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A hand pushes the door to the toilet stall open revealing an empty stall. He
moves to the next stall and pushes the door open. Again, the stall is empty.
He moves to the third stall and pushes the door open showing a cracked bowl and something still bubbling in it. The walls are brown and dirty.
Dr Bradley turns around and walks down a row of Brighton Boys lined up in the bathroom, lecturing them to turn the perpetrator in.

DR BRADLEY: Attendance at Brighton is a privilege. With that privilege comes responsibility. Now one among you has vandalized your school. If he lacks the courage to take responsibility for his actions, then I expect one of you to have the courage to fulfill your responsibility and inform me as to his identity.

NIKKO ZOND: Well, that's an interesting word ... ah, choice, sir.
"Inform" like informant. Is that really the kind of moral rectitude you're
trying to instill in us here? You know, like they say in the brochure.

DR. BRADLEY: My office. Now!

Nikko turns and walks out of the bathroom. DR. Bradley follows. The
students remaining immediately turn to each other to talk when the two leave.
Nikko sits outside in the waiting room listening to his walkman on his
earphones. He occupies himself by playing with a coin and flipping it over his

DR. BRADLEY There are policies in place here at Brighton that are designed -

SOLOMON ZOND: Listen, I hear what you're saying, but he needs your
help. Ever since his mother died, it's just been really rough on him. You can
understand that, right?

HALEY: See, a long, long time ago there was a young god who lived in
the heavens. He ordered Sagittarius, the archer, to shoot his bow ...

Sitting in front of an open campfire, out under the open skies, a young Nikko listens to the story his mother tells him.

HALEY: ... and god rode the star on the tip of the arrow to earth- so that he
could find a bride and not be lonely anymore.

NIKKO Did that really happen?

HALEY: It's a legend that's been told for thousands of years. I believe
there's Truth in every story. It's our job to figure out what these Truths are
trying to tell us. It's time. Let's go wake daddy up.

Back at home, the computer starts to ring. On it, a message box with
a ringing phone icon is on screen. Solomon sits up On the laptop monitor, the camera image of Solomon appears on screen.


YOUNG NIKKO: Good morning, daddy.

SOLOMON ZOND: NIKKO! I miss you, boy.

NIKKO: I miss you too.

HALEY CAYCE: You fell asleep working again. People are going to start to think you're an eccentric old professor.

SOLOMON: I am an eccentric old professor.

NIKKO: We found a missing star.

SOLOMON: Wow! That's exciting.

NIKKO: And tomorrow mom's going to take me to a lost temple.

SOLOMON: Haley? You got it?

HALEY CAYCE: We're at the site. Honey, I'm losing the satellite. I love you.

Haleyand Nikko start throwing kisses at Solomons fuzzy monitor image.

SOLOMON ZOND: I love you guys.

NIKKO: I love you, daddy.

SOLOMON: Haley, be careful in there. Remember what you got ... do you
hear me?

Back to present.

SOLOMON: Are you listening?

Back in the deans office waiting room, Nikko looks up at his dad. He flattens his hair.

NIKKO: I'm sorry. Did you say something?

SOLOMON: What is with you and all this crap, boy?

NIKKO: Nice to see you too, dad.

Solomon drives Nikko away from the school.

SOLOMON: Now I want to understand what's going on with you.

NIKKO: Yeah, I guess I don't make it very easy.

SOLOMON: Four schools in three years. I'm still on the line for the
tuition, you know that?

NIKKO: Oh, one of the many burdens of fatherhood. I can only imagine.

SOLOMON: That's right. You can only imagine.

The car phone rings. Solomon reaches for it and answers it.

SOLOMON: Hello. Yeah Okay, prepare the jet.

He hangs up the phone.

NIKKO: The jet?

The car suddenly gets hit from behind. They both glance back at the dark sedan following close behind them.


Behind the dark sedan, two other cars appear one on each side of them.
The car on the left speeds up and levels off in line with Solomon. The
darkened windows roll down and a man turns to look at Solomon. He recognizes him instantly.

SOLOMON: Hossik!

SOLOMON turns back to the road in front of him. Nikko turns and looks at Hossik in time to see the gun he lifts up to show them.

NIKKO ZOND: Dad! He's got a gun!

Solomon glances over and sees the gun. He turns and rams his car and rams it into Hossik's car. He speeds up and pulls out in front of the dark sedan putting some space between them.

SOLOMON: Get in the back. Keep your head down!

NIKKO: What?!

SOLOMON: In the back now!

Nikko climbs into the back seat. The man from the car behind them fires,
breaking the back window.

SOLOMON: NIKKO, are you okay?

NIKKO: Yeah, I'm okay! What's going on?!

The papers in the back start flying out the broken window.

SOLOMON ZOND: Take this.

Solomon hands Nikko a metal briefcase. He takes it and stays down low in the back seat. Solomon speed dials the car phone.

MAGGIE: Hello, Solomon.

SOLOMON: Maggie, I need an exit.

MAGGIE: I have your location.

Maggie sits in front of the computer, monitoring Solomons car. The white dot on the monitor travels down the roadway

SOLOMON: I've got three cars on my tail. Get me out of here.

On the computer monitor, Maggie watches the white dot travel up the roadway at considerable speed. The label under the white dot reads: V-27 ZOND, SOLOMON. She focuses on his position.

MAGGIE: Up ahead, turn right.

SOLOMON: There is no right.

MAGGIE: Just look.

SOLOMON looks and gets it.

SOLOMON: Oh, right.

Solomon turns right ... onto the dirt road. Nikko tosses about in the back


Ivan Hossik and the other cars follow Zond.

SOLOMON: Hey Maggie, talk to me.

Maggie watches Solomon on the monitor.

MAGGIE: Go over the tracks.

SOLOMON: Are you sure?

MAGGIE: Just do it, Solomon.

SOLOMON drives over the train tracks.

SOLOMON: You got the wheel, Maggie. You're my eyes. What do you want me to do?

MAGGIE: They took the bait.

SOLOMON: They're still coming, if that's what you mean.

MAGGIE: Make a right.

Solomon takes the right and heads between the train cars. Hossik follows.
Off to the left of him, one of the cars continues to go straight. It gets out
in front of him and turns toward them.

NIKKO: Dad! Dad, watch out!

MAGGIE keeps a close eye on the monitor in front of her.

MAGGIE: Turn left now!

Solomon takes the left. Nikko rolls around in the back seat, keeping low.
Hossik continues to follow Zond.

SOLOMON: Maggie, come on, they're right up my tail.

Watching the yellow dot (ZOND) and the three red dots (HOSSIK) on her monitor, Maggie carefully manipulates them into position.

MAGGIE: You're gonna make a hard left on my mark. Three ... two ... one ... go!

Solomon takes the left and speeds out and around the train cars. He zooms past one of Hossikís black cars. The other two cars behind him follows and one deftly crashes into the other remaining car, taking them both out of commission. The one car remains following Zond.

SOLOMON: What next?

MAGGIE: Do you see a structure in the yard? It should be directly ahead.

SOLOMON: Yeah, it's some sort of snow plough.

MAGGIE: There should be a track running parallel. There's nothing on the

Whatever she's got planned, Solomon quickly understands her line of thinking.

SOLOMON: Got it. NIKKO, hang on.

The last remaining car chasing Zond lines up parallel with him. He swipes the car, hitting it and pushing it off to the side.

NIKKO: Dad! What's going on dad?!

Solomonswipes the car again, pushing it onto the tracks and in line with the snow plow ahead. He succeeds and the car is on the tracks. The driver looks up and sees the snow plow too late.
The car rams up into the plow like a ramp and flips over and off to the side.
Nikko sits up and sees the car hit the ground.

NIKKO : Whoa!

The car that was once chasing them slows down and stops.

SOLOMON: Okay, we're clear.

MAGGIE: Drive safely.

NIKKO: Hey, dad? I think I'm ready to go back to school now.

Carrying the metal briefcase, Solomon and Nikko walk into the building.
Solomon presses the elevator button. Nikko looks around.

NIKKO: So what's in the case, Dad? Cash? Golden idol? Answers to the SAT?

SOLOMON: Research.

NIKKO: Research, yeah. How is the gig at Princeton anyway? Job description changed a bit?

SOLOMON: You're going to see some things you're not going to understand.
I mean, some things I don't understand.

NIKKO: Look Dad, you can tell me what's up okay? I'm not ten years old

SOLOMON: No. No you're not. Look Nikko, believe me, there's a lot of
stuff. I just - I can't explain this to you right now. You're just going to
have trust me, okay?

NIKKO: What? Like the way you trust me, dad?

Solomon doesn't say anything. The elevator doors open and they step inside. He presses the button and the doors close on them. The elevator doors open and they walk out into an extremely high tech open office area.

NIKKO: Well I guess the tuition isn't going to be a problem. Who pays
for all this?

SOLOMON: We're well funded. Let's just leave it at that.

NIKKO looks around and sees the label on a file box on a shelf

NIKKO: Veritas. Truth Foundation. Truth about what?

SOLOMON: Everything. Look around. Make yourself at home Try and stay out of trouble, huh?

NIKKO: Thanks for the ride.

MAGGIE: You liked that, did you?

SOLOMON: It was inspired.

MAGGIE: Where is he?

SOLOMON: Over there.

MAGGIE: Good looking boy.

SOLOMON: Oh he's a handful, Maggie.

MAGGIE: No more than he's supposed to be.

CALVIN BANKS: Dr. Zond, you all right?

SOLOMON: I'm fine. Are we all set?

CALVIN: Yeah. What the hell happened out there?

SOLOMON: It was Ivan Hossik.

CALVIN: Hossik? There's no way he can know about the find. Lafleur sent this information from Paris by secured courier. Hossik doesn't have that kind of access.

SOLOMON: No. He doesn't.

CALVIN : You think it was Dorna, right? You think Dorna sent them?

SOLOMON: Well, who else would have sent them? With my son in the car,
they crossed the line.

CALVIN: Yes they did. But - look Dr. Zond, Dorna has been dogging us
every step of the way. Fine. But this is different. Why?

SOLOMON: Lafleur said that this find would put us right back on Haley's

CALVIN: You mean the Sacred City, right? Damn yeah. That'll strike a

SOLOMON: We're getting close, Cal. If we find the Sacred City, maybe we
find what Haley was chasing at the end. This isn't just about proving that
civilization began long before anyone ever anyone ever imagined, it's about what those people knew. Maybe how that information destroyed them. My wife uncovered something and I believe that's why she died. I want to know why Dorna is so worried about us figuring it out. What do they know? What are they hiding? Where's Vincent?

CALVIN: He's on his way in.

SOLOMON: As soon as he's here, we go.

In the next room, Nikko walks along the various display cases. He looks at the different artifact and finds. He turns his head and something catches his eye: A framed photograph of his mother. He leans in close to look at it ...
remembering ... and missing her.

HALEY CAYCE: It's a mystery. Isn't that what we're all looking for?

The secret stairway lowers downward into the ground. Standing in the center of its entrance is Haley. Nikko and Mikail stand at the top of the stairs.

NIKKO: Cool!

Haley takes out a flashlight and starts to descend the stairway. Mikhail and Nikkofollow. They walk along the passage way. At the end, they open the doors and walk into a circular room with a map on the wall of the solar system.

HALEY: The solar system. The sun is in the centre.

MIKHAIL: That's impossible. Copernicus did not discover the solar system's
layout for another thousand years at least.Is it a hoax?

HALEY: I don't know.

She reaches out and touches the map. The center of the sun symbol starts to light up. Nikko takes a step forward. Haley immediately puts out a hand and stops him.

NIKKO: What's it doing?

HALEY: Take Nikko out of here.

NIKKO: No! I want to stay with you!

HALEY: You know the rules. Now go with Mikail.

NIKKO: I don't want to go.

Haley sighs and kneels down in front of Nikko.

HALEY: What's the most important part of my job?

NIKKO: Curiosity.

HALEY: Right. But what's more important than that?

NIKKO: Intelligence.

HALEY: What's even more important than both of those?

NIKKO: Taking care of me.

She reaches out and kisses him. Mikhail pulls Nikko back toward the
entrance. Haley stands and they watch each other leave.

HALEY: Go. I'll be fine.

MIKAIL: Come on, Nikko.

Haley turns back to the map on the wall. She opens her journal and reads
inside. Nikko continues to watch his mom as he's being led to the
entrance way.
He watches as Haley reaches out and touches the sun on the wall. Its center light starts to glow white, Haleyís hand directly upon it.



Nikko pulls away from Mikhail and runs back toward his mom. He stops and watches wide-eyed as the light from the sun on the map grows brighter and brighter.

A beam of light shoots out from its center and hits Nikko square. He glows gold and falls backward. Someone walks behind Nikko, pulling him out of his memories. Nikko stands up and turns around. He comes face-to-face with Vincent Siminou.

NIKKO: What can I do for you?

VINCENT: You can come with me.

Vincent leaves expecting Nikko to follow. With a backward glance at his mother's photo, Nikko follows.


Inside the private jet, Nikko absently leafs through a magazine, "Ancient
American". He glances back at his father who is busy working on the table in
the back. He tosses the magazine back on the table, gets up and heads for the next room.

NIKKO: Holy!

The entire room is set up with elaborate high-tech computer gear. Sitting in
front of a computer monitor is Calvin. Nikko moves to stand behind him, looking over Calvinís shoulder.

NIKKO: So, where are we headed, Chuck?

CALVIN: So as to avoid any confusion later, my name is Calvin. Not Chuck.

NIKKO: Right. Well, nice to meet you, Calvin.

Calvin swings his chair completely around, making Nikko jump back in

CALVIN: We're not supposed to talk to you. I mean, do you understand
that anything we discuss in this room -

MAGGIE: Cal, please. We're just a little under the gun here.

NIKKO: Yeah. No, I know. Actually I just - well I wanted to ask you guys something. Is my dad Batman?


MAGGIE: You hungry?

NIKKO: No. No, thanks.

MAGGIE: We've got some good stuff back in the gallery.

CALVIN: Yeah, you know what? Maybe you can get us some coffee while
you're at it, all right? Decaf, please. If I have anymore caffeine, I'm not
going to be able to sleep for a week.

NIKKO: One decaf coming up, bud.

Nikko backs away from them. Calvin swings his computer back around.)

CALVIN: "Is my dad Batman?"

Nikko walks over to Lena working quietly in her corner. Nikko leans over her

NIKKO: See that guy over there?

LENA: Calvin?

NIKKO: Yeah. He said he wanted me to ask you to get him some coffee,
you know like a mocha coffee-zilla thing. You know, something with a lot of
kick to keep him going.

LENA: What else is new?

NIKKO: Yeah.

When Lena leaves, Nikko looks at her monitor. On screen is an article about
the "Pre-Roman Civilizations of France". There's a map of France on the left,
the article on the right and two close-up/enhanced sections of the map in the
middle. Nikko enters the next room where he finds Vincent playing a quiet game of chess with himself.

NIKKO: All right, look. I almost got killed a few hours ago and I still don't know what's going on. Now are you going to fill me in or what?

Ignoring the question, Vincent picks up a chess piece, looks at it and puts it
back down on the board.

VINCENT: You know, Nikko, in certain cultures, boys your age are run
off into the jungle, starved for three days in a hut, blindfolded, circumcised
with a blunt rock and then told they can't come home - until they kill a lion
with their bare hands. Count your blessings, man.

He picks up another piece and moves it. Nikko watches and comments on the move.

NIKKO: Ah actually - you don't want to do that. The move is king's knight seven to H3.

VINCENT: That's a money game. Are you in?

Nikko sighs and takes the vacant seat. Vincent starts to set the board up.

NIKKO: Can you answer a question for me?

VINCENT: Just one?

NIKKO: Yeah.


NIKKO: About what?

VINCENT: Questions, they're like insects. You can trap them, swat them
and kill them. But there's always more.

NIKKO: Okay, um - you're an old friend of my father's, right?

VINCENT: Is that the question?

NIKKO: What, you're only going to answer one?

VINCENT: I didn't say I would answer any.

NIKKO: All right, what's the time difference in Paris anyways? I want
to set my watch.

VINCENT: You're not wearing a watch. Are you going to play or not?

NIKKO: Look, who's after my father?

VINCENT: Ah! The question. I wish I could tell you.

NIKKO: You mean you wish you could tell me because you know, but you
can't; or you wish you could tell me but you don't know.

VINCENT: I wish I could tell you. Your move.


Solomon, Nikko and Vincent walk up to Prof. Lafleur.

SOLOMON: Professor LaFleur?

PROF. LAFLEUR: Solomon. It's so nice to see you again. And Vincent. Welcome.

SOLOMON ZOND: Professor, this is my son Nikko.

PROF. LAFLEUR: Of course, Nikko. It's a pleasure, my boy.

NIKKO: Nice to meet you, sir.

PROF. LAFLEUR: Your father speaks of you often. Gentlemen, this way please.

The Prof leads the men to his office in the back. Solomon turns around to
look at Nikko before he walks into the room.

SOLOMON: Give us a minute, Nikko.

Inside the room, Nikko sees the Prof tapping the fishtank glass with a coin. Solomon closes the door. Prof. lafleur unrolls the scroll. It's a map.

PROF. LAFLEUR: The find was discovered by a crew laying new fibre optic lines in the seventh arrondissement. I was notified and called you immediately. Now this is the city's utilities map and look the exact location of the site is marked here.

Lafleur points to a red square outlined on the map.

PROF. LAFLEUR: And then there is this, gentlemen.

He turns to his desk where he opens a box. He takes out an object wrapped in cloth and shows it to Solomon. He opens the cloth to show them part of a stone tablet.

PROF. LAFLEUR: This tablet was found at the entrance of the site and it matches an inscription described by Haley in her journals.

Solomon opens the metal briefcase and takes out a personal journal with "HAYLEY CAYCE" on the cover. He leafs through the pages looking for something specific. He finds it and picks up the stone tablet to compare it to the drawing in the journal.

SOLOMON: The best translation she came up with in here is: "The way to
the sacred city."

PROF. LAFLEUR: She also wrote of a vessel that would conceal the way.


PROF. LAFLEUR: I do think we may have found the location of the vessel.

VINCENT: The vessel - did she describe it - what it is?

SOLOMON: She didn't know. She never found out. She was certain that it
would be a major find. She said "the key to the puzzle. It'll re-write all
the timelines."

VINCENT: She never was short on enthusiasm.

SOLOMON: No. She had the market cornered.

PROF. LAFLEUR: Clearly this item is considered a holy relic. So you'll be
looking for an altar, perhaps a burial chamber.

VINCENT: Who else knows about this?

LAFLEUR: You are the first - and only.

VINCENT: And how many copies of the map?

PROF. LAFLEUR: Two. This one and my personal copy -

He goes to the table to grab the map. He rolls it up and hands it to Solomon.

PROF. LAFLEUR: ... which I will hide here - for safe keeping.

Nikko is in the hotel room with his dad. He's still upset by what happened
earlier in the Museum and quietly ignores his father while trying to fold his

SOLOMON: It seems, as they say, the inn is full. We're roomies - at least
for tonight.

NIKKO: All right. Whatever.

Nikko tosses the "folded" shirt aside. Solomon watches and grins behind him.

SOLOMON: Who taught you how to fold a shirt?

NIKKO: I did.

He glances back at his dad, then grabs the next shirt and tosses that one
aside, too. Solomon steps up.


Solomon picks up one of Nikkoís "folded" shirts and looks at the crinkled
material, shakes his head and sighs. He open the shirt up. Solomon starts
showing Nikko how to fold the shirt.

SOLOMON: You've got to make sure the shoulders are tucked. Okay? Folding over the tail of the shirt and then fold again, keeping the front flat. See? Perfect.

He hands the shirt to Nikko. He takes it and looks at it for a moment

NIKKO: Sweet. Sartorial tips from a world traveler.

He tosses the shirt back onto the bed. Solomon walks away.

NIKKO: So who taught you how to fold a shirt?

SOLOMON: Your mother.

Nikko turns and looks at his dad, regret for his actions on his face. He looks back at the shirt on the bed.

Solomon glances up at Nikko and doesn't quite know what to do about his son.

SOLOMON: I have to get to work.

Solomon turns and heads for the main living room.

SOLOMON: Your tutor will be here any minute.

NIKKO: What?! A tutor?!

SOLOMON: You weren't expecting a vacation, were you?

NIKKO: Yeah, sort of.

SOLOMON: You're staying with me the remainder of the school year. You'll
complete your course of study with a tutor and next fall - look at me - you'll
be enrolled in a more disciplinary academy.

NIKKO: Oh, well, lucky me.

SOLOMON: Yeah, you are lucky - lucky I don't enroll you at Wainsport.

NIKKO: Military school?

SOLOMON: With summer school.

NIKKO : Look, can I order room service?

SOLOMON: No. Miss Droil will look after the meals.

NIKKO: Miss Droil? You mean like "boil" with a "dr"-

Someone knocks on the front door. Solomon turns to answer it.

SOLOMON: Don't, all right? Don't start.

Nikko stands up and walks back into the bedroom where he starts throwing his shirts onto the bed.

NIKKO: I'm being killed here - I cat believe this. Great.

SOLOMON: Nikko, I'd like you to meet your tutor. This is Juliet Droil.

Nikko turns around and finds himself face to face with his young, very pretty tutor. She holds out her hand to him.


NIKKO: Hi ... I mean hello.

Nikko holds out his hand

SOLOMON: All right, now that you're both well acquainted, I'll let you get to work. I'll be checking I in on you.

JULIET: Thank you, Dr. Zond.

NIKKO: Yeah. Yeah, thanks, dad.

Before he leaves, Solomon turns to look at his son and wave ... a clear message in it for him.

SOLOMON: Wainsport.

NIKKO: Yeah.

JULIET: Well ... let's see where we are.

She turns around to the main living room and pulls out a thick booklet from her bag. She puts it on the table. Nikko walks over and looks at it. It's an

JULIET: You have three hours.

She walks away. Nikko looks down at the test booklet, then back up at her.

A blue sports car stops on the street. Vincent and Solomon exit the vehicle.
They meet up with Maggie, Lena and Calvin.

MAGGIE: We've got access from the basement. Everything's reinforced and ready to go.

SOLOMON: Okay. Let's hit it.

The group walk into the museum.

MAGGIE: Monsieur.

CALVIN: These are from the Paris City Engineers.

SOLOMON: What's up with you? You look like the walking wounded.

CALVIN: No, I know. I couldn't sleep. It was like jet lag or something.
I was wired all night.

The group walks down the stairs. Solomon fills them in as much as he can.

SOLOMON: So far we've got nothing to account for the location of this
site except the Romans but ... this site is much too deep and significantly

VINCENT: It shouldn't be here.

Juliet waits while Nikko finishes the test. She leafs through a magazine.

NIKKO: I'm done.

JULIET: You still have over an hour. You might want to use it.

NIKKO: What are you talking about, it's perfect.

JULIET: It's not the correct answer, Nikko.

NIKKO: Well, it all depends on how you look at it.

JULIET: Well, you're obviously very bright. So why is it that your mug
shot is hanging up at every prep school admissions office in north america.

NIKKO: They don't really know me yet in Europe.

JULIET: Come on, Nikko.

NIKKO: I don't know I guess I've ah, never had a teacher who inspired
me fore.

JULIET: Inspiration, has to come from yourself. But I think you already
know that.

NIKKO: Look, I don't like school, okay?

JULIET : You don't like school or is it that you love torturing your father?

NIKKO: Is this part of the test?

JULIET: Look, I just want to know what I'm dealing with here, okay? I mean I don't want to have to come home and find that my toilets been blown to hell.

NIKKO: All right, look, let's get out of here. Okay? Let's go do

JULIET: I don't think that's such a good idea.

NIKKO: Come on, we're in Paris. I mean it's like living history. It's
one of the great ancient capitals.


NIKKO: We can call it social studies.

JULIET: Yeah, a study of your social life. I'm responsible for you okay?
Your father

NIKKO: Hey, I don't need a babysitter.

JULIET: That remains to be seen.

NIKKO: You know what, fine! You can stay here and grade my test. I'm
out of here.

JULIET: Nikko!

Juliet rushes out of the hotel trying to catch up with Nikko


Nikko stops walking, a smile on his face. He turns around. She walks up to him.

JULIET : Look, just don't push me, Nikko. You want to go out and take a
walk, fine. Then we're back to work. Got it?

NIKKO: Yeah, yeah. Cool.

The group reaches the basement and looks around at all the old stuff all around them.

CALVIN: Oh man, do you believe this place?

SOLOMON: Yeah. What a mess, huh? Lena, get some lights on in here. Maggie, Cal, I want this place surveyed and mapped, ASAP.

Nikko and Juliet walks along the sidewalk.

JULIET : Your dad was my professor at Princeton.

NIKKO: Princeton, huh? And you managed to land this great job?

JULIET: I'm working on my doctorate, Nikko. But that takes money - so
I'm here. But I'm not sure I'm getting paid enough.

NIKKO: Oh, well that's cause you just met me. I'm sure a month from
now you're definitely going to want a raise.


The group works on their assignments. Calvin, apparently still up from
all that caffeine, reports to Solomon

CALVIN: Dr. Zond ... Dr. Zond this place is amazing. Okay, I mean, the
level of preservation here, it's beautiful. Okay uh, masonry that is like
machine-honed, you know - advanced, way advanced, way beyond our preliminary dating. We could spend months going through everything here.

SOLOMON: That is not why we're here, is it?


SOLOMON: Okay. Now what do you got?

CALVIN: Well ... That's the thing. I mean as far as shrines, temples, burial chambers, we- we've got nothing. I mean, the vessel -

SOLOMON: It's not here.

Solomon sees something. He steps forward and pushes a brick aside to look at the large symbol in front of him. He lifts up the journal and compares the two symbols.

SOLOMON: Look. "Vessel". It's the same word found under the urn in
Haley's journal.

Solomon looks at the edges around the large metal disk containing the

SOLOMON: Give me the optic scanner.

Calvin gets the scanner. Solomon scans the edges of the disk into the
computer. He enhances the picture and sees something immediately.

SOLOMON: Microtext. It's a code. I want you to document everything that
you can here. I'm going to start translating. See if I can't figure out what
our ancient friends are trying to tell us. Tell Maggie to meet me at the
University Antiquities Library.

Nikko and Juliet walk into a dance club.

NIKKO: Anyway, I've been at boarding school since I was in seventh
grade. I spent Christmas with them usually but not always. I haven't been home for summer break in three years and he's rarely there anyway.

JULIET: You know, your father is doing important work.

NIKKO: No, no. Look, there is nothing important about archaeology.
It's for people who are too interested in the dead to remember the living.

JULIET: I don't think your mother would agree with you.

NIKKO: Don't talk about my mom, okay?

JULIET: Your mom is a major deal, Nikko. I mean, a lot of people, me
included, think that she was on the trail to a whole new history when she died.

NIKKO: What do you mean new history?

JULIET: Your mother challenged the accepted theories on how civilization
evolved. After the accident, her artifact catalogs were stolen from the lab.
They were never recovered. So all the physical evidence to support her theories is gone.

NIKKO: You know they never found her.

JULIET : I know.

NIKKO: So, ah anyway, are we going to dance or what?

JULIET: I'm your teacher, NIKKO. We don't dance.

NIKKO: Well that's too bad. Let's see what we got.

He takes a few steps away from Juliet and looks around. Leaning against the
pillar across the room, casually keeping an eye on him, is Ivan Hossik, the man with the gun from the car chase. Nikko turns around and grabs Juliet. He rushes her to the front door.

NIKKO: Come on we've gotta go.


NIKKO: We've gotta go, come on. Come on!

JULIET: What's going on?

NIKKO: Come on, hit me.


NIKKO: These guys are after my father. You've gotta take a shot at me.

JULIET: A shot? Don't understand.

Nikko turns and sees Ivan making his way toward them. He grabs Juliet
and kisses her. She pulls away and slaps him across the face.

JULIET: Have you lost your mind!?

NIKKO: That was, that was good. Okay the bouncer, is he coming?


NIKKO: Okay, when he gets here, you've gotta go outside. I'll meet you
there, okay? Just play along, all right? And maybe ... you should start dating boys your own age! Huh? If they'll have you!

She pushes Nikko backward, straight into the bouncer just as Ivan reaches him. Hossik backs away.

BOUNCER: My friend, you take it outside, all right?

NIKKO: Hey, hey, hey back off, Jumbo.

BOUNCER: What did you say?

Hossik looks across the room at his partner and shakes his head. The partner turns and leaves.

NIKKO: I said back off before I give you a man beating.

BOUNCER: A man beating?

NIKKO: Yeah.

The doors open and Nikko comes flying out into the street. He lances on the
ground. The bouncer walks outside and starts yelling at him in French.

BOUNCER: (Yelling in french)

NIKKO: Sorry.

Nikko turns his head in time to see Hossik getting into a small black sports
Car Nikko scrambles to his feet and runs after the car. He's too late, the car drives off down the street.

Maggie shows Solomon what she's found on the microtext.

MAGGIE: I checked for matches with every language system we have in the
database. Plenty of analogues but not enough to get a translation. Then, I
noticed this. She hits a few keys and the majority of the text leaves the screen leaving a few repetitive patterns on the monitor

SOLOMON: That's a pattern.

MAGGIE: Algorithmic. It's not language, it's numbers - an equation.

SOLOMON: Okay. Well get to it, lady.

MAGGIE: I'm already on it.

The doors open. Nikko walks in. Solomon turns his attention to his son.

SOLOMON: I thought it was clear that you were stay at the hotel.

NIKKO: No, that wasn't clear to me.

SOLOMON: How's Juliet?

VINCENT: She's a bit shaken but she's fine. She did mention something
about wanting a raise.

SOLOMON: All right, tell me what happened.

NIKKO: Okay, you know the guy in the car with the gun?


NIKKO: He's here.

VINCENT: Did he approach you? Did he say anything?

SOLOMON: Did he threaten you in any way?

Before he can answer the questions, Nikko turns and looks around. He
immediately sees the open journals on the table. He touches the book reverently and picks it up.

NIKKO: This is mom's journal.


NIKKO: Dad, I can't believe you never showed me these. What is it with you and all these secrets, dad?!

SOLOMON: Because that's the way I want it!

NIKKO: Well maybe that's not a very good answer!

Solomon grabs the journal and packs it away with the other books.

NIKKO Dad. She was my mother. Okay? And she's gone. Don't you think I would want to see her journals?

SOLOMON: Notes on excavations, work. They're not personal.

NIKKO: Dad. I don't care if they're her bank records, okay? They're

MAGGIE: Solomon? It was a binary equation yielding these two number strings.

NIKKO: Algorithms.

SOLOMON: So you do study.

NIKKO: Yeah, I get by.

MAGGIE: The question is what do these numbers mean?

SOLOMON: Do they correspond in any way to the physical layout of the dig

MAGGIE: I'll check it out.

VINCENT: I'll take him back to the hotel.

SOLOMON: Hey listen, stay in your room. I don't want you to move
until you hear from me. You got it?

NIKKO: Yeah.


MAGGIE: The numbers don't line up with the site dimensions.

SOLOMON: Okay. What else do we have? Date, time ...

As he nears the door, NIKKO glances up at the roof where there's a "MAP OF THE NORTHERN SKY" painted above along with all the constellations. He stops and stares at the ceiling painting.

NIKKO: You know, star patterns are calculated using algorithmic equations.

SOLOMON: They're navigation points. It's the location.

Maggie immediately gets to work on the computer. Nikko turns and heads out the door. He lifts his sleeve and quickly jots down the navigation points on his arm with a pen.

The white dove flies up above. Tollan lifts his crossbow and fires. The dog
at his side rushes forward to retrieve the kill. Off to the side, The grey man
stands and watches.

GREY MAN: I'm concerned about Zond's progress. Hossik has gotten no closer to stopping him.

TOLLAN: We've been at this game for a thousand years. Time and men like Hossik have been our greatest allies. We have no reason to believe they won't deliver now. I hope you're not making this whole thing .... your feelings for Zond don't matter here. What matters is what's important to DORNA the secrets we protect. And let's not forget, we are one of those secrets.

GREY MAN: That's exactly my point. For years Zond has been sniffing at the
periphery in the dark. His discovering this item is like a path right to our

TOLLAN: Let's hear Hossik out. If we have to step in, then we will.

Solomon sets the sextant up on the stand and looks at the stars above

SOLOMON: 'Kay, come on, beautiful. Light the way. 21-7-zero-3-5-1 degrees north. North-east ...

Solomon puts the binoculars down.

SOLOMON: ... burial ground.

The group exits the van.

SOLOMON: All right, like clockwork. Let's do it.

NIKKO is taking a bath-shower. He's sitting in the tub and using the shower
head to try to take a shower-bath.

NIKKO: Gees, haven't these people ever heard of a real shower?

He hears a thump coming from the next room.


He gets a towel to check it out. He walks to the doorway and sees Ivan Hossik in the living room. The man doesn't see Nikko. He presses his back against the wall and hides.

IVAN HOSSIK: Search everything.

Hossik walks into the bedroom, one room closer to the bathroom. He looks
around. The other man calls him back to the living room.

OTHER MAN: Hossik.

NIKKO grabs his pants and puts them on as quietly as he possibly can. He overhears the following conversation.

OTHER MAN: A decision has been made. We take them out.

IVAN HOSSIK: What? I didn't sign on for that! Look, Zond's a valuable
resource. You do not want to go there.

OTHER MAN: The orders are from DORNA. They can not allowed to obtain the item...


The man giving the orders walks away. Hossik turns back and walks into the
bedroom. Nikko grabs his clothes and heads for the bathroom window. He climbs out of the window and inches his way to Julietís room. He starts pounding on the closed window.

NIKKO: Juliet! Juliet!

Juliet is lying on the bed when Nikkos knocking awakens her. She gets out of
bed and pushes the window curtain aside. She sees him standing outside in the cold.


NIKKO: Open the window!

JULIET: What the hell are you doing?

NIKKO: The men from last night - they're here.

JULIET : What?!

NIKKO: Yeah, they're searching my room right now. Where's my father?

JULIET: At the site.

NIKKO: Call him.

JULIET: We can't, he's underground.

NIKKO: They're looking for him, okay? We have to find him. Where's
his site?

JULIET: I don't know!

NIKKO: This is so crazy.

JULIET: Just give me a second, okay? Let me think. What about Dr.

NIKKO: At the museum?

JULIET: He told your father about the find.

NIKKO: Yeah, he did.

JULIET: He'll know, okay? Just relax. I'll get dressed.

Calvin starts his descent down through the hole. He lets the rope slide and he falls a bit. Vincent breaks his fall.

VINCENT: Careful there - you don't want to soil your pants.

CALVIN: Wow, that's funny. I wasn't aware you had such a wicked sense of
humour. You're not really an archeologist are you, Vincent.

VINCENT: I was going to ask you the same thing.

CALVIN: Look, I have advanced degrees in archaeology, astronomy and
paleontology, all right?

VINCENT: Really? I have advanced degrees in brazilian jujitsu and sho-
lin kung-fu.

CALVIN: No, for real?

MAGGIE: Guys, let's move it! We're almost there.

The taxi stops. Nikko and Juliet exit the cab. They head inside the museum. They knock on the door. Nikko peers in through the glass

NIKKO: Hello? Hello? Professor LaFleur, hello!

He opens the door and they walk inside the office.

NIKKO: Come on, come on.

JULIET: Whoa! What happened here?

NIKKO: It looks like somebody got here before we did.

JULIE: Look, what exactly is it we're looking for?

NIKKO: I'm not sure, okay. It's going to be like a book or a scroll,
you know. Something my father might use.

They walk through the office. Juliet stops as she sees something in front of her.


Nikko walks over to see what has her spooked. In his chair is Prof. LeFleur.

The group walk from the corridor into a large room. They make their way
through the room where they find a large statue on the far side of the room.
They look around. Vincent sees something. He touches the side of the large
bowl. It's coated with a substance. He smells and tastes it to identify it.

VINCENT: Solomon, petroleum based.

SOLOMON: Probably not a good time to take up smoking.

The group, headed by Solomon, make their way slowly down the stairs toward the large statue. Calvin looks at the statue and recognizes the vase in the statue's hands.

CALVIN: Dr. Zond, look up there.

SOLOMON: "Vessel."

They walk toward the statue. In the middle of the floor in front of the statue
is a large crystal display. Solomon stops everyone.

SOLOMON: Wait. Nobody move.

He kneels down and picks up a handful of fine sand on the floor. He tosses it
into the air around the crystal display. Immediately, what appears to be a
series of laser-like light beams appear in the dust cloud. Everyone sees the
elaborate intersecting lights that surround the statue from all angles.

MAGGIE: It's rigged.

SOLOMON: Whatever is here, I don't think we're invited.

Juliet puts the phone down. Nikko looks around the office.)

JULIET: Okay, the police are on their way. Just don't touch anything,

NIKKO. Look, they've obviously been through everything. Maybe what you're looking for just isn't here.

Nikko stops moving and thinks. Across the room, the large fish tank catches
his eyes. He heads for it. He starts tapping the glass with his finger tip.

JULIET: What are you doing?

NIKKO: I saw the professor do this.

He takes out a coin and taps the fish tank glass with it. A secret drawer
hidden in the fish tank stand opens.

NIKKO: What is it they say around here? Voila.

He takes out the scroll inside. He opens it and sees the large red box in the middle of the map.

JULIE: Hey, that was impressive. Now what do we do?

NIKKO: We find my father.

He closes the map then pushes his sleeve up to reveal the coordinates he jotted down on his arm.

NIKKO: Do you know how to use a sextant?

The door opens. They rush out of the late Profís office. Nikko closes the door and the two run back up the stairs. As they leave, a man in a black coat steps out into the lobby. He watches them leave and lifts up a radio to his ear to talk to it.

Solomon carefully places the mirror up against one of the light beams hitting
the crystal display. The mirror slips.

SOLOMON: Oops. What's the matter? Don't you guys trust me?

No one says anything. Solomon concentrates on getting the mirror set up
against the light beam. He places the mirror. Unfortunately, he can't keep
holding it.

SOLOMON: Hey Cal, come here and hold this will you?

VINCENT You're the one with the degrees, man.

SOLOMON: Cal-vin. Step right in. Don't be shy.

Calvin reaches for the mirror.

SOLOMON: Come on, this is the fun part.

Calvin reaches for the mirror, his hand shaking.

CALVIN: I don't think I can do this.

SOLOMON: I think you can.

He reaches for the mirror and grabs it from Solomon

SOLOMON: That a boy. Let's secure this mirror.

Nikko navigates from the backseat of the taxi van.

NIKKO: It should be just up ahead, through the gate.

The van goes through the grave site gates. Several black sedans follow.


NIKKO: The man from the hotel. They followed us! Pull over! Now!

The taxi van pulls over and the black sedans pass them by.

JULIET: What are we going to do now? We can't let them find your father.

MAN: What about the boy?

GREY MAN: He's not important.

NIKKO: We've got to find another way okay? Turn around. Go, go, go!

The taxi van turns around and heads off in the direction they came, the
opposite direction of the black sedans.
Nikko opens the map.

NIKKO: Here, let's check it out. All right, the original dig site is here.

JULIET : Nikko, we don't have much time.

NIKKO: Just stick with me, okay? Now the new site is here at the cemetery and the first site is here.

JULIET: Wait, both sites must have been part of the same ancient city.
They would have had to have a way to channel water from the river up here.
Look, this blue line marks the existing city sewer systems.

NIKKO: what, we take the sewer?

JULIET: No. Just listen. Water lines in modern cities are almost always
built over the existing ancient systems viaducts. If we can find the old
viaduct running through the first dig site, it should take us right to your

NIKKO: If? Should?

JULIET: Look, it's the best we've got.

The black sedan, license leads the other two cars into the grave site.

GREY MAN: The entrance to the site must be among the stones. Spread out.

The taxi van stops. Nikko and Juliet run out and across to the building in
front of them.

NIKKO: All right, come on!

Multiple mirrors have been set up and secured around the crystal display. Up above, Solomon is hanging from a cord stretched across from one end of the
room to the other.

SOLOMON: Do we got our eyes on?

MAGGIE: Turn on the filter. The mirrors have cut a path through the beams but it's tight.

SOLOMON: Here I go.

He slowly makes his way toward the large statue.)

MAGGIE: Okay, stop. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

Solomon slowly turns, following Maggies instructions to the letter. Although
he can't see the light beams around him, Maggie keeps her eyes on the computer that does show all the light beams clearly.

MAGGIE: You're clear - 3 feet.

Solomon continues to make his way toward the statue. Standing behind Maggie, Calvin sees something.)

CALVIN: Left foot. Left foot, left-

MAGGIE: I'm on it.

MAGGIE: Your right foot.

SOLOMON: Which one is it?


MAGGIE: Your right foot - up and over. Your left foot. Good.

CALVIN: I'm a frickin' heart attack.

Hossik and the group look around the grave site. Nikko and Juliet make their way through the large room with ancient artifacts and things. The same room that the groups was in earlier.)


JULIET: Yeah. Not bad for a bunch of dead people. We should be close.
Start searching for moisture.

NIKKO: All right.

Juliet heads off in one direction to look around. Nikko stops in the middle of
the room and uses his flashlight to look around. He searches the ceiling and
finds some water dripping from the stones at the top where the wall meets the ceiling.

NIKKO: Juliet. Look. Water. Come on.

The stones in the top of the viaduct break loose and open. Nikko falls through and into the water inside.

NIKKO: Uggh. Yuck!

Using the map, they make their way to find the rest of the group.
A man closes the door and calls out to their BOSS.

MAN: I've got something, sir. A mausoleum - it's the way in.

Nikko breaks through the cobwebs blocking the passage. He crawls up and out of the viaducts.

NIKKO: All right, come on.

A hand grabs him from behind and turns him around. He gasps in surprise. A familiar face moves out of the darkness and into the light.

VINCENT: What are you doing here?

NIKKO: They're here - the men that are after my dad.

VINCENT: Let's go.

Solomon is making his way across the light beams. He flips over, hooking his heels over the cord. He reaches down to grab the vessel from the statue.
At the noise behind them, the group in front of the computer turns around to
see Vincent, Nikko and Juliet walk up to the room entrance.
Solomon takes out a knife and opens the "vessel" top. It opens with a
pressurized pop. Nikko looks at his father and can't believe his eyes.


Solomon turns around in an awkward position to look over at the newest
additions to their group.

SOLOMON: What the hell are they doing here?

VINCENT: We got company.

At the cave entrance in the Mausoleum, Hossik and the other men make
their way down into the corridor.

NIKKO: How can he do that?

VINCENT: Practice, my boy - years of practice.

Solomon takes out the scroll from the vessel.

SOLOMON: Okay, I'm coming down.

He turns right-side up and slowly makes his way back toward the group. Solomon grasps the cord with one hand and pulls himself across.)

NIKKO: Come on, dad.

MAGGIE: You're clear.

The group moves instantly. Maggie shuts the computer down and everyone starts to move and close up shop. Solomon continues to make his way across the cord while everyone packs up their gear.


He tosses the scroll to Calvin. He catches it. Solomon lowers himself to
the ground.

SOLOMON: All right. Back to the main level - let's move.

GREY MAN: I don't think so.

The grey man and his men walk into the main room. Hossik draws his weapon.

SOLOMON: Whoa, whoa, easy.

GREY MAN: Those won't be necessary. Will they, Vincent?

VINCENT: All depends how you want to play it.

GREY MAN: No one has to get hurt. We just want the item, Solomon. And be on our way.

NIKKO: He's lying, dad. They killed Professor LaFleur and you're next.

SOLOMOND: Is this the .... "item" that you're talking about? How about we make a deal? You have your guys put their guns on the ground, kick them over here and I won't smash this into a thousand pieces.

GREY MAN: I don't think you'd do that.

SOLOMON: Well, I don't think they'll shoot me while I'm holding it like

Solomon takes a step backward and pushes the entire group backward with him while he casually twirls the scroll around in a careless manner. Hossik points the gun at Solomon

SOLOMON: Well, maybe he would.

GREY MAN: That's far enough.

SOLOMON: Okay. Seems like we have a bit of stand off. I'll tell you what, I'll lay down the item.

GREY MAN: That would be wise.

Solomon lifts up the scroll ... then crashes it to the floor, breaking it into
tiny pieces. All hell breaks loose. At the same time, Vincent swings his arms and knocks the safety mirrors from the crystal display.
The large petroleum torch dishes on the pedestals in the room immediately
ignite one by one. Everyone starts ducking as the torch dishes fire up.

Amidst the confusion, Solomon kneels and picks up the scroll contained within the vessel he smashed to pieces on the floor.
Vincent looks around at the torches and sees the fire ignite large frayed cords
extending from the center of the room into another central large container high above them. The walls start exploding.


The others are caught in the middle. He looks up and sees the frayed cord burn the large heavy container loose. It breaks from the ceiling and falls to the floor, crashing into the crystal display, exploding the base into pieces.
The group runs out of the main room and heads back to the entrance.

