to the theater. He saw the NSV's charity for the poor. He saw and was amazed.

He had not expected to see that! How could he, knowing the truth, continue to write lies and false atrocity stories about Germany, like the financiers of his newspaper want it?

So he looked for a place where he would surely see atrocities. He went to the concentration camp at Sachsenhausen. And there he was really astounded.

Certainly we do not relish the thought of losing our freedom, to be locked up, away from friends and family. But a country that wants to work to support itself in peace and tranquility must isolate the troublemakers to make them harmless. It has always been that way, and it will always be that way.

The English, the French, and the Americans have their Devil's Islands and penal colonies. They are located in deadly climates of brutal heat or ice cold, and poisonous insects. They all have such hells where they sentence lawbreakers for long years or even for life. Most end up dying before they have been there very long.

Germany does not have such tropical Devil's Islands or deadly ice camps. And even if Germany had such places, no one would be locked away there.

In German camps, criminals and misfits live in clean and orderly accommodations, receive sufficient nourishment and have enough time for both work and play.

The foreign press reporter visited one of these camps.

He saw and was again amazed. He went back home and honestly described all that he had seen.

The officials of the German concentration camp were outraged when they later read his article.

The article talked about piles of corpses over which the poor reporter had to climb, of moaning people in dark dungeons, of caning orgies and other such imaginary atrocities.

The man had seemed so honest. How could he lie like that? What had happened? The journalist wrote a letter to explain. He had written a truthful account of what he had seen at the concentration camp.

But the owner of the newspaper switched everything around. Naturally there are decent foreign papers that would never falsify the facts like that, but we are not talking about them here.

The newspaperman begged the Germans not to take action against his paper or the publisher who falsified the report, because then he would lose his job.

That is how freedom of the press looks like in other countries; that is how the lies and fairy tales come to be.

The Führer spoke about the criminal newspaper Jews and the war profiteers, in his speech on 6 October. They order the journalists and radio reporters around like schoolboys. These "servants of public opinion" are not allowed to have convictions or express their true opinions, and only a very few exceptions prove this rule. They must lie and slander and blacken Germany and its Führer to keep the gentlemen behind the plutocratic, moneybag policies in business.

But why do these newspaper moneybags lie so crudely, so stupidly, so impudently? Why do they spread their slander all over Germany of all places?

They lie because they are weak and Germany is strong. They lie because they want to make money by going to war against Germany, even though their people do not want to go to war and are scared to go to war against a strong Germany.

The moneybags of foreign lands dream of the rich reparations payments upon which they grew fat after World War I. They want to have it that easy once again.

The professional liars in the service of the warmongers do not know just how much the truth shines through their lies about Germany.

If we want to render harmless a good-for-nothing or ruffian or thief who in a big city or village or apartment building upsets the peace of the community, when we want to call in the police in order to finally have peace, what do we do?

If he steals, we say he is a thief. If he assaults the defenseless, we say he is a brute.

Only idiots would make up unbelievable slander instead of simply accusing a demonstrable crook of his real crimes.

The same goes for politics.

If Germany were actually guilty of real misdeeds, then it would not be necessary to invent the wildest tales about Germany.

If Germany's leading men were brutal, malicious, incompetent and hated oppressors, foreign foreign countries would only need to show them as they really are.

Why is it necessary for them to doctor the photographs of Germany's leaders to make trouble for Germany? Because the genuine pictures speak for Germany and its leaders.

Why do they make up all of these dumb, easily refutable lies about the West Wall, the army, the concentration camps and the NSV? Because there is nothing in Germany upon which they can base legitimate attacks.

If things really were bad in Germany, it would be easy for the warmongers to cause trouble for us. They would only need to truthfully describe the state of affairs.

But they do it so clumsily because they cannot find anything truly bad in Germany.

They lied in peacetime. Today they lie two and three times as much. Day and night they invent atrocity stories and spread them via radio and the press, in order to deflect the world's attention from their own foul deeds.

Germany even handles the enemy humanely, and does all it can to treat the neutrals with respect and consideration; it was the hypocritical English who bombed Esbjerg in neutral Denmark during peacetime.

The adjacent picture shows the terrible effect of this outrage.

Still, however, the criminals tried to deny their deeds and pin the blame on Germany. Things were going nicely, but then everything fell apart. On 7 September 1939 the Exchange Agency released the following rather uncomfortable news item:

"The British envoy in Copenhagen expressed its deepest regret to the Danish government today for the dropping of two bombs on Danish soil, which killed two people and destroyed Danish property. The investigation of the bomb fragments showed it to be of British origin."

Since the war began in Europe and it became more difficult to reach people with these fairy tales through the press or by clever rumors, our enemies have turned to the radio. The English Ministry of Lies transmits an unbelievable shower of lies and propaganda day and night, with urgent haste and on all possible frequencies. It does not bother these gentlemen at all that every couple of days they must retract their statements.