CALVIN: It's this way! Damn it! The whole thing's caved in.

NIKKO: Dad! There is another way out. Back through the viaducts. It's
how we came in. Let's go! Trust me, dad.

Solomon looks around the bend and doesn't see anyone following them. Nikko stands there and waits for his dad to answer.

SOLOMON: Okay, let's go!

VINCENT: Let's go, Cal.

SOLOMON: Come on! This way!

As they leave through the corridor back to the viaducts, the stone roof
collapses behind them. The grey man and his men round the corner back to the entrance way and find it completely blocked.

On the lit table, Solomon unrolls a clear plastic map of Antarctica.

SOLOMON: This map was created by the U.S. Navy geologic survey project in 1997. Using satellite thermal imaging they were able, for the first time, to
decipher in detail, the topography of the Antarctic land mass beneath the polar ice cap. And.... what we found in the vessel - it's a map of Antarctica ... without the ice cap. Only this one is 2500 years old.

Nikko walks into the room

MAGGIE: How can that be?

CALVIN: It can't be. Antarctica has been under ice for 15,000 years.
Nobody could have drawn this map.

SOLOMON: Well someone did. And maps aren't usually hidden in booby
trapped tombs unless they lead to something - something that we're not supposed to find. So I guess it's a mystery.

NIKKO: Isn't that what we're looking for?

Vincent looks over Nikkos Adult Intelligence Test-1 answers. Nikko walks into
the room and closes the door. Without looking up, Vincent knows who it is.

VINCENT: You booted an easy one.

NIKKO: The answers. They're like insects.

Vincent smiles at having his words tossed back at him. The door opens and
Solomon walks into the room

VINCENT: I'll leave you two alone.

SOLOMON: What did you think you were doing, Nikko?

NIKKO: You were in danger, okay? I wanted to help.

SOLOMON: They used you. They used you to get to me. You led them right
to us.

NIKKO: I'm sorry, okay? I didn't know. I-

SOLOMON: This isn't going to work. I mean, this isn't going to work if
you won't listen to me. This isn't a game.

NIKKO: Well, what the hell is going on, dad? Huh? Who are those guys?
Are you like a spy or something?


NIKKO: Do you work for the government?

SOLOMON: Sometimes.

NIKKO: Are you even an archeologist?

SOLOMON: Not entirely.

NIKKO: Dad! Why won't you just tell me what's going on, damn it! I
have the right to know!

SOLOMON: No you don't. You don't! I don't want you involved, Nikko!
That's why I've kept you out of it - away where I thought that you would be
safe. Nikko, I don't have the answers for you. I don't know exactly what we're looking for. I don't even know how close we are to finding it. But I do know it's about knowledge and power. Look, these discoveries and maps and codes are clues - pieces of the puzzle that I think will lead us to some - some Truth about us - humanity, who we really are, where we came from. Maybe even where we're going. Whatever that Truth is, whatever knowledge or power might be revealed, it'll change everything.

NIKKO: Is that a good thing?

SOLOMON: Yeah. It depends on who finds it first. There are people out
there who are willing to kill for it.

NIKKO: Yeah ... yeah and die for it too.

SOLOMON: Yeah. And I've got to believe that it was for a damn good cause.
I lost your mother in all of this. I'm not going to lose you too.

NIKKO: (with tears in his eyes) You lost me ten years ago, dad.

VINCENT: Solomon?

Solomon stands up and heads for the door.

NIKKO: So what's it going to be, huh, dad? Wainsport?

Solomon reaches into the metal briefcase and takes out one of Haley's journals. He looks at it, turns around and gives it to Nikko

SOLOMON: Make sure you pack your long woollies. We're going to the pole.

Nikko smiles and looks down at his mother's journal in his hand. It's a brown
leather book with her name embossed in gold in the cover: HALEY CAYCE. He lightly skims his fingers across the cover, then opens the book and starts
flipping through the pages. He looks at one page.

Peru, October 21

"Inscription on altar to Viracocha at the Temple of Akkra.

"And in the end, a voice will come that speaks the truth in all the ways of man. And in the hands of light, this truth shall lead the way. But if the darkness speaks, the tongues of Man will fall forever silent, and the Earth and Heaven will come undone."

Nikko turns the page The top two-thirds of the page is writing. At the very
bottom are the large hand-drawn images of three runes with three letters under it: D R N. A hand-written translation is under that: DORNA.
On the computer monitor, he does a search for "the exact phrase", DORNA. He hits "search" and waits. The computer monitor flashes: Searching ...

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Solomon grabs the hand hold and pulls himself up along side the wall they're scaling. Through the falling snow, he looks up at the sky above and at how much further they need to go. He looks over at Calvin and Nikko who are also beside him, scaling the wall.

SOLOMON: All right, Nikko, you take the lead. Find a spot and put in the cam.

NIKKO: All right.

CALVIN: Do you need a hand?

NIKKO: No, I'm fine.

CALVIN: Don't freeze up on us. I know a lot of guys who freeze up - they

NIKKO: Yeah, well I'm not a lot of people.

NIKKO pulls himself up and above the others.

SOLOMON: All right that's good, son. Nice and easy. Find your rhythm.

As he climbs up, one of Nikkos hands slips out of the grip. He turns
outwards, his body swinging out and away from the wall.

CALVIN: Solomon, he's slipping!

SOLOMON: All right Nikko, hang on. Don't panic. Just reach back, grab a cam, jam it in.

Struggling, Nikko reaches back for his bag and grabs some cams. His bag slips and falls. Calvin watches from below.

CALVIN: Comin' down.

CALVIN ducks as the bag whips by him. Nikko dangles there as he tries to get his bearings.


CALVIN holds out his hand to Nikko.

CALVIN: Give me your safety line!

NIKKO: No, I'm good.

CALVIN: Not good! Now give me the damn line.

NIKKO: I got it.

CALVIN: Damn it!

SOLOMON: Look, Nikko, look down. Find a foot hole.

Calvin looks up at the cam.

CALVIN: Solomon! The cam - it's not holding.

NIKKO: Ugh! Ugh!

SOLOMON: Nikko, stop wiggling around. Just stay still.

Nikko stops struggling.

CALVIN: (to Solomon) You got to do it!

SOLOMON takes out a pocket knife.

SOLOMON: (to Nikko) It's one dead or three dead.

NIKKO: No! Dad!

SOLOMON: I'm sorry son.

NIKKO: No, don't'!

Solomon cuts the line. Nikko falls backward. Solomon watches from above as Nikko falls all the way down and hits the safety bag on the bottom.

VOICE: Lights! Kill fan!

The lights turn back up and the "snowstorm" stops. Solomon and Calvin come down to the ground. Nikko gets up off of the bag.

CALVIN: You all right?

NIKKO: Fine. It's kind of fun, actually.

CALVIN: Fun, yeah? It's great, Nicky - you just dropped into the abyss.

NIKKO: Yeah, thanks for the support.

CALVIN: You know what? All you had to do was hand me a line. I could have hooked you.

NIKKO: Look, I thought I had it, all right?

CALVIN: No, no. It's not all right. You screwed up and you could have put us all at risk.

NIKKO: Hey, back off, Chuck. I'm learning.

SOLOMON: Okay guys, that's enough.

Calvin turns away.

SOLOMON: He's right, Nikko, you should've handed over the line.

NIKKO: Dad ...

SOLOMON: Look, it's important when you're up there to get a visual picture of what you're doing. Every move you make - see it before you do it.

NIKKO: What do you mean? Like, like be the wall or something?

CALVIN: No! He means like think before you act, man.

Nikko shakes his head.

SOLOMON: Look, I can't bring you to Antarctica if you're not ready.

NIKKO: Dad, I can handle the ice wall.

SOLOMON: It's about more than that. We go as a team. And we act as a team. You need help? You ask for it. Look, Nikko, there are no airbags down there.

Solomon leaves Nikko with that thought. He turns and walks away. Nikko leans back against the wall and takes off his hat.


Maggie fills Solomon in on what she's found in regard to the Antarctica map.

MAGGIE: I've run a topography comparison between the ancient map of Antarctica which we found in the Paris temple and the current U.S. Geologic survey map.

SOLOMON: And? It matches?

MAGGIE: Completely. Like it was drawn this morning. And that's not all it

SOLOMON: You found the site?

He puts his arm around her and she smiles.

MAGGIE: Only with the help of Haley's journal.

SOLOMON: I love this girl!

MAGGIE: This location is extremely well hidden. It has been for thousands of years. I made a translation. The Delta of the three rivers - X marks the spot.

NIKKO: That's my mom. So what's under there?

SOLOMON: Let's find out.

Solomon takes the current map and puts it over the old map.

SOLOMON: The Chilton Plateau.

MAGGIE: Right on the edge of the landmass. Costal property. Until it got
hidden under at least a mile of ice.

NIKKO: Well, so what's the big secret?

MAGGIE: Well your mother made a reference in her journal to the seat of power. Supposedly hidden underneath the Antarctic ice. She also wrote "Source" next to it. Maybe an other translation?

NIKKO: The Source of Power.

CALVIN: Yeah. Like Power Source.

VINCENT: There's an ancient Olmec legend about a place on a vast Southern
Continent that was said to possess the power of god.

CALVIN: Or just putting the voodoo aside for a second, it could just be an
ancient energy technology.

NIKKO: And no one has found it yet?

MAGGIE: Nobody else knows what to look for. Or where to look for it. This map is the only key.

NIKKO: Wait a second. That's why they tried to kill us in Paris? Because of
this map.

SOLOMON: That's right.

Juliet turns around with a book.

JULIET: Hey guys, check this out.
"Beneath this icy glass of strife,
our spirits embark on the pale of death.
Here we find the ancient light
guiding us toward the eternal breath."
Your mom found that quote. It was written by a man on Ernest Shakelton's expedition in 1914.

NIKKO: Is that the uh, guy who explored the south pole?

JULIET : Right. He and his men were stranded on Antarctica for 22 months with hardly more than parkas and blankets. And not one man died.

NIKKO: Wait a second, that's like two years. That's impossible.

SOLOMON: Not unless they had some help from whatever was buried under the Chilton Plateau.

VINCENT: Here we find the ancient light.

CALVIN: Um, I don't know if it's occurred to anybody - but if this a power
source, whoever finds it first could end up controlling the earth's new energy

NIKKO: So what are we going to do when we find it?

SOLOMON: We make sure it gets into the right hands. Antarctica's a restricted area. I'll see if I can get around that. Okay, Maggie, I want you to book me on the next shuttle to D.C. I'm going to pay a little visit and do some recon at the department of energy on the Chilton Plateau, while you guys prep for the trip.

NIKKO: All right, fire up the jet baby, we're headed to the pole!

CALVIN: (to Nikko) You know, it's like thirty degrees below zero out there.
And there's no um, Ramada with an indoor pool or something like that.

NIKKO: Yeah, thanks, thanks. You know, we - we are on the same team here. I was - I was kind of hoping we could share a sleeping bag.


NIKKO: Yeah?

SOLOMON: Wait up.

NIKKO: What's up?

SOLOMON: Listen, um, I've given this a lot of thought and I'm very sorry, but you're staying home.

NIKKO: What? But dad I can-

Vincent looks up and steps away from the table toward Solomon.

SOLOMON: Calm down. Look, it's just - it's just going to be too dangerous down there.

NIKKO: Well then you shouldn't be going either.

SOLOMON: Oh, please.

NIKKO: "Oh, please" what, dad? Please stand by and let you treat me like a
kid? I can do this.

SOLOMON: I know you think you can-

NIKKO: No, the problem is - is that you think I can't.

VINCENT: I didn't know you'd made up your mind.

Solomon turns around and sighs.

SOLOMON: What am I supposed to do? Tell me.

VINCENT: He's not a boy anymore, Solomon. Perhaps he needs a different kind of father now.

SOLOMON: Vincent, you didn't see him on the climbing wall. All right, he is
not ready for this.

VINCENT: Who the hell is ever ready for the things we do? If you don't let him in now, you could lose him for good.

SOLOMON: I've got to pack.


CONNIE WILES: Look, it's a two thousand year old burial ground. You can't start drilling until they finish the excavation.

Solomon peers into the office. He lingers in the doorway.

CONNIE WILES: And it wouldn't hurt your corporate image to show a little respect for the dead, you know?

Connie looks up and sees Solomon who walks into the office.

CONNIE WILES: Two more weeks, then you can start ravaging the

She hangs up.

SOLOMON: Very nice. Moving on up, I see. You know, I remember when this place was actually trying to save the environment.

Solomon picks up a snow globe off of her desk and starts shaking it. She grabs it from him and puts it aside.

CONNIE WILES: Yes, well, administrations change. What are you doing here, Solomon? Oh no, never mind. I don't want to know.

Solomon walks completely around her desk and she tries to hide her
computer monitor from him, blocking it with her arms.

CONNIE WILES: Whatever it is, I probably can't help you and I definitely

SOLOMON: You know, maybe I'm here to help you. You ever think of that?
You know, you look good. No, really, red is definitely your color. You have that whole red thing going on there - and the dress. It's ...

CONNIE WILES: Sweet talk - never a good sign.

SOLOMON: I just need some information.

CONNIE WILES: You know, they have this new thing for information now. It's called the internet.

SOLOMON: Really? Oh, I should look into that. I need classified information.
Connie - come on, you really do look good.

He looks at her. She looks back at him and finally presses the interoffice call button.

CONNIE WILES: Jones, clear my schedule. You're buying me lunch.


The elevator doors open and Nikko walks out. He holds a basketball in one hand and a towel in the other. He's dressed in an old sweatshirt with the hood over his head. Without looking where he's going, he bumps into Vincent.

VINCENT: Hey, watch where you're going ... man.

Vincent turns and takes a look at Nikko. He notices the bruise.

VINCENT: Looks like you already walked into the wrong side of someone else.

He pushes the hood away from his face and walks around him, assessing him. Without a word, Nikko walks on.

VINCENT: Nikko, wait!

Vincent picks up two rocks. He turns around and walks toward Nikko.

VINCENT: Hold your arms straight out to the side. Feet together. Back

NIKKO: What are these?

VINCENT: These are rocks. If I'm going to fast for you, just let me know. All you have to do is hold on to them.

Vincent puts one rock in each of Nikkos outstretched hands.

NIKKO: Look, I thought you were going to teach me how to fight.

VINCENT: Focus. It's the number one weapon in your arsenal.

NIKKO: Yeah well, I landed a couple of jabs. So.

VINCENT: Oh. Apparently the other guy did too. Besides, fighting is not going to solve your problems.

NIKKO: Well, who says I've got problems.

Suddenly, Vincent turns and unexpectedly moves to punch him in the face. Instinctively, Nikko takes a step backward and drops the rocks.

NIKKO: Are you crazy?

VINCENT: You failed. Your goal was not to drop the rocks.

NIKKO: You were going to punch me in the face.

VINCENT: Just because I lashed out at you, doesn't mean I was going to hit you.

NIKKO: This is stupid.

VINCENT: What's stupid - is you trying to take out your frustrations with your father on some poor guy at a pick-up game. Try again

Nikko sighs and picks up the rocks.

NIKKO: All right? Now, are you going to teach me some moves? I mean so far all I've learned is how to hold some rocks.

Suddenly, Vincent jumps up and kicks at Nikko. Nikko fights his instinct and moves slightly backward; he doesn't drop the rocks.

VINCENT: Better.

Nikko doesn't move, but concentrates.

VINCENT: Now this time, don't let me keep you from your goal, whatever I do. You ready?

Vincent walks to Nikkos right ear and whispers.

VINCENT: Your father loves you.

NIKKO: Well, he's got a nice way of showing it.

Vincent steps behind Nikko and speaks into his other ear.

VINCENT: He's scared to death of losing you the way he lost your mother.

NIKKO: That's just his excuse for not wanting me around.

Vincent moves around to look at Nikko directly face to face.

VINCENT: Be strong, Nikko. If you really want to be part of this team, don't
let him push you away.

NIKKO: Look, these are getting kind of heavy. What are they supposed to do anyway?

VINCENT: I'm not sure exactly. I saw it in a kung fu movie once. It looked
really cool.

Nikko shakes his head and puts his arms down. Vincent puts a friendly hand on Nikkos head.


Connie and Solomon have lunch.

CONNIE WILES: You know, when I said lunch, I meant the kind with the tablecloth and maybe a nice glass of chardonnay.

SOLOMON: Just try that.

He puts a chopstick full of noodles into her mouth. She eats.

SOLOMON: See? Isn't that good? Look, I'll make it up to you when I get back, all right? I know a nice little place in Kabul, it's perfect for a weekend
getaway. Very reasonable rates right now. Or we could just, you know, have dinner at your place.

CONNIE WILES: We did dinner at my place. Which is why you're lucky we're even having lunch.

Connie works on the computer.

CONNIE WILES: Okay, I'm in. What am I looking for?

SOLOMON: All right. The Chilton Plateau. Now I need everything you've got geological records, arial research, sat recon, the works.

As the map of Antarctica pops up on the screen, so too does a Security Alert
message box. It reads:


Marshall Franklin picks up the phone and presses a button.

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: It's Franklin. He's here.

CONNIE WILES: All G8 nations own a piece of the action. We're blue. Russia's red. England, France, Japan. Everybody has dibs to whatever happens to be under their particular slice of the ice. It's kind of fascinating to think the re's a whole continent under there no-one's ever seen with all those glaciers.

SOLOMON: Who's got dips on this little black area right here?

CONNIE WILES: Well, it's under U.S. Jurisdiction, but it's earmarked
Department of Energy.

SOLOMON: Why is the D.O.E. so interested in the Chilton Plateau?

CONNIE WILES: Why is Solomon Zond so interested in the Chilton Plateau?

SOLOMON: Trust me, if I find what I'm looking for, you're going to be running this place with what I'm going to bring back for you.

CONNIE WILES: Oh, if I had a dollar for every time some lonely geologist
wandered in here ...

SOLOMON: I'm not "lonely".

CONNIE WILES: ... and tried to ...

SOLOMON: ... and I'm not a geologist, are you kidding me?

The phone rings. Connie answers it.


SOLOMON: You stop.

CONNIE WILES: Connie Wiles. Oh, hello Marshall. What can I ... yeah, he's right here with me. All right sure. We'll be waiting for you.

She hangs up.

SOLOMON: Marshall? Not Marshall Franklin? You hired that idiot?

CONNIE WILES: That idiot hired me. He's my boss.

SOLOMON: He's your boss? How can you -? Wait a minute. I never
made an appointment with you. Nobody should know that I'm here. I think we just set off some alarm bells. (He grabs his things and heads for the door. Don't tell them why I came in here.

CONNIE WILES: But Solomon, I can't just -

SOLOMON: Yes, you can just. I don't trust him.

CONNIE WILES: He's my boss.

SOLOMON: I don't care. He's answering to someone other than the United States Government. He knew I was here because he was expecting me.

CONNIE WILES: What are you talking about?

SOLOMON: Look, that's all I can tell you right now. Just get that off your
computer screen and forget I was ever here.

Solomon opens the door and walks out. Connie clears her computer screen.


JULIET: So, what do you think Dante was trying to convey about the human
condition when he made the inner circle ice instead of fire?

NIKKO: Just because you're already in hell, doesn't mean things can't get

JULIET: Right.

A door opens and everyone makes their way into the main office, each carrying a travel bag. Nikko sits up and watches the movement.

NIKKO: What's going on?

CALVIN: Change of plans.

MAGGIE: Your father just got back.

CALVIN: We are out of here tonight.

MAGGIE: Juliet, I need your gear.

NIKKO: Well, so that's just that - you guys just leave without me?

VINCENT: The situation's become more urgent.

NIKKO: Where is he?


Nikko heads into the library where Solomon is finishing packing.


SOLOMON: Not right now, Nikko.

NIKKO: I just want to know what's going on.

SOLOMON: Everything's fine.

NIKKO: Will you stop doing that?

SOLOMON: Doing what?

NIKKO: This whole "Shelter Nikko" thing. I can handle a crisis.

SOLOMON: Look, there is no crisis.

NIKKO: Oh right.

Solomon takes his gear and heads back to his desk. Nikko leans forward, ready to try a different approach.

NIKKO: Dad, do you remember that time in Brazil with mom? When our camp got hit by that flash flood?


NIKKO: Yeah. I was the only one on the side of the river that lead back to the village. And you told me that I had to get help. Me. Dad, I was seven years old the middle of the jungle and you trusted me. I just - I don't know what happened. You know, you used to believe in me.

Nikko turns around and leaves the room. He walks past the others who are
getting their gear together in the center of the room. Maggie looks up at a
dejected Nikko walk past by them.

SOLOMON: Nikko ...

NIKKO: Hey, have fun, Mag. Keep your toes warm, all right?

MAGGIE: Look. We don't all agree with him, you know? But part of being on a team means learning to trust your captain.

NIKKO: Even if you know he's wrong?

MAGGIE: Trust him to discover it for himself.

NIKKO: Yeah, and when exactly does hell freeze over?

SOLOMON: All right everyone, final briefing. Let's go. I said "everyone".

Nikko stops and without a word, turns around to join the group.

SOLOMON: All right. Dorna knew that I was paying the Department of Energy a visit. Now I always suspected Franklin was working with them. That means they've got someone working on the inside and our timeframe just got crunched. Now, I know you've all been training very hard for this. But I need someone to stay behind. Now this doesn't mean that I think any less of you or that you are not a full member of this team.
Maggie, you'll stay here. I need you to coordinate the data we send
back in real time. We can't afford to lose a second while we're down there.

Maggie looks over at Nikko who looks around, completely in shock.

MAGGIE: Aye, aye, Captain.

SOLOMON: Juliet, you've got EMT training, right?

JULIET: Um, certified. But I don't have the type of -

SOLOMON: That's good enough for me. You just got bumped up to medic.
Everyone else can start loading this gear in the cars. We leave in an
hour. Let's go.

Everyone picks up their bags and heads out.

NIKKO: Uh, dad, uh ...

SOLOMON: You'd better pack.

NIKKO: Yeah.

SOLOMON: Oh, and by the way, if I remember right, you came back in the jungle for us after the flood with the Brazilian National Guard. Who promptly deported us for not having made the right bribes.

NIKKO: Well, that's what you get for not being thorough.

Nikko bounds up the stairway. Solomon smiles and shakes his head as he turns and heads back to the office.)


Franklin reaches onto his desk and turns the desk lamp off. The table lamp near the couch turns on. Tollan is sitting there.

TOLLAN: How's the leg, Marshall?

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: Tollan. What are you doing here?

TOLLAN: Well, I thought I'd bring you your medication - personally, this week.

Tollan stands up and walks over to Marshells desk. He holds up a small vial and reaches into his pocket and throws several syringes onto the desk.
Marshell stares at it for a moment, then reaches for the syringes. He puts
them in his jacket inside pocket.

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: What do you want?

TOLLAN: A jet registered to Solomon Zond just left U.S. Air space headed for

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: I've already told you everything I know about that.


MARSHALL FRANKLIN: Perhaps I could help you even more if I knew what it was we were protecting.

TOLLAN: Secrets.

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: What kind of secrets?

TOLLAN: The kind that belong to us. Send someone. Now.


CALVIN: No I was, I was a sixteen year old freshman in college.

CALVIN talks about how he met SOLOMON to JULIET and NIKKO. The others sit and overhear.

CALVIN: You know? And your dad was my introduction to archeology professor. And I don't know, I just got hooked, you know? I thought, maybe if I knew where I came from I could figure out where I was going.

NIKKO: All right, let me guess, you're probably one of those - sit at the front
of the class, clean the eraser, extra credit ubergeek type, right?

CALVIN: Exactly.

The plane hits some turbulence and Calvin reacts to it.


Nikko reaches over and puts a hand on his shoulder.

NIKKO: Hey, easy Chuck Yeager. Just a little bump.

SOLOMON: Maggie ... we're hitting some bad weather here. What are we looking at?


MAGGIE: Doppler shows some nasty activity hanging over the coast. Could be rough.

SOLOMON: You still sorry I asked you to stay behind?

MAGGIE: I'll be thinking of you when I take a nice hot bath tonight.


MAGGIE: Solomon? Solomon, are you there?

SOLOMON hangs up. VINCENT walks in.

SOLOMON: What's going on?

VINCENT: We're almost at the landing site.

SOLOMON: It's getting rough.

Solomon steps up to the front; Vincent looks at the others in their seats.
The plane continues to hit turbulence. Nikko absently runs a coin on the back of his knuckles. Juliet notices the trick.

CALVIN: Okay, that one wasn't so little.

JULIET: Hey, that was really good. It's really beautiful.

NIKKO: Yeah, my mom gave it to me when I was a kid. I used to follow her
around and she'd kind of take me on whatever she was -

JULIET You uh, ever have a ride like this?

NIKKO: No, this, this? No, this is nothing, man. One time we were in a four
seater, Fiji to Samoa in a class three hurricane. Now that was a ride, let me
tell ya.

Calvin can't help but laugh at that thought.

CALVIN: You just made that up, man.

NIKKO: Oh did I? Well can you prove that?

CALVIN: No I can't.

NIKKO: No? All right, well then shut up and let me calm down the lady here.

JULIET: Nikko ...

VINCENT: Hey guys, we're going to be landing soon. Buckle up.

The plane hits more turbulence and the lights flicker off and on. The plane
suddenly lurches.

NIKKO: Whoa!

JULIET: Oh my god. What was that?

SOLOMON comes out from the front. VINCENT sees him.

VINCENT: How bad is it?

SOLOMON: We've lost all instruments. We're on manual.

NIKKO: Dad, what the hell's going on?

SOLOMON: We're going to be making an emergency landing.

NIKKO: We're going to crash?

SOLOMON: No everything's going to be okay. Just buckle up!

VINCENT: Keep it together, guys. Strap in tight.

Solomon leans back in his seat and braces himself. Calvin has his hands
clasped in front of him in desperate prayer.

JULIET: Oh my god!

VINCENT: This is it. We're going to hit!



In the cockpit, the pilot calls for help on the radio.

PILOT: Mayday, mayday, repeat, mayday...

The cockpit glass breaks.


Vincent climbs back into the plane through the large hole in the front.
Solomon watches the others.

VINCENT: Solomon! The pilot's dead.

SOLOMON: Any luck with the radio?

VINCENT: No. But I can tell you right now, it wasn't just the weather that
brought us down. All electronics are out. And whatever took out the
instruments on the plane, is messing with our gear as well.

SOLOMON: I thought it might be solar flare activity, but solar flares don't
usually last this long.

VINCENT: Could it be the Power Source?

NIKKO: Hey dad! Dad, Cal's coming to.

Solomon heads back and looks down at Calvin.

SOLOMON: Hey, Cal! Hey Buddy, how are you doing? You hanging in there?

JULIET: I've got him in thermals. But I'm worried that he's going into
shock because of the concussion. There may be internal bleeding, but I can't
tell for sure.

VINCENT: We've got to keep him warm.

SOLOMON: Can we move him?

JULIET: Well, we can rig him up to something.

VINCENT: What are you thinking?

SOLOMON: (to VINCENT) Look, we have no flares and no communication. If the temperature keeps dropping, Calvin's dead. The rest of us go hypothermic in 24 hours, at best.

NIKKO: Hey Dad, what about the Power Source? Remember Shakelton's crew? It kept them warm.

VINCENT: Could be our only shot.

SOLOMON: All right. Listen to me, Vincent and I are going to take him down. You guys stay right here. It's not much, but this is shelter.

NIKKO: No, you'll never make it down the ice wall with him like this. You'll
need at least three climbers to make the descend.

JULIET: Four would be even better.

SOLOMON: No, listen to me. It's at least six kilometers to the site.

VINCENT: And in this weather, six k's going to feel like a hundred.

NIKKO: Look, if we split up, Cal's not going to make it.

Aerial view of the crash site and plane. Just beyond is a small line of people
making their way toward the mountains, four small figures and a fifth in a rig.


The door opens and Connie walks inside.


MARSHALL FRANKLIN: Why didn't you tell me that Zond was going to Antarctica?

CONNIE WILES: Because I didn't know.

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: They've dropped off the radar, we think they've crashed. We don't know their location. Now you seem to know Zond better than anyone in this department. There's a fighter jet standing by that'll get you to the continent in three hours. And a military transport waiting for you when you get there.

CONNIE WILES: This is not within my classification.

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: Well, your classification can change. That's what you want, isn't it? Zond is trespassing in a restricted area and a lot of people are
going to be blaming you. He trusts you. I'm giving you a chance to undo this.

He reaches out and grabs her hand.

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: Get this done for me, and I'll recommend you for a level five promotion. Salary increase, bonuses, all kinds of benefits.

She pulls her hand away from his grasp.

CONNIE WILES: You're kidding? Right?

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: Zond - and the entire contents of his aircraft are to be returned to us as soon as possible. This is coming from the highest
authorities. Those are wolves you don't want to run with.

CONNIE WILES: Who are the wolves, Marshall? You obviously don't care if he's dead. Who's ordering this?

MARSHALL FRANKLIN: Bring back Solomon Zond.


The group keeps going through the snow.

VINCENT: Calvin's temperature is bottoming out, he doesn't have much time.

SOLOMON: There's a ridge just up ahead. That's got to be it.

VINCENT: Come on, then. Let's go.


The phone rings. Maggie slept all night in the office chair. She reaches out
and answers it.

MAGGIE: Solomon?

CONNIE WILES: Maggie ... Maggie ...

MAGGIE: Solomon?

CONNIE WILES: It's Connie Wiles. I need your help.

MAGGIE: Like the help you gave Solomon in your office yesterday?

CONNIE WILES: I know he's headed for Antarctica. I need you to give me his destination.

MAGGIE: They hit a storm and I lost radio contact. I haven't heard from them in hours.

CONNIE WILES: There's a good chance they went down, Maggie. We can't find the plane. I'm on my way down there with a rescue team and I need to know the exact coordinates of his destination. Look, I understand your loyalty. But if they all freeze to death down there, you're going to have no one left to be loyal to.


Leaning over the side of the crevasse, Solomon pulls up the thermometer. He looks at it.

SOLOMON: Check out the thermometer reading. The lower it goes, the warmer it gets.

NIKKO: Is this really it? Is this what mom was looking for?

VINCENT: That's if you believe a map that's 5,000 years old.

SOLOMON: If it wasn't for that map, this crevasse would stay covered for
another 5,000 years. All right, let's get Calvin down there.

Solomon drops the thermometer ... and they lean over the ice crevasse to watch the thermometer fall down into its depths. They wait ... and they watch ...

VINCENT: Are you sure he's worth it?

SOLOMON: I'm going to tell him you said that.

The group sets up a rig and slowly lowers themselves into the crevasse.

NIKKO: (to CALVIN) Hey, you're not going to freeze up on me, are you? You know, a lot of people in these situations tend to panic. You know? Freeze up. All right, poor choice of words in this situation.

The winch suddenly cuts loose and the group falls a distance.


They jerk to a halt.

NIKKO: Ugh! Dad!

VINCENT: Solomon! It's the winch. It's not going to hold.

SOLOMON: The remote won't work. Nikko, keep the litter steady.

NIKKO: I'm trying. All right, I've got it.

SOLOMON: Calvin, Calvin, are you ...

Again, the winch suddenly cuts loose and the groups falls a substantial
distance. They jerk to a halt. The rig Calvins on slips and hangs awkwardly. Calvin isn't tied to the rope, but his netting is.

SOLOMON: Nikko! Nikko, Is Cal's line going to hold?

NIKKO: Not if we drop again. He's just hanging by the netting.

Nikko flips over and makes his way down the rope to where Calvin hangs.

SOLOMON: What are you doing?

NIKKO: There's no time.

SOLOMON: No, Nikko, wait!

NIKKO: There's no time, dad!


Solomon glances worriedly up at the holding. Nikko reaches Calvin.

NIKKO: Hey, what a mess, huh?

CALVIN: I'm too heavy, you're going to have to cut me loose.

NIKKO: No, no.

CALVIN: It's one dead or three ...

NIKKO: There's five. All right? There's five of us.

CALVIN: Five ... Five?

NIKKO: Give me your arm.

CALVIN: I can't.

NIKKO: Come on Cal, please. Come on, don't wuss out on me now, you can do this. You have to give me your arm.

Everyone stays as steadily as they can. Solomon glances up at the winch, then back down at Nikko and Calvin.
Calvin tries to grab Nikkos arm. The winch gives out again and they fall a
distance. They jerk to a halt. Calvin is holding on to Nikkos hand.

NIKKO: All right, come on. Hook up, you have to hook up. Your arm is slipping.

CALVIN: I can't do it.

NIKKO: Come on. I know you can. I promise I'll never call you "Chuck" again, please.

Calvin turns to look at Nikko. He reaches up with his hook and tries to hook it on to Nikkos hook.

NIKKO: Come on! You almost got it, you almost got it Yeah!

Nikko climbs back right side up.

NIKKO: We're good dad, we're good.

SOLOMON: All right, hold on Nikko.

Once again, the winch starts to descend.

SOLOMON: Okay, there it goes.


Inside the plane, Connie leans back against the plane wall. She watches as the soldiers arm themselves.

SOLDIER: We're over the landing zone. It's going to get rough, ma'am.

Nikko and Cavin are the first to descend.

NIKKO: Ugh! All right, we're almost there. All right, easy, easy.

Calvin reaches the bottom. Nikko hits the bottom soon after.

NIKKO: All right, we're down.

Everyone is down on the bottom; Calvin is back in his rig.

NIKKO: You got it?

SOLOMON: How's he doing?

JULIET: Well he's up a degree. But still way below normal.

NIKKO: Well this place ought to keep him warm.

He takes off his head gear and wipes his forehead with the back of his hand.

NIKKO: It's boiling in here.

CALVIN: Where are we?

SOLOMON: Hey, that's a good sign.

NIKKO: Hey don't worry buddy. We're taking you to the tropics.

VINCENT: I say we leave him for the penguins.

CALVIN: I can take a few penguins.

Everyone laughs. Calvin suddenly gets quiet.

JULIET: Hey ...

SOLOMON: Cal? He's out. There's nothing we can do for him now, except wait. Hopefully he can hold on long enough until help gets here. Maggie'll be looking for us.

Solomon stands up and walks toward Vincent.

VINCENT: That could take a while. I suggest we get our bearings.

They two head down the cavern and check out the passages. They turn here and there and find themselves in a large cavern where they discover something quite unexpected.

SOLOMON: A pyramid. Okay. You don't see this everyday.

Everyone's moved into this cavern. Juliet tends to Calvin; Nikko helps his dad find the bottom of the pyramid as he holds the camera line.

SOLOMON: All right, here we go. Let's see what we've got. We've let over a
hundred feet of fibre optic line and I'm still seeing pyramid.

NIKKO: You mean this isn't the bottom?

SOLOMON: We're still on solid ice. This chamber has just been calcified from centuries of mineral deposits because of the temperature differentiation. This is unbelievable! You did really good out there today.

NIKKO: Thanks. I got to tell you though, dad, I was scared. I really was.

SOLOMON: I know you were. But that's when it counts.

NIKKO: Cal's not going to make it, is he?

Rather than answer him, Solomon looks at Nikkos eye.

SOLOMON: Let me see your eye. The bruising's almost all gone.

Suddenly, Calvin sits up and wakes up violently. He fights out of his
restraints. Solomon rushes over to help Juliet push Calvin down back into his bedding.

SOLOMON: Calvin, whoa!

CALVIN: Get them off me! Get them off me!

SOLOMON: Cal! Hey! Easy, easy ...

JULIET: You're okay.

CALVIN: There's no chance we're poolside in palm beach right now, is there?

JULIET: Not quite.

CALVIN: Ugh! Ugh! Oh god. No, I was having these dreams. There were like these little penguins. They were all attacking me and - we crashed. I fell. You -

Calvin points at Juliet, trying to remember.

CALVIN: You kissed me.

JULIET: Whoa, no.

CALVIN: No, you so - okay... oh.

JULIET DROIL: Temperature's normal. Vitals are stable. He shouldn't be this good. He shouldn't be good at all.

SOLOMON: Whoa, whoa, just lay down. You've been through a lot. Calvin!

CALVIN: Oh, no, got to get it off ...

Calvin reaches up and takes off the neck brace. Solomon and Juliet try to stop him.

SOLOMON: No, no, whoa!

CALVIN: No, I feel good. Actually, I feel great.

NIKKO: Dad, what just happened?

Solomon turns to look at Nikko, thinking. Vincent watches him carefully.
Solomon stands up and walks over to the pyramid. Vincent is close next to him.

SOLOMON: The Olmec legend. How did that go again?

VINCENT: It was said to possess the Power of God.

The plane has landed. The soldiers make their way across the snow; Connie is with them. Vincent stretches over the pyramid, holding the ion reader as far as he can get.

CALVIN: All right Vincent, if you give me the positive ion reading I can
calculate the rate of flow. No. Vincent, you're too close. Listen to me, no
look. You can't touch it otherwise you'll get an inaccurate reading, all right?
Now start over.

VINCENT: You're really enjoying this aren't you?

CALVIN: Yeah, but just a little.

NIKKO: All right, exactly how far down does this thing go?

SOLOMON: Just give me a minute. I'm comparing the crown of this pyramid with the largest one at Giza.

NIKKO: The Egyptian Pyramids? Dad, those things are huge.

Solomon turns around to look at Vincent.

VINCENT: What's wrong?

SOLOMON: They're identical.

CALVIN: I really appreciate you guys keeping me alive for this. Hey, we are
going to win every scientific prize there is. Seriously. Do you guys want to
know what this thing really is?

NIKKO: I thought it was a power source.

CALVIN: Yeah, it is. But in this totally mind-blowing way. The centrifugal
force of the earth's rotation through space creates an enormous magnetic energy, right? This pyramid is some kind of machine that can harness that energy.

NIKKO: So gravity is it's energy source.

CALVIN: Well yeah, if you want to dummy it down like that, sure.

NIKKO: You guys, this is amazing. I mean, think about all the problems this
could solve.

VINCENT: Yeah. And think of all the new ones it could create.

SOLOMON: The only real question for me is - who built it? And why?

CALVIN: Get this - right now all the readings are static. Positive ions and
negative ions are in perfect equilibrium. Nothing's happening.

JULIET: Cal, how about dumbing that one down for me?

CALVIN: It's not on. It's like this thing's in some kind of stand-by mode.

SOLOMON: If this thing can kick off enough energy to melt a glazier in stand-by mode, I can only imagine how much energy it could produce at full blast.

VINCENT: Environmental disaster at best. Weapon of mass destruction at worst.

NIKKO: Mass destruction? Maybe that's what happened to the people who built it? I mean, besides if this thing's so dangerous, why do we spend time looking for it in the first place?

SOLOMON: To stop Dorna from getting it first. And to deliver it into the right hands.

VINCENT: Yes. But who's hands are the right hands?

SOLOMON: We take this top piece back with us. We study it. And then we'll
make some decisions.

Vincent and Solomon have thoroughly wrapped the top pyramid with the netting. Vincent steps back.


SOLOMON: I don't see any contact point. I say we just lift it up and slide it

NIKKO: Hey, dad.

Nikko motions for Solomon to see what he sees on the monitor.

SOLOMON: Hold on, Nikko.

Solomon starts wrapping his arm around the rope getting ready to lift the top of the pyramid off.

NIKKO: No dad, come here, you've got to see this. This ultra sound is sending back images and this entire pyramid is just layers. Suspended one on top of the other. Just like the tip.


NIKKO: No, I know it, it must weigh tons. But they're just floating one piece
on top of the other. It's like some giant cake, I don't know.
Calvin thinks about what Nikkos saying and it hits him. He surges to his

CALVIN: Wait, Dr. Zond, don't! We can't move it. Damn it! Why didn't we
think? It's a magnetic balancing act. Positive charge against positive.
Negative against negative.

SOLOMON: That's how it floats.

CALVIN: It would be like building a skyscraper and not holding the pieces
together. If the magnetic charge is broken -

SOLOMON: It'll destroy itself.

VINCENT: Good eyes, Nikko. And to think you weren't going to let him come along.

SOLOMON: Well I don't think we'll be taking any souvenirs home with us, huh?

MILITARY PATROL: I want to see your hands! Now! You're under arrest for
criminal trespass on a United States Military Installation.

SOLOMON: Military Installation? You guys might want to think about putting up a few signs around here.

CONNIE WILES: Dr. Zond, I have orders to place you under arrest. If you
resist, I have orders to use whatever force is necessary to detain you.

SOLOMON: Oh well, since you put it that way.

CONNIE WILES: We also have orders to confiscate any archeological materials you may have uncovered.

SOLOMON: Connie, you are on the wrong side of this. I know who Franklin works for.

CONNIE WILES: And so do I.

SOLOMON: Really?

CONNIE WILES: I work for the United States Government. This material cannot be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. Do you understand what I'm saying?

SOLOMON: Yeah, I think I do.

VINCENT: Perhaps we should give the lady what she wants.

SOLOMON: I think you're right.

VINCENT: It's the only way.

SOLOMON: It's all yours.

Solomon tosses the rope to thesoldier and steps back. The man takes the rope and start to pull on it. the Veritas team takes another step back.
As soon as he pulls on the rope, the top of the pyramid rises a bit. Intense
light and a magnetic pulse shoots out in a circular arc away from the pyramid. The cavern starts to shake. The Veritas team leaves the cavern.)

NIKKO: I don't think you should have done that.

VINCENT: I'm not sure about you guys, but we're out of here!

CONNIE WILES: Get the plane ready. We're coming up!


Everyone, except Calvin, watches from the window of the moving plane.

NIKKO: We should be filming this.

VINCENT: We are.

In his hand, Vincent holds a small camera which he presses against the window to record the event. Down below, the ice and show breaks to reveal the pyramid underneath. In the next instant, the pyramid collapses and goes up in a puff of black smoke. Solomon takes off his hat and sighs. Connie moves to sit next to Solomon.

CONNIE WILES: Solomon, what the hell did we just destroy?

SOLOMON: Answers.

CONNIE WILES: Yeah, too bad. 'Cause all I have are questions.

SOLOMON: Well, don't ask them. The less you know, the better. They think
you're with them. You want to keep it that way.

CONNIE WILES: What about you?

SOLOMON: I'm going to keep searching. Keep trying to put together pieces of the puzzle.


By the light of the desk lamp, Solomon leafs through Haleys journal. There's a light knock on the door.



NIKKO: You, uh, still working?


NIKKO: You okay?

SOLOMON: Mm-hmm. You know, when your mother and I would go on a dig and we'd find something ... a little artifact ... We'd stay up all night
studying it. All night thinking about what it meant and what the people before us knew - what we could learn from them. You feel immortal in that moment. Like you could - like you could live forever.

NIKKO: Yeah. I miss her too.

SOLOMON: Yeah, I know you do.

NIKKO: How do you do this? I mean - we find something so amazing, you know, and then is just - it's gone.

SOLOMON: Is that what you think happened down there?

NIKKO: I saw it vanish under ten miles of ice, Dad. We'll never know the
truth, everything's gone.

SOLOMON: Look, we lost something big down there, no doubt. But we found the Truth, Nikko.


SOLOMON: Look, Connie got our hardware, not our data. We've got everything, son. And we proved that your mom was right. The Power Source was there, just like she thought. Now the only thing that we need to do is just keep asking the questions.

NIKKO: "We"?

SOLOMON: Well yeah, you didn't think that I'd be doing this all by myself, did you? Get over here. Pull up a chair.

Solomon moves aside to make room for Nikko, who rushes over and pulls up a seat next to his father and more excited than ever.

SOLOMON: Are you ready?

NIKKO: I'm ready. All right, let's bring on the flood.

SOLOMON: Check this out. See how the markings here correspond with the
sequence ...

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Veritas: The Quest

Niger, Africa

Woman: We found it!

Bella Nickleson: bring it up.

The workers rouse out of their tents and circle the hole in the center of the
excavation site.

Assistant: saddle up, let's go!

The worker starts the engine and it pulls up the crate carrying their leader
and her find. she rises up out of the hole with a huge grin on her face,
covered in mud and grime, and standing over a heavy looking chest.
the workers help pull her up. she stands there with a grin on her face looking around at the other workers who aren't as enthused as she is.

Bella: Are you just going to stand there? or are you going to hand a lady a towel?

A worker steps up to her and gives her a towel which she uses to wiper her

Worker: Here you go, ma'am.

The other workers put the chest down. Bella uses the towel to wipe some of the mud off of the chest cover. She pulls out a knife and cuts the double diamond shaped insignia off of the cover. She wipes it, looks at it and smiles.

Bella: Come on ...

Bella hands it over to her assistant. He smiles. She then pryís the cover off
of the chest. Inside is covered with more mud.

Bella: ... oh, please don't disappoint me.

She sticks her hands into the mud and digs around inside where she pulls out a cloth sack.

Bella: Come on, come on.

She opens the cloth sack and pulls out a skull. the workers around her start
to laugh. Bella wipes off some of the mud, incredibly pleased with her find.

Bella: Hi. ... aren't you a handsome devil?

She leans in and kisses the "mouth" of the skull.

Heinrich cordova walks down the stairs to meet with Bella who is already there cleaned up and waiting for him.

Cordova: Senorita Bella, you always live up to your name.

Bella: You know Heinrich, i can never get used to that accent coming out of that face.

Cordova: South America was very kind to my german ancestors.

Bella: Mhmm.

Cordova: So? four years of hard work and finally the moment is here.

Bella: Well, my hard work. My four years.

Cordova: At the risk of seeming indelicate - my money.

Bella lifts the cloth and shows the crystal skull underneath it. Cordova gasps and kneels to look at the crystal skull and the light coming from within it. He gets nearer to it when Bella throws the cloth over the skull.

Bella: Now ... there still remains the issue of my fee. I am certainly not in this for the glory, you know.

Cordova: Your fee will come out of the proceeds of the sale.

Bella: This was a cash-on-delivery transaction, remember? Unless you're trying to double-cross me.

Cordova: Be careful who you accuse, Bella you don't know who you're dealing with. Besides, I'm hurt that you don't trust me after all of these years.

He lifts her hand to kiss the back, and she pulls away from his grasp.

Bella: No money, no skull, herr Cordova. Because really, that open market could prove far more lucrative for me in the long run.

Cordova takes a few steps away from Bella; his back turned away from her.

Cordova: I warned you, bella -

He turns around and pulls a gun on her. She doesn't flinch.

Bella: Oh ... sometimes size really does matter when you're trying to make an impression on a girl.

From above, a man in a ski mask jumps down from above and lands on his feet next to cordova. He holds a semi-automatic weapon on cordova. Bella stares at him in surprise.

Masked man: Lose the gun.

Bella: Who the hell is this guy?

Cordaova drops the gun and takes a step back.

Masked man: I'll take the skull.

Cordova: Give it to him.

Bella picks up the skull. She looks at the masked man, then she looks over at cordova. She weighs between the two and makes a decision. Turning around, she makes a break for it. The masked man fires. He hits bella in the back and across the abdomen. She falls to the ground. Cordova looks at Bella.

Masked man: Don't be stupid. Let the woman teach you a lesson.

Cordova takes a few steps back, then runs out of the room. The door slams shut. as soon as the door closes, bella groans and sits up. She looks at the masked man.

Bella: Three shots?

Masked man: What? too much you think?

Bella: Yeah, I think one would have done it.

The masked man takes off his ski mask. It's Bellaís assistant. Sounds of a
helicopter outside can be heard. He look up.

Assistant: The chopper.

Bella picks up the crystal skull and stares at it gently. She smiles.

Bella: Hey. Come here, baby. There's our ride.

A taxi pulls up to the curb and stops.

Nikko: Dad, why are we stopping?

Solomon: Look, I have something I have to do in here, all right? It'll just take a minute.

The door opens. Nikko and Solomon exit the cab.

Solomon: Thanks, keep the change.

Solomon and Nikko make their way toward the building. Nikkoís pretty upset that they're making this stop at all.

Nikko: All right, warm ups are in half an hour, okay?

Solomon: Look, just a quick stop.

Nikko: Look, you don't get floor seats and miss the warm-ups. That's the
coolest part.

Solomon: I've got to do this, Nikko. We will make the tip-off.

Nikko: And besides, I thought this was a no-work weekend? And you owe me two saturdays of driving lessons. Don't think I'm forgetting.

Solomon: Nobody drives in the city, I keep telling you that. We will make the game. It's the first item up for sale. Come on.

They walk into the building past a large poster board with the following:
Williams & Ogden - Auctioneers and Appraisers Ė(3-d image of large crystal skull)

Solomon and Nikko walk into the main auction room. They look around at the people. Solomon notices Bella standing in the middle of the room speaking animatedly with someone. She turns and notices Solomon.

Nikko: Who's the babe?

Solomon: She's no babe. She's business.

Nikko: Yeah.

Solomon: Give me a minute.

Nikko: Yes, sir.

Solomon hands Nikko the auction program and walks toward Bella. She holds out both hands to him which he takes.

Solomon: You look great for a corpse.

Bella: Well, the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

She kisses him on both cheeks.

Solomon: Gutsy move - holding a public auction after you double-crossed your partner.

Bella: Actually, you got that part backwards.

Solomon: Really?

Bella: It was Cordova double-crossed me.

Solomon: Uh ...

Bella: So now he can pay premium for what he wants. And really, the open market is my best protection. Because he can't lay a hand on me now that I've been credited with the find. Let him take it out on the new owner.

Solomon: Don't do this, Bella. Call off the sale.

Bella looks at Solomon.

Bella: Some women actually have to work for a living, Solomon.

Solomon: Two of these skulls have already been lost to anonymous collectors. And legend says that only four were ever made. Now, the one you just found should be in the hands of qualified researchers.

Bella: Right, right. Well, like you said, it is a public auction. You're free to bid.

Bella walks past Solomon. He turns and chases after her.

Solomon: All right, listen to me - the skulls were constructed molecule by
molecule. A process that would take three hundred years using current state-of-the-art equipment. Bella, there is a knowledge based away in these skulls. Now, if we can crack it, it could revolutionize molecular science.

Bella looks at Solomon. Around her neck, she's wearing the double-diamond shaped amulet that was found on the crystal skull chest.

Bella: Wow.

Solomon: "wow" is right.

Bella: Then I'd say that the bidding should be quite spirited. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have serious buyers to talk to.

Bella tries to walk past Solomon. He stops her.

Solomon: Just - this could be the only chance. Now, as a scientist, you can not let this opportunity pass.

Bella: Oh, I have no intention of letting this opportunity pass. As a capitalist, I intend to make the very best of it.

In the background, the auction bell rings to get everyone's attention.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.

Bella: Oh, show time. hope you brought your checkbook.

She smiles at him, turns and walks away. The auctioneer stands in front of the next item up for auction. Nikko and Solomon sit in the audience.

Auctioneer: Item number four - a sterling tea set attributed to the boston
silversmith and patriot paul revere.

Nikko: I thought you said it was first up.

Solomon: Sometimes they change the order, I don't know. this is -

Nikko: Important? yeah, work always is, isn't it?

Solomon: Come on ...

Nikko: Thanks for the game, dad.

Nikko stands up to leave the room.

Solomon: Where are you going? Nikko? Nikko!

Solomon stands up.

Solomon: Nikko.

Nikko stops and looks at Solomon.

Solomon: Come on, sit down.

Nikko turns and walks out the front door.

Auctioneer: One-fifty, thank you very much. Do I hear one-sixty?

Solomon stands there staring at Nikko retreating back. Nikko walks out of the auction house. He looks around the sidewalk and takes a couple of steps toward the side. The image of the crystal skull poster in the window catches his eye. Through the window reflection, a man wearing a red cap stands next to Nikko and looks at the skull.

Old man: They're gonna get it.

Turns to look at Old man

Nikko: Are you talking to me?

Old man: Who else?

Nikko: Do I know you?

Old man: See - see they're putting it together. Because they know.

Nikko: What? They know what?

Old man: The truth. Now they're getting another one.

Nikko: Wait a second. No. no, buddy ...

Old man: Hey, hey, take a look at this.

He pulls out a folded photograph and points to the picture. It's a photo of a
dark-haired man who looks like Adolf Hitler sitting on the edge of Albert
Speer's desk.

Old man: Look ... see? sSee, he knew. He knew the truth. He knew all about it. He put it together.

Nikko: Look, do you need some money or something? Because I don't -

Nikko reaches into his pocket and pulls out the tickets.

Nikko: All right, look here. I got tickets, okay? They're floor seats. You can tell Spike Lee all about it.

The man shakes his head in some disappointment and some frustration.

Nikko: Come on man, you can sell these things for like a thousand dollars a
piece. You can get off the streets. Look, i don't need them, okay?

Nikko tries to give the man the tickets, but he doesn't want them.

Old man: I already know. Eighty-seven, eighty-five. No. eighty-seven,

Nikko stares at the man for a long moment unable to make sense out of him. the man seems completely rational and serious. Nikko turns around to leave.

Nikko: All right, look, I'm gonna go, okay?

Old man: No, no, it's true.

Nikko: Hey, hey, hey, what?

The man stops him.

He takes the photograph and gives it to Nikko.

Old man: It's all true. and it's going on right now - in there.

He points to the auction house. Nikko stares at him. He still doesn't believe him and can't make any sense of what he's saying.

Nikko: Look, just take it easy, okay?

Nikko tries to give the man his photograph back, but the man doesn't want it.

Old man: No, no, keep it. you keep it.

He gently pushes the photograph at Nikko and takes a step back.

Old man: It's the truth. It's the truth.

The man turns around and leaves Nikko standing in the sidewalk.
The crystal skull is on the table as the bidding continues.

Auctioneer: Thank you. Do I have two million two hundred thousand I have two million, two hundred thousand.

The sign 161 goes up and down. Sitting at the back of the room, Bella watches the bidding with anticipation at the prices she's hearing.

Auctioneer: In front, two million two ...

The woman on the phone gets the bid. The bidding continues.

Auctioneer: Two million, two fifty on the phone, do I hear two million, three? two million? two hundred and fifty -

Solomon looks nervously out the open door for Nikko. He turns around and raises his card, 42, to get the bid.

Auctioneer: Two million three hundred thousand. Thank you.

The woman on the phone gets the bid. The bidding continues.

Auctioneer: Two million three fifty on the phone.

Solomon raises his card.

Auctioneer: I have two million four hundred thousand from the floor.

The bidding continues.

Auctioneer: May I hear two million four fifty, please? Two million four fifty?

The auctioneer turns to look at the woman on the phone. She speaks for a moment, then signals for the male employee to her. She whispers something to him and he heads for the front of the room. He whispers to the auctioneer.

Auctioneer: The bid is five million dollars on the phone.

The audience gasps. Bella's eyes widen. Solomon visually groans at the

Auctioneer: Five million going once ...

Solomon raises his card to up the bid.

Auctioneer: ... twice - sold.

But he is ignored. The gavel hits the auction block. Solomon surges to his
feet. The auctioneer looks visibly sick at what he just had to do. The audience claps lightly and stands as they disburse. The auction is over.

Solomon: hey.

The auctioneer sees Solomon and yet, can't bring himself to look at him.
Solomon puts his card down and looks around. He turns back to the front of the auction just in time to see the black cloth placed over the crystal skull.
The door opens and the woman who was on the phone exits the main hall into the lobby. Solomon follows her.

Solomon: Excuse me, who was the buyer?

Woman: I'm sorry, sir. It was an anonymous bid.

Solomon: I was just shut out of the bid. I think i have a right to know who was on the other end of that call.

Bella interrupts and draws Solomon's attention. The woman leaves.

Bella: Well, I certainly hope it was Cordova. I'd love to think it's his money I'm spending.

Solomon: Look, when do you have to deliver? Just give me two weeks with it.

Bella: Oh, I can't.

Solomon: Why?

Bella: Well, because the money's being wired and a courier is delivering the skull later today.

Disgusted, Solomon turns to walk away.

Bella: Oh, Solomon! If you really want to study a skull, then why not find the last one for yourself? That is what you do, isn't it?

Solomon turns around and saunters back to Bella.

Solomon: The fourth skull.

Bella: Oh, yeah.

Solomon: You know where it is?

Bella: Oh, wouldn't you like to know?

Solomon: Yeah, I would.

Bella: Well, why don't we find it together? It'll be fun.

Solomon: I don't think you and I share the same ideas about fun.

Bella: Oh, I think we do.

She holds out her card. He takes it.

Bella: Eight o'clock. My apartment. I'll cook.

Bella turns and walks away. Solomon's left standing there. He smiles. Nikko is drinking a soft drink and watching the sports news on television.

Sports reporter: New York and Philly the back and forth affair that turned in the final seconds. Allen Iverson needing to hit a three to win. And nothing, not even the rim, Iverson's heartbreaking air ball at the buzzer gives the knicks an 87-85 victory over the sagging 76'ers. 87-85 victory over the sagging 76'ers.

Nikko puts his drink down and turns around as it occurs to him.

Sports reporter: We'll have more from a busy night in the nba including complete highlights ...

The score is exactly what the man in the red hat told him it would be that

Nikko: 87-85. he was right.

Nikko pushes his chair back toward the desk and digs into the trash can for the folded photograph that the man gave him that afternoon. He turns on the desk lamp and looks at it carefully. He uses the wet glass cup as a magnifier on the photo and finds something astonishing. In the photo on hitler's desk is the crystal skull. Nikko shows his dad the photo. Solomon looks up from examining the photo.

Solomon: Look, if i had a dollar for every hoax somebody tried to pull on me, I wouldn't be so mad about you giving away those tickets.

Nikko: Well, it's not like you were gonna go, anyways.

Solomon: Look, you know how easy it is to doctor a photograph? This guy could have downloaded this off the internet.

Nikko: That's what i thought, but -

Solomon: All right, i'll tell you what. Just to make sure - I'll have one of
the technicians check it out.

Solomon buttons his cuffs and moves to put his jacket on.

Nikko: And this guy was - he was mumbling off these numbers okay? And i know this might sound crazy, but i think it was the score of the knicks game.

Solomon stops at that, finding it unusual.

Nikko: It was like he knew what was going to happen before it happened, dad. It was weird.

Solomon: Yeah, well, you know what? I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. look, I'm running late. I've gotta go.

Nikko: What do you mean, "you've gotta go?" Where are you going?

Solomon: Um, I'm having dinner with Bella, from the auction.

Nikko: "Bella?" Oh? Well, I thought she was just 'business'.

Solomon: She is just business.

Nikko: Right.

Solomon: What?

Nikko: It's stupid i just -

Solomon: What?

Nikko: I never really pictured you dating again.

Solomon: Oh. right. well, um ...

Nikko: But you know, it's okay. Because ten years is one hell of a dry spell,

Solomon: Dry spell?

Nikko: Yep.

Solomon: I guess you know all about that sort of thing?

Nikko: Well, no. no, not really. I don't really a problem with that.

Solomon: Oh no, not you personally. You're a regular Casanova I would think.

Nikko: I know a thing or three about the ladies.

Solomon: You do? really?

Nikko laughs quietly. Solomon looks at Nikko, then moves to take the seat next to him.

Solomon: Look - um ... all right, look. I don't know I - I think it's always
going to be a bit of a dry spell for me. Even if it's raining.

Nikko: Yeah.

Solomon: Besides, it's not a date.

Nikko: 'kay. Is that cologne?

Solomon: I gotta go.

Solomon quickly leaves the room.

Nikko: I won't wait up!

By candlelight, Solomon and Bella sit on the couch.

Solomon: Oh, man. it doesn't get any better than this.

Bella: Sure it does.

Bella reaches for the small glass.

Bella: Take a sip.

He takes a sip.

Solomon: ... mmm ...

Bella: It's good?

Solomon: ... that's nice.

Bella: Well ... here we go.

Bella reaches over and gets a spoonful of something. She holds it out to
Solomon and tries to coax him into eating it.

Bella: There. Take a bite. Take a bite. come on! come on! take a bite.

Solomon: It does get better, hmm?

Bella : Everything can.

Solomon: Hey bella ...

Bella: Yes?

Solomon: You want to play connect the dots?

Bella Yes, I do. very much.

Solomon: Me too. Okay.

Bella: Okay.

Solomon: Come here.

Solomon stands up and grabs her hand. He heads in one direction, she in the other.

Bella: Solomon ...

Solomon: This way, Bella.

Solomon takes her over to the dining room table where the map is spread out on. He hands her a pen. Their eyes meet. She takes the pen.

Bella: This is really not what I thought we'd be connecting right about now.

Solomon: Oh, come on ... this will be fun. All right, the first skull was
found just outside of London.

He leans over the map and puts a black "x" on the spot.

Solomon: The second skull was found on a sunken atoll in the Indian ocean. the third skull was found by you -

He nudges her with his shoulder.

Solomon: ... in Niger.

Bella: Mm-hmmm ... in Niger.

He adds the third "x" to the map, then connects the "x's".

Bella: Well, that's a triangle. There were four skulls. We should be looking for a square, right?

Solomon: Right. All right, what else do we know about these things? I mean, come on.

Bella: Well, the only written reference that we have is basically folklore of pre-Incan south American tribes.

She stands up and moves away toward the bookshelves in the back where she picks up a book and leafs through it to find the passage she needs.

Bella: Um ... here.

He starts walking back toward Solomon and reads out loud

Bella: The Viracocha legends. "the Viracocha were said to be gods - immortals who came from across the seas bearing the gifts of knowledge. their holy relics were the "four skulls of wisdom." when brought together in ceremonial rites, these four skulls delivered enlightenment to the worthy. and they also used the power to vanquish their enemies by bringing fire from the sky."

The drawing on the page of the book she's reading has the picture of three
blonde long-haired men holding four skulls. the title of the chapter is "dawn
of the gods". in the background of the picture is an Incan pyramid.

Solomon: That's pretty heavy stuff.

Bella: Well, yeah, I mean if you believe in that sort of thing.

Solomon stands there thinking. He turns back to the map, suddenly all movement as he begins to formulate a theory.

Solomon: Seventy-five degrees east. Seventy-five degrees west longitude.

Solomon draws additional x's on the map.

Bella: What? what are you thinking?

Solomon: The people of south America - they believed in that sort of thing.

He connects the x's together and looks at the shape.

Solomon: It's not a triangle. It's a pyramid. Right here - Peru.

Bella: Of course, it all makes sense. In 1938, Hitler sent his chief archeologist to Peru on a massive expedition and nobody ever knew what he found.

Solomon thinks again ... definitely not liking this connection.

Solomon: Hitler?

Bella: Yeah.

He steps back, a concerned look on his face. Things are clicking into place.
Bella picks up on it immediately.

Bella: What are you not telling me, Solomon?

Solomon: All right. If we find the skull - I get to study it for two years.
After that, we sell it to the museum with the highest bid.

She holds out her hand. They shake on it.

Bella: Deal. What've you got?

She sits down. Solomon reaches into his shirt pocket and takes out the folded photograph he got from Nikko earlier that night. He shows it to Bella.

Solomon: If this photo is real, Hitler's already found it.

She looks at the photo and sees the skull on the desk.

Bella: Look at that. So, what did he do with it? I mean, where was the safest place that Hitler had?

Solomon: In his bunkers. Under Berlin.

Bella: Right. but those have all been found.

Solomon: Unless -

Bella: Oh ... you mean?

Solomon: What?

They look at each other, neither one willing to say what's on their minds.
Bella leans back in her seat and chuckles.

Bella: I'm sensing some trust issues here.

Solomon doesn't say anything. She suddenly sits up.

Bella: Okay, tell you what - you write down what you're thinking on your napkin and I'll write down what I'm thinking on mine.

Solomon: All right.

They each grab a pen and some paper. Solomon leans over to try to get a look at what she's writing.

Bella: Solomon.

They finish.

Bella: There. All right.

She reaches for her glass. He picks up his.

Bella: To a fruitful coupling.

They toast and drink. Or rather, he drinks. And she watches him drink with a half-smile on her face. Solomon finishes the glass and puts it down. She puts her glass down.

Bella: Okay, you show me yours and I'll show you mine.

Solomon: Albert Speer. The architect of Hitler's entire Berlin bunker complex. and he was rumored to have built a bunker of his own. Besides, if you were, you know, paying attention you would have noticed that it is his nameplate ...

Solomon stops for a moment as if trying to think of what he was saying ... then remembers and finishes.

Solomon: ... On the desk in the office.

Solomon blinks his eyes. Something's wrong.

Bella: That is a very, very interesting line of reasoning.

Solomon: All right. Ishowed you mine, you show -

Solomon falls back on the couch. Bella watches ... amused.

Solomon: That stuff really packs a punch.

Bella doesn't say anything, but smiles at him. Solomon holds Bella's paper in his hand.

Solomon: You - you didn't ...

Bella: And if you had been paying attention, you would have noticed that i wasn't drinking.

Solomon looks down at what Bella wrote. Though the words are wavy, it's clear that he reads: Nighty, night. Solomon.

Bella: Don't hate me because I'm smarter than you.

She laughs and gets up. She drapes a sparkly green shawl over him.

Bella: Here you go. there. Sweet dreams, Solomon.

She leans in and kisses him as he passes out.

Solomon sits at the table looking incredibly hung over. Juliet holds out some tablets which he takes from her and pops into his mouth. He downs them with a sip of water. As she gets up to leave, Solomon holds out his mug.

Solomon: More coffee please.

Juliet: I'll make a fresh pot.

She takes the mug and leaves. Nikko and Vincent walk into the room, both wearing half-smirks on their faces. They lean on the table and look at

Nikko: Dad. What's happening?

Solomon: She slipped me something.

Vincent: Right.

Solomon: Some form of phenobarbital, probably.

Vincent: It's hard to tell without a blood test.

Solomon: When you mix it with other things -

Nikko: Yeah, dad, look, you don't have to explain yourself to us. Okay. you're a big guy, you can ...

Vincent chuckles and stands up. Nikko also stands and Solomon pushes him out and away from him.

Solomon: Go away.

Calvin walks into the room holding a piece of paper.

Calvin: All right, well, bidders may be anonymous, but money never is. It took two front row tickets to the next David Hasselhoff concert, but the skull was bought by a philanthropic group called euro-one.

Solomon: Euro-one? i never heard of them. Are they buying for a specific

Calvin: Not exactly. Here's a list of organizations under their umbrella -
Deutschland freedom party, Aryan brotherhood, Aryan youth camp.

Vincent: Neo-nazis?

Calvin: Yeah.

Solomon: I'll bet if you trace the sale of the other skulls --

Calvin: No, I already did. Euro-one's got 'em all.

Vincent: Hitler's quest lives on.

Nikko: What? These guys think they can rule the world by putting four sparkly skulls together?

Solomon: No one really knows what these things are capable of. They could be ancient atom splitters for all we know.

Nikko: Dad, come on, you don't actually believe that four of these new age
doorstops in one place could actually give these Nazi guys nuclear capability?

Solomon: Let's not find out.

Juliet comes back and hands Solomon a cup of coffee.

Solomon: Thank you. What else do we know about euro-one?

Calvin: Just that their mission is to raise the fourth Reich where the third
one left off. Anyone care to wager a guess as to who their chairman is?

Solomon: Give us a hint.

Calvin: Um ... sauerkraut taquitos.

Solomon: Heinrich Cordova. I wonder if Bella knows who she really double-crossed.

Calvin: Um, speaking of the she-devil, she is booked on a morning flight to
Berlin with a layover in Paris.

Maggie: I ran a title search and two properties came up. The first building is right on the Wilhelm Strasse. The top floor is Speer's secret Berlin apartment.

Nikko: Albert Speer? Hitler's architect.

Everyone stops and looks up slowly at Nikko. He notices.

Nikko: What? it's the history channel. I mean what else is there to watch at three in the morning?

Calvin smiles at the comment.

Maggie: The other one is a villa. Located on the out-skirts of Berlin. It's
abandoned now, but it used to be Speer's weekend place, a top-level Nazi

Solomon: All right, Vincent and I will take Speer's city apartment. Calvin?
you and Maggie take the villa.

Everyone stands with their assignments. Nikko stands and looks at Juliet being as they're they only ones who didn't get any assignments.

Nikko: Hey, you know, I've heard the clubs in Berlin are off the hook, so,
maybe we could -

Solomon walks up to them.

Solomon: When we get to Berlin, you and Juliet can help update our database on Albert Speer.

Juliet: Kafka, brecht, toller. If there's down time, I could introduce you to German expressionism.

Nikko: Well, i am, I'm so stoked for that. that's -

He closes his eyes and sighs.

Bella and her crew walk into the villa.

Bella: Say what you will about Albert Speer, that guy could design a sweet little villa.

Hank: If this place could talk.

Bella: Let's hope it spills its guts.

Bella takes off the cloth from one of the paintings on the wall. It's a
picture of the villa with a swastika on it. She turns around, thinking.

Bella: Let's start in the basement, in case he built the damn bunker right here.

The group heads for the basement, passing by a window with a swastika design in its frame Juliet turns the book around for Nikko to look at.

Juliet: Here. notice the uniformity of design, the repetition of motif. It's
all about power on display.

Nikko: Yeah, subtle as a death camp.

Juliet: Nikko ...

Nikko: What? This whole Nazi thing just freaks me out.

Juliet: Okay, then let's just get what we need and get out of here.

Nikko: All right, I'll go find the books.

Nikko stands up and heads for the aisle. He turns and looks on the book shelf. He reaches up and takes out some books. Behind the books on the other side of the shelf is the man in the red hat. Nikko starts with surprise.

Old man: Willkommen!

Solomon knocks on door 307.

Solomon: Maggie said it's only changed hands only twice since the Speer family vacated.

The door opens and an old man stands there.

Solomon: Guten tag. ich bin dr. Solomon Zond, und dieses ist mein kollege -

Vincent: ... Hein kommen?

A black gloved hand grabs the old man and pulls him back. Two men wearing black and carrying guns step forward.

Vincent: Perhaps we'll come back later?

Solomon and Vincent turn to leave when they're blocked by a blonde-haired man in black carrying a gun.

Solomon: Heinrich Cordova, I presume?

Cordova: Did you think you were the only ones who knew about Albert Speer?

He takes a step toward Solomon.

Cordova: Where's Bella?

Calvin and Maggie watch from the bushes as Bella's men exit the truck carrying equipment.

Calvin: Hey, we've got activity. Looks like they're moving a bunch of gear
into the villa.

He hands Maggie the binoculars.

Maggie: Something's up.

Calvin: Yeah.

Maggie: Call him.

Calvin: Okay

Calvin reaches for his phone. The phone rings. Vincent and Solomon try to ignore the ringing. Te phone continues to ring ... and ring ... and ring ...

Cordova: Answer it!

Solomon reaches for his phone.

Nikko stares at Old man, the man in the red hat.

Nikko: What are you doing here?

Old man: That's not the question, what am i doing here?

Nikko: I just asked you that.

Old man: No, wrong person. Totally wrong person. Ask yourself. Definitely, yourself.

Nikko: All right, look buddy, you should find the nearest hospital immediately, okay? They'll give you a bunch of pharmaceuticals and that should stop the voices.

Old man: I'll tell you why you're here. Skulls. Everybody wants the skulls. there's only one left. One bad boy. they've got three of them now. That's quite the collection. And honestly, I'm getting very nervous.

Bikko: What are you talking about? Who's got three what?

There's a noise behind him and Nikko turns to watch an old woman look at him strangely as she walks by. After she passes, he turns to Old man.

Nikko: Hey ...

He's not there. Nikko walks around the shelf, but he's gone.

Bella pulls off another cloth covering a painting.

Hank: We took the wine cellar apart. Nothing but mud and rats behind those bricks. We're running out of rooms.

She pulls off another clothe covered painting and it appears to be a portrait
of a man with a swastika band on his arm and a roll of blueprints in his hand.

Bella: This has got to be Speer, right? I mean, who else would pose with a set of blueprints in his hand?

She takes the painting down from the wall.

Bella: Come on. Let's just see what's on the other side of al!

Bella takes out a knife.

Hank: Shouldn't take more than an hour, maybe two, just to make sure we
preserve the historic integrity of the find.

Bella looks at hank.

Bella: The find? Give me a break, it's just a crappy vanity piece. Sorry, al. but you can't buy beach front property in St. Tropez with historical integrity.

She cuts open the back of the painting to find a set of blueprints. She
smiles, extremely pleased.

Nikko walks through the aisles looking for Old man. Finally, he spots him talking with the librarian.

Old man: Nicht. I don't have a library card. But you see, I'm god.

Library person: Ein gott.

Old man: Yeah. did I make that clear? I thought I did. no, I did.

Nikko: Hey!

The librarian grabs the book from Old man and leaves. Nikko rushes up to Old man.

Old man: There you are. Can you focus for a minute?

Nikko: Yeah, but what are you doing here? That's what i want to know.

Old man: This is important.

Old man puts a chain with an amulet around Nikko's neck.

Old man: You have to have this if you want to open it.

Nikko: Open what?

Old man: Just trust me. Nobody can have all the skulls. It's too much power for little brains. It's fire from the sky, end of days - you understand me?

Nikko: No.

Old man: The Viracochas. We could handle it - we knew what we were doing. But you can't handle it. You don't want it.

Nikko: Okay, what I want to know is how did you know the knicks game score?

Old man: That was nothing. The skulls. That's the real trick - and they shouldn't have 'em. They can't have 'em. And you gotta stop em. And you can, you know?

Old man suddenly stops and looks at Nikko.

Old man: You have kind eyes, like your mom.

Nikko: My mom? What do you know about -

Old man turns to leave, but he stops as he remembers something.

Old man: Oh - tell your dad that he's right.

Nikko: About what?

Old man: Everything.

Old man leaves. Nikko looks down at the double diamond-shaped amulet on the chain around his neck.

Bella and hank look at the map.

Bella This is going lead us right to the fourth skull. I love it.

Hank: Life is good today.

Bella: It doesn't get any better.

Cordova: I disagree, senorita.

They turn around to find Cordova standing in the doorway.

Cordova: I get the skull. That would be infinitely better.

He steps forward and takes the map from her.

Bella: You don't know what you've got there, Heinrich.

Cordova: Of course I do. You've served your purpose, Bella. You led me to the fourth skull. Now be a good girl and go home.

Bella: You really expect me to believe that you're gonna let me walk out of here scott free after what i did to you in Niger?

Cordova: Hard to believe it myself. but that's the deal I made.

Bella: The deal? With who?

Cordova: Your replacement.

Bella: My replacement?

Cordova: Si.

Bella: Nobody does this better than me.

Solomon: Except me.

Bella turns around to see Solomon standing in the doorway. He waves at her.

Solomon: Don't hate me because I'm smarter than you.

Solomon reaches into his kit and puts on latex gloves. Vincent cleans and
wipes the table surface. Calvin sprinkles powder over the cleaned surface.
Solomon holds the map and puts it gently over the table.

Solomon: Here we go. Blueprints are like celluloid. They decompose over time.

Cordova wants to touch the map, but Solomon bats his hand away.

Solomon: We take every precaution.

Solomon nods at and Vincent takes out the magnifying glass which he holds over the map for Solomon while he looks through it.

Solomon: Uh! There it is. We find this bunker, and the skull is ours.

Cordova wants to see it too, but Vincent pulls the magnifying glass away.

Cordova: Where is it?

Solomon: Get the hydrochloric.

Calvin measures out the acid and pours it into the glass.

Solomon: Try three to one

Cordova: What's wrong?

Solomon: Shh! paint it.

Vincent pours the liquid mixture over the blueprint.

Cordova: What the hell are you doing?

Calvin: Relax.

Calvin leans over and starts spreading the mixture on the blueprint. he

Calvin: You see, prior to 1968, all blueprints were made on a paper stock that had actual silver. but with the advent of micro-technology developed by nasa, blueprint paper was radically redesigned. so you see, if the paper has silver in it, the hydrochloric won't penetrate it. if not, well -

They step back and the acid eats through the blueprint. it fizzles. Cordova
reaches out, Vincent grabs his hand.

Cordova: You're destroying it!

Solomon: It doesn't matter. It's a fake.

Cordova: I don't understand!

Solomon: This map was created after 1968. It's not authentic. It's

Solomon grabs the map and crumples it up. He tosses it into the blazing fire. The two men turn to watch it burn.

Cordova: Are you sure?

Solomon: Would i have destroyed it if I wasn't sure?

Cordova: Bella, she made a switch.

Solomon: Wouldn't put it past her.

Cordova: She won't do this to me twice.

Cordova and his men leave the room. After they leave, Maggie walks out.

Maggie: Nasa? nice touch.

Calvin: That was good, right?

Calvin and Solomon knock fists in triumph.

Vincent: Yeah. Nazis will buy anything as long as you dress up the technology.

Maggie: What about Bella?

Solomon: She's a big girl, she can take care herself.

Solomon and cClvin wipe off the powder from the table. Maggie unrolls a clean sheet of blueprint paper. She opens a container and holds it out to Calvin. He picks out a square of lead.

Solomon: Hit it.

Calvin starts to rub the blueprint back into the paper. He whistles as he
goes. When he's done, they're left with an exact duplicate of the original

Calvin: Beautiful.

Solomon stands behind the monitor as Maggie works on it.

Maggie: I've scanned the blueprint into the computer. I'm now cross
referencing with 1940's Berlin.

The computer monitor shows a search on a berlin map, sector 229, map 221.

Vincent: So where do you hide a bunker for sixty years?

Maggie smiles. They have a match.

Maggie: Under a hundred tons of concrete. It's the foundation for Speer's
Un built masterpiece, the great hall of the Aryan people.

Vincent: I guess losing the war put a pin in that project.

Maggie: The structure was so massive they couldn't demolish it, so they just left it there and put a park over it.

The square shadow starts to flash on the monitor right above Arnold Zweig park.

Solomon: Speer was good. The bunker would've been impossible to detect through the concrete walls unless you knew that it was there.

Nikko and Juliet burst into the room.

Nikko: Dad! I saw that guy that gave me that picture.

Solomon: Here in Berlin?

Nikko: Yeah, at the library.

Juliet: I didn't see anyone.

Nikko: Well, because he didn't want you to see him, okay? He - he's a little
paranoid. Bu- but, he was right about the picture, wasn't he?

Solomon: What did he want?

Nikko: He um ... he kept talking about the power of the skulls and these Veri- something's guys, i don't know.

Solomon: Viracochas.

Nikko: Yeah, that was them.

Solomon: If this nut has stalked you all the way to Berlin -

Nikko: Look, yes, maybe he's wacked, okay? But he doesn't want to hurt me.

Solomon: How do you know?

Nikko: Because he said he wanted to help me. And then he gave me this. He said it opened something.

Nikko hands the amulet to Solomon. He takes it and looks at it ... and
remembers seeing something similar around Bella's neck.

sSlomon: This won't help anyone.

Nikko: Why not?

Solomon: Because the other half is around Bella's neck.

Bella walks out of the hotel and speaks on the phone with someone.

Bella: What do you mean you lost Cordova? How hard is it to find a black Mercedes in Berlin? Okay, yes, it is hard, but you better find his ass if you want your seven percent. Yes, I know I said ten, but I'm not the one who lost our little snotzi, now am I?

sSe hangs up. Solomon's car stops along the curb and he gets out of the car.

Solomon: Get in, Cordova's looking for you.

Bella: Why?

Solomon: Because I sent him. Prematurely. I'll explain on the way to the

Bella: You found the bunker. Why'd you come back for me? I don't get it.

Solomon: Do you get this?

He holds up the amulet. She smiles.

Bella: Fifty-fifty. Nothing less.

A black Mercedes screeches as it makes the turn onto the street behind them.

Vincent: Solomon now!

Solomon grabs Bella and pushes her into the open car door. They both tumble inside while Vincent hits the gas. The black Mercedes stops along side the curb; Heinrich Cordova gets out of the car.

Bella: You know, you didn't have to go to all this trouble just to be on top.

The vent explodes. Vincent crawls in first; Solomon follows.

Vincent: This vent leads to Speer's bunker.

Vincent crawls in and takes the grating off of the vent. He looks inside.

Vincent: Belly of the beast.

Bella: Unbelievable! It's like walking into 1945.

Vincent turns around to see Calvin leafing through a stack of vinyl albums.

Calvin: Wagner, Wagner, the best of Wagner ...

Solomon: Hey guys, i found something. Look at this.

Solomon is standing against the far wall looking at something on the wall.

Solomon: The German's must have brought this back from Peru with them with the skull.

Bella: The original lock. Nice touch.

He reaches into his pocket and takes out Nikko's amulet.

Solomon: Let's see if it fits.

He puts it in the square.

Solomon: All right partner, it's your turn.

Bella puts her amulet in the square to have both amulets together show a
swastika sign.

Vincent: Nazis - so predictable.

Solomon: go for it.

Bella reaches out and turns the lock. The wall on the side opens to reveal a
smaller room filled with various valuables.

Solomon: What do you think?

Bella: I think we're going to need a bigger van.

Nikko sees something.

Nikko: Dad ...

He reaches out and picks up the fourth crystal skull.

Nikko: Dad, have a look at this.

Nikko hands it to Solomon who takes it out of Bella's hands when she reaches for it.

Bella: What? You still don't trust me?

Solomon: What's not to trust?

He turns to Calvin as he opens the metal carrying case.

Solomon: Calvin, I want to get Juliet and Maggie to the jet right away. I want to be in the air in a moment's notice.

As they drive out with the stuff in the back of the van, two black Mercedes
drives up directly to them, blocking their way and forcing them to stop. Men with guns get out of on car; Cordova gets out of the other.

Nikko: Hey, what the hell's going on?

Cordova: Get out! Now!

He pulls a gun on them. The blue van with all the stuff in it drives away leaving the gang and two of Cordova's thugs with guns on them behind.

Nikko: There goes the loot.

Solomon: Got a game plan?

Vincent: That's what i live for.

Bella: What is that like a code or something? And are you guys gonna share?

Vincent: Just be ready. Nikko, when the show starts, you take cover.

One of the two thugs starts to talk to them in German.

Solomon steps forward and says something in German. Vincent also takes a step forward. The thug responds. Solomon again repeats what he said.

Solomon: I'm just saying you look like somebody -

Solomon reaches out, pushes the thug's gun aside and pushes the thug down; Bella kicks him in the face. He goes down. Vincent steps up and disarms the second thug. The first thug gets up and reaches for his gun; Bella kicks him again, knocking him out. Nikko ducks near the car and gets a shock when he sees Old man, the man with the red hap in the back seat of the black Mercedes.

Nikko: Oh, jeez. What is wrong with you?

Old man: Want to go for a spin? huh?

Nikko gets up and heads for the front of the car. Solomon rounds the corner and sees the traffic in front of him. he starts running between the cars. Nikko is behind the steering wheel.

Nikko: I can't drive!

Old man: You're doing great.

Nikko: Look, I don't know how, okay?

Solomon runs between the cars trying to catch up with the blue van. He reaches the van doors, quietly opens them and crawls in. He closes the doors behind him. The driver turns to look absently behind him. Nikko continues to drive.

Nikko: this is crazy!

The blue van doors open and Solomon with his metal case comes flying
out. He hits the front of the car behind him. The driver of the van follows
Solomon and stands over him. The two fight. Cordova drives up to them and gets out of the car to pick up the metal case left on the road. He grabs the case and heads back to the car while Solomon fights with the driver. He gets in the car and drives off. Solomon sees Cordova leave. He slams the driver into the open van door. The driver falls to the road. Solomon holds his wrist and takes off after the black Mercedes. Nikko continues to drive through the alleyway.

Nikko: Thanks for teaching me how to drive, dad!

They bump into a stack of boxes as they leave the alley. He turns into the
main road and sees Cordova's black Mercedes round the corner in front of them, the two cars heading straight for each other.

Old man: That's the guy.

Nikko: What guy?

Old man: The guy you have to stop.

Nikko: I can't do this.

Old man: You never know unless you try.

They both swerve at the last moment. Cordova's car hits the boxes and flips over. Nikko stops the car. He turns around and Old man isn't there. Cordova crawls out of the window from his car and onto the roadway. He's cut and bleeding and pulls himself toward the metal case. Solomon reaches and grabs it out of his reach. He turns and walks over to check on Nikko.

Solomon: Are you all right?

Nikko: Yeah, I'm fine.

Solomon pulls the blue van up the side of the curb.

Solomon: I've arranged for some help with customs. I'm gonna grab some papers and we're out of here. He gives her the metal case.

Solomon: We're cool, right?

Bella reaches over and kisses Solomon. He walks out of the van and toward the car behind. Nikko exits the car.

Nikko: Hey, what's going on?

Solomon: It's cool, don't worry.

Nikko: She's gonna split!

Solomon: Relax, know what I'm doing.

The blue van pulls out and turns around. As she passes by them, Bella looks out at Solomon and presses a kiss to the closed window.

Nikko: Dad, look, she's going to take everything. this is -

Solomon: Not everything.

Vincent: I wonder how much the gang at Williams and Ogden will pay her for a pink, twelve pound, European regulation bowling ball

Solomon: Frosted?

Vincent: Of course. I spared no expense.

Nikko: I guess you do know a thing or three about the ladies, huh?

Bella: Of course, yes, I can't say that it wasn't dangerous. But ultimately - it was worth the risk. Because to uncover the lost treasures and make them available to the museums around the world. Well, at the risk of sounding a little corny, it is the reason that i do this. Oh, in addition, part of the proceeds from the sales will go to the victims who were plundered by the third Reich.

Solomon: That girl is a piece of work.

Maggie: Solomon - I have something.

Solomon goes to stand behind Maggie.

Maggie: No one knows how these things were made, right?

Solomon: Yeah.

Maggie: Well, what if they weren't "made". What if ... it's a real skull,
crystallized by some geological event - like petrified wood.

Solomon: What are you getting at?

She turns to the computer.

Maggie: I'm running a facial reconstruction model on the computer, layering computerized flesh on to the crystal skull, I'm adding hair and beard from the period. And I've compared it to the photo in Bella's book.

The program finishes and a real face stares back at them.

Solomon: Viracochas - the ancient gods.

Nikko swallows as this face suddenly seems very familiar to him.

Nikko: Wait a second. Can you um - can you shave this guy right here? You know, like give him a hair cut?

Maggie: Sure.

Solomon: What is it?

Maggie makes the modifications.

Nikko: I don't believe it. Dad, why do Viracochas live forever?

Solomon: No one really knows.

Nikko: I do. To protect the skulls.

Staring back at him on the monitor is Old man, the man in the red hat.

Nikko: That's why he was following me.

Nikko turns to look at Solomon who turns to look at the crystal skull.

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Veritas: The Quest
The Heist

Inside the tent, Nikko, Calvin and Vincent watch over the cable that descends
into the hole in the ground. It holds Solomon suspended inside the cavern below as the winch slowly lets him down.

Nikko: All right dad, can you hear me?

Solomon: Loud and clear.

Solomon is inside the hole and making his way down.

Solomon: Keep it coming, nice and easy.

Solomon is crawling head first into the small opening.

Calvin: You're at a hundred feet. You should see an opening.

Solomon: iI's just ahead. Keep coming.

Calvin: All right Dr. Zond, you should be right over the altar, now.

Solomon sticks his head into the opening and sees a room below him. in the
middle of the room is a stone pedestal on which sits a round, sphere-shaped

Solomon: I see it.

Solomon enters the room through the hole in the ceiling suspended by the cable. He maneuvers his way over to the object on the pedestal.

Solomon: Stop.

Nikko: Okay, stop.

Vincent stops the machine feeding Solomon more rope. Inside the small room, Solomon examines the sphere.

Solomon: All the markings conform.

Vincent nods; Nikko smiles.

Solomon: It's what we came for. The sphere of Archimedes. This is it. I think I can reach it.

Calvin: Great, but don't. The whole place is booby trapped. Can't touch the
alters. Use the gloves to pick up the sphere.

Solomon reaches into his pocket and puts on some special gloves.

Solomon: Switch on the magnetic field.

Vincent turns on the magnetic field and the sphere rises up off of the pedestal and to his gloved hands.

Solomon: Take me up.

They turn on the machine up above and it slowly pulls Solomon up by the cable. Solomon maneuvers himself back up through the hole in the ceiling and carefully guides himself up the passageway. Just as he leaves, his foot catches on to the side of the hole jarring loose a brick stone that crashes to the ground beneath.

Solomon: Oh no!

Immediately, spikes in the ceiling passageway appear out from the stone sides. One spike, out of many, grazes off the heel of his shoe. Solomon gasps.

Solomon: Ohh.

Nikko: Dad, are you okay?

Another spike cuts the cable completely. Solomon falls down into the small room, nearly dropping the sphere into the pit surrounding the altar.

Solomon: Agh.

Nikko pulls up the frayed cable.

Vincent: Solomon! Talk to me.

Nikko: Dad, are you okay?!

He looks down and around the small room.

Solomon: We lost the cable ...

Then, he looks up and sees the spikes in the wall forming something that he can definitely climb.

Solomon: But I think we picked up a ladder. I'm coming up.

With the sphere on the table, they take digital pictures of the relic. Solomon
opens Haley's journal and compares the sphere to her drawings. He shows it to Vincent.

Solomon: It looks identical.

Gunshots are fired into the tent. Solomon drops the journal and ducks.
Vincent ducks as the bullets whiz by them. They turn and find several men standing in the entrance holding guns on them.

lead man: Speaks Urdu

Solomon listens to him talk loudly.

Solomon: He wants the sphere.

lead man: Speaks Urdu

Everyone freezes with their hands up as they weigh their options.

Vincent: I have a shotgun in the truck.

Nikko: Yeah, I got a Swiss army knife.

Calvin can't help but laugh at that. Solomon, too.

Solomon: Lets have a meeting about security when we get back, all right?

Solomon looks at the leader and speaks.

Vincent turns to look at Solomon with wonder.