Here is a small selection out of the countless number of such reports that proves that nothing is too stupid or unbelievable for these liars:

On 5 September at 2:45 pm Warsaw reported that: "The French army has broken through the West Wall in seven places and marched east. Würzburg was taken. The English have full control over German airspace."

On 6 September at 12:15 pm from the same station: "There is no more white bread, no meat and no more canned goods in Germany."

London reported on 6 September at 1:30 pm that: "Polish planes have bombed Berlin."

Lyon on 5 September at 8:00 pm: "The German flyers are undertaking numerous attacks on open Polish cities, murdering women and children, shooting at churches and Red Cross columns. They appear to have targeted the children, as they threw them poisoned candy."

Stations from Warsaw and Posen, 2 September 1939: "German planes use gas and incendiary bombs."

International News Service, 2 September 1939: "Bombing of hospitals for feeble-minded Jewish children in Warsaw."

"German planes drop children's balloons filled with poisonous gas." (Polpat Radio, 2 September 1939).

"All wells in the vicinity of Warsaw are have been ruined by poison gas." (Organization of the passive Polish air defense, 4 September 1939).

"German fliers bomb and destroy a Polish Red Cross train station in Bschidlowitz." (Polish Telegraph Agency, 5 September 1939).

"German fliers drop poisoned rose garlands, medallions and holy pictures, which have already caused several deaths." (Warsaw, 6 September 1939).

"German planes throw poisoned pamphlets." (Short wave station, Warsaw, 8 September 1939).

We Germans naturally know what to think about these crazy slanders. But those abroad have to be told what the English masters of the lie are trying to do.. On 6 September Mr. Butler responded to a question from Mr. Henderson, a member of the Labour Party in the House of Commons. He explained that charges that the German bombed open Polish cities were false. The bombs dropped on these places were directed at military targets.

Furthermore, Mr. Butler explained that there was no official evidence at hand to support the allegation that Germany had used poisonous gas.

In fact, the Führer has expressely forbidden the German army to use these forms of warfare, a fact that even England must officially admit.

It is not even worth talking about all the other fables, monstrosities or devilish fantasies.

Since this ridiculous twaddle naturally eventually loses its effect on the world, the English Ministry of Lies took matters into its own hands and sent the notorious journalist Knickerbocker with a special assignment.

At the end of September 1939, numerous foreign newspapers and broadcasting stations carried reports by this liar. One report stated that 6 prominent National Socialists had transferred over half a billion marks in foreign currency to accounts in foreign lands, so that after the "destruction of the Regime" they would have a fat nest egg.

In Germany one does not even need to refute such vile slander, because no one falls for it.

Dr. Goebbels used all foreign language broadcasts to expose the foreign slanderer and to challenge Knickerbocker to prove his allegations. If he could prove the existence of these fantasy accounts, he would receive 10 percent.

At first the liar did not say anything. Days went by and Knickerbocker did not claim any of the money that Goebbels offered him! Then he came out with new lies and named banks, insurance companies, middlemen, who were all allegedly involved in these underhanded dealings. It is impossible here to reproduce the long, imaginary list, but the German press published all the names and details. The result is: the accounts, like the middlemen, do not exist and have never existed. A group of foreign journalists have investigated the matter carefully and have reached the following conclusion. This picture is a rendering of the
This is Knickerbocker.

And yet another campaign of lies collapses miserably. Once again the world can see how the English Ministry of Lies and its accomplices work.

The truth once again shines through the worst of the foreign lies.

Germany is no paradise, because there is no such thing as paradise on earth, and there never will be. We Germans are like everyone else, we make mistakes, there are a few unreliable people, and we have occasional difficulties which we have not completely overcome — but, and this is the important thing:

Things are a thousand times better here. Things are more honest and fair here than anywhere in the entire world.

Here we recognize the honor of the worker.

Here there is a right to work.

Here the moneybags are not in control.

Kraft durch Freude [The Nazi organization for workers], Schönheit der Arbeit [The Nazi organization for young women] and concern for the poorest make the lives of our people happier and more beautiful.

We all know that, even if we occasionally complain about one thing or another that does not work.

Since we know that, and since we also know that we are strong and have nothing to fear, we know what to think of the lies of the press and radio of our foreign opponents, which are the best proof for their weakness.

The Führer Adolf Hitler said at his Reichstag speech on 20 February 1938:

"I believe that it would be valuable if we could not only ban the dropping of poisonous gas and explosive bombs on the civilian population, but also stop the selling of the newspapers that have a more profound effect on the relations between states than poison or incendiary bombs could ever have."

He who reads the small collection of lies in this pamphlet will agree with the Führer.

In conclusion:

We will not be confused by the lies of the foreign countries! We know what we are fighting for!

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