Vincent: You speak Urdu?

Solomon: Yeah, doesn't everybody? (to the man with the gun) It's all yours.


Solomon: I had it right in my hands. The symbol on the sphere matched
the one in Haley's journal exactly.

Solomon walks through the hallway with Maggie; Vincent and Nikko follow close behind them.

Solomon: It's an iconic representation of the year 2012. Most of the ancient
cultures have some sort of great cycle mythology.

They walk into the main office.

Nikko: "Great cycle"?

Solomon: Of time and life, a creation, a destruction, a new beginning.

Nikko: Huh, "hakuna matata".

Solomon turns around and motions to Vincent.

Solomon: I can't reach him from here, could you please? Thank you.

Vincent reaches out and slaps Nikko over the back of his head with his hand.

Nikko: Hey.

Solomon: They all predict a monumental and sudden change coming for the world.

Solomon takes out a magnifying glass and uses it to examine the markings on a tablet set up on the side table. Calvin stands behind the tablet eating out of a Chinese container.

Calvin: Oh, well if it's doomsday, I'm going to start running up my credit

Nikko: Why does everybody want this thing? I mean, what do they think it does?

Solomon: This tablet comes from a dig six thousand miles from where we found the sphere. it tells the story of a cataclysmic earthquake that occurred in Shansi, China in 1556. it killed 830,000 people.

Nikko: And the sphere did that?

Solomon: No. You see this group of people right here.

Solomon holds the magnifying glass over a symbol of four people holding on to what looks like a sphere.

Solomon: They're separated from the chaos that surrounds them. They were
saved. Look, they're holding onto a sphere. this relief predates that
earthquake in china by two thousand years. the sphere didn't cause it. It
foretold it. What if this sphere could predict the end of the next cycle, the
final outcome for mankind?

Vincent: The symbol for 2012 didn't get there by accident.

Solomon: Exactly. What if it could give us the technology we need to survive?

Calvin: You know that kind of power is scary.

Vincent: Depends who holds it.

The fax machine whirls and a paper with a photo on it feeds out. Maggie looks at it.

Maggie: Here's your friend. Ishaq jirrah. Warlord. His tribe helped u.s. forces in Jalalabad.

Vincent: Jirrah's an errand boy. He didn't do this alone.

Vincent turns around and walks toward the monitor. Maggie follows.

Maggie: Which brings us to his patron.

Vincent: Rif. or just plain "r" to his fellow billionaires.

Solomon: Rif's an arms dealer. and our warlord needs guns. he chases a lot of the same things we do. there is no bigger private collector around.

Solomon goes to stand next to Calvin who sits behind the desk and works on the computer.

Solomon: And with his kind of influence, he gets them declared national
treasures, bringing them under the protection of the military.

Nikko: This guy owns his country? I've never heard of him.

Maggie: Dahar, a small protectorate of Kazakhstan.

Vincent: He's a dangerous man with powerful friends.

Calvin: So crome dome here, he's got the sphere. But does that mean that he knows how to use it.

Solomon: All I know is we have try and get it back.

Vincent: If we know where it is, others will too.

Solomon: Then let's be there first.

Solomon heads out of the room and into the library. Vincent follows him. The
two men enter the library and close the door for a private conversation.

Vincent: All right, let's assume for a moment a miracle happens and we do
recover the sphere.

Solomon: Rif could still shut down the borders.

Vincent: Exactly. We'll have the same chance of getting out as a goat in a
pack of jackals.

Solomon: Well, I'm betting on you to think of something.

Vincent: I think you're skipping a beat. We're not commandos. We're not
thieves. This isn't what we do.

Solomon: We do what we need to do.

Vincent: A mission like this takes time you know that better than anyone else.
Solomon, I've always had your back, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't tell you, you're putting this team at great risk.

Solomon takes a long moment to think about it.

Solomon: If the sphere does hold the key to some "end of day" scenario, then I want to make sure it's protected by the right people.

Vincent: I couldn't agree with you more, but you have to ask yourself, are you .. we - doing it the right way?

Solomon: I ask myself that every day. Listen, we go tomorrow. If you still
have doubts in the morning, don't get on the plane.

Vincent: I'll sleep on it.

Vincent walks through the park with Costa and his bodyguard.

Costa: It's not hard to believe that you were once part of Dorna. But it is
hard to believe that you now want to come back.

Vincent: All I ask is that you give my message to Tollan.

Costa: It was a messy exit, Vincent. We haven't forgotten. We buried two
associates. And then when aligned yourself with Solomon Zond - a real slap in the face.

Vincent: Breaking up is hard to do.

Costa: What's changed? Why this meeting?

Vincent: The world isn't ready to handle the technology of the ancient ones.
our civilization is in chaos. I still have my issues with Dorna, but I've come
to realize that it's best to work within a system that has existed for thousands
of years than with an impatient treasure hunter who's lost his perspective.

Costa: Forgiving the prodigal son is a nice bible story, Vincent.

Nikko reaches out and pays the vendor for his hot dog.

Nikko: Thank you.

He takes a bite, turns around ... and freezes. across the park, he sees
Vincent with Costa. Suspecting the worst, Nikko takes a step to follow.

Vincent: I'm prepared to buy my way back in.

Costa: Money's for little people.

Vincent: What about the sphere of Archimedes?

Costa: The sphere of Archimedes? What do you need?

Vincent: Seventy-two hours. I deliver the sphere. I'm back in. Tell Tollan.

Nikko sits on the front steps of the building and eats while a group of young
men dance to the beat of rap music in front of him. Vincent slowly makes his
way down the sidewalk directly in Nikko's path.

Nikko: whaddup doc?

Vincent starts, then sees that it's Nikko.

Nikko: You enjoying this beautiful day?

Vincent: Yeah. I went for a walk. Good for the soul.

Nikko: Yeah. I saw you in the park over there. Those friends of yours?

Vincent: They were lost. Needed directions. What are you eating?

Nikko: Dinner.

Vincent: Mocha, orange, peppermint swirl.

Nikko: Preparing for our mission. Who knows when I'll see ice cream again?

Vincent: At two in the morning, when your blood sugar has you bouncing off the walls and you're looking for someone to rap with, you will avoid my door.
That's whaddup doc.

Nikko: Yeah I guess so.

Juliet opens the cabin door and walks into the area where Solomon is working.)

Juliet: problem of the day.

She walks across the room and kneels next to Solomon's seat.

Juliet: How do i get to a man who is surrounded by a security force trained by the S.A.S?

Solomon: I'm working on it.

Juliet: See I woke up this morning thinking about my great aunt. She buried
seven husbands, all of them loaded. She had a plan.

Solomon: Yeah, obviously.

Juliet: See every man has an Achilles' heel. A tendency. Tendencies expose weakness. Weakness makes you predictable.

Solomon: You found a weakness?

Juliet: A tendency.

Juliet hands Solomon the photographs. he glances through them and hands them back at her.

Solomon: No, I've already looked at these.

Juliet: Look harder.

Solomon: Okay ...

Solomon: Well, he likes publicity ... obviously he's got a thing for the

Juliet: Good evening. This is Juliet Droil, reporting from Dahar.

Solomon stares at Juliet, then smiles.

Juliet: C'mon Dr. Zond, I do an interview. I take some pictures. I get out,
and we're in.

Solomon thinks about it for a moment, then caves.

Solomon: I want to meet your aunt.


Nikko and Vincent walk through the marketplace, their sights set on Rif on the other side of the aisle parallel to them. As they watch, he warmly hugs an old woman in welcome. Solomon rushes to the side, glancing behind him. He makes his way toward Juliet.

Solomon: It's show time.

Juliet: Am i breathing? I don't think I'm breathing.

Solomon: You're fine. You're better than you think you are. Trust me you can do this.

Juliet: But I have a tendency to faint when I'm nervous.

Solomon looks at her as he leads her out to the marketplace.

Solomon: That would have been valuable information eight hours ago.

Calvin puts the camera over his shoulder.

Calvin: Yeah, faint backwards. Save the nose.

Solomon steps aside and Juliet takes over. She heads for Rif.

Juliet: Excuse me sir. CNN here ... just a few ...

Rif turns around as his bodyguards get in Juliet's way. They block the camera view and do their jobs.

Juliet: Just a few moments, please ... of your time.

Rif turns around and sees Juliet. He motions for his guards to bring her to

Rif: You're an american? In your country if you tried this with Sean Penn, you might walk away with a black eye. Over here, if you try it with me, you get killed.

Juliet: Hey we came here to get the real story on you. We came to the source. If you're satisfied with the way you've been depicted by the western media, then fine, that's the story we'll broadcast.

Rif gets in to his car and closes the door. His guards pile into the back of
their truck and take off in front of him. Behind them, Solomon sighs. Everyone doesn't move as they continue to watch. Juliet stands there, watching and waiting. Calvin's camera continues to record the proceedings.
Suddenly the car stops and a hand reaches out of the window. He motions for Juliet to step closer.

Rif: Do you have a name?

Juliet: Juliet Moore.

Rif: Juliet Moore. That sounds promising. Be at my house tonight. I'll expect you at eight.

She turns around and smiles. The car drives off. Vincent and Nikko step
forward toward her.

Calvin: Pencil camera. One twist of the cap and you're live.

The door opens; Nikko and Vincent walk in carrying cases of equipment.

Calvin: The cap is percentage surface mirror with a high ratio of transmission
to reflection. It's see-through, basically. Just point and shoot.

Nikko puts down the case and moves to pick up another, his backside appearing on the monitor. Solomon puts down his case and moves to look at the camera monitor. Juliet looks up and sees Solomon watching the monitor. he turns to look at her.

Juliet: Oops!

Solomon: Get as much visual on the sphere as you can then wind up the
interview. Not too fast, but don't linger. You ready?

Juliet: Shouldn't i have a gun or something, just in case?

Solomon: Juliet, you're a journalist now. The pencil is mightier than the
sword. And the pencil can get through a metal detector.

Juliet and Calvin are escorted into the house. They are met up by Rif's

Servant: Salam. It is our custom that all travelers to this house are offered
an opportunity to bathe and to refresh themselves after their journey.

Juliet: That's okay. We didn't come that far.

Servant: Ignoring the custom dishonors your host. Please.

Juliet and Calvin follow the servant down the hallway into the house. Calvin
takes special note of the security cameras stationed high in the hallway
corners. Juliet points the tip of her pencil cam at the camera. Calvin notices
the move. A second servant appears in the hallway to take Calvin to his bath.

servant: You go with her.

Juliet: Wait! where is he going? No I said that I wanted him with me ...

The servant leads Juliet down the hallway in the opposite direction despite her protests. Juliet is swimming laps around the secluded pool. She reaches near the edge of the pool to find Rif and his body guard standing there. He kneels down next to the pool with a towel in his arms.

Rif: I hope the water's not too hot. I have it kept at ninety-five. I never did get used to that smack of cold when you first dive in. Listen, we have problem.

Juliet: Problem?

Rif: My security staff did some checking and apparently you're notwho you say you are. Now, what about that?

The bodyguard behind Rif cocks his gun. Juliet stares up at Rif and explains.

Juliet: Okay, I'm not with CNN news. I'm sorry I misrepresented myself. But you wouldn't have given me the time of day if I'd told you who I really was.

Rif: Is that how you think you got in here? The awesome power of cable news?

Juliet: I'm just a stringer. I couldn't get near the big stories in the middle
east. But I do have a verbal agreement from their London bureau that they'll
take my next major interview. I told them i had a commitment from you.

Rif: Oh, you told Anthony Llewellyn that you had me and he bought it?

Juliet: I told Bridget Kinney. Mr. Llewellyn was fired eight months ago.

Rif doesn't say anything. He holds out the towel for her having no intention
of leaving. Juliet steps out of the pool and walks in front of him. Before he
even hands her the towel, he boldly glances down at her. He wraps the towel
around her.

Juliet: Shall we get started?

Solomon paces the warehouse floor while Maggie sits behind the computer. they wait for the transmission.

Maggie: Right, we're transmitting.

Solomon rushes over to stand behind Maggie to watch the monitor over her

Maggie: Okay. Here we go.

Rif opens a door and they walk into the room.)

Juliet: So you have houses all over the world, that must be fun. Which one is your favorite?

Rif: This one. It has all my treasures, the art, the antiquities.

Juliet follows Rif and conducts the interview while Calvin follows behind

Juliet: Does it ever bother you that all this exquisite art and the palace that
houses it was purchased with funds derived from the selling of weapons of war?

Solomon: What's she doing?

Instead of being offended, Rif takes a step closer to Juliet and answers the

Rif: I grew up in a world where they're not considered weapons of war. They are essentials for survival. Like water or food.

Maggie: You know, I think she got to him.

Rif: I'm providing what is needed to protect freedom while mankind struggles to civilize itself.

Nikko: Oh, bite me.

Juliet: Sounds like a stock answer.

Solomon: Don't push too hard.

Rif: One of the things like to do, because I've been fortunate, is protect the art knowledge of the ancient world for future generations.

They walk into the room and pass by a relic displayed on a pedestal.

Juliet: This is Olmec. Amazing.

Nikko hears the slip and reacts. He glances up at Solomon.

Rif: Oh, you're a student of archaeology?

Juliet draws in a breath realizing her slip.

Solomon: Say 'yes' ...

Juliet: No.

Solomon throws up his hands in frustration.

Juliet: I spent a lot of time in Mexico, covering women's soccer. The mariachis were great. The tequila was fantastic. The paycheck sucked.

Rif: Women's soccer?

Juliet: Yeah.

Rif signals to the guard who turns and unlocks another door. He opens the

Rif: There are no cameras in there.

Juliet: Oh well, I was hoping he could ...

Calvin reassures her and puts the camera down on the chair as Rif and Juliet
walk into the room.

Calvin: No, it's cool - I'll be right here. Fine.

Juliet nods, then follows Rif.

Vincent: The doors. We'll need to pick those locks?

Maggie: They're probably wired. I'll blow up the image to gets the specs.

With her pencil and pad out, Juliet walks into the room and the guard closes
the door behind them. She immediately begins to point the pencil at the area
around them.

Juliet: This is an incredible space. This orb must be a very important piece to merit it's own room.

the sphere appears on the monitor.

Rif: The sphere of archimedes. It's become the centerpiece of my collection. Thousands of years old, still in perfect condition.

Juliet reaches out a hand to touch the orb.

Rif: Don't touch it!

He pulls her away from the orb.

Rif: Not yet. You'll be incinerated. Copper is the best low-cost conductor of electricity and right now - it's full of current.

Rif takes out a coin and tosses it into the security field around the sphere.
the coin disintegrates.

Nikko: Holy!

Solomon: That's a problem.

Rif steps up to the security pad along side the wall. Juliet remains a
respectable distance and lifts her pencil to get the security code on camera. The security pad beeps.

Rif: The voltage equals roughly the output of three electric chairs.

He turns around and Juliet moves the pencil away from the awkward position she was holding it in.

Solomon: Damn it!

Rif: It's safe now. Go ahead.

He closes the security pad cover and watches as Juliet steps up to the sphere. She reaches out cautiously to touch it.

Rif: It's a brilliant piece of art and technology. Its past is littered with betrayal and death.

Juliet picks up her pencil cam and points it at the sphere.

Rif: Possession of it has turned father against son, brother against
brother, friend into mortal enemy. Centuries of robbery, kidnapping and murder. hell of a story, don't you think? You know ... you have got amazing eyes.

He reaches out and takes off her glasses.

Rif: You've heard the expression the eyes are the windows to the soul?

Nikko: What a tool.

Maggie: She got him right where she wants him.

Rif: Do you agree?

Juliet: As a metaphor, it's lovely. As a come on, it's got some miles.

Maggie: That's a girl.

Rif: Well in that case, I shall stop wasting your time. Um, what is it they say? Diamonds like girls, girls like ...

Juliet: Diamonds are a girls best friend.

Rif: Ah, oh...

Rif reaches out toward Juliet's ear and instead of pulling a coin out, he pulls
out a diamond necklace. He dangles it in front of her and smiles. She gets a
look at it and is impressed.

Juliet: Oh ...

He puts it on around her neck.

Rif: Oh.

Juliet: Well ... whoever "they" are - they might be right.

Rif: Hmmm.

They kiss. Meanwhile, the guys around the monitor start reacting as the pencil-cam spins around wildly.

Nikko: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. This is sick! I can't watch this. I hate this
guy. This is sick.

Solomon: Me too. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Maggie: What's a girl gonna do, hmm?

Meanwhile, Calvin sits up from the couch; the guard pacing the floor in front
of the closed door. Rif and Juliet walk out of the room, laughing. Calvin gets to his feet.

Calvin: How's it going?

Rif: The interview is going very well. Now, I'd like to see it all when it gets
put together.

Juliet: I don't know-

Rif: Tomorrow night ... dinner ... here.

Juliet: Dinner?

Rif: Here. I'll send my driver for you.

Solomon: I think we just used up our good karma for the rest of the

Nikko: You're not gonna send her back in there? Not with this sleaze?

Solomon: Only if we can protect her.

Nikko: Oh, dad.

Maggie: Can we?

Vincent: We'll do what we have to do.

Vincent stands up and leaves, Solomon's gaze boring into his back.
Maggie and Solomon analyze Rif's security. On the monitor, Maggie pulls up the building schematics.

Maggie: The camera. Part of system set up by Pike and Campbell. British
company. These gentlemen lay down the best wire around. They don't miss an inch.

Solomon: Pull up all the hallway shots.

Maggie: There.

Solomon: This one.

Solomon points to a particular photo on screen that immediately expands to a
full screen shot.

Solomon: It's the hallway in the wing with the sphere chamber, isn't it?

Maggie: Right.

Solomon: None of the other hallways have a west facing door. It looks like
there's not a room on the other side of that wall.

Maggie: So that door has got to lead underground.

Solomon: Be a safe place to hide a fuse box.

Maggie: Oh. well it's simple. I'll just hack into the pike and campbell
databank and get the specs on the fuse boxes.

Solomon: Take your time. I'll be back in ten minutes.

Solomon moves to get up. Maggie smiles indulgently at him. Juliet runs down the stairs in her heels as fast as she can. As soon as she hits the bottom, Solomon stops the stopwatch.)

Solomon: Time.

Juliet: Ugh! god! I can't do this. Not in these shoes.

Solomom: Those are the shoes you're going to be wearing. Get used to them.

Juliet: I don't think I'm the right person for this job.

Solomon moves right in front of Juliet and looks at her.

Solomon: I think you are. And by the time we're finished you're gonna be able to do this in your sleep. Trust me. Let's go again.

He takes her arm and leads her back up the stairs. This time, he walks along
side her.

Solomon: Remember the timing. It's all about the timing. The cameras in the palace corridors move in opposite directions, but they move in unison. All you have to do is focus on the one in the far corner.

Solomon points to the camera that's up there with it's red blinking light.

Solomon: Camera starts its sweep.

As they watch the camera start to pan across the floor, Juliet starts to run
down the stairs.

Solomon: You go. Go, go, go, go, go!

Juliet, with Solomon behind her, reaches the bottom, her eyes still on the
camera above.

Solomon: ... Now ... take a second. Track the lens.

Solomon turns Juliet so her back's against the wall, their eyes still on the
camera above them.

Solomon: Just as it swings back ... goes right over you. You were never there.

Juliet looks from the camera to Solomon. She shakes her head.

Juliet: There isn't enough time.

Solomon: You got six seconds between each lens cycle.

Calvin works on getting the combination to the security pad. Nikko sits near
him, watching him.

Calvin: Damnit! We've punched in five numbers and I got four. I can't crack
the last one.

Nikko: Well it sounded pretty close.

Calvin: Yeah, it sounded pretty close but close could get us killed. That pen mic can only pick up so much. I need - I need Vincent. That guy's got
ears like a bat. He could hear a pin drop at a Metallica concert.

Nikko: So, how long have you known Vincent?

Calvin: Uh, a few years. He was here when I started.

Nikko: How did he and my dad hook up?

Calvin: Uh, I'm not sure. They don't talk about it much.

Nikko: So what's his background?

Calvin: He and your dad are tight now, but apparently they didn't use to be.

Nikko: What are you talking about?

Calvin: You know that scar on your dad's shoulder? Apparently Vincent put it there.

Nikko: Well, what's the story on that?

Calvin: I don't know. Excuse me, let me rephrase that - I don't want to know.

Juliet and Solomon walk in to another part of the warehouse where he shows her the fuse boxes. As he talks, Juliet studies the boxes.

Solomon: You're in the basement, there's probably dozens of these boxes all
over the walls. One on them controls the alarms for the doors. Got to be
disabled or Nikko and I are dead. Which one do you open?

Juliet: This one.

She opens the correct fuse box.

Solomon: Good. Now ...

Juliet: Wait don't tell me. I've got this one. I snip the red one, then the
blue one.

Solomon: Great. Now you've gotta get it right.

He takes Juliet and leads her back around the warehouse.

Solomon: Once you cut the wires, you've only got four minutes to get back to Rif before the backup alarm system kicks in.

Juliet: By the time i do get back, I won't have to fake a headache. I'll
already have one.

Juliet starts walking up the stairs when Calvin gives a loud whoop of triumph.

Calvin: Yes!

Calvin comes bounding out from the other room clutching the laptop to his
chest. He dances from one foot to the other in excitement as he makes his way toward Solomon and Juliet.

Calvin: Sting like a butterfly, swing like bee ... or whatever you said ...
cause I'm the man! Who's the man? I'm the man! grrr.

Calvin opens up the laptop and presses a button on the keyboard that plays the matching security code beeps.

Calvin: 'cause when you get to the ball, you will be singing my tune.

The computer beeps; Calvin turns to them and smiles.

Vincent makes his way through the marketplace. Behind him, Nikko follows at a respectable distance.

Tollan: Hello, Vincent.

Vincent turns and sees Tollan.

Vincent: Tollan.

Nikko notices the meeting and walks cautiously toward them.

Tollan and his bodyguard walk toward Vincent. They walk into an abandoned warehouse.

Tollan: Vincent, you don't look much different from the man who screwed us ten years ago. After you defected, I took a lot of heat for never closing your

Vincent: Why didn't you have me killed?

Tollan: Mm. I guess I didn't want to believe it at the time. But look at
this, I've got a second chance.

Costa: So, the sphere. You don't have it, do you?

Vincent: I'll have it by tonight.

Tollan: Solomon Zond plans to break in to Rif's palace and snatch the sphere. Just like that?

Vincent: There's a way in.

Tollan: Oh ... tell us. We'll take it from here.

Vincent: If I told you, I'd weaken my position in our bargain.

Tollan: Listen, I didn't fly all the way to this godforsaken rock pile to be on
the losing side. The science of the ancients is our legacy. And we don't
bargain with that.

Vincent: You'll get the sphere. It's all been figured out.

Tollan: Oh, has it?

The door opens and the guard pushes Nikko into the warehouse.

guard: He was following Vincent.

Vincent: Nikko.

Costa: Did you figure this out?

Nikko: Why are you doing this? Why are you selling out my dad?

Vincent: Sorry kid.

Vincent grabs Nikko and grabs his chin.

Vincent: Wrong place, wrong time.

Nikko: No ...

In front of Tollan, Vincent twists Nikko's neck suddenly. Nikko falls to the

Tollan: Nice to see that you haven't lost your touch.

Tollan and his men turns to climb up the stairs and leave the room. Nikko groans and slowly regains consciousness. He gets up and looks around.

Juliet exits the hotel ready for her date with Rif.

Leaning against the wall, Calvin does a double take when he sees her step out onto the sidewalk. He steps out and in front of Juliet to give her last minute instructions.

Calvin: How do you feel?

Juliet: Good.

Calvin: Okay, as soon as the limo hits the palace you've got forty minutes.

Juliet: Forty minutes.

Calvin: Then you get fifteen minutes once you're inside to get to the basement. You got it?

Juliet: Got it. Okay.

Calvin: Hey, you gonna be great, all right? I mean it. I'm serious ...I didn't think you could do this. Sorry, Ijust think you got a lot of guts and - you're really incredible.

Calvin reaches over a gives Juliet a kiss on the cheek. A car horn sounds and Calvin looks up. It's the limo.

Calvin: It's show time. Let's make him believe it.

Standing behind the wall around the corner is Solomon. He looks impatiently at his watch wondering where Nikko is. The limo pulls up in front of the sidewalk. Juliet heads over to the limo while she and Calvin start to argue ... loudly.

Calvin: I don't think you should do this. I'm serious.

Juliet: Calvin, leave me alone, ok ..

Calvin: Listen, i think it's a bad idea, okay? This guy, he's like the
stinkin' owner of the planet!

The chauffeur opens the door and Juliet moves to get inside.

Juliet: It's none of your business.

Calvin: One second.

Juliet gets into the limo; Calvin leans in through the open back door.

Calvin: Listen to me ...don't go, okay? You are to good for this guy.

Juliet: Can you take him away, please?!

Calvin: I'm serious okay?

Juliet: Can you go!

Calvin: All right! Fine.

Calvin raises his hands in surrender to show the chauffeur that he's not going
to put up a struggle. Then suddenly, he turns around and tries to get back into the car. The chauffeur has his hands full.

Calvin: I'm serious! Get out of the car ...

Nikko runs up to Solomon.

Solomon: Where the hell have you been!

Nikko: Look, you've got to shut everything down, okay?

Solomon: What?

Nikko: Vincent tried to kill me.

Solomon turns to peer around the corner of the building.

Solomon: It's too late. She's already in the car.

While Calvin has the chauffeur preoccupied, just as the pre-arranged, Juliet
glances back to check that Solomon and Nikko are ready for her. She reaches
over the seat and pops the trunk for them.

Solomon: We'll deal with Vincent later. Let's go.

Both Solomon and Nikko jump into the trunk. Nikko shuts the trunk door behind them. In front on the sidewalk, the chauffeur continues to yell and push Calvin away from the limo. When they're ready, Calvin stops putting up a fight and the chauffeur knocks Calvin down to the sidewalk where he stays. the chauffeur turns and heads back to his limo.

Calvin: You need a breath mint there, my friend.

The chauffeur gets into the limo and starts the engine. Calvin slowly gets to
his feet as the limo drives away. The limO pulls up the drive and toward the front of the mansion. The chauffeur parks the car and gets out to open her door. Juliet exits the car and the chauffeur escorts her inside. Everyone enters the building ... including the guard at the door.
When the front door closes, the trunk opens. Nikko peers out and seeing that
the coast in clear, gets out of the trunk. He and Solomon hurriedly get out and away as the chauffeur returns with a mug of something warm to drink. he closes the door and goes to move the limo. He starts the car. Solomon and Nikko lay low behind the trunk. As soon as the limo moves, they make a break for the side of the house.
The doors open and Juliet is escorted into the sitting room where Rif waits for her. He looks at her and is pleased when he notices that she is wearing the huge diamond necklace he gave her the day before. He stands up to meet her.
Standing in the middle of the room in front of the doorway, Juliet takes her
coat off and lets it fall to the floor at her feet. She walks around looking at
the room; Rif walks around looking at Juliet.

Juliet: You really know how to live.

Rif: Well it's an art, you know. It's the best way to express yourself - if you can't design timeless buildings, or paint ...

Juliet sits down on the sofa. Rif takes the seat next to her, his hand on her

Rif: Or sing.

They kiss. Juliet puts a halt to it.

Juliet: I'm thirsty.

Rif: We can take care of that.

He turns to the side and enthusiastically pours two sloppy shots of tequila.

Rif: Here we go.

Juliet smiles, her eyes wide.

Rif: Tequila. You see ... it seems we're both tequila lovers.

Juliet downs her tequila shot in one swallow; so does Rif. When he's done, he
wildly tosses the empty shot glass over his shoulder and it flies high across
the room and into the empty bucket near the table.
Maggie and Calvin sit in the suv by the side of the road. Maggie watches the mansion worriedly.

Maggie: She's got twenty minutes.

Solomon and Nikko round the hallway corner as they make their way toward the room with the sphere inside. Solomon glances around the corner at the camera and pulls back, waiting. Nikko waits for him to move. he glances down at the map in his hands. After a moment, he tries again.
As the camera sweeps the hallway floor, Solomon and Nikko move down the hallway and stop under the camera as it sweeps back.
On the coffee table is a half bottle of tequila and five empty shot glasses.
on the sofa, Juliet and Rif continue to kiss. His hands slide up her leg toward
her thighs. Juliet grabs his hand and moves it around her waist. As he kisses her neck, she checks her watch.

Juliet: Mmm, where's the powder room? I need to use the powder room.

In the room, the guards gather and play cards. Behind them, Solomon passes
by the open door. The guards stop for a moment, but continue to play cards.
Nikko passes by the open door. One of the guards throws his hand in to the table. He gets up and leaves the room. In the hallway, Solomon and Nikko each turn behind a hallway corner, hidden from the security guard who has just left the room. He walks away without a backward glance at them.
Nikko and Solomon check to make sure that no other guards leave the room, then cautiously continue toward the sphere.
For all that she's worth, Juliet runs through the hallway toward her destination. Just as she was taught, she glances up at the security camera and stops just under it. The camera sweeps the hallway and Juliet runs toward the other camera. She makes it just as it passes over her.
Solomon takes out the mansion schematics and checks it. They wait as the
camera does it's sweep, then head down the hall past the main lobby area.
Juliet glances up at the camera right above her head. She watches as it does
its sweep then runs down the hallway and runs down the main lobby stairs as fast as she can. As she reaches the bottom, she takes her shoes off, leaves them on the stairs, then heads for the fuse box. She opens the door and sneaks silently into the basement. Then runs down the basement stairs. As it gets dark, Juliet removes the small pen flashlight attached to her inner thigh. she looks at the fuse boxes in front of her.
Solomon carefully and quietly picks the lock to the door. Juliet picks the right box, just as she'd been taught. She has the cover open and looks inside. She sticks the pen light in her mouth and gets the cutters.
Meanwhile, Rif waits quasi-patiently for Juliet to return. He sticks his finger in the shot glass and puts it in his mouth.
Solomon looks up when he hears a noise at the doorway. Nikko freezes behind the wall corner as a guard opens the door. He speaks into a phone, is
distracted by the conversation and closes the door.

Nikko: How much time do we have?

Solomon: Two minutes.

Juliet checks the wires. Something's wrong. With the wire cutters in her
hand, she cuts the red wire ... and starts looking for the blue wire. She can't
find it, then realizes.

Juliet: It's yellow. It was supposed to be blue.

Juliet stares at the wires convincing herself to cut it.

Juliet: Okay. It's got to be the yellow.

Rif leans over the staircase and motions to his guard down below. He says
Solomon stands just outside the doors and finishes unlocking it. He glances at Nikko and reaches for the doorknob.

Solomon: Let's hope Juliet cut those wires.

Juliet cuts the yellow wire and the red light goes off. Solomon sighs as he opens the door wide enough for Nikko to go in

Juliet: Okay, okay.

Juliet closes the fuse box cover and turns to leave Nikko opens the cover to the security pad. Nikko glances over at Solomon who is preparing to get the sphere. Nikko turns his attention back to the security pad. He pushes the sleeve to his sweater up to glance down at his inner wrist where he wrote down the access code. Solomon takes out a card. Nikko presses the enter key
and the red alarm light turns off.
Juliet closes the door behind her. She turns around and heads back up to the
stairs just as Rif walks down the stairs in front of her. She leans down to
pick up her shoes when she sees Rif.

Juliet: Oh, there they are. I got lost. Should have asked for a map.

She glances behind her and notices the guard who appears down on the main lobby.

Juliet: I think this part of your house is in a different country or something.
Why don't we go back to the fun part of your house?

Rif leans in close to Juliet and puts his hand around her throat.

Rif: Where exactly did you go?

In the sphere room, Solomon tosses the credit card through the security field around the sphere to make sure that it's off. The card passes right through without hitting any fields.
An alarm rings out. In the sphere room, Nikko and Solomon look above, surprised by the alarm. Rif listens to the alarm ring, the lets Juliet go. he grabs his guard and they head off in a certain direction, leaving Juliet standing on the stairs with her shoes in her hands.

Rif: Leave her. Come with me!

Not wanting to stay there another moment, Juliet makes a break for it. She
rounds the corner and bumps into Solomon who grabs her and stops her.

Solomon: Is everything okay?

Juliet: Yeah.

Nikko: Dad, it's Cal.

Nikko tosses the cell phone to Solomon who catches it and answers it.

Solomon: Calvin, we're in the house. We're heading towards the front door,
meet us there.

Solomon, Juliet and Nikko turn the hallway. Solomon stops everyone as a guard makes his way toward them.

Solomon: Oh, oh... no!!!

The guard opens the sphere room doors and Rif walks in, the sphere of
Archimedes is gone. He lets out a cry of frustration. He stands there for a moment with his head bowed. Then raises his head and slams his fists onto the empty pedestal.)

Rif: No!

Solomon peers out the doorway and sees the guards head upstairs. He motions for them to follow. They carefully run toward the front door and wait for Cal to show up. They peer out through the front door windows as the alarm continues to blare.
It takes but a moment, when the suv turns into the driveway and heads for the front door. Solomon opens the door and motions for the others to follow. the run to meet up with the suv. From the rooftop, a guard starts firing at them.

Solomon: Go, go! I'll draw them away. It's the sphere they want.

Solomon leaves them and heads back into the house with the backpack.
Nikko and Juliet continue down the driveway to meet up with the suv. Nikko jumps down the stairs to the suv, Juliet is close behind. Inside, Solomon freezes with his back to the wall as the guards walk the staircase above him.

Calvin: Get in! C'mon!

Calvin drives off. Inside, Solomon maneuvers through the house as the guards rush down the stairs. Inside, Rif calmly walks out of the room and finds Solomon walking rapidly toward him.

Rif: Who the hell are you?

Without breaking stride, Solomon swings and connects with Rif's jaw. Rif hits
the wall and starts to slide down to the floor.

Solomon: Solomon Zond.

Solomon gets to the roof and starts to climb over it to the ground. Behind him, high above, a guard sees him and fires. In the clear, Solomon runs off.

A taxi drives up; Solomon gets out. He thanks the driver and the taxi drives

Solomon: Spasiba.

As Solomon heads for the building, Vincent in his suv drives up. Solomon stops and turns around to wait for his friend. Vincent gets out of the car and draws a gun on Solomon.

Solomon: I'm sure you've got a hell of an explanation.

Vincent: I'll take the sphere now.

In the passenger seat is Tollan.

Tollan: Dr. Zond ...I really don't think you're meant to have that sphere.
you never would've gotten it out of the country, anyway. With our contacts, the embassies - we can transport anything.

Vincent puts the bag with the sphere in the suv. He gets in and closes the

Tollan: You should be grateful to still be alive. If fact if you weren't so
annoyingly valuable from time to time, you would be dead now.

Solomon leans in close through the open window.

Solomon: You're going to wish I were someday. Someday soon.

Tollan laughs as Vincent drives off leaving Solomon staring at the vehicle.

Solomon stands there for a moment, watching the suv drive off. He turns around and heads back into the building, a grim look on his face.

Vincent carries a carton of two coffees back to the car where Costa waits for

Vincent: Double soy latte.

Costa: Thank you.

He hands Costa his cup. Costa inhales the aroma and takes a drink. Vincent
drinks from his cup.

Costa: It's good to be back in New York.

Vincent: How's your coffee?

Vincent turns to look at Costa who is out cold. Vincent smiles then releases
the handcuff from around Costa's wrists. He takes the metal case and turns to Costa.

Vincent: Sleep well.

Vincent leaves the car.
Calvin walks out and stares at something. He looks at Maggie and points.
Maggie looks up and turns, her eyes wide as she sees it too. Behind her, Juliet also straightens.
Solomon is on the phone when Vincent walks into the room with something in his hands.

Vincent: I guess i won't be getting an invitation to the Dorna Christmas party.

He unwraps the sphere to show it to Solomon. Everyone stares at it.

Solomon: You know, you could have let me in on your plan sooner.

Vincent: Too risky. I had to make it real for myself. I wanted them to pick up
the smell of a traitor.

Maggie: Man, you are too deep for your own good.

Solomon smiles and carries the sphere. Nikko, who has just missed all the action, walks into the room. He stops when he sees Vincent.

Nikko: Dad, what's he doing here?

Solomon: He's completing his mission.

Vincent: I'm sensing you have a question or two.

Nikko: What, you knew all about this?

Solomon: I asked Vincent to find a way to get the sphere out of the country.
now, I didn't get all the details, but I figured everything was okay when you
told me he tried to kill you. Vincent, for future reference, doesn't "try" - he
either does or he doesn't. And I couldn't tell the rest of you anything, until
I knew that he was safe.

Nikko: Yeah, well you almost broke my neck.

Vincent: Actually, i just cracked your back ... with extreme prejudice. How are you sleeping these days?

Vincent takes a step toward Nikko and puts his hand on his shoulder in a
friendly manner.

Nikko: Well, better actually.

Vincent: Life is full of little bonuses.

Solomon watches as they walk out of the room. He turns to look at Juliet who stares at the sphere.

Solomon: You did really good out there.

Juliet: Just doing my job.

Solomon: You did more then that. And I really appreciate it.

Juliet: Well don't look too surprised. I did learn from the best.

Solomon: That's true.

The sphere sits on its material bed. In the background, Maggie rushes back
toward the library with Solomon.

Maggie: I was running the thing through preliminary tests and all of a sudden the sensors picked up this faint pulse. It had a pattern.

They reach the sphere where she shows Solomon her computer test results and readings.

Maggie: I've run the thing through every test that we know and it still comes
up the same every time. Listen.

Solomon listens carefully and hears the low pulsing sounds.

Solomon: Is this what i think it is? That's a signal?

Maggie: The sphere has its own language.

Solomon: We better figure out what it's trying to tell us.

camera holds on the sphere of Archimedes.

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Veritas: The Quest
Wheel Of Dharma

Nikko does push-ups while listening to music on his earphones. In the
background, Solomon practices his punching and kicking with Vincent.

Vincent: Good. Good finish.

Nikko finishes his push-ups and stands up, taking off his earphones.

Solomon continues to practice with Vincent. While Vincent holds on to the
practice pads, Solomon sends a series of punches and a final kick toward him.

Vincent: Yes.

When they're done, they both put their hands together and bow toward each other

Sitting on the floor against the wall, Nikko finishes putting on his gloves as
it's his turn to practice next. He can't help but comment on Solomon's session.

Nikko: Well, not bad for an old man.

Out of breath, Solomon looks at Nikko and doesn't say anything.

Vincent walks over to Nikko who gets enthusiastically to his feet.

Nikko: You ready for me?

Vincent: sure, but first a little test. Nikko, meet your opponent, Solomon

Nikko: Oh, you're not really going to let me beat up by own dad. C'mon, it's embarrassing!

Solomon shrugs and doesn't say anything. Vincent doesn't say anything and gives Nikko a shove toward Solomon who catches him.

Solomon: Actions speak louder than words.

Nikko: Oh, yeah?

Nikko takes a step back and puts his gloves up.

Nikko: All right. Talk with these.

Nikko claps his gloves together.

Solomon: Let's go.

Nikko: You ready? Huh?

The two men put their gloved hands up and start circling each other.

Nikko: Do you see me?

Nikko hops to the other side of Solomon, parrying around him.

Nikko: You can't hit what you can't see.

Vincent stands off to the side with his arms crossed watching them.

Vincent: Somebody do something before I fall asleep.

Solomon gets in the first punch to Nikko's gut. Nikko steps forward and kicks
Solomon twice. Solomon backs away, both kicks barely hitting him.

Solomon: You've got to move faster than that if you want to hit me.

Nikko: Even on my slowest day, I could still smoke you.

Solomon: Well, today must be very slow--

Nikko gets a jab in and hits Solomon square in the face. Solomon stands up
straight and shakes his head. Nikko smiles and starts dancing around Solomon.)

Nikko: Well ... what's up?

Nikko takes a couple of jabs at Solomon who moves to evade one and blocks the
other. Solomon uses his foot and pushes Nikko back down away from him and to
the ground. Nikko gets back up on his feet. He advances on Solomon and jabs him a couple of times followed by a swinging punch. Solomon steps back to evade the jabs, ducks under the punch and gets his own punch in to Nikko's gut. Nikko goes down again. Nikko rolls over but stays on the ground. Solomon steps closer and leans in to check on him.

Solomon: You okay?

He reaches out a hand that Nikko bats away.

Vincent: If you stop focusing on yourself and pay attention to others, you
might learn something.

Nikko flips up to his feet, turns and swings his leg to kick Solomon. Instead,
Solomon grabs his foot and instinctively hits the back of Nikko's leg. Nikko
goes down in pain. Solomon stops the fight.

Solomon: You all right?

He holds out his hand; Nikko takes it and lets Solomon help him up.

Nikko: Yeah. I can admit when I've been beat. Don't get used to it, okay?

Solomon: I won't.

The two knock their gloves together. It's a man thing.

In the back, Juliet enters the room. In her hand, she holds an envelope.

Juliet: Gentlemen. Sorry to interrupt.

Juliet gives the envelope to Vincent who takes it and looks at it.

Juliet: But, Vincent, this came for you.

Vincent: Would you please excuse me.

Solomon and Nikko leave the room. Vincent looks at the envelope.

Vincent: This letter I got today is from an old friend in Tibet. He's the High Lama from the monastery where I practiced my spiritual training. He told me that an acquaintance from my past is in town working for the government

Vincent explains the letter to Solomon.

Vincent: Lin is now terrorizing the village.

Solomon: Why?

Vincent Because he wants the wheel of dharma. The same thing the government
has wanted ever since was there as a boy.

Vincent holds on to the letter in front of him with both hands.

Flashback of Vincent, as a young boy, holding on to his prayer beads with both hands. His eyes are supposed to be closed, but young Vincent looks up and over at his friend lin, who also has his eyes open. They look at each other and smile as the other monks continue to chant.

Sitting above him is Gyatso, his mentor. Gyatso looks down and sees young
Vincent playing with the beads.

Gyatso: Vincent, sit still and try to concentrate. When your mind wanders, gently bring it back and focus on your breathing.

Young Vincent closes his eyes and tries to concentrate again, this time

Watching from across him, Lin laughs. Gyatso turns and sees this.

Gyatso: You too, Lin.

Young Vincent glances over at Lin and smiles.

Vincent: I was in Tibet and entering my third year of training under the guidance of my mentor, brother Gyatso. It was an extraordinary time for us until the government was informed that the wheel as hidden in our village.

The front door opens and a group of soldiers walk disrespectfully into the

Soldier: You ... get up at once!

The soldier points at Gyatso and marches in to the room. The other monks stand
up and move to the side; but Gyatso stays where he is.

Soldier: You heard what I said ... get up at once!

Gyatso doesn't move. The other monks watch from the sides. The soldier signals to a guard behind him.

soldier: Move him!

A couple of guards grab Gyatso by the arms and drag him forward to the soldier.

soldier: Where did you hide the wheel?

Gyatso doesn't answer.

soldier: You know where you hid it.

The soldier turns to look at a particular monk standing on the side. Lin looks
back at the soldier and nods. He steps away and sneaks out of the monastery.

Vincent: Because lin had betrayed Gyatso, the soldiers began their search for the "wheel of dharma" - a sacred relic buddha carved by hand. On it, he'd inscribed his lost teachings that no one has ever seen.

Vincent: It's what the bible is to Christians or the torah to Jews.

Flashback. The soldier continues to question Gyatso, but he doesn't say anything.

Vincent: There is only one wheel. For thousands of years, the monks have been protecting it. And now Lin is using his powers as government attachť to steal the wheel from them.

The soldier gets frustrated and hits Gyatso across the mouth. Gyatso goes
down on his hands and knees, his mouth bleeding. The other monks, including
young Vincent, watch.

Vincent: But it wasn't until Gyatso sacrificed himself that I realized how important the wheel was.

Gyatso looks up and motions that the monks leave the room. While the others
leave, young Vincent rushes forward to help Gyatso. He gets into a fight with
the soldiers.

The lead soldier finally stops young Vincent and kicks him over to the side
where another monk catches him.

Vincent: They thought Gyatso was the key to finding the wheel.

The soldier issues a command and they take Gyatso away. Gyatso looks back at
Vincent and the other monk. They watch as the soldiers take him away.

Vincent: And they were right. But he would never reveal the secret. I never saw Gyatso again. A few months later, Lin told me he died in prison.

Vincent holds up a rolled-up piece of parchment with writing on it.

Vincent: This poem was given to me by Gyatso when I was his student. He told
me to guard it with my life. He knew it would be safe with me.

He gives it to Solomon who takes it and unrolls it.

Vincent: It's the only clue i have to finding the wheel.

Solomon: So if we can figure it out, then you can find the wheel?

Vincent: I hope so, but i can't do it alone.

Solomon: You won't have to.

Juliet: Some people believe this is what the wheel looks like but no one's ever
seen it, so no one knows for sure.

Nikko: So why does this Lin guy want it so bad, anyway?

Vincent: Lin wants the wheel for himself-- for the power it'll bring him.

Vincent turns around from looking at the computer monitor.

Juliet: Are we just going to walk into communist china and steal this from under
his nose?

Vincent: No. We're going undercover.

Vincent holds up "medic" arm bands.

Vincent: Wear these on your arm at all times - it'll keep Lin's soldiers at
bay. One size fits all.

Vincent tosses the arm bands to Juliet. Nikko steps near her to get his set.
he holds it up against his arm.

Calvin: Guys, here's the poem.

Vincent walks over to Calvin, everyone surrounds Calvin to look at what he's
working on.

Vincent: This poem is about the central principles of Buddhism known as the
four noble truths.

Nikko: Well, how's that gonna tell us where the wheel is?

Vincent: It doesn't. You need a key to decipher it.

Juliet: Where do we get it?

Vincent: From me. Nikko, get the ultraviolet light.

Vincent stands up and unbuttons his shirt. Solomon watches silently from the
side. Vincent bares his back to them.

Nikko: Ooh dude, you've been working out.

Vincent: Shine the light up to the middle of my back.

Nikko raises the light and the words appear on his back.

Nikko: How'd you do that?

Vincent: It's an old Thai trick -- sesame oil and a needle.

Solomon: What does it say?

Vincent: I've never translated it. Gyatso told me not to until I needed it. I
never needed it until now.

Solomon: Juliet. Can you scan that?

Juliet: My pleasure.

Juliet steps forward and scans the tattoo into the computer with the hand-held
scanner. Calvin translates it on the computer. Vincent puts his shirt back

Calvin: Huh. okay ...This is what we got. Vincent's tattoos reads - "see only the four, to see the truth."

Solomon: Okay. Breakdown the poem into fours, any which way you can-- letters,
words, syllables ... even if it doesn't make sense.

It takes only a moment. The results are on the monitor.)

Four walls surround you setting sun is key.
Under the buddha's careful guidance, precious it will be.
Water as light as air obscures the sacred wheel
Yet enlightenment is in the arms of god."

Nikko stands behind them playing with his coin.

Nikko: Yeah, that's much clearer.

Juliet: What does it mean?

Solomon: We'll have to find out when we get there. Let's go to tibet.

The team, wearing their shiny white medic arm bands, walk into the village.
Vincent leads the way.

Vincent: I owe these people so much.

Solomon: Don't worry, we won't let you down.

Vincent: I know.

Vincent walks deeper into the village. Solomon makes note of the soldiers
carrying guns milling in the crowds. There are a lot of little children about.
Calvin sees one smiling at him. He turns and waves enthusiastically at him.
the little boy sticks his tongue out at Calvin. Calvin sticks his tongue out at
the little boy. Vincent sees someone he recognizes standing in front of the monastery. They bow to each other respectfully. Then they hug each other like old friends. Solomon stands on the side and watches.

High Lama: Brother Vincent, thank you for coming so far.

Vincent: Of course, how could I not?

High Lama: It's been overwhelming trying to ward off Lin and his soldiers.

Vincent: Why now, after all this time. Why is he doing this?

High Lama: Power. It's always been about power for Lin.

Vincent nods, then turns to make the introductions.

Vincent: Holy brother, this is my dearest friend, Solomon Zond. Solomon, the
High Lama.

Solomon and the High Lama bow down to each other respectfully.

Solomon: It's an honor to meet you, sir.

High Lama: I'm only sorry this has to be the reason for your visit.

Solomon: Oh, don't be sorry. The wheel of dharma is very precious to you. We'll do what we can go get it before Lin does.

High Lama: I'm sure you will. Gyatso would have been proud. Let me show you where you're situated ...

Solomon: Calvin, come with me!

Calvin sticks his tongue out at the little boy who does the same back to Calvin. Calvin gets to his feet and laughs as he smiles and puts a hand on the little boy's shoulder. He heads toward Solomon.

Solomon: You two guys finish unloading the gear.

Nikko: Alright.

When they're gone, Nikko and Juliet each take a case off of the wagon.

Nikko: Well thank god, I come on these expeditions. Who else can unpack with
such expertise?

Juliet: Just be happy you're invited at all.

They start unloading the gear.

Nikko: Hey, that's not nice. Okay? Play nice.

Off to the side near one of the building entrances, there's a commotion going
on. A couple of soldiers grab a little boy.

soldier: Get back here, now!

Juliet turns and sees the older soldiers grabbing the little boy who is yelling
for them to stop. She takes a step forward.

Juliet: What's he doing to that boy?

Nikko turns to watch, but cautions Juliet.

Nikko: Hey, I don't know. But we're supposed to lay low, okay? So don't get
involved. all right?

Nikko steps away to continue to unload the gear. Juliet stays rooted to the
spot unable to look away.

Boy: Help me ... help!

Juliet: Well, I can't just stand here and do nothing.

Juliet steps forward preparing to intervene. Nikko turns and sees her.

Nikko: Juliet!

Juliet rushes forward to the soldier and grabs his arm.

Juliet: Please. He's just a boy ... please!

The soldier pushes her firmly away from them while keeping hold of the little
boy with his other hand.

soldier: This is none of your business. Stay out of it!

Nikko: Hey ... what ... ?!

Nikko steps forward to intervene. But things happen fast.

Juliet: No, please!

Juliet again reaches for the soldier. This time he swings and backhands her
across the face. Juliet goes down and hits her head on the ground near the
stone wall. She's knocked unconscious. The soldier reaches for his gun when Nikko reaches him. he jumps and kicks the gun out of the soldier's hand and immediately follows up with a second kick that sends the soldier down to the ground. a second solder approaches Nikko from behind and swings the rod he's carrying. He hits Nikko on the back, but Nikko turns around and knocks the rod out from the second soldier's hands. the two fight. The first soldier gets up and grabs Nikko from behind, subduing him. Nikko struggles while the second soldier gets to his feet and hits Nikko, the two ganging up on him as a third soldier joins the fray.

Nikko: Get off me! get off! No!

Nikko struggles against the three soldiers. Juliet is still on the ground

Inside the monastery, Solomon and Calvin work on figuring the poem out.

Calvin: Let's start from the beginning of the poem. "four walls surround you,
yet setting sun is key ... the sun sets in the west.

He turns and faces the west where he sees something. He turns and walks across
the main room toward the wall.

Calvin: "under the buddha's guidance, precious it will be."

Solomon and Vincent follow him and they come to a complete stop in front of a
large painting of Buddha. Both Solomon and Vincent stare at the mural in front of them while Calvin buries himself in the open book in his hands.

Calvin: There's got to be something else.

Solomon stares at the mural. The longer he looks at it, the more prominent the
jewels adorning the Buddha's neck appears to become.

Solomon: You see it?

Solomon turns to look at the others.

Calvin: See what?

Solomon: Vincent?

Vincent: I see it. This is the next clue.

From the side, Juliet enters the monastery frantic to get their attention. She's a mess and limping as she approaches them.

Juliet: Dr. Zond? Oh! Dr.Zond! Dr. Zond, I'm so sorry ...

Solomon: What is it? What happened?

Juliet: I'm so sorry,

Solomon: Calm down, calm down, and tell me what happened.

Juliet: Nikko - Nikko tried to stop them and - they just - they took him.

Solomon: Who took him?

Juliet: Soldiers.

Solomon heads for the door, the others close behind him.

Juliet: I'm so sorry. Dr. Zond, I am so sorry.

The soldiers drag a resisting Nikko down the darkened hallway toward the open
cell door where they toss him inside. Nikko lands on the mattress set against
the far wall. The soldiers close the thick iron gate, locking him in the prison

Prison Commandant: There's nothing for you. Your son is a spy.

Solomon stands in front of the desk arguing for Nikko. Vincent stands in the
back of the room quietly watching.

Solomon: Warden, that is insane. All right? My son is innocent.

Prison Commandant: Your son is a spy until we say he is not.

Solomon gets the threat. He straightens and moves around the desk.

Solomon: You lay one hand on my -

A guard standing nearby puts a hand on Solomon's shoulder to stop him from
moving closer.

Official: Sir!

Solomon reacts fast. He knocks the hand away and with his other, pushes the
guard hard against the filing cabinets. The guard comes after Solomon and tries
to get in a series of punches which Solomon blocks easily. The other guard stationed near the door rushes forward to assist. Vincent gets in his way and kicks him in the gut. They fight. Solomon and the first guard trade punches, until finally Solomon hits him hard across the jaw and he goes down. Vincent continues to fight with the second guard. He hits him across the face, then kicks him in the chin, flipping him over before he hits the ground. Angrier than ever, Solomon leans over the desk and grabs the prison commandant by this shirt and drags him over across the desktop.

Solomon: Where's my son?

Lin: Nicely done, Vincent.

Solomon turns to see who's talking. Lin walks into the room with his own escort and stands behind Vincent.

Lin: But you can put down the gun now.

Vincent: Tell them to get out of here.

Lin: Come on, gentlemen.

The guards get to their feet and leave the room. Vincent hands the guard his

Ignoring Solomon, Lin moves to stand in front of Vincent, his back to Solomon.

Vincent: Is working for the other side everything you thought it would be?

Lin: It has its perks.

Vincent: Like the one you got after turning Gyatso over to the Chinese?

Lin: No - more like the one I'm going to get when I turn over the wheel of

Solomon: I take it this is Lin?

Lin absently glances back at Solomon, then turns back to Vincent. Vincent
takes a couple of steps forward.

Vincent: Yes, once the boy I studied with under Gyatso, now governmental attachť paid to do dirty work.

Lin: It's not so dirty, Vincent. But we're not here to discuss personal history, are we?

Lin turns around and starts walking toward Solomon. Vincent stands a distance

Lin: Your son attacked a Chinese soldier. In our country, that's a serious

Lin sits on the edge of the desk in front of Solomon.

Lin: However, you want him back. I can help you.

Solomon: I'm listening.

Lin: I assume you and Vincent have come to find the wheel dharma for the monks.
that's not an option anymore.

Solomon: Get to the part about me getting my son back.

Lin: The Chinese government knows how precious the wheel is to the people and
they want it. Bring it to me

Solomon: And if I don't?

Lin: Well - it's quite difficult to guarantee your son's safety in prison.

Solomon: If anything happens to my son, and I mean anything, you better make damn sure that I'm dead ... because I will come after you.

Lin: You're in no position to be making threats.

Solomon: Let me see my son. If he's okay, then we talk.

Solomon is escorted down the hallway to Nikko's cell. He looks inside through
the bars.

Solomon: Oh, my god. Nikko!

He steps up to the bars. Nikko gets to his feet and also runs to the bars.

Nikko: Dad!

Solomon: Are you all right?

Nikko: Dad, what's happening?

Solomon: Are you hurt?

Nikko: No, I'm fine, but I didn't do anything, okay? I promise.

Solomon: I know, I know. Listen to me -I've made a deal with these guys.

Guard: Time's up! Get him out!

Solomon: I'm gonna get you out ... !

The guard grabs Solomon from behind and drags him away from the cell doors.

Solomon: I'm gonna get you out of here! Just hold on, son!

The guards forcibly drag Solomon out through the dark hallway. Solomon struggles.

Solomon: Stop it!

A guard steps up to the cell door in front of Nikko blocking his view.

Nikko: Dad! don't leave me!

Nikko takes a step back away from the door. When Solomon is out of the hallway, the guard steps away from the door. The guard escorts Solomon back to the room where Vincent waits. Vincent stands up. Solomon pulls himself out from under the guard's grip.

Solomon: I should have never brought him.

Vincent We're not gonna let him down. We'll find the wheel and get our boy

Solomon paces in front of the mural of Buddha against the west wall. He stares
at it. Vincent and Juliet both study the picture in front of them also. Calvin
puts his fingers to his temples in frustration.

Calvin: Okay, is this a joke? Cuz' I can't see anything.

Vincent: Sure cal, we flew halfway around the world just to make fun of you.

Juliet: And it was worth it.

Calvin: You know what ... ?

Solomon: Alright, alright. Let's just go through it again. "under the Buddha's guidance, precious it will be." This mural is trying to tell us something. But what?

As if it's a visual illusion, Calvin stares at the mural and finally sees the
jewels leaping out at him.

Calvin: Okay, I got it!

Solomon: Really?

Calvin: No, I mean, can finally see it. But ... I thought I was losing my

Calvin reaches up and touches the jewel in front of him. Instantly, a chime
rings out. Everyone looks up at where the sound is coming from. Calvin pulls his hand back.

Solomon: I think you're on to something. Do that again.

Calvin reaches up and touches the jewel again.

Solomon: Juliet touch the gem in front of you.

She and Solomon each touch the jewels to the side of Calvin's center. Immediately, sand pours out from a symbol painted on the mural. They all pull

Juliet: Whoa.

That's quite a bit of sand piling up in front of the mural.

Calvin: What's so precious about sand?

Vincent: I think I know what the mural is trying to tell us.

Vincent reaches out and sifts through the sand with his fingers where he picks
up three green colored gems.

Vincent: We have to look for the precious in the ordinary. In Buddhism, there
are three gems: The Buddha, which we're standing before; The dharma, which
we're looking for; And the Sangha, which is a spiritual community.

Calvin: Couldn't this monastery be considered a spiritual community?

Vincent: Of course.

Calvin: That's great. Our only clue leads us exactly to where we're standing, which is here in this monastery. It's a good clue.

Solomon sighs and thinks about it. He takes a step closer to the mural, then
turns around.

Solomon: There's gotta be something more. Let's keep looking.

Solomon steps up and looks around. He turns and sees Juliet off to the side looking through some things. She looks up and sees him and shakes her head.

Juliet: Can't find anything.

Calvin: I've got nothing. Except a headache from all the incense.

Calvin yawns, tired, and joins the group. Something catches Solomon's eye.

Solomon: Wait a minute.

Juliet: What?

Solomon is pressing his hands against the large doors in the hall.

Solomon: This door is made out of bamboo. You see the ivory designs?

Calvin: Yeah.

Solomon: My guess is this door's over two thousand years old.

Juliet: How can that be? This monastery was built during the Ming dynasty,
which was only six hundred years ago.

Solomon: Exactly. This isn't the original monastery. If I'm right, there was an older monastery that was built long before this one was constructed. And this door was taken from it.

Calvin: If we find that monastery, we find the wheel.

Solomon: Yeah, I mean "maybe".

Nikko sits quietly in the prison cell. He stands up and walks toward the cell
door. He leans onto the bars and looks into the hallway. Aloose brick in the cell wall is pushed through where it falls to the ground. Nikko turns and sees the brick on the floor.

Nikko: Hey! Who's there?

A hand pushes a piece of paper through. Nikko grabs it and reads the message
on it. Through the hole in the wall, we see an old man peering through the
opening on other side.

Nikko: "suffering is the doorway to deeper insight."

Nikko gets angry and looks over at the man on the other side.

Nikko: Look, buddy, I don't need insight, okay? I need a way out of here!

Gyatso: Your anger is your enemy. It has no function other than to cause you

Nikko: What? What are you talking about?

Gyatso: If you would stop focusing on yourself and pay attention to others,
maybe you might learn something.

Nikko: Excuse me?

Gyatso: You are excused.

Nikko: No ... I'm sorry, you just, you sound a lot like my friend, Vincent.

Gyatso: I should. Vincent has learned everything he knows from me.

Nikko: Who are you?

Gyatso: I'm Gyatso.

Nikko: Gyatso? You're Gyatso? You're supposed to be dead?

gyasto: I am? That's good to know.

Nikko: Well, at least I know where Vincent learned sarcasm.

Gyatso: Vincent taught me many things as well.

Nikko: Obviously breaking outta jail wasn't one of them.

Nikko stands up and walks over toward the window.

Nikko: Why can't you just tell them where this wheel is? You know, and then we can both can get outta here.

Gyatso: I can not!

Nikko sighs again then sits down, his back to the hole in the wall.

Nikko: Well, I gotta tell you, if it meant my freedom, I'd give them the

gyasto: The sacrifices I made are small compared to the importance of the

Nikko: Why? It's just a thing, it's -

gyasto: No, no, no. It's much more than that. It is the teachings of the Buddha. His words that exist only on the wheel, could change history.

Nikko: Okay. So, why not change it now?

Gyatso: The world is not ready. But someday, when mankind reaches enlightenment, the wheel will be used properly.

The doors to the prison hallway opens. Nikko gets to his feet.

Guard: They're talking! They're talking through the wall!

The guards open the cell doors and grab Nikko where they drag him out of the

Nikko: Guys, please! Stop! I didn't do anything! stop! guys! stop it!

They drag him down the hallway. They also drag Gyatso out of his cell.

Nikko: I didn't do anything! Please ...

Solomon is busy looking through stacks of ancient books and parchment on the
table. Calvin takes a book and quietly walks over to the other table where he
sits down next to Juliet who also has material spread out on the table in front
of her. Everyone is feeling the tensions between trying to concentrate enough
to solve the puzzle while their concerns and thoughts are with Nikko.

Juliet: I can't concentrate.

Calvin: You got to let it go.

Juliet: I can't. I feel horrible and Nikko is ...

Calvin: Nikko is fine. listen, look,... you will never hear me say this to his face, but that kid is as tough as nails. He's probably sitting in that prison teaching the guards that stupid coin trick of his by now.

At the mention of the coin, Juliet stops and slowly looks down. Under the
table in her hand, she has Nikko's coin - the one he values because his mother
gave it to him.

Calvin: We're gonna get him back, okay.

Juliet: Thanks, Cal. I appreciate it.

Calvin: It's no problem.

Behind them through the entrance, the High Lama walks quietly into the room.
Calvin turns back to the books in front of them.

Calvin: Now help me find something in one of these books 'cause you're smarter
then I am.

High Lama: Solomon, may I have a word with you?

Solomon: Of course -- what is it?

High Lama: Nikko.

At the mention of his name, Juliet turns to listen in ... as does everyone

High Lama: There are rumors he tried to escape from prison.

Vincent also turns to look, his brow furrowed with concern.

Solomon: Oh, no. Is, is he all right?

High Lama: He's alive.

Solomon: What did they do to him?

High Lama: They've punished him.

This news affects everyone in the room. Vincent steps forward to try to get
Solomon back on track.

Vincent: Solomon, listen to me now. The sooner we find the wheel, the faster
Nikko's out of there, okay? Let's just get back to work.

Solomon pushes Vincent's hand away and takes a couple steps back.

Solomon: I can't get back to work! What are you talking about? My son is stuck in hell right now!

He presses the palms of his hands to his head

Solomon: Oh, I can't even think straight now.

High Lama: Solomon, the wheel is of great significance to the monks. Your son's life is important, also. Perhaps, that is what the wheel is trying to teach us. Right now, the priority is your son's safety. Get the wheel. Give it to Lin.

Solomon: Thank you.

The High Lama bows to Solomon and to Vincent, then leaves the room. Solomon
turns to look at Vincent.

Solomon: I'm sorry. I can't believe we have to hand over a holy relic to these -- these people.

Meanwhile, Juliet and Calvin find something. Calvin grabs the books and stands
to tell Solomon.

Vincent: We have no other choice.

Juliet remains siting, hoping that it's enough. Calvin approaches them.

Calvin: Dr. Zond, sorry -- um, look I think we've got something here. There
was an artist in 600 a.d. His name was Wang Wei. No I'm serious, that was actually his name his name was Wang Wei. I'm not joking, okay?

Solomon: Okay, all right, go on.

Calvin: anyways, he retired to this Buddhist monastery after his wife passed
away. The monastery was in this village. Calvin points to the drawing of the village in the book. Solomon looks at the drawing, then suddenly thinks of something.

Solomon: Where's the village map?

Calvin: It's right -- right ... er ... there.

On the far table, Solomon puts the two drawings down side by side, one of the
old village where the first monastery was known to be and the other of the
current village.

Solomon: It's a match.

He points to the different areas of the village and their corresponding places
in the current village.

Solomon: Look, here's the courtyard, here is the monastery we were at today.
here's where it used to be. On the opposite side of the courtyard. Nice work,

Calvin: Actually ah ...Juliet found it.

Sitting quietly in her chair away from the rest of the group, Juliet watches
them. Solomon turns and walks over to her.

Solomon: Excellent job. Thank you.

Juliet nods. Vincent taps Solomon on the shoulder on his way out the door.)

Vincent: Let's do it.

Solomon: Come on.

Solomon leads the group to where the monastery was in the village a long time

Calvin: The site of the old monastery should be right around here.

Juliet: That kiln looks like it's from the right period.

They look over at the large kiln at the edge of the courtyard. A villager bows
in front of the furnace doors to warm himself up.

Calvin: Could be the only thing left.

They head for the kiln to look inside.

Calvin: Looks like they've been using the wheel for kindling.

Vincent: Why don't you stick your hand in there and then find out?

Solomon: Let me.

Calvin steps aside. Solomon picks up a small shovel and pushes the fire and
ash aside. Calvin puts his gear down as Solomon clears the kiln. underneath the ash is a metal plate with a symbol in the center. Solomon studies the symbol. it appears to be a flower motif of sorts with six petals, every other petal is
raised and lowered in a pattern.

Calvin: What is that?

Solomon: Vincent. Hand me the gems.

From his pocket, Vincent takes out the gems.)

Solomon: Here goes nothing.

Following a hunch, Solomon takes them and fits each gem perfectly into the
indentations in the flower petal. When he's done, nothing happens.

Solomon: Hmm

Then suddenly, the metal plate in the kiln opens. Solomon grabs the heavy
metal cover and tries to move it. He grunts for a moment, then tosses a retort
over his shoulder to the other two men standing there watching him.

Solomon: Oh no, don't worry guys, I got it.

Vincent: One, two, up.

They remove the metal cover and look inside where they see stairs leading
downward into darkness.

Water from a bucket is thrown on Nikko, reviving him. Nikko and Gyatso are
both tied back-to-back to a thick wooden pole. The guard tosses the empty bucket aside and punches Nikko in the jaw and in the gut. When Nikko bends over, he pushes Nikko back up against the pole and hits him across the face. Nikko leans back against the pole and coughs.

Nikko: I'm really sorry about all this.

gyasto: Bad karma.

Nikko: "suffering is the doorway to deeper insight." You know, but I think ...
uh ... I think you got something there, because the harder I fight, the worse it

gyasto: You're wise, Nikko. Your father needs you and all your strength. His
life is in jeopardy.

Nikko: What? What are you talking about? What?

gyasto: There are things about the poem. I never had the chance to teach him
how to interpret it properly.

Nikko: What should I do?

gyasto: You need to get out of here as soon as possible. Find Vincent and tell
him that ...that the poem, if misinterpreted, could lead them to choose incorrectly.

Nikko: And then what?

gyasto: They will die. Yes, they will die.

Juliet and Calvin holds the light down into the kiln from above as Vincent and
Solomon descend the ladder. Solomon looks down below. Solomon and everyone walks through the passageway where it opens up into a larger, mist-filled room. From above, it appears to be a maze of sorts with the mist revealing only its walls.

Solomon: The wheel's got to be in here.

The group looks out at the room that is so large that their light doesn't reach
the back.

Solomon: "water as light as air, obscures the sacred wheel. yet enlightenment is in the arms of god."

They've managed to set up stronger lights to cast the entire room with light.
they've also managed to set up a computer work table in the back. Solomon folds
and tucks the piece of paper with the saying back into his pocket. Vincent
meanwhile measures the depth of the wall.

Solomon: This is it. How deep?

Vincent: Eight feet. That's not too far to the bottom. But there are probably

Lin: Enjoying yourself?

Nikko: Yeah, I'm having a blast. Listen ... I have a deal I want to make with you.

Lin: I didn't know prisoners could make deals?

Nikko: Well, I guess it all depends on you doesn't it?

lin: What do you want?

Nikko: Gyatso's release.

gyasto: Nikko, no, no!

Nikko: Look if you let Gyatso go, he can tell my father where the wheel is.

Lin: Really? And why, after thirty years, would Gyatso speak about the wheel?

Nikko: Because my life depends on it.

Lin: Did Gyatso tell you how to find it?

Nikko: No.

Lin: Huh?

Nikko: I said, "no".

Lin: So now, after all this time, it's that easy?

Nikko: Yeah, it could be.

Lin: It better be.

Nikko: Look if the wheel isn't there you'll have me here as collateral. Okay.
you can't lose.

Lin: Well, that's quite heroic of you. But let me be clear about this, boy.
If this is a trick and the information Gyatso gives your father is false,
everyone will die. Including you. Are you willing to take that risk?

Gyatso turns his head to listen to the answer. Nikko doesn't hesitate.)

Nikko: Yes.

Lin thinks about it, then finally turns to leave. As he does, he issues a
command in chinese to the guard near the doorway.
Vincent helps Solomon down into the mist-filled floor. He hands Solomon his
backpack and light. Unable to see the ground he's walking on, Solomon takes
another step and finds that the ground is even lower than the eight feet
measured at the sides. He glances back at Vincent who watches his progress
Solomon turns and finds himself looking at a life-sized stone statue of an
ancient chinese warrior. The warrior is dressed in battle garb and carrying a
shield in his left hand against his chest.

Solomon: Whoa!

Solomon continues making his way forward past another stone statue.

Juliet: The mist seems to be lifting.

Calvin: Well, this tomb hasn't been opened in years. It's probably a reaction
to all the fresh air.

Right before their eyes, the mist lifts to reveal just how big the tomb really
is. In the center of the tomb is a large statue; surrounding the statue are
sections filled with more life-sized stone statues of Chinese warriors. The
"maze" is really the wall that separates the tomb into sections. Solomon makes
his way slowly toward the center looking at each statue along the way.

Juliet: My god, look at this place.

Vincent: There must be thousands of them.

Juliet: It'll take forever to find anything.

Calvin: Not if I have anything to say about it.

Calvin finishes what he's working on at the laptop and stands up carrying a
small helicopter.

Calvin: Ladies and gentlemen: My "secret weapon".

He places the helicopter down on the ground near the edge of the wall. Solomon
turns to look back as he listens to Calvin explain what he has in mind.)

Calvin: The drone will fly ahead, and scan the tomb and send video to your

Calvin snaps open the helicopter's propellers.

Solomon: Now I remember why I hired you.

Calvin: So what are you saying, you forgot?

Solomon: I did.

Solomon scrambles to get his hand-held out of his back pack. Calvin takes a seat at the table they've set up. Ready, Solomon looks down at his hand-held.

Solomon: Okay Calvin, lead the way.

Calvin starts the drone. The mini-helicopter rises from the ground and takes
off. Solomon watches it pass him by overhead, then starts searching for the
statue on his own as well. Together, they cover a lot more ground. One by one, the drone checks the statue faces at a faster rate than Solomon could have done on his own. Finally, Solomon sees something.

Solomon: All right, stop! Go back.

Calvin moves the drone backward along the same path till Solomon tells him to

Solomon: I see one that looks like the Buddha.

The drone lingers at a particular statue. Solomon walks up to that statue and
looks at the shield.

Solomon: Calvin, read me the last line of the poem again!

Calvin: "yet enlightenment is in the arms of god."

Juliet: Dr. Zond, I got some analyzed data from the drone. It's not good ...

Solomon: All right, give it to me.

Juliet: The soldier, the one with the Buddha's face ... it appears to be
rigged to explode.

Solomon: Good to know. Any ideas on how to get the wheel out?

Vincent: Carefully.

Solomon: Cute.

Solomon continues to examine the shield, trying to figure out a way to remove
the wheel.

Gyatso: Vincent ...

Vincent turns around to find his old mentor lingering in the entrance looking
back at him.

Vincent: Gyatso. How can this be?

The two men hug.

Gyatso: Ah, Vincent ... I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Nikko risked
his life to save me and -- and all of you. Where is his father?

Vincent turns around and leads Gyatso to the edge overlooking the pit.

Vincent: Solomon!

In front of the statue, Solomon is still studying the wheel. He looks over his
shoulder when he hears his name called.

Solomon: I'm right here. What is it?

Gyatso: Please stay where you are! Do not touch anything! The poem is not as easily understood as you may believe. "enlightenment is in the arms of god." It is a riddle. In Buddhism, what god do you know of?

Vincent: In Buddhism, there is no god.

Gyatso: Then what would it look like?

Vincent: Well it wouldn't look like anyone or anything. You wouldn't be able
to put a face on it. Solomon! The soldier you're looking for has no face. When you find him, you'll find the wheel. Thank you, brother.

Solomon looks back up at the soldier statue he's in front of and looks at his
face. He then looks down at the hand-held device.

Solomon: Alright Calvin, move the drone and find me a faceless soldier.

Now, with something specific to look for, Calvin turns the drone around and
resumes the search. Solomon walks past the Buddha-like statue and also continues to search for the right statue The drone flies over head while Solomon slowly makes his way on foot. he looks down at his palm and sees something.

Solomon: Stop! Stop!

Calvin maneuvers the drone to hover over a particular statue. Solomon walks up
to the faceless statue and checks it to make sure it's the right one.

Solomon: There it is.

He puts his gear down, his eyes on the wheel. Solomon reaches out and removes
the wheel from the statue's shield. He looks at it.

Solomon: I got it!

Gyatso, Vincent and Juliet all smile with relief at the news.)

Solomon: Everybody get out of here. It's dangerous, I'll meet you up top.

Juliet: No, no, no, wait- we can't leave him here.

Vincent: He's a big boy. He can take care of himself. He said go. Let's go.

Vincent makes sure that everyone leaves the place. Calvin picks up his laptop,
leaves the table and equipment and immediately complies with the order.

Vincent: Let's move!

Meanwhile, Solomon has made his way back to the statue with the "Buddha's" face
on it, the one with the identical wheel in its shield. The one rigged to
explode. He has an idea and puts all his gear down ... everything except his small bag which he estimates to weight the same as the wheel. He carefully and rapidly makes the switch, removing the fake wheel while placing the bag in its spot. He opens his pack and puts the "fake" wheel inside all the while muttering to himself.

Solomon: I can't believe that worked!

A rumble sound starts coming from the statue. Solomon looks up and around. And finally looks at the statue in front of him.

Solomon: Oh, that can't be good.

Solomon slowly backs away from the statue, slinging his backpack over his
shoulder. He takes a couple of steps just before the "Buddha" statue explodes.
Solomon starts running like hell back to the entrance. The first explosion starts a chain reaction and sets off the other statues near it also rigged to explode one after the other. Solomon ducks to avoid flying rock and debris as the statues he just passes by explodes behind him. As fast as he can, Solomon makes his way back toward the entrance. He turns the corner, weaving in and between statues while ducking at flying stone debris. He reaches the end, jumps and grabs on to the edge. However, the height of the wall is eight feet.Solomon slowly pulls himself up to the top of the wall.

Vincent: Solomon!

Vincent reaches out his hand and helps Solomon up. The two men leave the
ancient place just as the last of the statues and the entire room explodes.

Lin arrives in the village accompanied by his soldiers. Nikko is being dragged
along behind them. As they approach, Solomon and Vincent turn around. Lin stops a respectable distance in front of them. Solomon sees Nikko and his condition.
Solomon lifts up the cloth to show Lin the wheel inside.

Solomon: Now give me my son.

Lin: Give me the wheel.

Solomon: Not until my son is safe with me.

Lin: speaks chinese

The guard steps forward and gives Nikko to Solomon. Nikko hangs on to Solomon, the two looking at each other. Angry, Solomon turns to look at Lin.

Solomon: I hope it was all worth it.

Solomon hands the wheel over to Vincent.

Solomon: You should handle this.

Lin: For twenty years I've waited to get my hands on this wheel. How appropriate that you would be the one to hand it to me. Gyatso's star pupil.

Vincent: This is not about me, it's about these people.

Lin: Not yet.

Vincent: When you take this relic, you're taking the most important object in
all of Buddhism. Let them have their peace.

Lin: When I have the wheel, I will.

Vincent hands the wheel over to Lin who takes it and immediately opens the
cloth bag. He tosses the bag down and holds the wheel in his hands. He raises it high above his head and announces loudly to the people in the village.

Lin: Here is your precious wheel.

The people look at the wheel with awe.

Lin: It is my property now! I will treat it with the respect it deserves.

In front of the people, Lin throws the wheel to the ground, smashing it into
pieces of clay and stone. The people begin to mourn its loss. Vincent turns around and looks at Lin.

Vincent: Why?

Lin: The power of the wheel is based on the people's faith in it. Allow that
wheel to exist you allow that power and faith to continue. I have destroyed

Satisfied, Lin issues a single command in Chinese to his soldiers, turns and
leaves. The soldiers follow behind him.

Carrying his bag, Vincent steps into the main temple room to pay his respects
to his mentor. He puts his bag down, sits in front of Gyatso and bows.

Gyatso: Vincent ... we owe so much to you. Although the wheel has been destroyed, our faith is still intact.

Vincent: You have more than that.

Vincent reaches into his bag and hands Gyatso something wrapped in a piece of

Gyatso: What is this?

Gyatso unwraps it and looks inside. It's the wheel of dharma. He shows it to
the other Buddhist monks who are awed at having the relic once again.

Gyatso: Vincent, I am so blessed that you've come into my life again. Would you help an old man up, please?

Vincent stands up and helps Gyatso to his feet.

Gyatso: Thank you.

Vincent: It is you that should be thanked. The time I spent as your student
meant more to me than anything in my life.

Gyatso: Those memories helped me pass the years in my cell much more quickly.

Vincent: I thought you were dead.

Gyatso: So have heard.

Vincent: if I had known, I would've come sooner.

Gyatso: Vincent, you as well as I know, we cannot interrupt another man's path.

Vincent: I know. They were chosen for us long ago.

Gyatso: Very wise. Will you do one thing for me?

Vincent: Anything.

Gyatso: Take the wheel.

Gyatso hands the cloth-wrapped object back to Vincent.

Gyatso: With you, I know that the wheel will be forever out of the hands of Lin
and his people. Please, protect it always.

Vincent: I understand.

Vincent bends down to pick up his bag. Gyatso stops him.)

Gyatso: Oh, one more thing.

Gyatso turns around to a monk standing behind him. He says something in
Chinese. The monk hands him a piece of cloth that he opens and drapes around Vincent's neck. Vincent leans over a bit and their foreheads touch as Gyatso blesses Vincent. Vincent clasps his hands in front of him and Gyatso wraps his hands around Vincent's.
Vincent smiles and hugs Gyatso affectionately. With a final look, Vincent
steps away backwards toward the door. Gyatso bows to Vincent; Vincent bows to Gyatso. He turns, then leaves.

Solomon places the wheel of dharma reverently in the carrying case. Nikko sighs and yawns. Solomon turns to look at Nikko as he wakes up.

Nikko: Hey, how long have I been out?

Solomon: About ten hours. How you feeling? Can you sit-up?

Nikko: Yeah, I'm all right.

Nikko tries to sit up and finds that he's in too much pain.

Nikko: Well, maybe not. Ow.

He lies back down. Solomon takes the seat in front of him

Solomon: Listen kid, what you did back there -- I don't know if I would've been
so brave.

Nikko: Yeah well, look what brave got me. You know dad, I got to tell you, man
... it's amazing what you'll learn when you think you're going to lose

Solomon: Yeah, i know what you mean. I'm really proud of you. And I'll tell you what I'm gonna do -- when you're, you know, feeling better, I give you a rematch in the ring.

Nikko: Oh, a little rematch, huh? Okay. well, uh, if you wanna test your luck,
old man, that's fine with me.

Solomon: I can see you're feeling better already.

Solomon turns and sees Juliet in the doorway.

Solomon: Well I think the boss wants to have a word with you.

Solomon stands up and leaves; Juliet takes the seat next to Nikko.

Juliet: So, tough guy, you're really building quite a reputation for yourself.

Nikko: Well I mainly like to help damsels in distress. But you know Ė

Juliet: I'm so sorry, Nikko. I was such an idiot for thinking i could help that little boy.

Nikko: Hey, no. Look, you did the right thing, okay?

Juliet: I don't know what would have happened if you weren't there.

Nikko: Well obviously, you would've kicked his butt. But you know, now I'm
your hero so, it kind of works out.

Juliet looks at Nikko for a moment, then takes out the coin that his mother gave to him; the one she's been hanging on to during the entire trip. With tears in his eyes, Nikko glances down at the coin, then leans forward to give Juliet a hug.

Nikko: Oh, thank you. I thought I lost this.

He takes the coin and looks at it. Juliet reaches up and kisses Nikko's forehead; she caresses his cheek with her hand.

Juliet: Looks like I'm your hero now.

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Veritas: The Quest

Robert and his wife Isabelle are in bed. Isabelle is sitting up and
reading a book. Robert looks bored and desperate to distract his wife.
outside, thunder rumbles. He rolls over her and takes the book out of her hands and looks at her.

Robert: I'm going into the kitchen, do you want anything?

She shakes her head and removes his glasses off the bridge of his nose.

Isabelle: hmm - nothing from the kitchen -

Robert: Hold that thought.

He puts her book on her lap and rolls out of bed as she chuckles. She watches him go, then turns back to her book.
Robert opens the refrigerator. He reaches for the milk, then on second
thought, he sees the opened bottle of wine. He takes it out and closes the
fridge. Isabelle hears a noise. She sits up in bed and looks in the direction where she heard the sound. Robert pours wine into two wine glasses. suddenly, the lights go out.

Robert: Oh, great. I think we blew a fuse. I'll flip you for who goes down the basement.

Outside, lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. Isabelle is quiet. Robert
hears something unusual, puts the wine bottle down and moves a little to look into the bedroom where he sees the window open, the curtains blowing in the night wind.

Robert: Isa?

Robert walks through the hallway heading back into the bedroom. Thunder
rumbles and lightning flashes. He walks into the bedroom.

Robert: Isa?

Behind him, a man dressed in black grabs him from behind and holds a knife
against his neck. Robert drops the wine glasses spilling the wine on the

Man: We have your wife, Mr. Fraiser. She's alive for now and we'll
keep her that way you'll do exactly as I say, you understand? Good.

Nikko and Vincent stand in the middle of the lobby in front of the elevator on
the floor of the foundation. Vincent is teaching Nikko. Nikko throws a punch toward Vincent, who smoothly moves aside avoiding any contact.

Vincent: Close.

Nikko automatically takes a step back to his original position, fists up, eyes
closed. Vincent walks around Nikko to a different position.

Vincent: Open.

Nikko opens his eyes and throws a punch toward Vincent, who again smoothly moves aside avoiding any contact.

Vincent: Close

Nikko retreats back to his original stance, his eyes closed. Vincent moves
around Nikko.

Vincent: Open.

Nikko throws a punch at Vincent. This time Vincent has to raise a hand to
deflect the punch.

Vincent: Good.

Nikko: Good? How is this "good"? We've been doing this for an hour and I haven't hit you yet.

Vincent: Good for me, grasshopper. This exercise is about reflexes, not
accuracy. That comes later.

They both look up as they hear footsteps rushing down the stairs. Solomon runs down the stairs. Vincent and Nikko turns as Solomon reaches the lobby.

Solomon: It's Robert. He's on his way up.

Nikko: Dad, what's wrong?

Solomon: I don't know. He didn't say.

Robert walks into the lobby. Solomon walks up to him. Robert looks disheveled and a mess; his heavy valise tucked under his arm.

Solomon: What is it? What happened?

Robert: They kidnapped Isabelle. You've got to help me.

Solomon doesn't say anything. He turns around to look back at Nikko who
appears just as stunned by the news.

Robert They want the holy grail, Solomon.

Solomon talks with Robert as the rest of the team listens discretely.

Solomon: Do you know who 'they' are?

Robert: The knights of Sangraal.

Vincent joins them and puts a cup on the table in front of Robert.

Vincent: How can you be sure?

Robert: Because when he grabbed me, I saw his tattoo. I've come across them before. When you're a grail hunter you tend to meet a lot of fanatics.

He picks up his cup and stares at it. Solomon explains.

Solomon: These knights claim to be the descendants of the nine templar knights who found the holy grail in Jerusalem during the first crusade.

Calvin: I don't understand, why would they take your wife, though?

Robert: Because they want the grail for themselves.

Nikko: So, Isabelle's ransom for the holy grail.

Solomon: Wait a minute, Robert, what makes them think that you can find it now?

Robert: Isa and I just discovered this diary in Scotland. It belonged
to William St. Claire, a fifteenth century Scottish lord, he was an ally and
protector of the templar knights. This is why I came to you. Look, here above the cross. It's a ring with the templar's crest. I remember you had one. I think it's the key.

Solomon: Yeah, I found this ring in southern France in a dig with Haley. This
diary is in Hebrew.

Robert: But in code. Isa and I began deciphering it.

Solomon: Calvin? You're on.

Calvin stands up. Solomon hands him the journal.

Solomon: As quick as possible. Something's up. These guys don't usually play this rough.

Robert: All my life, I've searched for the grail. These things can't happen, Solomon. I just want Isabelle back.

Solomon: Don't worry, we'll get her back.

Solomon stands in front of the fireplace. He picks up and looks at a framed
photograph of him, Haley and Nikko with Robert and Isabelle.

Vincent: Solomon.

Solomon is startled out of his thoughts and nearly drops the picture. He sets
the photo back on the shelf, shakes his head and turns around to look at Vincent who had silently walked into the room.

Solomon: I hate it when you do that!

Vincent: Do what?

Solomon: Show up out of nowhere.

Vincent: It's what you pay me for, man.

Solomon: Good point. So, what did you find?

Vincent: I've swept Robert's apartment. The whole place is clean. Very
professional job.

Solomon: It just doesn't sound like the knights of Sangraal. They're obsessed with the grail, but I can't believe they'd go to this extreme.

Vincent: Kidnapping sounds more like the way Dorna operates.

Solomon: Think they're involved?

Vincent: I don't know. How else could the knights of Sangraal know that
Fraiser found the diary?

Solomon: These knights pride themselves on knowing everything about the holy grail and those who seek it. Now, if they're involved with Dorna, they're more dangerous than we thought.

Vincent: Are you going to tell Robert that Dorna could be involved?

Solomon: No. Not until we know for sure. The less he knows about Dorna, the safer he is.

Solomon walks past Vincent toward the shelf. He takes out a small velvet
jewelry bag stashed away between a box and the books. From the bag, Solomon takes out an old heavy ring. Vincent stands up and walks behind Solomon to look at the ring.

Solomon: I'd almost forgotten about this ring.

Vincent: Templar seal. Only knights initiated into the mysteries of the grail
could wear it.

Solomon: It doesn't solve the mystery. Let's see what William St. Claire's
diary has to say.

Robert flips the page of the journal over. Solomon sits on the steps watching
Robert and Calvin work. Calvin sits at the table with Robert, both of them
going over the journal.

Robert: We've deciphered a word: Hazor.

Calvin: It's some kind of polyalphabetic grid. You know, like letter-replacement cipher, we but can't find the key word to crack it.

Solomon: Keep trying. It has to be in there.

Nikko: Things are going pretty slow.

Solomon: Archaeology takes time.

Nikko: Yeah. Robert never was much for waiting around.

Solomon: Do you remember the time we went down to Mexico? All of us together?

Nikko: Yeah. I do. That was my fourth grade summer vacation in teitiajuan. Who takes a nine-year-old to the avenue of the dead?

Solomon: Well, your mom planned that trip.

Nikko: Yeah. I remember her and Isabelle went and bought all those stupid

Solomon: Too many margaritas.

Nikko: Who? Mom?

Solomon: Oh, yeah.

Nikko: So, uh, if this whole holy grail thing doesn't work, do you have, like,
a plan b?

Solomon: I always have a plan b.

Nikko: You never have a plan b, dad.

Solomon: I usually have a plan b.

Nikko: Yeah.

Calvin: Dr. Zond, we got another word: Gazer.

Solomon and Nikko stand up and walk over to the table where Calvin and Robert work.

Solomon: Hazor and Gazer were two of the cities king Solomon built during his reign.

Calvin: No. I mean, yeah, they are, but they're not the key word.

Robert: Uh, Megido. Megido was the last city that king Solomon built.

Solomon: Try that.

On the alpha grid in front of him, Calvin starts coloring the letters as he
calls out under his breath.

Calvin: Uh. ... r. e for o. t for s. i for b. o for r.

Leaning on the table, Solomon puts it together first.

Solomon: Rosburn.

Robert: Rosburn. It's, uh, derived from the old Scottish. it means "rosy stream".

Calvin: Like, uh, like-like the blood of Christ.

Robert: Rosburn chapel. It was built by the St. Claire's. It's in Scotland just outside Edinburgh.

Solomon: Scotland.

Robert, Calvin, Solomon, Nikko and Vincent walk into the chapel. Nikko
takes pictures as he walks down the aisle.

Nikko: Do you think William St. Claire built this whole church just to hide the

Solomon: Uh, let's hope it's that easy.

The men reach the front of the church. Nikko continues to take pictures.
Solomon looks around. He lifts his eyes to look at the large statue of the
knight next to the carved templar cross decoration on the wall.

Solomon: Legend says the templar knights used the grail to fuel their rise to
power after the crusades. When they were driven out of Europe, many fled to Scotland and lived under the protection of St. Claire.

Vincent checks out the altar in the back. Solomon continues to look around the church and the camera shows the stone knight statues. in the center is a statue of a knight. Solomon steps next to Robert who has been looking at that particular statue.

Solomon: William St. Claire himself. Nice to meet you.

Robert: "Let the dead rest in peace. But for me, I shall remain ever watchful over the secrets of the temple." It's one of the passages Isa and I translated from his diary.

Solomon: St. Claire's eyes are open.

Robert: Uh. The others are all closed. So, what's he looking at?

Robert turns to look at the statue. Starting from the open eyes of the stone statue, the camera moves past Robert and Solomon who turn around to look behind them. It moves past Vincent who turns around to follow the stone statue's gaze and stops at Calvin who stands in front of the stone altar in the center of the front of the church. Calvin looks down at the altar. In its center is the templar cross and the templar seal.

Solomon: An altar. Nikko!

Nikko joins them. They all surround the altar, looking at the templar seal in
the center.

Robert: hmm.

Solomon leans in to read the writing in between the cross design.

Solomon: It says, "here beneath lies the head of god".

Robert: The head of god? Ancient texts refer to the grail as the head of god because it holds all the answers knowable to man. I think we've found it.

He lifts his hand and lightly touches the seal on the side of the altar.

Robert : They've even carved a templar's mark.

Solomon: Wait a minute, Robert. We don't know what we've found yet.

Solomon puts the back pack he's been carrying down on the floor next to him. He takes out a knife from his pocket and together, he and Robert work to remove the templar's cross on the top of the altar. As they work, Vincent stands guard in the front center of the aisle a few feet away from them.
Solomon uses the pocket knife and etches around the cross. Once it comes
loose, he glances back at Vincent nodding that they're going to remove the seal. Vincent nods back. Solomon, Robert and Nikko lift the seal off of the altar to reveal a fist-sized hole into the hollowed out altar.

Nikko: What is that?

They look into the hole, which is much too dark to see anything inside. Robert puts his glasses on and peers into the hole.

Robert: This is a templar wicket. At king Solomon's temple, the workers would reach in to receive their weekly payments.

Nikko: So, who's going to stick their hand in?

Vincent: Could be booby-trapped.

Calvin: It looks clear.

Solomon: It always looks clear. All right.

Solomon lifts his arm up high and lowers his hand into the hole. Vincent
leaves the aisle and moves to the altar.

Solomon: I don't feel anything. No, wait. I've got something.

He slowly lifts his hand out of the hole and brings out the rolled piece of
parchment. He unfolds it and blows out the dust ... straight into Calvin who
has his hand over his nose. Calvin coughs and rubs his eyes. Nikko fans away the fine cloud of dust. Robert puts his glasses back on.

Solomon: Sorry.

Solomon takes out a brush from his inside jacket pocket and uses it to clear
the piece of paper. Underneath the layer of dust is a map with the label: Estotilanda.

Solomon: Estotilanda. The fifteenth century name for new Scotland.

Robert: Nova Scotia.

Nikko: Canada?

Robert: Isabelle always suspected that the templar knights made it to
America before Columbus.

Vincent: They brought the grail with them?

Nikko: Well, it's actually pretty smart. I mean, who's going to look for the
holy grail in Canada.

Solomon: We are.

Nikko is reading a mad magazine, the knockout issue. He lowers the magazine when Calvin walks into the section. The two men eye each other.
Calvin walks over to the microwave oven and checks it out. Nikko goes back to reading his mad magazine.

Calvin: What ya reading?

Nikko raises the magazine to show the cover to Calvin.

Calvin: Nice. Let me know if you need any help with the really big words.

Nikko: You're so funny. Really. You've been using the joke generator at geek-dot-com again?

Calvin: Who's the one reading the comic book?

The microwave beeps. Calvin turns and takes out the popcorn bag.

Nikko: What? Better than reading archaeology today waiting for the mummy
swimsuit issue.

Calvin: Oh, yeah. That felt good, right. Like you've been waiting for that
one, huh?

Nikko: And I didn't have to wait that long, did I, chuck?

Calvin smiles, shakes his head, turns and leaves. Nikko shakes his head and
goes back to his mad magazine. He reaches the back of the magazine and comes to the fold-it page. He folds the back page, looks at the picture and smiles. Maggie and Juliet work at the computer in teleconference with Solomon.

Maggie: Take a look at this, Solomon. The shape of the island is a ninety-
eight percent match with an island called elm island off the coast of Nova

Solomon: What about the maze?

Maggie: Some kind of underground complex, but no indication where the entrance is.

Juliet: We contacted a guy on elm island. His name is Willie Anderson. He's
expecting you. We're catching the next flight up there.

Solomon: Okay. I'll see you on the island.

Juliet and Maggie open he doors and enter the hotel. All the patrons of the
small bar - mostly old men - stop and stare at the two women.

Juliet: Not my idea of an island getaway.

Maggie: Unless you're looking for a remote place to hide something.

Solomon raises his hand and waves to them. Juliet and Maggie walk over to the group.

Solomon: Welcome. You're making some friends.

Maggie: Where's Vincent?

Solomon: He's, uh, checking out the island.

Solomon pushes past them toward Robert behind them.

Robert: I just grabbed a room upstairs; I'm going to go over my notes make sure I haven't missed anything.

Solomon: Yeah, why don't you try and get some sleep.

Robert: I haven't slept since ...

Solomon: Robert, just try. I'll go talk to this Willie Anderson.

Robert takes his bag and leaves. Solomon turns and heads back to the group.
Meanwhile, over at the bar, Nikko settles himself next to Calvin. He drops his
jacket on the counter.

Nikko: Excuse me.

Without a word, the bartender plops a glass full of beer in front of under-aged Nikko with a thud spilling some of the drink carelessly onto the counter. Nikko smiles at it and chuckles a bit.

Nikko: Well, might not like the decor, but sure can't complain about the

He picks up the beer glass fully intending to drink it. But before he can get
it to his lips, Calvin takes the glass out of his hand.

Calvin: Do you seriously think this place makes your brain cells less. I
don't think--

Maggie reaches between the two men and grabs the beer glass out from Calvin's grip.

Maggie: Calvin.

Calvin: What?

Maggie: I need your help with base camp.

She puts the beer glass back on the counter and turns Calvin away, leading him away from the bar.

Calvin: All right.

Maggie: Right now.

Calvin: Okay, you do what you want. You're all grown up.

Maggie: Come on, baby.

Maggie and Calvin leave the bar. Juliet settles next to Nikko.

Juliet: You and Calvin should try getting along.

Nikko: Yeah, yeah. Maybe next week.

Solomon: You own the entire island?

Willie: Nothing goes on around here without my permission.

Solomon: Well, um, Mr. Anderson. Elm island might be of significant
archaeological importance. We need to dig.

Willie: Dig? We-e-ell. You'll need local permits. And, uh, approval from
the land regent's board. And then there's the environmental impact.

Solomon: How much?

Robert is lying on the bed, his eyes closed. A stack of papers is clutched in
his hand on his chest. Someone approaches the bed. Robert surges up in bed, suddenly awake. The knight of Sangraal is standing at the foot of his bed.

Robert: Where's my wife?

Man: Oh, she and I are having a lovely time.

Robert: Touch her and I'll kill you.

Robert sits up and weakly grabs the knight's shirt. The knight grabs him by
his throat and pushes him back down on the bed.

Man: Okay. Okay.

He takes out his pocket knife and holds it against Robert's cheek.

Man: I don't think you're in any position to be threatening me, Mr.

Robert: Just leave her alone. I've done everything that you've asked.

Man: Where's the grail?

Robert: We're close.

Man: Once you have it, your colleagues have agreed to turn it over to

Robert: Of course, Solomon would never do a thing to jeopardize Isabelle.

Man: Oh, I hope you're right.

He removes the knife from Robert's cheek and puts it away.

Man: Now, just keep this little meeting of ours a secret. Okay? For
Isabelle's sake.

Vincent walks along the grassy area. He comes across a large boulder in the
ground. He removes his backpack and takes out a flare gun. He loads the flare gun and fires it high into the air.
Solomon: That's Vincent. He must have found something.

Solomon and Robert back pack it to Vincent's location. Solomon turns and looks at Robert.

Solomon: You don't look like you got much sleep.

Robert: I didn't. So, when did the knights of sangraal become so

Solomon: They just want the grail.

Robert: Do you think they'll hold up their end of the deal?

Solomon: I think Isabelle is just a means to an end, Robert.

Robert: Right.

Solomon and Robert meet up with Vincent who stands in front of the boulder in the middle of the grassy area. He shows them the boulder.

Solomon: This looks interesting.

Vincent: Locals say these stones were here before the first European settlers arrived. They're scattered all over the area.

Solomon: There's an inscription in latin. cor'tuum seguer.

Vincent: Follow your heart.

Robert: Templar knights must have left these as a clue to the grail.

Nikko: Hey! You guys! There's another one over here.

Robert turns to walk toward Nikko. Vincent sees the boulder in front of

Vincent: They're too far apart to see a pattern.

Solomon: Let's get an aerial view.

The shack on the beach, Maggie has the laptop set up. Calvin stands
behind her looking over her shoulder.

Maggie: Calvin's using magnetic resonance to highlight the stones. He's
pulling up the images now.

Calvin: Ready or not, here it comes.

On the monitor, various aerial satellite views of the land mass below appear on screen.

Calvin: I hacked into the noah's weather satellite to get these images.

Maggie: Highlighting the eastern end of the island.

Solomon: Yes. Transmit to hand-held.

The aerial land mass appears on Solomon's hand held monitor.

Robert: Is that an arrow?

Vincent: Seems a little obvious.

Solomon: Wait, it's not done yet. Oh, here it comes. There. There.

Robert: Two arrows.

Solomon: Pointing in opposite directions.

Nikko: Wait a second. What if they're not arrows. Kind of looks like the
templar's mark. The one I saw at rosburn chapel. The one on the side of the wicket.

Solomon: Calvin, did you hear that? Pull it up.

Calvin: Yeah, I heard it.

Calvin works on the computer. When he's done, he takes off his gloves.
On Solomon's hand-held monitor, Calvin has drawn lines to connect the boulders. The result is the templar's mark.

Solomon: You're right. Got it.

Vincent affectionately pats Nikko on the head. Nikko smiles.

Robert: So, the question is. How does the mark tell us where the entrance is?

Solomon: We follow the heart like the inscription says. To the heart of the
templar's mark is the plum line. Calvin, can you plot where the plum line falls
and adjust to scale to our position?

Calvin nods as he takes off his jacket. He gets to work on it. He clears his
throat as he types. On the hand-held, Solomon sees the readings appearing on the monitor.

Solomon: All right, I got it. About one kilometer northwest. Let's go.

The group picks up their things and heads in that direction. The group reaches even more boulders on the ground.

Vincent: Here.

They continue to walk past the boulders until they finally reach the center of
the "templar's mark", a cluster of large boulders on each other. Vincent steps up to the boulder cluster and looks at it. Not finding anything, he steps back and the others step forward to look at it.
Vincent looks at the boulders and clears off the leaves and other debris from
the outermost boulder of the cluster. Nikko watches him. On the top of the
boulder, he finds a mark with a series of holes - two and four. This looks
deliberate enough.

Vincent: Solomon.

Solomon turns around to check out what Vincent found.

Solomon: You're right. Here's something.

Vincent: Is it some kind of locking mechanism?

Robert: Well, the diary says only a true templar knight could bear witness to the secrets of the grail.

Nikko: Here, it kinda looks like a bowling ball.

Vincent puts his hand over the holes, his four fingers fit perfectly in the
four holes and the thumb in one of the two holes.

Solomon: Careful, might be booby-trapped.

Vincent smiles at the role reversal. Regardless, he still sticks his fingers
into the holes.

Vincent: I don't feel anything.

Robert steps forward and looks at the holes.

Robert: You know, it does look like there's some kind of groove over
that third finger.

Solomon: The ring finger.

He thinks about it for a moment, then remembers the ring. He takes out the
ring hanging from a long chain secured around his neck. He removes the ring and looks at it and the groove in the stone.

Solomon: Only a true templar knight can bear witness.

Solomon puts the templar ring on the ring finger of his right hand. He slips
his fingers into the hole. The ring slips in also. He grips the stone and the
ring catches, opening a latch.
The square boulder in the ground sinks in and slides to the side creating an
opening large enough for a person to slip inside. Solomon quickly kneels down to look into the hole in the ground.

Solomon: I love it when that happens.

Solomon holds the map in his hand as he and Robert walk through the tunnels. Vincent follows behind them.

Vincent: Maggie, how's our signal strength?

Maggie: Steady. But weak.

Robert puts a hand on the stone walls.

Robert: The walls are wet.

Vincent: Do these tunnels flood during high tide?

Calvin: No. I don't know. Maybe. The island has extreme tides.

Solomon: It's all right. We'll get out before the tide comes in.

Calvin: Yeah, but some of the tunnels look like they're designed to ... draw
water, like a hydraulic system of some kind.

Robert: And why would they need a hydraulic system?

Solomon: I don't know. We probably won't like the answer.

Nikko: And then huge rocks, like, slides in, like, woosh! ah, I just wish you could have been there.

Juliet: Too dangerous. Your dad knows what he's doing.

Nikko: What if it's not down there. Huh? What's he going to do, then?

Juliet: We're going to get Isabelle back. We know how much she means to you.

Nikko: It's just ... I mean, she was there for me, you know, when I lost my mom and ... I just can't believe this is all happening, that's all.

Willie Anderson grabs Nikko's shoulder and turns him around.

Willie Anderson: I told you to get permission. It's a matter of respect. It's my island.

Nikko: What are you talking about?

Juliet: You said we could dig.

Willie Anderson: But not to dock a big boat without my permission. Not
without some compensation.

Nikko: We don't have a big boat.

Willie Anderson: Well, it's a yacht. So, if they're not here with you, then
who are they? I can't abide trespassers.

Nikko: Wait a second, what if it's the kidnappers? What if they brought

Juliet: Come on, we've got to go tell the others.

Nikko: Wait, wait. Robert -- stop! All these notes upstairs about the holy
grail, what if they get a-hold of them? We've got to g--

Juliet: They'll have the grail itself soon.

Nikko: Only if it's here. What if it's not? Huh? Those notes are the only
things keeping Isabelle alive right now.

Nikko turns and heads for Robert's room. Juliet follows him. He turns around
and motions for her to hurry.

Juliet: Wait.

Nikko: Come on!

The door opens. Nikko and Juliet walk into the room. Nikko closes the door
behind them.

Juliet: I don't like this.

Nikko: Well, you never do, do you.

Nikko walks over to the small stove and stuff on the table top.

Nikko: Want a snack?

Juliet: Just stop fooling around.

Juliet searches the shelves. Nikko searches the drawers.
Man walks in through the front door. The patrons stop and stare at him.

Nikko picks up the metal container and shakes it. Inside is something heavy
that clangs. Nikko opens it and finds a black velvet necklace box. Inside the
box is a large circular medallion with the templar's seal and lettering. Juliet stands next to Nikko and looks over his shoulder at the medallion.

Nikko: Look at that. It's just like the ring. You know, there's something on the back.

The door knob jiggles. Nikko and Juliet turn around to look at the closed door. Someone's behind it trying to get inside. The man pushes the door open and finds the room empty. He steps into the room and closes the door behind him.
He walks around the room looking at the underside of the lamp. He grabs the pillow off the bed and flips the mattress up on its side looking underneath it.
he heads for the desk.
Inside the closet, Nikko and Juliet wait patiently for him to leave. Through
the cracks in the wooden door, they watch the man search the small room.
They watch him search the drawers, yet not like them, he pulls out the papers in the drawers tossing them to the floor. They watch him crawl under the table and pull out the journal. Then they watch as he calls someone on the cell phone.

Man: (He says something in a foreign language. Then in English.) Its all here. I have the diary. No, the medallion's not here. Fraiser's underground, they'll have the artifact soon.

He hangs up, grabs the diary and leaves the room. The door closes behind
him. Nikko opens the closet door and walks out into the room. Juliet's close behind him.

Juliet: That was way too close.

Nikko: I gotta warn my dad, okay?

Standing just outside the door waiting for them is the man. He sees them
and steps forward. Nikko and Juliet's eyes widen. Without thinking, Nikko
turns around and hits the man in the face. The man falls against the door frame, temporarily stunning him. He turns and grabs Nikko by the shoulders and they struggle.

Juliet turns around and grabs the pot. She swings it and hits the man across the jaw knocking him out. Nikko motions for Juliet to move.

Nikko: Come on! Let's go! Come on!

They both run out of the room, past the man and down the stairs.

Solomon, Vincent and Robert continue to make their way through the tunnels. In the background through the walls, they hear water dripping.
They reach a juncture and suddenly the tunnel gives out a loud creaking noise.

Robert: What's that noise?

They listen. Vincent is suddenly alarmed as he appears to recognize the noise. He yells.

Vincent: Robert!

He reaches behind him and grabs Robert's back pack. He pulls Robert back
toward him. In the exact spot where he was just standing, a heavy stone slab
slides down from the ceiling sealing them in. Solomon turns around, alarmed. Vincent looks around. He examines the stone slab.

Solomon: Maggie! Calvin! you still there?

Calvin: What the hell was that?

Vincent: We're all okay.

Robert looks at the beam above the walkway.

Robert: There's an inscription here.

Solomon moves next to Robert to brush aside the dust covered letters.

Robert: Here, hold this.

Solomon: It says, "mea in deo est" my hope is in god.

Nikko and Juliet run back to the shack and finds Maggie and Calvin.

Maggie: Nikko, what is it?

Nikko: The kidnappers are on the island.

Solomon: What the hell is going on up there?

Nikko: Oh, uh. The knights of sangraal. They're here. One of them. I
punched them.

Calvin: How do you know it was a knight?

Nikko: Uh ... he was speaking some sort of strange language, like, uh, sizmet haiyuman?

Solomon turns and walks toward Vincent. Robert continues to look at the walls, half listening to what's going on.

Vincent: It's the ancient language Dorna uses.

Solomon: So the knights of sangraal are working with Dorna.

Robert: Who's Dorna? Excuse me, who is Dorna?

Solomon: They're an ancient organization searching for the same artifacts that we are. The only difference is that they want to hide them from the rest of the world. Keep the secrets and power for themselves.

Vincent: And dangerous. And ruthless.

Robert: Right.

Solomon: Look, Robert. Dorna's our problem. I'm sorry you got dragged into

Robert: It's not just me that you dragged into this, Solomon, you dragged Isabelle into this, too.

Solomon: Look, I - wait. It's coming down. Now is not the time. You have to trust us.

Robert: Trust you? I thought it was my work that was putting Isabelle in jeopardy and it wasn't my work, it was your work.

Solomon: Robert, we're going to get Isabelle back.

Robert: Well, like you got Haley back?

Solomon: What-what did you say?

Robert pushes past Solomon, grabs the map and runs out of the maze ducking under the stone wall as it comes down separating Robert from Solomon and Vincent.

Solomon: Robert! Robert!

Robert: My hope is in god!

Solomon: Robert!

(The stone wall seals them in, separating them from Robert and the map.

SolomonMaggie? Robert's awol and he's got the diagram with him.

Maggie: We've still have the scanned copy. I'll talk you through it.

Vincent: Solomon!

Vincent grabs Solomon. He sees the ceiling start to close down upon them.

Solomon: Talk fast, Maggie!

Maggie: The diagram only shows one tunnel, but I'm pulling up the sonar -- just a few seconds.

Solomon: We don't have a few seconds.

Solomon and Vincent exchange a look, then together, they dive through the
collapsing walls. They land with a thud on the other side.

Maggie: Solomon, do you read me? Vincent? We've lost them.

Nikko: What do you mean, you've lost them?

Maggie: Nikko, step back, I'm trying to work.

Maggie and Calvin both work on the computers trying to re-establish contact
with Solomon and Vincent.

Calvin: I can't get a signal.

Maggie: That's because they're too far underground.

Solomon and Vincent are on the floor.

Solomon: Maggie, come in.

He waits for a response and gets nothing. He sighs as Vincent smiles.

Solomon: Where's the radio?

They both get to their feet and look around.

Vincent: We're cut off from the surface. No map, no idea what's ahead.

Solomon: Just the way we like it.

Vincent laughs.

Calvin: It's like a big maze down there. I don't like the look of those hydraulics.

Nikko: Look, you guys. If they don't find the right tunnel, they're going to

Calvin: I time at twenty minutes.

Nikko: Look, we're going to have to go after them.

Maggie: No, Nikko. I'm going with Calvin. We're going to have to get them the diagram.

Nikko: Okay. Well, if this stuff works like a video game ...

Calvin: Maggie. You know, he's right. We need you here.

Maggie grabs the maps and shows it to them.

Maggie: These are the copies of the diagrams. I'll keep trying to establish

Calvin: If Dorna's down there, you'll have to watch our backs.

Maggie: I've got you covered.

Nikko: Let's go.

Nikko and Calvin run out of the shack. Solomon and Vincent continue to make their way down the tunnels. Solomon indulges in a bout of self-pity while Vincent is the model of patience.

Solomon: Robert was right. It is all my fault. Dorna knew I had the ring all
along. It was a set up.

Vincent: Dorna wanted us involved.

Solomon: It's still my responsibility. Robert and Isabelle would never have
come in contact with Dorna if it wasn't for me.

Vincent: You can't go through life second-guessing all your choices.

Solomon: You're right. Okay. Which way. You pick and I'll second-guess your choice.

Two men help Isabelle out of the rubber raft and onto shore. They're met up by an suv. They force her into the back seat. The man exits the vehicle's
passenger seat. He claps the other man on his shoulder and leads him away for further instructions.

Man: Once you get the artifact, clean the location, okay? No witnesses.

The other man heads back to the car. The Man stares out into the distance.
Inside the tunnels, Calvin and Nikko search the tunnels for Solomon and Vincent.

Nikko: It's ah -

Calvin: Okay, there's another fork in the road.

Nikko: I see it.

Calvin: You go left.

Nikko: Only if you want to get lost, you go left!

Calvin: No, it -- look, the diagram says we go left.

Nikko: That's because you're reading it wrong.

Calvin: No.

They're racing against time and their tempers are already short. The two

Calvin: The tide is coming in, we do not have time for this.

Nikko: All right, then stop messing around, then!

They stuggle for the map, crinkling it in the process.

Calvin: Ah! Nice job.

Nikko looks down at the crinkled map and gets an idea.

Nikko: Listen.

Calvin: What!? What?

Nikko picks up the map and folds it in and over like he did with the mad
magazine using the templar seal on the boarders as the guide.

Nikko: Give me a second. Look at this.

When folded over, the circles of the seal match up with the familiar design on
the medallion.

Nikko: Look at that. Look. Just like the medallion in Robert's room. It's a short cut to the treasure.

Calvin: Okay. How'd you figure that out?

Nikko: Well, it's like a fold-in in a mad magazine.

Calvin: You figured it out from a comic book.

Nikko: Well, if you prefer "paleographic literature". But, whatever. Come on.

Nikko turns and hurries down the corridor.

Calvin: Yeah, whatever.)

Calvin and Nikko turn the corner and find the chamber. In the center of the
camber is a tower-like structure with a point at the top.

Nikko: Hey, the chamber. We found it.

They enter the chamber and look at the chamber and the structure. On the
structure, Nikko sees something.

Nikko: Hey, look at this? It's like the crest from Rosburn.

Calvin: Itego arcana dei.

Robert: I can feel the secrets of god.

They turn around and see Robert walk into the chamber. He's alone. There's a manic look in his eyes.

Nikko: Robert? Where's my dad?

Robert: We got separated.

Nikko: Is he okay?

Robert: I don't know. He's with Vincent. Help me open this box.

He pushes past Nikko and Calvin and puts both hands on the structure. He
starts pushing at the structure.

Robert: Help me open this, please.

Calvin: Robert. ...

Nikko: Just calm down.

Robert: My wife's life depends on this, please.

Calvin: Fine. Give him room.

Nikko: Here.

Nikko hands the pick hammer to Robert who uses it to pry the crest off the
structure. Just like the structure at the chapel, behind the crest is a hole. Robert drops the pick hammer and reaches for the hole. Calvin grabs his wrist and pulls him back.

Calvin: Whoa-whoa-whoa wait! Look. The thing could be booby-trapped, all

Nikko: It's always booby trapped, okay?

But Robert is beyond listening to them. He reaches his hand into the hole and searching inside for the grail.

Robert: The templar wicket just like the one in rosburn chapel.

Calvin: That's a mistake, Robert.

Robert: I can feel it. There it is.

Calvin and Nikko both take a step back. Robert continues to reach into the

Robert : I can feel a latch.

Something heavy inside the structure falls. It sounds like heavy metal slicing
through something. Robert screams. Solomon and Vincent hear the scream through the tunnels. They both turn toward the sound.

Vincent: That's not just the tide.

Calvin: Come on! Let's go!

Calvin and Nikko both have their arms around Robert trying to pry his arm out of the structure. Robert screams in pain.

Calvin: Come on!

Finally, they get his arm out of the structure. His hand is a bloody mess.
Robert struggles to get free of their hold.

Robert: No!

Calvin and Nikko, with Robert between them, both start to leave the chamber the way they came in.

Nikko: The walls are closing in.

The walls on both sides of the passageway leading into the chamber start to
close in. It's the only way in and out of the chamber.

Calvin: Now we know what the hydraulics are for.

Calvin looks at Nikko and nods. They need to chance it anyway.

Calvin: Come on! Let's go!

Calvin and Nikko pull Robert through the passageway.

Nikko: Come on, buddy.

They reach the other side and meet up with Solomon and Vincent.

Solomon: Nikko. What are you guys doing here?

Nikko: Saving your butts.

Vincent: It's good to know.

Nikko lets go of Robert and steps aside. Solomon checks on Robert.

Solomon: Are you okay?

Robert struggles against Calvin's hold trying to get back into the chamber.

Robert: No, no, no!

Calvin: Robert! We have to go!

Robert: No! The grail! It's your life!

Solomon looks from Robert to the structure in the chamber and hastily runs
through the passageway as the other yell for him to stop.

Nikko: No, dad!

Solomon reaches the inner chamber and quickly looks over the structure.

Vincent: Solomon!

He ignores their yells and looks at the very top of the structure that comes to
a point in the shape of a pyramid. On the side of the pyramid is an etching of
an eye.

Nikko: Dad!

Vincent: Solomon! We don't have much time!

Nikko: Dad, come on! Hurry!

He silently turns back to the structure. He looks at the hole, then past it to
the bottom of the structure. He appears to be looking for something.

Nikko: Hurry!

Vincent: Watch out! The walls!

Solomon grabs the pick hammer off the floor and uses it to crack open the
pyramid at the very top of the structure. Behind them, Calvin holds onto Robert as he struggles to get out of his grasp. The walls in the passageway continue to close in.

Calvin: Dr. Zond!

Solomon cracks open the pyramid at the top of the structure.

Vincent: Solomon, come on!

Solomon removes a piece of metal from the pyramid pieces hidden inside the top of the structure.

Robert: Do you have the grail?

Solomon: It's not here!

The passageway looks impossibly thin. Surely, too thin for him to pass

Robert: It's got to be there!

Nikko: Dad! Please! Come on, dad!

Solomon runs through the passageway. Near the end of it, he trips and falls,
stuck in between the squeezing stone walls.
Nikko and Vincent grab and pull Solomon through. Calvin releases Robert who rushes up to the passageway unable to get through. He watches the stone walls close shut in front of his face. He struggles to get back in, but they grab and hold him back.

Robert: No! No! No! No!

The walls close leaving Robert with his hands flat against the cold stones. Nikko swallows and looks away. Solomon leans close to Robert.

Solomon: Robert, we'll find another way. We'll get her back. Come on. We got to go.

Solomon pulls Robert away from the wall. Vincent follows them. Calvin takes a breath then follows. Nikko is strangely quiet as he follows them.

Vincent: Dorna's going to be waiting for us.

Solomon: I know.

Nikko: Do we have a plan?

Solomon: Of course. Plan B.

Nikko: Oh, we're screwed.

Solomon reaches the base of the hole leading back out of the tunnels.
communications with base camp resume.

Maggie: Solomon?

Solomon: Maggie! We missed you! Listen, we're on our way out, but Robert's hurt.

Maggie: Dorna's on the move. Ready for some action?

Solomon: It's what we live for.

Solomon and the team trek through the woods. They clear the trees and bright car headlights shine in their eyes.

The man steps forward. Isabelle is led forward also by the other two men.

Man: Successful expedition, Dr. Zond.

Solomon: It depends on your definition of "success".

Man: You didn't find the grail.

Solomon: No, I'm really sorry. Not today. Just the inscriptions on a piece of

Man: We'll take that.

Solomon: You didn't think that I'd just walk out and hand it to you?

Man: That was the idea.

Solomon: Well, I don't have it.

Calvin and Robert both turn to look at Solomon, surprised by this change in
plans. The man looks upward. Nikko steps toward Solomon.

Nikko: Let's make the exchange.

Solomon: No, forget it.

Robert: What are you doing?

Solomon: Look, I hid the artifact inside the tunnel. You give us Isabelle and
I'll tell you where it is.

Man: How can i trust you?

Solomon: You can't.

Vincent raises his flare gun and points it at the Man's suv. He fires. The flare hits the car and it explodes.
Maggie stops the suv in front of the group. Vincent sees her and he pushes the team toward their escape.

Vincent: Go! Go!

Juliet drives the second vehicle near the group. Everyone rushes to get into
the cars. Nikko reaches the back seat door, opens it and gets into the car.
Vincent and Solomon hold the bad guys at bay as Robert grabs Isabelle and helps her into the car.

Robert: Come on, Isa, hurry!

Nikko: Okay, come on! Let's go! Good!

Solomon and Vincent both climb into the cars.

Solomon: Go! Go! Go!

Maggie and Juliet step on the gas and take off. The man motions to his men.

Man: Come on! Let's go! Move! Move! Get in here!

Solomon: Told you I had a plan B.

Nikko: Maggie's plan B???

Vincent: Maggie's always plan B.

Maggie: Yeah, well, they're coming your way.

Willie Anderson: We're ready.

Maggie and Juliet drive past the bushes and past the car hidden behind the
bushes. As soon as they pass, a gunshot is fired. The man's suv stops. In the
middle of the road in front of them blocking their path and carrying a rifle is
Willie Anderson. The Man and his men step out of the car.

Willie Anderson: This is my island. And I can't abide trespassers.

The man looks around and sees the lights of the other trucks, suvs and cars of the local townsfolk surrounding them. The locals step out of their vehicles, each carrying a weapon. Sounds of several guns cocking is heard.

Willie Anderson: So. How ya doing?

Nikko sits on the chair. Solomon walks into the room carrying an extra blanket. He hands it to Robert who has Isabelle next to him.

Solomon: We'll be home soon. Here you go.

Robert: Oh, thank you.

Isabelle: Can't be soon enough for me.

Robert: Is it over?

Solomon: Well, Dorna knows that I have the artifact now, so there's no
reason for them to come after you again.

Isabelle: Now, you're in danger.

Nikko: Naw, don't worry about that, we're used to -

Robert: Listen, we don't know how to repay you - either of you.

Isabelle: Thank you. And thank you, Nikko.

Solomon: You and Isabelle safe is payment enough.

Isabelle leans on Robert and closes her eyes. Solomon leans back in his chair. He glances behind him at Nikko.
Nikko looks at the writing on the metal piece through a magnifying glass as
Solomon works on it.

Nikko: It's an awful lot of work for a worthless hunk of metal.

Solomon: Things aren't always what they seem, Nikko.

Nikko: Dorna was going to kill us no matter what, right?

Solomon: I don't' know. I just did what I thought would keep us all safe.

Nikko: Well, what if the safest thing to do was to give the artifact to Dorna?
Would you have done that?

Solomon: I believe there are things more important than the holy grail.

Nikko: Yeah. Yeah, I think so, too.

Solomon: Besides, if Dorna had gotten away with the artifact, I would have just found a way to get it back. I don't like to lose.

Maggie: You ready for this? The artifact is composed of a very rare iron-
nickel compound found only in Antarctica.

Nikko: Oh, no. Wait a second, we're not going back there.

Calvin: I'm still trying to figure out what language exactly these carvings are
written in, but I have this much. Alliph. Mem. Tou. The first, middle and
last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

Solomon: They spell emmet. It's hebrew. For "the truth".

Nikko: Well, maybe it is the grail.

Maggie: Could be part of it. A clue to where it really is.

Solomon: Or what it really is.

Calvin: Yeah, well, whatever it is, we need to figure it out before Dorna does.

Solomon: Yes. Yes, we do. Looks like we got ourselves another quest.

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Veritas: the quest
Mummy Virus

Lima, Peru

Solomon walks through the village street as he heads toward the truck parked in the center of the dusty road. The hired hands are securing the large crate to the back of the flatbed truck. Solomon climbs onto the back of the truck and prepares to assist them when he's interrupted.

Vincent Solomon!

Solomon turns to see Vincent walking toward the truck, a local villager is walking next to him.

Vincent Ricco's got some bad news.

Solomon: make my day.

Ricco: there's an irate mob on the outskirts of lima.

Vincent: from the village where we dug up the mummy.

Solomon: all right. let's throw our backs into it. aburate!

Solomon climbs down from the truck. Ricco climbs up to the truck taking his
place. Solomon looks up at the box.

Solomon: we'll strap it down, then we're out of here.

Solomon and Vincent assist with strapping the box down when Maggie rushes up to them.

Maggie: it's professor luis. he's gone totally crazy.

Maggie leads Solomon and Vincent back to the warehouse building. She fills him in as they go.

Maggie: he came in late last night. Somebody saw him opening the mummy bundle.

Solomon: they're antsy at the dig site. I told them not to touch anything
until we got back to the lab in new york.

they walk out of camera frame passing by a Kelladyne worker and another man.

Kelladyne worker: everything all right, dr. zond?

Prof. Luis turns away from the wall. he's scared, eyes wide and beads of sweat drip from his skin. a hired hand tries to apprehend him, but Prof. Luis pushes him away with what appears to be super-human strength. The hired hand is thrown clear across the building room, landing on the hay pile at the far corner. whoa. That was no ordinary feat.

Prof. Luis turns and rushes into the far room. Solomon, Maggie and Vincent arrive at the warehouse building in time to see the wooden door close behind Prof. Luis.
Solomon rushes up to the door and tries to open it, but Prof. Luis has it
barred. through the cracks in the wooden door, Solomon can see Prof. Luis

Solomon: professor. it's dr. zond.

Prof. Luis: Tekkan violated the laws of nature, dr. zond.

Solomon: professor, whatever it is, we can handle it.

He rattles the wooden door trying to get it open.

Solomon: just open the door.

Through the cracks in the door, he sees Prof. Luis reach for a can of

Solomon: what are you doing?

From behind him, Vincent approaches carrying a shovel to use to open the door.

Vincent: Solomon, move!

Solomon turns, sees Vincent and steps aside. Vincent lifts the shovel and
punches out the bars from the view box in the door.

Prof. Luis: the mummy's curse will exterminate us all.

Vincent steps aside. Solomon reaches in through the hole in the door and tries to unbar the door. He can't reach the lock.

Solomon: still can't!

He sees Prof. Luis deliberately start to douse himself and the ground around
him with the gasoline. Solomon steps aside for Vincent.

Solomon: break it down! break it down!

Vincent raises the shovel and starts hacking at the lock on the door trying to
get the door open before something terrible happens.

Solomon: professor! open the door! we can help you!

Vincent continues to pound away at the door lock trying to get the door open. inside, Prof. Luis continues to douse himself with the flammable liquid. he tosses the gasoline can to the side and takes out his lighter.

Solomon: professor!

Prof. Luis flicks on his lighter and drops it. from outside, off Vincent, see the hot flames inside the small room burst brightly and consume the professor. Solomon rushes up to the door and peers inside through the hole.

Solomon: no!

Vincent stands next to Solomon also staring inside the room. behind them, Maggie and the hired workers stare in shock

Maggie walks around the large glass container resting on a platform containing the mummified body. The view of the contents inside the container are clouded over with the white preservative gas. The section of the office is blocked off with plastic hanging from the ceiling. Solomon stands in front of the container.

Maggie: hopefully the sulfide preservative has suspended any further

Solomon: well, let's find out.

Solomon kneels down and starts working on the controls at the base of the glass container that operating the conditions inside. He looks up as people walk into the room. Vincent leads Sylvie Descardes and the group of men from Kelladyne into the
main office.

Sylvie Descardes: after all these years, it's hard to imagine the mummy is in
our hands.

Solomon stops what he's doing and stands up to meet them.

Solomon: ms. Descardes. i wasn't expecting you.

Sylvie Descardes: congratulations, dr. zond. Kelladyne is very excited about the discovery. you've managed to solve a three-thousand year old mystery and make me look good for hiring you.

Solomon: well, thank you very much. It wasn't easy. We were expecting an
elaborate tomb fit for a man of his stature, but there wasn't even a
sarcophagus. We just found him in the ground. The burial bundle was open
before we left peru. Your man, luis, violated our agreement.

Sylvie Descardes: and have we determined exactly what happened to the

Maggie: well, there's nothing in his medical history to suggest seizures or
schizophrenia. It could have been something as simple as a snake bite. But we also found woven tapestries buried with Tekkan. And a mass gravesite next to his burial spot. So we're studying that to see if there's any -

Sylvie Descardes: i don't believe in ancient curses if that's where you were going.

Maggie raises her head up a little higher.

Maggie: i was going with forensics.

Sylvie Descardes: oh.

Solomon walks up to them and pulls Descardes over to the side.

Solomon: ms. Descardes, I was very specific. No one was to open the bundle until we brought it here.

Sylvie Descardes: and i can assure you that no one at Kelladyne gave that
directive to the professor. We believe that this pre-incan method of preserving human tissue is going to have an immeasurable impact on cancer research and we wouldn't want anything to get in the way of making that possible.

Solomon: nor would we.

Sylvie Descardes: good. Then i'd like to arrange transfer of the remains to
our research center.

Solomon: no. Iím sorry. There are too many unanswered questions regarding the mummy and luis' death to let this go without further study.

Sylvie Descardes: legally, I can claim ownership and remove it at any time.

Solomon: well, legally, as a doctor of forensic archaeology, I have a license
to quarantine Tekkan for as long as i deem scientifically necessary. So if
you'd like to bring me a court order for his transfer, I suggest you start the

Sylvie Descardes: the remains. I want to see them.

Solomon: sure. okay.

Solomon turns and looks at Maggie. She and Vincent pull the glass containment unit out into the center of the room. Solomon kneels down to work on the controls at the base of the containment unit that operate the conditions inside. The white gas inside the container slowly dissipates clearing out of the container, revealing the mummified body inside.
Descardes watches with anticipation, her eyes alight as she sees the body.

Sylvie Descardes: the great Tekkan. The ancient genius.

Standing behind the glass also staring at the mummified body is Vincent. He looks less than impressed by the dead body.

Vincent: mummies. Always trouble.

Jackson hole wyoming

The entire mountainside is covered with a thick layer of snow.

Nikko: yi-i-hah! At last, we're having fun!

Nikko is sitting in the lobby telling a story of his adventures to a couple of
women trying to impress them.

Nikko: so, you're so busy worried about your rope and your harness a-and your axe because you don't know if you're holding it in your hands because you're so numb you can't feel anything. All right?

From behind Nikko, Calvin opens the door and sees Nikko telling the story.

Nikko: so, meanwhile, Iím thinking to myself, Iím on this ice wall in the
middle of antarctica, right?

Calvin walks into the room and stops just behind Nikko.

Nikko: a-and I can't see the top - no way - and the bottom - nothing's gonna happen - so I didn't know if i was going to fall fifty feet or five hundred.

Calvin: it was fifty.

Nikko: yeah, whatever.

Nikko makes the introductions. Vanessa smiles at Calvin who winks back at

Nikko: vanessa, this is Calvin, works for my dad. Calvin, this is the lovely

vanessa: yes, Calvin and I hung out last night.

Nikko nods quietly. Calvin turns and smiles smugly at Nikko.

vanessa: so - what are you guys - are you guys here on vacation?

Calvin: hmm sort of. Nikko was given this trip by his dad for just doing so
well on his first semester at home study. It wasn't easy, either. He had a
very academically demanding high school tutor.

vanessa: high school.

Nikko raises his mug and laughs a little, embarrassed.

vanessa: well, that's really young for an archaeologist.

Calvin: it is really young. It is very young being an archaeologist, isn't it?
but, Nikko here, he just, you know, takes after his father who also happens to own the business, so -

Nikko: well, he also noticed my very deep commitment to the study of ancient civilizations ... so ...

Calvin: right. so, he gave up his dream of starting a boy band and came on

vanessa takes a sip from her cup to hide her smile.

Nikko: well, obviously, my father felt he had enough bookish techies in the
office, he felt like he needed a little bit of support in the field, you know?
Iím saying that's where youth and vitality can be a very big plus.

vanessa: I can definitely see that.

Nikko: and, uh ... stamina, of course.

Calvin doesn't reply to that. the lodge manager walks up to Nikko. Nikko
turns around to look at him.

niko: yeah, what's up?

Lodge manager: sorry to bother you, sir, but, uh, do you by any chance have another credit card? we're having a bit of a problem.

Nikko: problem? what's the problem?

Lodge manager: your card was declined.

Nikko: what do you mean, it was declined?

Calvin looks upward, smiles and mouths, "thank you".

Solomon picks up a photo of a skull in the dirt. He examines the photo under a magnifying glass.

Solomon: Juliet.

Behind him, Juliet walks over to him. He hands her the photo.

Solomon: look at that. All the bodies in the mass grave where burned.

Maggie listens and walks back to the counter to pick up a file folder.

Juliet: that's so interesting because the incas don't burn their dead. That would be in total violation of their belief system.

Maggie: it gets better. I just got the data back on the bone fragments we

She hands the file folder to Solomon. He looks at the results inside.

Maggie: half of those charred skeletons are three thousand years old. Just like Tekkan.

Solomon: and the other half?

Maggie: no more than two years old.

Solomon looks at Maggie, surprised by this news.

Solomon: two years? Are you sure?

Maggie: we even found traces of fibers from clothing. So unless our pre-incans wore polyester and sneakers ... ?

Solomon: what about the tapestries? Any luck on the translations?

Juliet: well, add this to the troublesome list.

Juliet sighs and walks over to the monitor. She puts up the images of the
tapestry fragments.

Juliet: Tekkan's tribe never had a written language. They tied knots, a form
of communication, mostly for record keeping on long strands of wool treads
called kupas. But the ones that were buried with Tekkan don't correspond to
anything that's ever been translated.

Maggie: from what i've learned about Tekkan, he was the da vinci of his time. Centuries ahead in his thinking. Perhaps this is some sort of rudimentary language he was experimenting with.

Solomon: can it be cracked?

Juliet looks at Solomon. she smiles. Did he just ask that?

Juliet: can it be cracked?

Maggie laughs. Solomon laughs.

Solomon: okay. While you're at it, why don't you figure out why a noble like
Tekkan was buried like a peasant, will you?

The phone rings. Solomon walks up the steps to answer the phone.

Solomon: hello.

Nikko: hey, dad.

Solomon: nicholas. how's it going? You having fun?

Nikko: it's good. it's, uh, it's really good. uhm. actually, there's-there's
something that's sort of not so good. uhm. This place, dad, is like really,
really overpriced and a pizza here is like, i don't know, a zillion dollars.

Solomon: what are you trying to say, son?

Nikko: nothing. easy, easy. No no, I was making an observation, that's all.
and, uh, and you know, it's probably the reason why my, uh, why my credit card is maxed.

Solomon: ah, i see. How much?

Nikko: i think, you know, not much. Not much at all. it's like, twelve. it's uh, maybe twelve hundred. give or take ... more, but, you know, uh, dad - you said, have a good time, right? and ...

Solomon: I said, "good". not "fabulous".

Maggie and Juliet openly listen to Solomon's side of the conversation.

Solomon: there's a limit on that card for a reason, right? and you knew your

Nikko: well, i -

Solomon: no, forget it. you're gonna have to figure out a way to handle this
yourself. Iím not bailing you out this time, you got it?

Nikko: i know, dad. but -

Solomon: good-bye.

Nikko: dad? dad.

Nikko looks at the phone. Solomon looks up and sees Maggie and Juliet watching him. both women are quiet.

Solomon: what? that's the right thing to do, right? it's a good lesson for
him. he's got to learn to stick to a budget.

Maggie moves forward and up the steps.

Maggie: when's the last time you stuck to a budget ... "Mr. private jet"?

Solomon: I heard that.

Maggie is openly examining the mummified remains of Tekkan. she's wearing a mask and goggles as she circles the mummy on the table.

Maggie: the well-preserved blouse. The mouth wide open as if gasping for air. Most likely buried alive. The absence of traditional cotton wrapping ceremonial garments supports the findings that the subject was buried naked and hastily. Significantly traces of the stomach and intestines still present. body was not embalmed. Yet it appears to be mummified none the
less. Curiouser and curiouser.

Maggie looks at the mummified abdomen, then removes her goggles. She puts her glasses on so she can see better.

Maggie: obtaining tissue sample by brachbadialis.

she cuts into the abdomen and a spray of spores shoots out and hits her in the face. Maggie blinks her eyes rapidly. She puts her scalpel down and removes her glasses. She presses her fingertips to her eyes.

Maggie: always some damn problem with you older men.

Vincent Kelladyne didn't seem too broken up over luis' death,

Vincent reports his suspicions to Solomon.

Vincent: ... so i did some checking. they've been looking for Tekkan for a
long time. Funding variations of the expeditions since the early sixties.
Sylvie descartes' promotion was based on her promise to finally deliver the

Solomon: why are they so interested in this mummy?

Solomon heads out of the office. Vincent follows him. Their conversation

Solomon: i mean, every time they're around, I get the feeling this really isn't
about cancer research.

Vincent: Iím beginning to have my doubts, buddy of mine at the fcc tells me
that Kelladyne needs a multi-billion dollar score fast. Stock is tanking
because they knew drug development didn't deliver as promised and they got
nailed for adjusting their quarterly reports.

Vincent: we're talking major fraud at the highest levels.

Solomon: what the hell are we in bed with here?

Nikko okay? all Iím proposing ...

Nikko talks with the lodge manager.

Nikko: ... is that we create some type of arrangement whereby I can provide a service that can be applied toward my current debt. and, uh, excuse me for saying this, but I have noticed a conspicuous lack of qualified snowboarding instructors around here, you know? Well with all modesty, Iím pretty darned good. So what do you say?

Nikko: buddy. huh! Yo can loan me the money, it won't be anything.

Calvin: just do your job, right? Be good.

Calvin walks over to vanessa. He takes her hand and they head out of the
lodge. Vanessa turns and waves to Nikko.
Nikko turns back to the tables. he's wearing a white busboy apron tied around his waist as he picks up the dirty dishes off of the table.

Juliet carries a file into the lab. She calls out to Maggie.

Juliet: hey, Maggie?

Maggie unrolls the tape and quietly finishes sealing herself up in the glass
room. She doesn't answer Juliet.

Juliet: Maggie? Are you all right?

Maggie raises her eyes and looks directly at Juliet.

Maggie: get Solomon.

Juliet stares at Maggie. Juliet runs out into the hallway and turns the corner looking into the open room.

Juliet: hey, dr. zond?!

he's not there. She immediately turns and runs into the next room. She sees Solomon standing at the table.

Juliet: it's Maggie. something's wrong.

Juliet turns the monitor on. Maggie appears on screen.

Solomon: what's going on, Maggie?

Maggie: seems al-Tekkan was carrying some kind of germ.

Vincent looks up. Maggie has all their attention.

Maggie: i've been watching him for the last few hours. It is the fastest
replicating virus I have ever seen. Take a look.

The monitor splits in half. On the monitor, she puts up a microscopic view of
a replicating virus. it's not good.

Maggie: a virus this strong can kill a person in a matter of days ... maybe

Juliet: that would explain the thousands of bodies burned in that pit.

Vincent: the containment of a killer outbreak.

Solomon: that means luis must've been exposed when he opened the bundle that morning.

Vincent: he knew he was infected. So he burned himself trying to contain the spread.

Solomon: all right? What are we looking at exactly, Maggie? Is this a tissue

Maggie: no, it's blood.

Solomon: there's no blood left in that mummy.

Maggie: I know. It's mine.

Juliet: my god.

Maggie: I was careless. I've been exposed.

Maggie lifts up her left arm and shows them the skin under her arm near her
wrist. It looks as if it's drying up, mummifying itself.
Juliet turns to a second computer and digitizes the skin on Maggie's arm. She magnifies it over and over.

Maggie: now we know what mummified the great Tekkan.

The view on the monitor shows the various break down of the cells in Maggie's arm.

Maggie: this virus turns host cells into human dust. And then it becomes
airborne. damned efficient means of transmission, huh? don't worry. I've
sealed off the vent. The potential for devastating outbreak is right here in
this building. And Iím patient zero.

Solomon and Vincent meet with Descartesfrom Kelladyne

Solomon: the medical community needs to be made aware of this immediately. No our colleague has been quarantined, but, god forbid it gets released. we're going to have an outbreak on our hands of pandemic proportions.

Sylvie Descardes: dr. zond. Kelladyne appreciates you did the right thing and came to us first.

As she talks, Vincent glances down at the report on the table between them.
descartes notices Vincent's interest in the piece of paper. She quickly pushes
the paper into the folder.

Sylvie Descardes: there are many things to evaluate.

Solomon: no. no.

Vincent stares suspiciously at descartes. She turns from Solomon and looks at Vincent.

Solomon: one of the only people in the world that i trust completely -- a first
rate scientist - has identified a mega-virus that could wipe out millions of

Descartes turns and looks at Solomon. As soon as her head is turned away from Vincent, he reaches into the folder and slips the piece of paper out, hiding it from her. Very smooth.

Solomon: now, we need to alert the centers for disease control, the state
health officials, maybe even fema.

She doesn't say anything. Solomon takes a step forward.

Solomon: are you going to make that call, or should i?

Sylvie Descardes: just give me five minutes. This situation is too crucial. I mean, we wouldn't want to make mistakes.

She picks up the folder off the table and stands up.

Sylvie Descardes: all Iím asking for is five minutes.

She turns and leaves the room. Solomon watches her leave.

Solomon: what is she hiding? There is-is no reason not to call the cdc.

Vincent: maybe there is. I pulled this from her folder.

He hands Solomon the note.

Solomon: analchem.

Vincent: they're a small biotech company with a large international clientele.
if you're looking for the next big thing in biological warfare, it's where you
do your shopping.

Solomon: they're working with Kelladyne?

Vincent: it appears so. they're a subsidiary. If they can break down the
virus and come up with an antibody, then they've got the whole bio-bomb package.

Solomon: sell the plague. Make a fortune.

Solomon sits down heavily in the chair.

Vincent: sell the cure. Make even more.

Solomon: jeez.

Vincent: she said five minutes. Five minutes, their security could seal this
place up completely. Time to go.

Descartes turns the corner to the hallway. She walks rapidly with purpose.
following her are a half-dozen other men.

Sylvie Descardes: i want that mummy. Send your operatives into their location now. What are you still doing here?

worker: maybe --

she holds up a hand cutting him off.

Sylvie Descardes: Iím not interested in details. I want results.

They reach the waiting room where she last left Solomon and Vincent only to
find the room empty.

Sylvie Descardes: they've gone.

The elevator bell dings. Juliet is already rushing to it to meet with them.

Juliet: all our phone lines are down.

Vincent and Solomon step out of the elevator.

Vincent: it's Kelladyne. they've jammed out cell phones, too.

Solomon: let's go. Got to get Maggie to a hospital.

The three of them rush down the hallway toward the lab.
Maggie turns off the table lamp just as Solomon, Vincent and Juliet walk into
the room. Her right hand is now covered with mummified skin. it's getting
worse. Juliet turns the speaker on between the two

Juliet: here, dr. zond.

Maggie turns her hand and notices her dried diseased skin.

Solomon: Maggie.

Maggie turns around and looks at them.

Solomon: we're getting out of here. we're going to find you some help.

Maggie: I've been watching this thing for hours. It's opportunistic and it
takes no prisoners. You can't move me now. It would just help it spread.

Juliet: well, we'll get you to the best doctors. they'll know what to do.

Maggie: Iím going to stay right here where it's contained. Until we can figure something out.

Solomon's cell phone rings. Juliet turns and notices it ringing. Solomon
reaches to answer it.

Juliet: I thought they were jammed.

Vincent: It's got to be her.

Solomon: this is Solomon.

Sylvie Descardes: can we finish our conversation now?

Solomon: when someone up and disappears from my office, they usually assumed that the conversation is over.

Solomon, Vincent and Juliet head back to the main office.

Sylvie Descardes: i knew you'd go straight back to save your friend.
commendable, but predictable. If I were you, I'd make sure that air lock stays tight. She doesn't look too good.

At that, Solomon stops dead in his tracks. He turns back to look at Vincent.

Solomon: they're watching us.

Vincent: could be anywhere.

Already Vincent runs to check the windows. Solomon turns and goes back to his phone conversation.

Sylvie Descardes: you're totally cut off, dr. zond. We control all your
communications now.

The computer monitor next to Solomon blips and a new screen appears with a big red warning sign in the middle. Solomon turns and looks at it. Their firewall is being scanned.
uliet is at the computer monitoring what's going on. Behind them, Vincent is
checking the windows to try to find how they're watching them.

Juliet: they're in the system trying to shut us down.

Solomon covers the phone speaker.

Solomon: well, try and keep them out.

Vincent is shutting the window blinds.

worker opens the door to the waiting car. Sylvie Descardes walks out of the
building still on the phone with Solomon.

Sylvie Descardes: this situation between us can escalate and get ugly. Very ugly.

she slips into the back seat of the car. the worker closes the door for her.

Sylvie Descardes: or we can come to some reasonable compromise.

Solomon: yeah, one of us walks out of here and goes to the police.

Sylvie Descardes: your friend's life is at stake and so is the risk of an
outbreak if I have to send my team in there in a hurry to recover what's
rightfully mine.

Solomon: you wouldn't do that.

Sylvie Descardes: I have complete faith in the Kelladyne research team to come up with an antivirus in due time. But unfortunately, there would be a lot of death on your conscience before then.

Solomon: my conscience? You want me to hand over an ancient virus so you can bio-terrorize the world to make a buck.

Sylvie Descardes: we're not monsters, dr. zond. Kelladyne is all about helping people. Like your friend, Maggie. We operate the number one immune disease hospital in the world. let's get her taken care of and Iím sure we can come to some mutually beneficial arrangement.

Solomon: well, the last one didn't work out so well.

Sylvie Descardes: it's a brand new world as of two hours ago. let's discuss
what you might need to make this happen. Cooperation is the only thing that might save her, dr. zond.

Solomon stops and thinks a moment. He turns around to look at Juliet behind him.

Solomon: give me a minute.

He puts the phone down, then turns to look at Juliet and Vincent who stands
behind her looking at the monitor over her shoulder.

Solomon: can we get a message out?

Juliet: they've hacked in so they can hear what we send.

Vincent: can't even call the police. Kelladyne will be monitoring their
disbatch. they'll hit us before the cops get here.

Solomon: how long do you think Maggie can last?

Vincent: why, what are you thinking?

Solomon: Maggie said that the ashes in that pit were no more than two years old.

Vincent: there must've been an outbreak two years ago. If we can find a
survivor ...

Solomon: then he or she would have immunity.

Juliet: we could extract their blood, deliver it straight to the cdc and an
anti-virus could be formulated bypassing Kelladyne completely.

Solomon: exactly.

Vincent: if there wasn't a survivor?

Solomon: we don't have a choice. Iím not going to let her go down without a fight.

Vincent: then, we'd better get someone to peru. Find that person. Nikko and Calvin. they've got the jet, right?

Solomon: that's a long shot.

Vincent: it's the only one we've got.

Solomon: oh, how do we get a message to them without Kelladyne finding out.

Juliet: well, Calvin and i deciphered a lot of ancient languages some of them
we still haven't published.

Vincent smiles as the plan comes together. Solomon looks from Vincent to

Solomon: do it.

Through a telescope, we see Sylvie Descardes get out of the backseat of the
car. they're at their destination. Up in a room in a building, a man looks through the telescope out the window. He listens to Sylvie Descardes on the speaker.

Sylvie Descardes: our jet's just arrived are they cut off yet?

man at telescope: i see you coming in. almost there. we're
working on it.

Sylvie Descardes ducks through the plastic sheeting hanging down from the walls and walks into the office area where the men are.

Sylvie Descardes: we're going to shut them down or not?

Man at laptop: few more seconds.

The man at the laptop continues to work. Sylvie Descardes walks over to the
window and looks out through the blinds.

Male voice 1: we got visual.

Male voice 2: room position secured.

Across the park and across the street, Sylvie Descardes looks at the veritas

Juliet has sheets of the ancient alphabet spread out on the computer table in
front of her as she works to get the message typed out in the language that only she and Calvin know. Solomon walks up to the window and takes his jacket off as he gives Juliet information for the message to send.

Solomon: as soon as they get there, tell them to find a man named Ricco
givetta. he'll take them to the village to the right people, hopefully.

Juliet types as fast as she can, the ancient language symbols appearing on
screen as she types, but the urgency and importance of his message gets to her. She can't afford to make any mistakes.

Juliet: dammit.

Solomon: easy, easy. Look you can do this. c'mon.

Juliet: okay.

The man at the laptop types as fast as he can, trying to shut down the veritas network.

man at laptop: c'mon.

the code on the monitor screen appears.

Juliet continues to type out the encrypted message to Calvin.

Man at laptop: we're through the firewall.

Juliet: okay.

She hits the enter key.

Man at laptop: Iím shutting down their server.

On the monitor, the message: connection established flashes.

Man at laptop: we're going to freeze their entire system.

Code scrolls across the screen.

man at laptop: excellent.

Juliet moves the cursor over send and clicks. the computer beeps. "message
send" appears on screen.

Man at laptop: here we go.

He presses the enter key and the computer beeps.

Juliet stares at the message send on the screen. the computer beeps and the message disappears.

Solomon: good job.

Juliet: okay.
The message Juliet sent is on the monitor screen. The man at the laptop stares at it. This doesn't look good. he looks up at Sylvie Descardes who is peering out the window between the blinds.

Man at laptop: think you better see this.

Sylvie Descardes: what is it?

She lets go of the blinds, turns around and heads back to the man at the

Man at laptop: last transmission from zond's computer.

Sylvie Descardes: so why aren't they shut down?

He stares at the encrypted message.

Man at laptop: they are now, but this got out.

She looks at the message on the monitor, lines of unreadable ancient text.)

Sylvie Descardes: what does it say?

Man at laptop: it's code or something. This is the e-mail address it was sent

Sylvie Descardes: i want to know who this is and where they are right now.

Calvin walks up to Nikko.

Calvin: come on. Get your stuff. we're leaving.

Nikko: well, what about the hotel? What about the tip-

Calvin: it's taken care of. Jet leaves in twenty minutes. we're going to peru.

Nikko: what's wrong?

Calvin looks at Nikko. He doesn't say anything, but it's written on his face.

Nikko: is it bad?

Calvin: real bad. let's go.

Calvin turns and leaves. Nikko quietly follows him.

Nikko and Calvin sit at a table meeting with the guide.

Ricco givetta: this is a very dangerous thing for me to do. I ake a great
risk. A man who risks his life is worth a lot of money and they do not like
dealing with outsiders.

Calvin: but, a quarter of your fee, now; a quarter of your fee when you put us in contact with the villagers. The more you deliver, the more you make. that's it.

Ricco givetta: half up front. that's my policy. You have to remember, I have
to find them out.

Nikko: okay, how about this. To start? nothing. When we get to the village, nothing. When you produce an outbreak survivor, we'll double your original asking price.

Ricco givetta: you got a deal. But she is well protected. I will arrange for
the trip to be --

Ricco givetta stands up. Calvin moves to stop him, but Nikko interrupts.

Nikko: all right see, that's why vanessa likes me more.

Calvin: right. I mean, really. what woman wouldn't find a bus boy

Nikko: oh, I guess it's "safer".

Peruvian man: now, he wants me to take them to the village where we found Tekkan. He wants to find the survivor of the last outbreak.

Sylvie Descardes is on the phone. She turns to the Kelladyne worker looking
through the telescope.

Sylvie Descardes: zond's got his kid in peru. he's trying to procure the cure
on his own. The locals seem to trust him, we might as well let them lead us to it. With the mummy and the blood of a survivor in our possession, we'll have everything we need.

She goes back to the phone conversation.

Sylvie Descardes: go ahead. Take them to this village.

Peruvian man: but what about the boy and his friend.

Sylvie Descardes: we'll grab them when they get back to new york.

Maggie is in her sealed lab rapidly writing something down. The lab is silent
except for the sounds of her pen scratching on paper. She eans hunched over the table in intense concentration on what she's doing. From what we see, the disease has started to spread to her face.
She holds the pen in one hand and a pen flashlight in the other, using both at
the same time, one to light the words as she writes them. She writes so fast
that the pen flies out of her hand. It lands on the floor with a clang.

Maggie: damn.

Maggie stands up to pick it up. Solomon walks into the room. He knocks lightly on the glass to get her attention. Maggie looks up at him. Solomon picks up the phone as he looks at her.

Solomon: how you doing?

He sits down. Maggie starts talking. rapidly. The words tumble over

Maggie: i don't know what's going on. But this virus expands your abilities
somehow. And it's making me smarter. i've just catalogued all the data from
the mummy bundle. How long would that usually take? A week? Wit a team of five people. i've just done it in three hours. Ironic isn't it? i've got something inside me that's turning me into a genius.

She stops. Tears well up in her eyes.

Maggie: and then, it's going to kill me.

Solomon: Maggie, you're not going to die. I won't let that happen.

Maggie: even if Nikko and Calvin come back with a blood sample, the chances of developing an anti-virus in time aren't good.

Solomon: Iím getting tired of hearing that.

Maggie: Solomon. you know, i think you are an amazing man -- and you're a little bit crazy -- and you're a fighter. But every now and them, something's going to come along that might just be tougher than you are.

Solomon: Iím sorry I got you into all of this.

Maggie: nobody put a gun to my head to work here. Now let's do everything we can to kick this thing's ass and kick it good. But if I lose this one, let's not have those left behind beat themselves up over something they couldn't control.

Solomon: why Ė I accept the kick ass part, but refuse to listen to the rest.

Maggie: that's ... what i love about you. you're so darned predictable.

Solomon laughs and smiles.

Calvin and Nikko meet with Ricco givetta and another villager.

Ricco givetta: there s a sole survivor. They call her "the angel".

Calvin: all we need is a vial of blood. See then we will be out of your hair
for good. You can go back to your war or your drug running. or ... whatever it is that you need ak-47's for.

villager: look, we're not terrorists or drug dealers. we're protectors of our
people - of all people. It is our duty and our legacy to keep the power of
Tekkan out of the wrong hands.

Nikko: so, why are you trying to stop us? we're trying to save someone's life.

villager: two years ago, when the Kelladyne team uncovered the same mass grave your father found, it unleashed an epidemic that swept through twelve villages until there were no people left to kill -- including the entire Kelladyne team. So that's why we burn the bodies. even the three-thousand year old remains. We wanted to get rid of it, but we couldn't find Tekkan himself. unless the source is destroyed, it's not over.

Calvin: it is. If we can develop an anti-virus from your angel's blood. We want to help.

villager: look we know you have the resources that we do not have. But unless Tekkan is consumed by flames, the death spores wiped out forever. If we have a deal like that, I will take you to see the angel.

Maggie is in the lab looking at the strips of cloth. Juliet stands on the
outside talking with her.

Juliet: i took the patterns that you catalogued and ran them through the
computer, they don't match anything on any database. Iím out of options.

Maggie: it doesn't matter. I don't need the computer.

Maggie lightly fingers the torn tapestries with her hands. Under her touch,
the ancient characters lift and move into a readable format. As she looks at
it, Maggie starts to read.

Maggie: i am Tekkan. Medicine man to the king and his people.

Juliet: you can read that?

Maggie: in a culture with no written language, he created a way to
document everything he did. These are his experiments. His formulas.

Maggie quietly reads further and suddenly looks up at Juliet.

Maggie: he bio-engineered this virus. it's all here.

surprised, Juliet turns and looks at the mummified remains.

The villager leads Calvin and Nikko through the underground hallway. They pass many other villagers waiting in a line against the hallway wall.

villager: she's become a living myth with the villagers. A miracle angel who
was sent by god for a higher purpose. You know, there are some who believe she's over three hundred years old. Now she devotes all her time to the healing arts.

Nikko: she's a doctor?

villager: a kurandera. A healer.

A senora walks up to them.

villager: hola, senora.

senora: como esta.

She motions for them to follow her. Nikko looks from the woman to the
villager, uncertain whether he should.

villager: it's okay.

senora: i will take you to her.

She takes Nikko's arm and leads him and Calvin over to the other side of the
room where a young girl sits in front of a candle-lit shrine, her back to them.
They stop in front of her. The young girl gets to her feet and turns around.
she adjusts the veil she's wearing to look at Nikko. he's surprised by how
young she is.

Nikko: estres? Are you the angel? Will you help me?

Maggie slowly gets to her feet off the chair she's been sitting on. Solomon
watches from beyond the glass wall.

Solomon: are you in pain?

Maggie starts to pace the floor, her head turned away from Solomon.

Maggie: no. no. but all my senses are heightened. Like my synapses are
firing on full blast. it's a really remarkable thing, you know. We should
be running tests. Monitoring my vitals.

Now we see that Maggie is further along in the disease, her skin drying and

Solomon: Maggie, you don't have to be brave for me.

she turns and looks at Solomon.

Maggie: thank you. Solomon. If they get in here - Kelladyne - you know what you have to do, right?

Solomon: don't even think about that.

Maggie: we have to think about it. This whole lab and everything that's in
here has to be burned.

Solomon: Maggie.

Maggie: if we run out of time, it's your only choice. Th Maggie you're
talking to now, won't be here. i'll just be a vessel for the most efficient
killer this planet has ever seen.

Solomon: we've got other options.

Maggie: stop it!

Solomon: I don't want you giving up.

Maggie: just listen!

Solomon: all right.

Maggie: you may have to kill me. If you don't, they'll be no future for you or Nikko ... or anyone.

Maggie sits back down on the chair. Solomon doesn't say anything. As is her
way, Maggie tries to lighten the atmosphere. Though the words are light, it
does little to ease the gravity of the situation.

Maggie: you know, you're in my will.

Solomon: oh, yeah?

Maggie: yeah. You get my secret chili recipe.

Solomon: who gets the coltrain records?

Maggie: my cousin.

Solomon: maybe she'll trade.

A vial of blood is placed in the slot in the cooler along with the other vials.
Calvin closes the cooler.

villager: Tekkan cannot be studied or preserved. he's not an archaeological
treasure. he's death itself. Remember our agreement, you must destroy him.

Nikko: you have my word.

villager: good.

Sylvie Descardes pours herself a cup of coffee as they wait. The Kelladyne
worker walks over to her filling her in on what's going on in peru.

Kelladyne worker: brovera just called. zond-boy and his babysitter are on the way back from peru with the blood sample.

Sylvie Descardes: what about the survivor?

Kelladyne worker: under the protection of the villagers. they've got her

Sylvie Descardes: that doesn't matter as long as we get the blood.

Kelladyne worker: we're monitoring the jet. they're about three hours out.

Sylvie Descardes: move in on zond. I want to own that location by the time
these kids get back with the sample.

Solomon and Vincent walk into the office. Vincent is carrying a roll of paper
that looks like it might be a map or schematic of something.

Solomon: i wish we knew if Nikko and Calvin were all right.

Vincent: they're resourceful young men. We have to protect ourselves now.

Vincent unrolls the map onto the table.

Vincent: Sylvie's upped the ante. I've spotted snipers here, here and here.
they're getting ready to make a move.

Solomon: you know, when surrounded, the best strategy is to attack.

Vincent: did you just make that up?

Solomon: yes, I did. Would anybody in their right mind have ever said that? all right. we're here. Where do you figure she is?

Vincent moves around the map and stops next to Solomon. He studies the map with Solomon's question in mind. He points.

Vincent: here. Up a floor. Corner unit. Unobstructed sight lines to the
front and side entrances. All she'll need is a sniper to cover the back. We go
through our basement, use the old sewer system, come out here.

Vincent points to a location on the block.

Solomon: how many do you think there are?

Vincent: there won't be a big crew. They don't want to attract attention. but they'll be the best. Heavily armed. they'll make it look like a robbery. take a few things. it'll be over in a matter of minutes.

Solomon: jeez. I don't even want to know how you know this stuff.

Vincent turns and looks at Solomon.

Vincent: no man, you really don't.

Solomon drops down into the basement from the ceiling, his flashlight held in
his mouth. once his feet touch the ground, he takes out the flashlight and
heads for the grate that leads to the sewers below. Solomon reaches out and tries the grating. He moves it a bit when he sees flashlight movement on the other side headed toward him

he lets go of the grate and quietly moves to hide behind a pillar. The man with the flashlight reaches the grating.

Man with flashlight: we're at the grate. we'll be through in five minutes.

The Kelladyne man with flashlight starts using a torch to burn through the
grate fastenings. Hiding behind the pillar, Solomon watches.
The man with flashlight continues to burn through the grating as Solomon
watches from behind the pillar.

Juliet: Maggie?

Maggie has advanced into the disease. She can barely stand up any more. she makes her way across the lab by clinging to the tables, dragging her body by her arms. She picks up the stack of papers off the table, her back to Juliet.

Maggie: these are my notes on the anti-virus.

He pulls her way to the safe where she puts the notes inside.

Maggie: Solomon has the combination. it's changing now. something's happening to me.

Maggie collapses to the floor.

Juliet: Maggie! Maggie!

Vincent walks into the lab behind Juliet.

Vincent: you can't help her now. Com on.

He grabs her arm and pulls her out of the room.

Juliet: wait.

Vincent has a firm hold on Juliet's arm as he leads her through the hallway.
he is unrelenting and his grasp firm. He ignores her protests.

Juliet: we can't just leave her here.

They walk into the main office.

Vincent: we don't have a choice. they're coming.

He grabs the monitor off the table and walks over to the window to glance
outside. He hands her the hand-held monitor.

Vincent: you can keep an eye on everything with that.

He walks over to the safe and takes out an automatic weapon. Juliet's eyes
widen with the seriousness of the situation. She watches as he slings the gun strap over his shoulders and takes out a second hand-held gun.
Without a word, he grabs Juliet's arm and leads her back out into the hallway.

Juliet: wait.

Together they ascend the stairs to the next floor. Vincent follows Juliet
making sure she goes all the way up to the top. When they reach the top of the stairs out of view of the lower floor, he instructs her to duck under the

Vincent: get low.

Juliet ducks as she passes the window and sits on the stairs. Vincent sits on
the stairs below her.

Juliet: okay.

Vincent puts his hand gun down and removes the automatic weapon from over his shoulder. He cocks the gun putting a bullet in the chamber and hands it to Juliet. She takes it reluctantly staring at the weapon.)

Vincent: they'll be wearing kevlar. Aim for the head.

Juliet: uh, uh, Vincent. I can't -

Vincent: they're not coming here to take prisoners.

Their eyes meet. Making sure she got the message, Vincent pats her on her leg reassuringly.

Vincent: stay down.

He gets up and starts back down the stairs. Juliet stands up alarmed that
she's going to be there alone.

Juliet: where are you going?

But Vincent is already near the bottom of the stairs. He doesn't stop; he
doesn't turn around.

Vincent: down!

Juliet peers over her shoulder at the window and promptly sits down on the
The Kelladyne man uses the torch to burn their way through the grating. once done, he puts his torch down. He grabs the grating to remove it.
Solomon takes the opportunity. He steps out, runs and kicks the grating into
the Kelladyne man, knocking him out. Solomon looks through the hole leading out into the sewers.

Calvin and Nikko sit in the back of the ambulance. Nikko holds the igloo on
his lap, both hands clutching the precious cargo.
He Kelladyne man fills Sylvie Descardes in on what's going on with the blood

Kelladyne man: they had an ambulance waiting for them on the tarmat. We should be intercept?

Sylvie Descardes: no, not in public. We don't want to take any chances with
that blood sample. Just secure the headquarters and we'll grab them when they walk in.

Solomon turns the corner, ducks under the plastic sheeting hanging from the
ceiling and walks into the room. The men sitting at the tables are surprised.
they grab their guns and stand.

Solomon: welcome to the neighborhood. wow. I love what you've done with the place. nice.

He looks around. Sylvie Descardes turns around and smiles at Solomon.

Sylvie Descardes: i can't really imagine that you've come to your senses, so -
why did you decide to drop by?

Solomon: there's no reason to go to all this trouble. All this spying. People in the bushes. guns. All you really want is the virus, right?

Sylvie Descardes: i love a man with a firm grasp of the obvious.

Solomon: here it is.

Solomon takes his hand out of his pocket and blows the dust particles in his
hand all over the Kelladyne people. A large cloud of brown dust hangs in the
air getting into their eyes and noses.

Solomon: spores of the most virulent microbe on earth. Our research estimates death twenty-four to forty-eight hours after exposure. it's airborne. we've all got it now.
Juliet sits on the stairs her back to the wall clutching the gun tightly to her
chest. she takes deep breaths trying to calm herself.
She turns and looks at the hand-held monitor that shows the various security
camera views of the foundation. She watches as the front door opens and a couple of Kelladyne men in suits walk in.
Juliet clutches the gun tightly and takes deep breaths trying to calm herself.
she glances out the window, then back down at the monitor. From the monitor, she sees Maggie turn the bunsen burner on high, the flame
shooting out and away from her.

Juliet: oh, my god, Maggie.

Juliet stands up. she glances out the window, grabs the monitor and runs down the stairs heading toward the lab. Juliet enters the lab and looks around. She knocks on the glass.

Juliet: Maggie! Maggie, where are you?

Inside the glass room, the lab is dark. The bunsen burner flame is on and the mummified body is on the table, but Maggie is nowhere in sight.

Juliet: Maggie, please talk to me.

Solomon sits quietly on the table.

Sylvie Descardes: you seem very calm for a man who basically just committed suicide.

Solomon: when you consider the only other alternative is getting murdered, you find inner peace fairly quickly.

He turns and looks at the other Kelladyne men who have now taken their jackets off and loosened their ties.

Sylvie Descardes: that. And knowing that your son is on his way from peru with the anti-virus.

Solomon stops and turns to look at Sylvie Descardes.

Sylvie Descardes: there's not too much I don't know right now. In fact, Iím betting it's in my hands before yours.

Solomon: when you go down, you really go down. But I wouldn't be sure it's going to play out that way. And if you don't get your hands on the blood
sample, you're dead. -now are you guys willing to let her take that chance for you, huh?

The ambulance speeds along the street, sirens wailing. Inside the ambulance, Calvin and Nikko escort the igloo with the blood samples inside.

Juliet stands against the glass door looking inside the sealed off lab room.

Juliet: hey, just a little bit longer till Nikko and cal get back, okay? Come on. you've figured out the formulas!

Maggie: don't try to keep me talking. it's over.

Juliet: you can't do this. You can't -

Juliet takes the gun off her shoulder and uses the handle to smash against the lab door.
The elevator door opens and the Kelladyne men walk out. Both of them are
carrying guns.

Kelladyne man: we're in. no resistance so far.

Sylvie Descardes: good. Get the mummy and wait for dr. zond's son to return with the blood.

He nods and turns back to his cell phone. Sylvie Descardes leans in close to

Sylvie Descardes: you chose the wrong side, dr. zond.

Kelladyne man: they didn't stop here, they went straight to the lennox hill

Solomon: that's my boy. No you chose the wrong side, lady.

She turns around to look at the Kelladyne man behind her.

Sylvie Descardes: stop them.

Solomon grabs her and turns her around to look at him.

Solomon: are you sure you want to play it like that? I mean, if I know my son, he won't give up without a fight. That blood could end up all over the street. Listen to me. You call off your men and you'll get the anti-virus. it's life or death, ms. Descardes. Very few people ever get to pick.

The two gunmen walk out across the lobby. From behind the corner, Vincent
stands with his back to the wall watching them. The side door opens and two other gunmen walk into the lobby. The four men get the same radio message.

Kelladyne man: we have a no-go. abort. Abort immediately.

Vincent watches as the gunmen turn and leave. Once they're gone, he turns back and breathes out a heavy breath.

The ambulance doors open. An officer steps out of the back of the ambulance and a cdc doctor steps into the back of the ambulance.

dr. breitshauer: dr. breitshauer, cdc, I came up right after we spoke.

Calvin: one hell of a housecall.

Nikko: here, you're going to want this.

Nikko gives him the cooler and they all head out of the ambulance.

uliet continues to pound the gun handle against the door lock trying to get
the glass door open.

Maggie stay away from me!

Juliet doesn't let up. She continues to pound the gun handle against the door trying to get it open.

Juliet: Iím not going to let you die!

Maggie stands up in front of the glass, the skin on her face completely covered by the disease. it's dry, her hair turning stringy from the virus.)

Maggie: stay away from me!

Maggie holds on to the bunsen burner in her hand. She slowly backs away from the door. She turns away just as Solomon rushes into the lab.

Solomon: no! Maggie, wait! Maggie! Nikko and cal made it. you're going to be all right. you're going to be all right.

Maggie turns to look at Solomon. He looks from her to the flames, then back to her again.

Maggie shuts the burner off, then collapses to her knees on the floor as she

Solomon: it's all right. it's all right.

Maggie continues to cry.

Solomon sits on the corner of his desk. he's on the phone.

Solomon: hello, Sylvie. Solomon.

The kalladyne workers are dismantling the office.

Sylvie Descardes: have you got the anti-virus?

Solomon: cdc's got it right now, it's going to do wonders with my colleague.
but unfortunately, it does nothing for anyone who's been exposed to derma

Sylvie Descardes: what?

Solomon: house dust, ms. descarde. it's called a bluff.

Sylvie Descardes: you son of a -

Solomon hangs up, disconnecting the line.

Sylvie Descardes hangs up as the police officers walk into the room.

officers: you're under arrest.

Vincent watches as the mummified remains of Tekkan is consumed by fire. one by one, the camera passes over each member of the veritas team touched by the events of the last couple of days as they watch the fire consume the ancient remains. For a group of people dedicated to finding the truth in the past, this is one relic best left undiscovered. Each person watches the mummified body burn, each silent with their own thoughts. Tekkan has managed to touch each one in its own way.

Maggie who looks healthy and cured from the disease.

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Veritas the quest
Name of god

Under the large magnifying glass is a piece of stone with ancient writing on
it. This is the same stone tablet found in nova scotia back in 1x06: sangraal.
the Translator studies the writing, Solomon stands just behind him leaning over his shoulder to see the writings.

Translator: there's a little aramaic thrown into it with some olds
stuff I've never seen before. Wow where did you find this?

Solomon: do you think you can translate?

Standing off to the side looking through an old book is Vincent. He openly
listens in on the conversation.

Translator: nobody can translate this. Mayb a Belshem.

Solomon: a what?

Vincent: the Belshem. Jewish miracle workers.

Solomon turns and looks at Vincent.

Vincent: they were said to possess the knowledge of the name of god. In jewish culture, the real name of god is unpronounceable. God yahweh and adonai, they're just the words used to represent god. The actual name of god holds enormous power.

Vincent turns the book that he's been looking through around and holds it out for Solomon to look at. Solomon walks over and takes the book to look at the story inside. The Translator stands up as he explains.

Translator: legend has it that god tested abraham by asking him to sacrifice
his only son. And just before abraham did the deed, god send down an angel to stop him.

While an elderly man with a white beard is lying on the bed, a younger man holding a prayer book in his hand sits by the side of the bed praying.

Translator: the angel put his hand on abraham's shoulder and whispered
god's true name into his ear. Abraham passed the knowledge of the name down to isaac. And isacc passed it down from teacher to pupils for thousands of years.

Vincent: those pupils became the Belshem. They can supposedly use the name of god like a magic spell - to heal the sick, to destroy their enemies, make it rain.

Solomon: okay. Where do I find one?

A jewish man stands by the side of the bed praying. Outside the hospital
building, men sit in a car and watch. One of the men in the back seat opens the car door and leaves.

Translator: poland, germany, holland. Anywhere there's a jewish
cemetery. they're all dead.

Inside the hospital, we see various reflections off of mirrors and metal images
of a man in a dark coat walking inside the hospital.

Translator: hitler knew about them too. Scared the hell out of him. He hunted them all down and wiped them out.

Solomon: all of them? And none survived?

The man in the coat takes a couple of latex gloves out of the box.

Translator: there are rumours of one or two Belshem escaping and hiding
somewhere in the us, but even if that's true, you'll never find them.

Inside the hospital room, the Belshem looks at his watch. He turns and leaves the room as if knowing that something is going to happen.

Translator: the communities that follow them have always tried to keep
their identities a secret for their protection.

As the Belshem closes the door behind him, the man in the coat walks past the patient room window. He puts on the latex gloves.

Solomon: what about a book that describes the language? I mean, something.

Vincent: no. the Belshem tradition is passed down orally.

Translator: the angel whispered the name to abraham. He never wrote it down.

Vincent: if there's a Belshem out there, we'd better find him soon. If we're
after him, so is dorna.

Solomon looks at the picture of abraham, isaac and the angel.

The man in the coat walks up to the patient in the room. he's wearing latex
gloves and holds a small vial in his hands. He uncaps the vial and leans in
close to the old man on the bed.

The Belshem's mouth starts to move as he murmurs words. The man in the coat stops what he's doing as he leans in to listen to the words. Suddenly the Belshem sits up, his arm reaching out to grab the man in the coat's lapel in a firm grip. He continues to utter the words at him, louder.
The man in the coat is stunned. He backs out of the hospital room scared. The Belshem points an accusatory finger at him shouting the words in a loud powerful voice.
The front doors open and the man in the coat runs out of the hospital. The men sitting in the car parked across the street watch as the man in the coat
staggers out onto the street. A passing car nearly hits him, its driver beeps
the horn in warning. The man is knocked to the road disoriented.
He pushes himself and looks up as the ambulance heads toward him, not stopping for him. The ambulance runs right over the man in the road, its tires screeching to a halt too late. The men sitting in the car get out of the car. The man in the coat is dead in the middle of the street. The men from the car look down at the dead man in shock at what they see. The man in the coat's hair is now completely white.

Dorna man 1: oh, my god. Look at his hair.

Dorna man 2: it's turned white.

Inside the hospital, the Belshem has stopped muttering the words. He takes a deep breath, exhausted and lies back down on the bed.
Calvin sits at the desk; pieces of paper are spread out in front of him. He looks tired and explains where he is in his research to Solomon.

Calvin: there are records of the Belshem dating all the way back to abylonian
times. But as soon as you hit world war ii, that's it. nothing. I mean, it's
a dead end.

Solomon: there's no such thing as a dead end.

Solomon turns and walks away. Calvin continues to explain.

Calvin: yeah, right. Well that's all there is, though. Okay you can call it
whatever you want, you can call it a black hole or ...

at his words, Solomon stops. it's obvious he's thought of something.

Calvin: what?

Solomon turns around.

Solomon: you can't see black holes because they're devoid of light. We find
them by looking for the things that are around them. we've been focused on
looking for the Belshem, but they're the black hole. We need to start looking
for the same things that surround them.

Calvin: right. right. yeah - no. i'm sor-

Solomon: if the tradition of the Belshem was passed down from generation to generation, then why not the tradition of the people who worship and protect them? Find those people. And you'll find the Belshem.

three men from dorna meet and discuss what to do next.

Dorna man 1: nice work at the hospital.

Dorna man 2: the rabbi must have used the power of the Belshem on our man.

Dorna man 3: the old guy scared him so badly, he made his hair turn white.

Dorna man 1: we're not going to let him use his power on any more of us. our inside man is going to have to kill the rabbi.

Dorna man 3: oh, i'm not sure he's up to it. he's a little funny.

Dorna man 1: "funny". I am not going to let zond translate that text. The translation will lead him to the training ground. The ring is our birthright.
we're all racing to the same goal here. Our only advantage is that zond doesn't know that it's a race, yet. And I am not giving that up, do you understand?

Dorna man 3: yes, sir.

Dorna man 2: yeah.

Solomon, Calvin and Nikko sit around the table. Pieces of research paper are
spread out covering nearly every inch of surface.

Solomon: these are the eight communities where the Belshem are rumoured to have come from. Now if we track the movements of the survivors of all those communities - all those towns, they all end up - in - woodmere.

Nikko: long island?

Solomon: right under our noses.

he turns to look at Calvin.

Solomon: or right under your nose.

Vincent: the synagogue is the center of the community. If we're to find the Belshem, this is the place to start.

Vincent opens the doors. He Solomon and Nikko walk into the synagogue. they look around. Vincent hears something and heads for the back. the other follow.
Vincent and Nikko open the curtains and find the men of the congregation
sitting around the tables and eating, a low murmur of conversation fills the
air. Slowly everything stops as they turn around to look at their guests.

Jewish man: yes?

Solomon: excuse us for interrupting. We just want to speak with your rabbi.

Jewish man: some men have waited years for an audience with the rabbi.

Solomon: well, we don't have that much time.

Ben: well, can I help?

Solomon takes out a photo from his jacket pocket and shows it to Ben.

Solomon: i need you to show this to your rabbi, please.

Ben takes the photo. He and the other jewish man steps aside to talk it over.
a low murmur rumbles through the room.

Solomon watches the two men talk for a moment. We can hear bits and pieces of their conversation.

Jewish man: who are these people?

Ben: i don't see how showing him a picture could hurt him.

After a short moment, Solomon turns to Nikko and Vincent.

Solomon: they're not going to let us talk to him. We need to make a pre-
emptive strike.

Nikko: how are we supposed to tell which one's our guy? there's got to be at least ten rabbi-looking dudes in here. And how do we know the one that we find is even the Belshem?

Esther leans down toward the old man with the white beard who looks like the man in the hospital bed in the teaser.

Esther: are you done?

He nods and she takes his plate from him.

Vincent sees the exchange and gets an idea.

Vincent: follow the bones.

They watch as Esther puts the plate on the counter alone and away from
everything else.

Vincent: they believe the Belshem has god's ear. Anything he touches is
blessed. Sharing from his plate is a great honor.

They watch as two other jewish men take the already eaten bones from the plate and eat the remaining scraps of meat off of them.

Nikko: that's hard core, man.

They turn and look at the back of the old man.

Solomon starts for him just as Ben and the other jewish man returns.

Ben: the rabbi will not see you.

Solomon's not listening to them. He heads for the old man. Ben tries to stop

Jewish man: whoa-whoa.

Solomon puts the piece of stone on the table in front of the Belshem. Other men stand up to stop Solomon.

Jewish man: all right. All right.

The Belshem stares at the stone on the table. The jewish men push Solomon back toward the door as he struggles against them.

Jewish man: take it easy. Take it easy.

Jewish man: careful.

The Belshem raises his hand. The men in the room notice and everyone quiets down. The Belshem continues to stare at the stone Solomon put on the table in front of him.

He motions for Solomon to come to him. Solomon steps away from the men and stands next to the Belshem. The Belshem motions again and the jewish men and Solomon help him to stand up. Everyone gets to their feet in respect as he rises.

Belshem: come. Come we go to my home.

Esther pours the Belshem a hot drink in a glass.

Belshem: why don't you look after our friends. I want to talk to dr. zond alone.

Ben: but shouldn't I stay here?

Belshem: we can figure these things out ourselves.

Esther: not too long, zayde.

Esther leans forward and kisses her grandfather on the cheek. Esther walks out of the room carrying the teapot. Vincent, Nikko and other jewish men linger out in the hallway. As she passes by him, Nikko introduces
himself to Esther.

Nikko: hi. hey. I'm Nikko.

Esther doesn't say anything. She walks by him. Ben follows Esther and stops to talk with Nikko.

Ben: I'm Ben. Pleasure to meet you.

They shake hands, but Nikko's attention is on Esther.

Nikko: nice to meet you.

Ben follows Esther out as Nikko watches. Nikko sighs. He turns around to look at Vincent who was watching the entire exchange. He smirks at Nikko in
amusement. Putting his index finger and thumb in the shape of an "l", Vincent places it flat against his forehead toward Nikko.

Belshem: somebody tried to kill me two days ago. It is my guess, this has
something to do with it.

He points to the stone Solomon gave to him. Solomon nods.

Solomon: dorna.

Belshem: dorna?

Solomon: dorna and I are both in the answer-finding business. The only
difference is I look to help people, they look to help themselves. They knew I couldn't translate the text by myself, so they tried to eliminate you.

Belshem: so, I have you to thank for all this.

Solomon: I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

Belshem: don't be. I wasn't being sarcastic. Fo sixty years, i've lived here
- praying, advising, waiting -

Solomon: waiting for what?

Belshem: waiting for you. Waiting for this.

Solomon: can you translate it?

Belshem: I can. And I will. But you must allow me to complete the job, no
matter what the cost. Translating is a steel jewel and physical trial. It is a
herculean task, and while my spirit grows stronger each day, my body disappoints me.

Solomon smiles, appreciating the humour.

Solomon: I don't know, rabbi. I don't think I want to play a part in
expediting your death.

Belshem: when you found this relic, the fabrics of our destinies became
entwined and the tapestry, those threads folded can give the answers to
questions men have asked for thousands of years.

Solomon: what questions? Rabbi what is hidden in there that is so important?

Belshem: the secrets of the universe, dr. zond. The secrets of the universe.

Nikko sits in the office reading. Juliet walks into the office and sees Nikko
reading. She can't believe it.

Juliet: you're actually studying?

Nikko: well, I thought it might be nice to learn a little about the cultures
we're getting involved with.

Nikko stands up and hands Juliet the book. She reads the cover.

Juliet: "getting high on hebrew"

Nikko: yeah.

Juliet: then why haven't you read all the rest of the books I gave you about

Nikko walks over to the table where he has stacked up all the books Juliet gave him. He goes through them, handing them to her one by one showing her that he already did.

Nikko: well, the ones about how the sect of judaism of woodmere follows
traditions and codes that predate all known jewish customs? Or the ones that talks about how unconventionally devoted they are to their rabbi even under the strictest orthodox standards? Or the ones about how they've just began using modern amenities like telephones? Oh are those the books you're talking about?

Nikko walks past Juliet who now has a suspicious look on her face.

Juliet: what are you up to?

He walks down the steps and grabs his jacket and backpack.

Nikko: nothing.

Juliet: where are you going?

Nikko: woodmere, to help dad.

Juliet: what's her name?

Esther kneels down next to her grandfather, holds his hand and sings to him.
The sound of the front door opening and closing is heard. The man at the door nods that Nikko can go inside. Nikko walks in and lingers in the hallway outside the study. Through the open door he spies Esther kneeling in front of her grandfather, holding his hand and singing to him to bring him comfort.
When she finishes, her grandfather smiles down at her. She smiles back. He looks up and sees Nikko just outside the doorway. He motions for Nikko to enter. Th door squeaks open. The Belshem taps the desk top for Nikko to hurry up. Nikko pushes the door open and slowly enters the room while Esther makes the introductions.

Esther: zayde, you remember Nikko.

Belshem: oh, come in. let me ask you something, young man. Do you think a wife should be allowed to file suit for divorce from her husband on the grounds of hereditary sterility?

Nikko: hereditary sterility? that's not possible.

Belshem: smart boy. jewish?

Nikko: no.

Belshem: nobody's perfect.

The Belshem looks at Esther and smiles. The Belshem starts praying. he uses a deep spoon to remove a tan-colored powder and spreads it out on the silver platter. He continues to pray. Vincent and Solomon watch. He takes a second scoop of the same powder and spreads it out on the silver platter. He uses the back of the spoon and spreads the powder out on the silver
platter. He puts the spoon aside. He removes the cloth from around the stone tablet to expose the writing on it. Using a thin stylus, he starts to write the words into the powder.
Looking at a framed picture, Esther uses the glass to look at her reflection.
she removes her cap. Nikko enters the room. Esther turns around and looks at him. He walks further into the room.

Nikko: so, what do you guys do for fun around here?

He picks up some fruit from a bowl on the table and starts juggling.

Nikko: i mean, you must go to movies or something, right?

Esther: no.

Nikko: no tv either?

Esther: no, never really saw the point.

Nikko: well, it's tv. There is no point. that's kinda the point.

Esther: well, I guess that's my problem with it. In our community,everything
has a point.

Esther walks into the next room. Nikko follows her.

Nikko: all right, so fine. Everything has to have a point, but you still have
to have a good time, right?

Esther: we dance, sometimes.

Nikko: you dance. Well have you ever been to the sat club downtown? They have a great dj Ė I guess, that wasn't the kind of dancing you're talking about.

Esther: no.

Nikko: okay, so what kind of dancing are you guys into?

Esther: well, it's kind of hard to describe.

Nikko: well, show me. Come on. Show me, please? please? it'll be fun. I promise.

Esther: all right.

Nikko starts forward his hands outstretched to hold her. She stops him.

Esther: no touching. Just stand right over there.

She points to the far end of the room.

Nikko: okay.

Esther: we just kind of put your hands up - just go like that.

She raises her arms and demonstrates. After a few steps, she finds herself in
front of Nikko. Suddenly self-conscious, she looks away.

Nikko: so, I put my hand up like this?

Esther: yeah.

Together they dance for a moment. Esther smiles.

Ben: Esther.

They stop and look up to find Ben standing in the doorway.

Esther: Ben.

Ben: your grandfather is ready for his tea.

Esther picks up the tray from the table in front of her and walks out of the
kitchen leaving Ben and Nikko looking at each other.

The Belshem struggles to climb up the stairs. He uses his hands on the
railing, grips it tightly and pulls himself up the stairs. He breathes heavily
with the exertion. After a few steps, he stops and takes a pill. There is someone standing in the shadows behind him nervously playing with a
string from his vest. He takes out a small hand-gun. This person rounds the
corner and slowly lifts the gun at the Belshem Esther walks out from the room carrying an armful of linens. The person stands directly behind the Belshem and raises the gun preparing to shoot. Esther walks into the room, looks up, sees the intruder and screams. The intruder turns and runs without firing a shot. Esther drops the linens and runs up the stairs to check on her grandfather.

Esther: zayde, are you okay?

Belshem: yes. yes. I just lost my breath.

The other jewish men stand upstairs talking, Solomon and Vincent confer
under the stairs.

Solomon: we gotta up security. No one gets into the house that we don't know.

Vincent: the girl said it was too dark to get a look at the man's face, but she
was sure it was one of them.

Solomon: so, dorna has someone on the inside. who?

Vincent: I wouldn't discount anyone right now.

Solomon leaves. Vincent walks away. Solomon climbs up the stairs and stops in front of the Belshem, Esther and two other men.

Solomon: you were very lucky.

Belshem: yes, perhaps. But never underestimate the power of the Belshem.
Ha this is the polite smile of the non-believer. I assure you my power is real.

Solomon: i'm sure it is. But i'm a scientist. Scientists believe in data. facts.

Belshem: data. facts. All right. The language of the Belshem. Th legend
has it, it was written down only once. In the tablets of the ten commandments. But the legend appears to be wrong. The writing on your relic was written down with the same letters as well.

Solomon: you're saying whoever wrote the text saw the tablets of the ten

Belshem: no, whoever wrote this on the relic also wrote the ten commandments.

This news surprises Solomon and sounds so incredible that he rolls his eyes

Solomon: you're not serious.

Belshem: oh, the scientists.

Solomon: don't get me wrong, I think that there is something behind all this,
I'm just going to wait till all the facts come in before i decide what it's name

Belshem: call it what you will, but I warn you, once you hear the voice of god, there's no turning back. These are not secrets to be kept in a museum case, this is not a treasure hunt, this is a call to your destiny.

Ben stands in front of the altar. He picks up a hat and puts it on. he picks
up a small mirror and looks at his reflection. He tilts the mirror to the side
and finds two dorna men standing behind him

dorna man 1: we thought you were going to kill him.

Dorna man 2: are you having second thoughts? Maybe cause we could stop the money transfer if you've changed your mind.

Ben: no. don't do that. I'm all right now.

Dorna man 1: you don't look all right. Does he look all right to you?

Dorn man 2: no, he looks scared.

Dorna man 1: hmm.

Dorna man 2: i think he's afraid of the power of the Belshem.

Ben: there is no power of the Belshem. He just uses all that hocus pocus to
keep everyone under his thumb. I've been the rabbi's chief pupil for ten
years. and all he's taught me is how many lumps he likes in his tea.

Dorna man 2: well, that may be true, but this community believes in all this
hocus-pocus. If they discovered you're a fake, they'd be crushed.

Dorna man 1: devastated.

Dorna man 2: how could they trust you as their leader after that?

Ben: look. I've never killed anyone before.

Dorna man 1: the first one is always the hardest.

Dorna man 2 puts his hand firmly on Ben's shoulder.

Dorna man 2: you used to be a man with a plan. Remember when this is all's said and done, you'll have our money and the community.

Ben: I have a plan and this time I won't be stopped.

He lifts his shirt and shows them the gun tucked in his waist. Dorna man 2 sees the gun, grabs it and pushes Ben back down until he has the gun pressed against his cheek.

Dorna man 2: guns. Are messy. It has to seem natural.

Dorna man 1: smother him.

Dorna man 2 backs away from Ben.

Dorna man 2: smothering's good. it's clean.

Ben: I can handle that. sure. I can do that.

Dorna man 2 hands the gun back to Ben who takes it. Dorna man 1 clasps a hand firmly on Ben's shoulder as they leave.

Ben: tell me one thing, though. what's in that text that's so important?

Dorna man 2 stops and turns around. He says something in jewish that Ben seems to understand immediately.

Ben: isaiah. "and it shall come to pass in the end of days that the lord's
house shall be established on top the mountains. And all nations will flow unto it."

Dorna man 1: those days are coming. And the house is ours.

The two dorna men turn and leave.

the Belshem is praying out loud. Vincent, Solomon and Ben sit and watching him pick up the stylus and start writing in the powder. He gasps and staggers backward. Solomon and Vincent get out of their seats and
run over to him.

Solomon: rabbi!

Solomon catches the rabbi before he falls down.

Ben: that's enough for today. Everybody out for a while.

Belshem: no. let me go on --

Solomon: rabbi, you're too weak.

Belshem: then I'll be strong. Let me go on. let's - perhaps I will sit in my
chair this time.

Solomon helps him stand. The Belshem turns and heads for his chair. Solomon helps him sit down.)

Solomon: I think we should leave.

Belshem: what are you trying to do? Run away with the text to keep me from translating it? You think I wouldn't come after you?

Nikko is at the computer downloading something. As soon as the cd ejects out of the drive, he removes it and labels it: Esther.

Belshem: you look like a man with something important to say.

Nikko flips the disk over and we see his reflection on the disk.

Solomon walks into the room and sits down in the chair next to the Belshem.

Solomon: you know if we'd found this object ten years ago, it would be my wife, haley, hounding you to translate it.

Belshem: ha-ley.

Solomon: this was her passion. She understood the risks as did i, but the work just seemed too important not to take risks for. Sometimes i'm not so sure if we were right.

For a moment, Solomon is lost in his own thoughts.

Solomon: rabbi, I would trade all the answers to all the questions in the world just to walk down a crowded street and have her hair brush by me once. Right now, what i'm asking myself is whether whatever is on that tablet is worth your people losing you over.

Belshem: when I was a boy in poland, the nazi's took my parents away. I never saw them again. I was put to work in a munitions factory. One day, they caught me stealing jam from a guard's lunch pail. they beat me till I almost died. but I didn't die. I was saved that day and many days since. not because I was better than other men, but because I must fulfill my destiny. Our destiny. The universe has called to us, Solomon. They ask you to find this wonderful thing and bring it to me. We are on god's path now and you must continue to walk till you find out what's at the end. Whether i'm there to guide you or not.

Esther is at the stove cooking. Nikko appears in the doorway.

Nikko: zeah mosareah toth?

Esther turns around and is surprised to see him. she laughs.

Nikko: ah, I just didn't say it smells good, did i?

Esther: no, you , uh, basically said it stinks.

Nikko: oh.

Esther: it was nice of you to try, though.

Nikko: thank you. anyway, look, I-uh-brought you something.

Esther: oh.

He opens the cd player.

Nikko: i wanted to show you that pop culture has a point, too. we'll start out
with the classics for lieu of the hotter stuff.

Nikko turns the cd on. otis redding's "try a little tenderness" starts.

oh, she maybe weary / them young girls they do get wearied / wearing that same
old miniskirt dress / but when she gets weary / you try a little tenderness

Nikko picks up the knife from the cutting board and uses the handle as a
microphone. He lip syncs along with the music.

Nikko: then it kinda picks up here.

you know she's waiting / just anticipating / the thing that you'll never, never,
never, never possess yeah / but while she's there waiting / just try a little
tenderness ...

Esther laughs as she watches Nikko.

The door opens and Ben walks into the room. The Belshem is standing over the tray of powder continuing with the translation. Ben shuts the door behind him.

Ben: you're thinking about the outsiders.

Ben plays with the string at his vest.

Belshem: good men are only outsiders amongst the evil ones.

Ben: is that why you've embraced him with such open arms? Told them all about your precious tradition. A tradition that's supposed to belong to me?

The Belshem turns around and places the tray of powder on the desk in front of him.

Belshem: the source of all sadness is pride, Ben. Proud men think they're
entitled to everything. but ... why all this jealousy? Soon the entire
community will be yours.

Ben: because this doesn't make any sense to me? I mean, why choose me? why make me your heir, then teach me nothing of value? Why hold me as your successor and look on me with disdain?

Belshem: look into your heart, Ben, you know the answer.

Ben: no. I need to hear that from you.

Nikko continues to lip sync to the song as Esther watches and laughs. He spins and hits the knife against the counter. The knife slips and cuts his
hand. He gasps and breathes heavily as the blood drips from his palm.

Esther: just relax.

Esther grabs Nikko's hand and pulls him over to the sink. She starts singing
to him. She looks at Nikko, then stops singing. She drops his hand and walks over to the other end of the kitchen, her back to him. Nikko turns and looks at his hand. it's completely healed. He walks over to her. Esther seems almost as shocked as Nikko. She turns to look at his hand.

Nikko: it's you, isn't it? you're the next Belshem?

Esther holds on to Nikko's hand.

Nikko: I still don't understand, I mean, why you?

Belshem: because the times for elevating a man and turning him into a god.
it's past.

Esther: grandfather believes in the tradition of the Belshem, but he hates
what's become of it.

Belshem: I chose you, because I knew that as soon as you become Belshem, the people would realize that their hearts can bring them closer to the truth than any man.

Esther: he wants to set the Belshem free. So he put the treasure in the
tradition in the place that no one would ever think to look. In the voice of a

Nikko: and Ben?

Esther: Ben is a figurehead. Someone to deflect attention away from me.

Belshem: I chose you because you are the least good in man I know.

Esther turns around to look at Nikko.

Nikko: we've got to tell my dad. okay? You can finish translating the
writings and your grandfather can rest.

Esther: no. no, no, no. look, I begged my grandfather, but he doesn't want to risk my secret to anyone. If anyone in the community were to find out, they'd lock me up to protect me. it's their sworn duty.

Ben puts a hand on the Belshem's shoulder. Then he grabs him and puts the
pillow up against the Belshem's face, smothering him. The Belshem struggles. Ben pushes him down against the desk. Ben now has both hands pressed against the pillow, applying pressure to cut of the Belshem's air. The Belshem reaches out and knocks the pan of powder on the floor. He tries to
get Ben off of him. Suddenly the Belshem stops struggling. Ben lets go of the pillow and takes a step back away from the body.

Nikko: when all this is over and Ben takes over, you can do whatever you want. right? You could leave, right?

He leans in slowly to kiss her, but stops when they hear footsteps approaching. The ook up and see the back of a man rushing out of the kitchen and out of the house as the doors slam behind him. Nikko enters the study and sees the Belshem on the floor dead.

Nikko: oh, god.

Esther rushes forward and kneels down next to her grandfather.

Esther: zayde? zayde? no, zayde?

Solomon rushes into the room and kneels down next to Esther.

Nikko: dad!

Solomon checks for a pulse. Vincent enters the room.

Nikko: it was Ben. It was Ben.

Esther: no.

Nikko runs out of the room, the door slamming behind him. Solomon hears the door slam and looks up.

Solomon: Nikko, wait! Nikko!

Esther: no.

Nikko runs out of the house to look for Ben. He finds Ben standing with a
group of other jewish men. Nikko walks up to them.

Nikko: Ben, what happened in there?

Ben sees Nikko. He points and shouts.

Ben: there he is! He killed the Belshem.

Nikko: what?

Nikko turns and runs. The men run after him.

Man in crowd: grab the boy!

Man in crowd: kill the boy!

The front door opens. Solomon and Vincent step outside. They see the men

Man in crowd: he killed the rabbi!

Man in crowd: get him!

Nikko turns the corner and runs. More men appear and block his way. finally, he's trapped.

Nikko: hey! wait. look, I didn't do anything! it was--
Ben: his lies make it worse. I saw him do it.

Man in crowd: you saw the boy kill the rabbi?

Solomon and Vincent push their way through the crowd to get to Nikko.

Ben: I walked in on him.

Esther runs forward toward the middle of the group.

Esther: no, he's lying. Nikko and I saw him come running out of zayde's

Ben: Esther, you're his accomplice!

Vincent: so, you never went into the office?

Ben: no, as soon as I saw the rabbi dead, I ran for help.

Vincent: really? Tur around.

Ben turns around and sees the back of his jacket in the reflection of the metal container nearby. The Belshem's tan powdered handprint marks are on the back of his black jacket.

Solomon: how do you explain that powder on your back and your shoes?

The crowd looks at Ben's back and his shoes. Both are stained with the

Ben: this means nothing. This means nothing. I saw him do it.

Vincent: then why lie about going into the office?

Man in crowd: you couldn't have gotten that powder on your shoes or those marks on your jacket, unless you were in there with the rabbi.

Esther walks forward to look at Ben.

Esther: how could you?

everyone watches. Suddenly Ben pulls out his gun and grabs Esther from
behind. he holds the gun to her head.

Ben: back off! Back off!

Solomon: don't do this, Ben. Give me the gun.

Solomon holds out his hand for the gun. Ben points the gun at Solomon. He turns this way and that trying to look for a way out.

From behind Solomon, Nikko rushes forward and jumps Ben pushing Esther out of the way.

Nikko: no!

The two struggle for a moment, then drop to the ground.

Solomon: Nikko!

Solomon pulls Nikko off of Ben.

Voice in crowd: Ben!

there's blood on Ben's shirt. Ben touches the shirt but Solomon realizes that
he's not bleeding. He turns to look at Nikko who just realizes that he's got
blood on his shirt. He looks at this bloodied hands and staggers backward.

Nikko: dad?

Solomon: oh, god. no!

Nikko falls backward to the ground. Vincent and Solomon kneel down next to

Esther: Nikko!

Solomon: call an ambulance!

Ben scrambles to his feet to run away, but a man in the crowd punches him in the face and knocks Ben out. He falls to the ground unconscious.

Solomon: call an ambulance!!

It starts to snow around them. Esther kneels down next to Nikko. She puts a hand on Solomon's shoulder trying to calm him down.

Esther: it's okay. it's okay.

Solomon turns and looks at Esther. She puts her hand on Nikko and instructs

Esther: it's okay. Just relax. Just relax.

Solomon: hang on.

She takes his hand in her and starts to sing. Nikko tries to stop her.

Nikko: don't. no. stop this. don't. they'll know. stop.

The people in the crowd around them watching step forward. Esther continues to sing.

Nikko: Esther, no. please.

Th crowd around them slowly realizes what they are seeing.

Female voice in the crowd: she's the Belshem.

voice: Belshem. The Belshem.

She continues to sing.

Nikko: Esther, stop. no.

She finishes her song and leans in close to kiss Nikko, but the men around her gently grab her and pull her away from him.

Nikko: no, she doesn't want to go, no. no she doesn't want to.

Finally the crowd pulls her away, her hand dropping Nikko's hand. The crowd
folds in on itself hiding her from his view.

Nikko: she doesn't want to go, dad.

Solomon: stay still. it's all right.

The crowd disburses, whisking Esther and Ben away with them leaving somon, Vincent and Nikko out on the street. In the distance the sounds of approaching sirens get louder.

Worship service is in progress as the leader speaks. Sittin in the congregation are Solomon, Nikko, Calvin and Vincent. After the service they walk out of the room and into the hallway. The leader walks out after Nikko.

leader: so? How are you?

Nikko: fine.

Solomon: it appeared to be worse than it was. The doctors said that if the
bullet just grazed the major artery one millimeter to the left, then he'd be

leader: he's very lucky.

Solomon: perhaps. Never underestimate the power of the Belshem.

Without another word, Solomon walks away. Vincent steps forward and puts an arm around the leader.

Vincent: and Ben? He survived your fierce attack.

Nikko listens with only half an ear as he looks around the place for a familiar

leader: he'll survive. Unfortunately for him, he'll probably be surviving in a
jail cell for he rest of his life.

Vincent nods, then walks away also. The leader notices Nikko.

leader: she's not here. she's been taken to one of our sister communities for
her protection

Nikko doesn't say anything, but turns to leave. the leader stops him.

leader: don't bother looking. You won't find her this time.

Nikko: how can you keep her hostage like that?

leader: she's bound to us by tradition, Nikko. A tradition that's bigger than
her. For what it's worth, her being the Belshem has forced some people to re-think some of that tradition. Maybe one day things can be different. until then, she asked me to give you this.

He hands Nikko an envelope. Nikko takes it.

Nikko sits on the steps and looks at the sealed envelope. Solomon sits down
next to him.

Solomon: what's the note say?

Nikko: I haven't looked yet.

Solomon: girl sends you a love letter and you don't even read it?

He nudges Nikko in his side. Nikko grimaces, but smiles a bit, too.

Nikko: okay.

Nikko gets to his feet.

Nikko: stay there, all right?

Solomon: okay.

Nikko walks over to the windows and opens the envelope. He pulls out the piece of paper and looks at it. he's surprised by what he's reading.

Nikko: dad. dad. it's the text. She translated it.

He hands the paper to Solomon. Solomon reads through it as Nikko sits back
down on the steps.

Solomon: it's the story of the ring of truth. "at the dawn of creation, god wore a ring of truth on his finger. The ring held all of god's wisdom and thus all of his power."

Solomon: "god used the ring to create the universe and all it's wonder, but it was only when the ring created man, that god was awed. For the ring had created man in god's image and in the best of mankind, god saw himself. As a gift to his greatest creation, god removed the ring of truth from his finger and Bent down to place it on the hand of man ... "

Behind them, Vincent steps into the room to listen.

Solomon: "... to make them gods, but the angels begged god not to."

Solomon: "man had free will. he could be fearful ...

The voice changes and the Belshem is now reading the translated text.

Scene from 1x03: skulls photo of hitler posing in his office.

Belshem: "he could be good.

scene from 1x03: skulls bella nicholson kisses the crystal skull after finding it.)

Belshem: "he could lie."

scene from 1x01: the reunion haley reaches out to touch the wall. The center of the sun symbol starts to light up.

Belshem "shaken by the angels' doubt, ...

scene from 1x02: Antarctica the ice and snow Beneath starts to break revealing the pyramid below.

Belshem: "god decided to test man, so he hurled the ring down to earth,
where it broke into many pieces - "

scene from 1x01: the reunion Solomon reverently touches all of haley cayce's journals in the briefcase. He takes out a single leather-bound book with her name printed on the front in gold letters.

Belshem: " ... pieces he hoped his proud creation would seek out and

scene from 1x01: the reunion Solomon pushes a stone brick aside to look at the large symbol in front of him. He lifts up the journal and compares the symbols with the drawing in haley's journal.

Belshem: "pieces that once reassembled will show mankind the ultimate

scene from 1x06: sangraal the stone knight statues are etched into the walls of the chapel.

Belshem: "the power of god. If they are worthy, they will place the ring on god's finger and become gods as well.

scene from 1x02: Antarctica the top of the pyramid is pulled and intense light and a magnetic pulse shoots out in a circular arc away from the pyramid top. the cavern starts to shake.

Belshem: "if not, they will try to wear the ring themselves and he will
destroy them forever.

scene from 1x04: heist Juliet reaches out a hand to touch the sphere of archimedes.

Belshem: "finding the pieces is god's test to man.

scene from 1x01: the reunion Solomon unrolls the map of antarctica on the table.

Belshem: "reassembling the ring is the path to mankind's destiny. Worthy or not worthy.

shot of Vincent, "strong", and of marshall franklin (from 1x02:
antarctica), "weak".

Belshem: "strong or weak.

Solomon, "good" and of a dorna man "evil", who stands above heinrich cordova's slumped over body.

Belshem: "good and evil.

writing on the stone through a magnifying glass with specific emphasis on the symbol of the grail in the center.

Belshem: "the truth becomes us all."

Having finished reading the translation, Solomon looks up, stunned. The other members of the team including Juliet stand around him.

Nikko: that's a great story, but what does the ring of truth have to do with

Solomon turns around and sees everyone standing behind him. He doesn't know the answer to that question and remains silent.

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veritas: the quest
devil child

state psychiatric building -- moscow

sensitive pads being placed along alexi's temples to monitor his brain patterns. another is placed on his body. the slide projector is turned on and the ancient writings are projected on the wall. the runic writing is projected on alexi's face.

government man:
untranslated in Russian

they turn alexi around so that he's facing the ancient writing projected on the wall.

government man:
untranslated in russian

he leans in close to the little boy.

government man:
can you read this language?

he indicates the ancient language that he wants alexi to translate for him.

government man:
i know that you can. you must tell us what you know.

the monitor takes down alexi's brain wave pattern.

government man:
untranslated in foreign language.

the boy doesn't answer.

government man:
persists untranslated in foreign language
untranslated in foreign language

the government man steps away from the boy and stands in front of a government
woman watching nearby.

government man:
confidentially in foreign language [subtitled: he's lying
isn't he?]

the government woman glances at alexi.

government woman: in foreign language
subtitled: read outs show he comprehends every language. he chooses not to understand.

the little boy doesn't move from his position facing the wall. he listens in
on their conversation.

government man:
in foreign language subtitled: then we will keep him here until he changes his mind.

the little boy appears scared by the mere thought on the monitor, maggie scrolls through several screens of various ancient languages. the first screen appears to be in greek, an asian language, and other various written languages. maggie is sufficiently impressed.

maggie: he wrote all of these? that's incredible. how old is he?

calvin: eleven. you know, i could barely work a pez dispenser when i was

calvin takes a seat. solomon walks into the room.

solomon: okay. what do we have?

maggie: papers from the people at the orphanage.

solomon: let me see.

calvin turns around to get the papers.

calvin: fluent french, russian, greek,

calvin hands the papers to solomon who looks through pages and pages of
comprehensive writing in various languages, each page a different language.

calvin: everything you'd expect from a linguistic savant from this region.
then he can speak japanese, mandarin, sanskrit. it goes on and on. this kid is
a freak of burlesque nature.

maggie: his teacher said that he could master any language after a matter of
days ... sometimes even hours. she knew he was special, so she took him to the
university to be tested. within the week, the state doctor took him away.

calvin: all because of these. amazing, huh?

calvin shows solomon the pages of ancient runic glyphs. pages and pages of
them written in a coherent manner.

solomon: the glyphs?

maggie: i scanned them for clarity.

solomon: and?

maggie: they're the real deal. just like the glyphs found in antarctica.

maggie turns to the monitor to compare the glyphs taken from the pyramid found
in antarctica to compare them piece by piece to the language written by alexi.
the matches are incredible.

calvin: the oldest written language ever unearthed, yet never translated.

solomon: haley decoded a few of the symbols, but never enough to crack the
entire language.

calvin: if this kid really can understand this, we make history.

solomon: we have to take that boy.

alexi sits alone on his bed in his room. his arms are clasped around his
knees. he sits there unmoving afraid of everything. the doorknob rattles and alexi jumps.
the door bursts open and a masked man dressed in black enters the room. alexi
doesn't move. alarms go off.

masked man:
come on!

the security guards run past the ward desk, through the hallway toward the room.
back in alexi's room, alexi tries to avoid the masked man's grasp. he reaches
for alexi, but alexi scampers away from him.

masked man:
come on! come with me

finally, the masked man pulls off his mask. it's solomon. he looks directly
at alexi and speaks to him in a quiet, calm voice.

it's okay. i'm here to help you.

alexi looks into solomon's eyes trying to discern whether he's telling him the
truth. security guards arrive just outside the room door, their guns out and
in their hands. the lead security guard opens the door and enters the room. he
checks it out only to find that it's empty. the government man and government woman walk into the room after the security guards while hospital personnel look on in the hallway. they check the room out and it is definitely empty.

government woman:
in foreign language she murmurs an expletive.

she turns and leaves the room. solomon holds on tightly to alexiís hand while they run across the lawn outside away from everyone inside. they turn the corner of the building as they escape.

vincent is sitting in front of a monitor watching solomon and alexi in the next
room. alexi is sitting on the bed and solomon is helping to settle him in.

you rest now. this is a safe house, alexi. you'll be protected here.

on the monitor, solomon stands up and leaves the room, closing the door behind
him. in the next room, solomon walks in and closes the door behind him. he walks
over to vincent.

he's scared.

he's just spent quality time with ex-kgb. how would you feel?

vincent turns to look at alexi on the surveillance monitor.

how long do you think we have?

vincent looks up at solomon standing nearby.

probably a day or two before they can trace us.

hopefully, that will be enough. once he translates the glyphs for us,
the secrets are out, they'll belong to the world. they won't touch him once we
go public. we'll all be safe.

or we could all be sharing a cell in lubianka. unless he talks to us.

vincent looks at the monitor where alexi is lying on the bed in the next room.

out on the table is the brown leather bound haley cayce's journal. solomon
takes another journal out and opens it to a page with runic glyphs written on
the top halves of both pages. solomon looks at the pages as he speaks with alexi who sits on the other side of the table from him.

there are my wife's notes. she knew this language was important. she
spent her life trying to unlock the mystery.

solomon turns the journal around and puts it down on the table in front of
alexi over other pages of ancient writings littered on the table top. he looks
at alexi.

tell me what it says. please?

alexi says nothing. misinterpreting the child's silence, solomon looks around for other

here. here you, uhm ...

solomon stands up and gets the paper and pens off of a nearby counter. he puts
them in front of alexi. he uncaps the pan for alexi and holds it out to him.

you know what? you can ... write it down. okay?

alexi doesn't say anything. he looks at solomon, terrified of him. solomon tries again to convince alexi to talk with him.

look alexi, the only way that i can help you is if you tell me your
secret. if we gave this language to the world, to get it out into the open ...

solomon looks at alexi. the little boy is crying silently, tears falling from his eyes. solomon stands up and stops pushing.

sighs ... i'm sorry.

nikko sits on the sofa bored to tears. he leans back, slouched, nearly horizontal while he throws a hackysack ball up into the air repetitively with his right hand as he listens to juliet's boring lesson. unperturbed, juliet sits on the opposite end of the sofa with her notepad open on her lap, quizzing nikko.

hyp-nom-ker-bi-pho-lium. ?


moss. pro-si-dia-mai-ko-da. ?


fungus. ol-mai-ko-dah ?


she looks up from her notepad, pointedly at the hackysack.

well, that is really distracting.

nikko looks at juliet.

counters well, so are you. that's why i need this.

come on. you've got to learn this stuff for your bio-quarterly.


nikko sits up on the sofa.

sighs mold grows on cheese. uh, fungus grows on feet and moss only
grows to the north side of things. what more do i need to know?

nikko leans back on the sofa to resume throwing the hackysack ball up into the
air. the door opens. solomon and alexi walk into the room. he motions to juliet.

hey, can i see you for a minute?

juliet gets up. nikko takes the opportunity to get his dad's attention.

dad. tell me everything that you know about moss.

it's soft, it's green and it only grows north.

juliet turns around to look at nikko. he smirks at her.

see? highly educated man.


solomon turns to juliet and speaks softly to her. nikko and alexi eye each
other while listening in.

i want you to accept this little boy schooling. he reads
and writes all the languages, but maybe he doesn't know how to speak it.

all right.

she steps away from solomon and steps toward alexi.

hi. i'm juliet. would you like to join us?

alexi doesn't say anything.

all right. i'll be back later.


she puts a hand on his shoulder and leads him over to the sofa to take the
space next to nikko. nikko sits up to make room for the little boy.

well, just in time for the contagious airborne spores unit.

solomon rolls his eyes, turns and leaves the room. he shuts the door behind
him. juliet holds out a picture card of a tree.

habla? parlay vous francais?

alexi glances at the childish card, rolls his eyes, and looks away from juliet.
he doesn't say anything. juliet doesn't miss anything. she looks up at nikko.

together. all of us.

alexi doesn't say anything. he glances warily at nikko. he doesn't look at


she looks at alexi and tries another language.


nikko starts to fidget as it's getting rather uncomfortable because of its
obviousness. she repeats the word in the other language all while watching alexi's

let's try another one.

nikko can't take it anymore. he looks at juliet and interrupts her.

bursts out why don't you try leaving the kid alone.

alexi looks at nikko, surprised that he's even defending him. juliet looks up
at nikko, surprised at the outburst.

he's been at this for like thirty minutes. maybe he just doesn't want
to talk.

juliet looks down at alexi who stares at nikko.

look, when i was in seventh grade, i got sent to a new boarding school?
i didn't say anything for the first three weeks. i just didn't feel like it.
that's all.

the door opens and calvin walks into the room. he motions to juliet.

hey. we need you for a sec.

juliet stands up and leaves. she walks past calvin and out the door. calvin
looks at nikko and points to him.

you boys play nice now.

he closes the door behind them. nikko gets up from his seat and takes the
space on the couch next to alexi that juliet had just vacated, the one directly
in front of the television set. he grabs the remote off of the table in front
of them fully intending to relax and take a break.

sighs ah. recess.

alexi doesn't say anything, but he looks at nikko. nikko turns on the
television set and glances at alexi. alexi looks away, then stands up, quietly
moving away from nikko. nikko watches him move away from him.
on the computer monitor. on the screen, the computer runs the
various glyph symbols through the database trying to match what alexi had
written to anything on file.

we've been studying alexiís papers and the symbols he's written.

he repeats this one several times. it's a glyph for a place called

standing off to the side, slightly behind maggie so that he can see the monitor
is solomon. juliet appears next to him.

the pyramid site?

told you she'd know.

calvin looks over his shoulder at vincent.

they were discovered by an egyptian archaeologist named
zahari in 1884. they've been closed to the public since the end of world war i.
officially, it's because they're crumbling. unofficially, they say that zahari
found a secret chamber covered with hieroglyphic panels completely in tact. but
no one has ever been allowed to see them.

why hide something for a hundred years if it's not important?

you said zahari was egyptian, well, then his papers would be stored in
the museum of cairo. he'll have notes, maybe etchings ...

solomon turns around and pats calvin on his shoulder.

calvin! you'll go.

yeah. , no.

well, i need everyone else here.

yeah, but if the pyramids were closed, then the files will be restricted.

not if you know the right people.

what people? your people?

vincent levels calvin another smug look. calvin turns to look at solomon.


nikko is watching a b-rated horror flick complete with screaming woman. it's
in black and white and utterly horrible. nikko's having a blast. he laughs to
himself while watching the television set. nikko turns and glances over at alexi who sits quietly at the table over by the window. though he tries to stay by himself, he can't help but watch the show, too.

you've ever seen this before? it's freaking funny. whoever
thought this was scary?

alexi stands up and walks slowly over toward nikko.

monsters in the 1950's american cinema symbolize the collective fear of
the unknown.

he looks sheepishly at nikko and takes the seat he had just abandoned before
next to him on the couch. nikko stares at him, surprised that he's talking to

well, so, you do talk.

only when there's someone worth talking to.

they both laugh.

yeah. well, there's definitely nothing wrong with you that's for sure.

nikko grabs something off of the table. well, that's that. in front of a video game, the two boys are playing each other. we see their reflection off of the monitor. alexi is thoroughly enjoying himself.

no, no! you are so toast!

"game over"

nikko turns to alexi immediately.

all right. it's okay. all right. rematch that's for sure. let's go.

i beat you twice.

i don't care, you're going down.

yeah, you wish.

they start another game: battle one. the game begins.

so, uh. how do you speak english so well?

tv. radio. stuff

you know other ones, too, right? i mean, how many languages can you

uh ... i don't keep track.

something happens on the game. the two boys pull back on the couch in reaction
to the game.

oh, yeah. you deserved that.

alexi smiles. they resume the game. after a brief pause, nikko glances over
at alexi.0

you know, uh ... my dad ... he's okay. you don't have to be scared of

alexi looks away from nikko.

yes, i do.

why? he's not a bad guy ... and plus, he wouldn't have rescued you if
he didn't want to help you.

then, why am i a prisoner here till he gets what he wants?

i mean, it's just another language, right?

alexi doesn't say anything.

what are you hiding?

solomon is sitting in the chair looking through haley's journal and alexi's
writings. he puts the paper with alexi's writings on the table in front of him
and glances at the monitor with the surveillance feed from alexi's room. it
shows alexi on the bed sleeping.
while he sleeps, alexi starts to twitch and move. we hear various sounds as if
something or someone it talking to him. he gets agitated and his eyes under his
closed eyelids move rapidly. back in the camera room, solomon pushes his chair toward the coffee machine to refill his cup. his back is momentarily turned away from the monitor. alexi sits up abruptly in bed, his eyes open. it is unknown whether he's
really asleep or awake. the various sounds of something whispering to him
continues. solomon casually gets his cup of coffee. alexi is now speaking slowly in an ancient language. his eyes are wide open and staring blankly out in front of him. he starts twitching and blinking and rocking to and fro in his seat on the bed. we can hear the whispering sounds speaking with him. solomon takes a sip of coffee and feels something's off. he turns around to look at the monitor, but all he sees is static.

he turns and looks at the bedroom. he puts his cup down and heads for the room.
inside the room, alexi is standing up against the wall. he's still in his
trance and vigorously writing on the wall, different glyphs and symbols. all
the while, the whispering sounds speaking to him continues.
solomon walks into the room and sees alexi in his trance writing on the wall.
the entire wall as far as the little boy could reach is covered with glyphs and


alexi doesn't stop and he doesn't acknowledge solomon's presence.
solomon walks into the room. he grabs alexi boy the shoulders to stop him and
to get him out of his trance.

alexi! stop! stop! it's okay.

he wraps his arms around the little boy to stop him.
nikko appears in the doorway. he looks around the room and finds that all the
walls are covered with the strange glyphs and symbols.

oh, my god. is he okay, dad?

nikko looks at solomon who still has his arms around the little boy.
on the monitor, alexi is standing in front of the wall busy writing while in a

i went through the tapes over and over and you were right.

in the camera room, solomon sits in front of the monitor, maggie stands next to
him. behind them, sitting at the desk is vincent.

each time he writes a specific glyph, he makes the same sound.

shakes his head in awe incredible. he's speaking a language that
hasn't been heard in five thousand years.

on the monitors, alexi is on the bed

thirteen thousand if haley is right. if only we knew what it meant.

what do you think?

vincent watches the monitors of the night before.

well, it's definitely trance-like. i've seen it certain advanced
stages of meditation. also in some somnambulistic possession.

not voo-doo, physiological. we'll bring in a neurologist, maybe even
a psychiatrist.

maggie's headset beeps. she turns around to take her seat in front of the

i've got cal of the feed from the hotel in cairo.

maggie starts to access the feed on the computers.

i hope he can tell us what's written inside that pyramid.

nikko and alexi stand just outside the front of the building. nikko is showing
alexi how to play hackysack.

all right. show me what you've got. your face is anything like the
boys at school, hackysack, it's pretty much the highlight of my day.

together, the two of them kick the hackysack bag around. the bag falls to the
ground. nikko picks it up and tosses it to alexi.

here you go. you're getting the hang of it. all right. one more time.

alexi doesn't catch it. it falls to the ground. he turns and takes a seat on
the concrete step in front of the building.

i'm kinda tired.

nikko picks up the hacysack bag and takes the seat next to alexi.

yeah. you had a rough night? guess your dreams can get pretty out of
control, huh? any idea what they mean?

i don't think i should be talking about them.

nikko drops the subject and tries another.

so, uh ... your parents, how did they ... you know ...

alexi turns away.

it's okay if you don't want to talk about it. i still have dreams about
my mom dying.

shakes his head she didn't die.

surprised what?

my mom. she's still alive.

well, where is she?


the front door opens and juliet bursts out of the building, angry. nikko turns

what are you doing out here?


you know we're not supposed to be outside.

the kid looked like he needed some air.

they both stand up to get into the building. juliet looks at nikko.

did he say anything to you?

no. not a word.

nikko and alexi walk into the building. juliet nervously glances about the
street before following them inside. she doesn't see the black vehicle across
the street with the two government men inside watching them.
the vehicle drives off.
on the monitor, they watch the feed. calvin fills them in on what he's

gone. every paper, every note. all of it confiscated
in 1943 and eventually destroyed by alfred rosenberg. ring a bell.

not the minster of antiquities. hitler was obsessed with ancient
prophecies that might bring him even more power.

yeah. well, apparently this was high on his list. look, it's a dead
end here. although your guy at the museum was shockingly pleasant and helpful,

vincent watches the monitors, a slight grin crossing his face at calvin's

we need those panels, cal. i've been working on something all morning.
i think whatever was written in that chamber is what alexi has been saying.
hitler wouldn't have been after it if it wasn't important.

i told you, there's nothing left here at the museum. unless you want
me to sneak into the pyramids myself, i ...

calvin stops. solomon suddenly turns around to look at vincent, a hopeful look
on his face at the possibility. vincent shrugs.

i know another guy.

vincent smiles. calvin walks up to the beads covering the door to the inner quarters. the man outside angrily tries to stop calvin from entering.

man outside:
mr. nashib is a very important and busy man!

calvin points to him and tries to placate him, while he has no intention of
leaving without talking with nashib.

he's very lucky to have smart guys like you
looking out for him.

calvin pushes the beads aside and enters the inner quarters. he stands just in
front of the doorway while facing nashib who is inside. near calvin facing
nashib, is a television set playing an old abc daytime soap. the reception on
the television set is awful and static-y.

uh, excuse me. sorry to interrupt. you're mr. nashib ...

nashib sits in the chair facing the television set and watches the old daytime
soap like a true addict. he puts a hand up to shush calvin up while he


calvin glances at the show and discounting its importance to nashib, he

you know, i'm sorry, but vincent said that you would be able to help me
get into the pyramid. okay? i brought money. like, for the bribe.

calvin takes out a thick money clip of folded bills to show nashib.
without taking his eyes off of the television set, nashib pulls out a gun from
his side and points it at calvin. he cocks the gun.

i said you ... wait.

calvin smiles and holds up his hands in surrender.

it's no problem. i'll wait right here.

calvin swallows and shuts up.

raven is about to tell him that the baby is not his.

calvin's lost. he stares at nashib for a beat, then realizes that he's
standing next to the television set. he turns to look at the set and instantly
recognizes the program. nashib hasn't moved. his eyes are glued to the set while his gun is pointed at calvin.
calvin puts his hands down when he sees that nashib's attention isn't really on
him, but on the show.

oh, right. yeah. clears throat

calvin crosses his arms across his chest, turns to watch the show with nashib
and to wait it out. it only takes less than a second. calvin, apparently, watches the daytime soap and instantly gets into it.

oh, you know, she is totally lying. it is his baby.

nashib gets to his feet, the gun still on calvin.

offended raven doesn't lie!

calvin stops and tries another tactic.

no, of course not, you're absolutely right. she doesn't.

calvin nods as if he's about to drop a big bombshell. he patiently explains it
to nashib.

but that's not raven, okay? that's robin.

nashib is now looking at calvin. calvin looks back at nashib and points at the
television set behind him.

and in six months from now, she's going to get diagnosed with a split
personality disorder and leave the show with a daytime emmy in per pocket, all

calvin nods when he's done. nashib shakes his head, confused.

how do you know?

how do i ... ? because, this is a five-year old re-run, man. look, i
used to watch this all the time in college. rambles i had this girlfriend
who was in love with the show and i used to watch it with her.

nashib raises the gun at calvin. calvin stops rambling.

i'll save this conversation for another time.

he clears his throat.

let me ask you one last question, all right? why are you wasting this
lovely brand new television on government channels when there's a whole new
broadband out there?

calvin raises his eyebrows at nashib ... who is suddenly interested in the turn
of conversation.

you need ... what?

maggie is on the computer with calvin.

a satellite dish.

maggie sits back in her chair while calvin explains over the monitor.

it has to be dvd compliant with 5.1 channel dolby. and if you dump in
a digital recorder, i can probably bring back the whole damn pyramid.

we just need the glyphs.

well, send it express, and i'll be in there by tomorrow night.

solomon sits in front of the monitor watching the tapes of alexi's trance from
the night before.
nikko walks by the room and sees the tapes of the night before. he's appalled
by what he thinks is happening.

you've got spy cams in his room?

solomon sits up, interrupted from his thoughts. he reaches out and turns the
monitor off. he closes the laptop and looks at nikko.

i thought i told you not to leave the safe house?

is the whole place wired, dad? i mean, should i shower with my boxers

solomon turns his back on nikko and opens the laptop. he turns the tapes of
alexi from the night before back on.

don't leave the house again without permission.

nikko stares at solomon's back, then mutters.

well, great. so, i guess i'm a prisoner, too, huh?

angry, solomon turns around.

no, you know what? you, can always go back to school whatever you

just leave him alone!

the doorbell rings.

okay? it's just a stupid nightmare. he doesn't even know what it

nikko realizes his slip and turns away. solomon looks at nikko, puzzled as he
puts it together. solomon stands up. nikko can't look at solomon.

nikko? has alexi talked to you?

nikko looks at solomon. he doesn't say anything. vincent rushes around the
corner into the room.

to solomon it's state security. they have a warrant. and they
want the boy.

vincent glances back at the door. solomon looks down, thinking about what
they're going to do. nikko looks at solomon, pleading.

you can't let them take him.

vincent turns to look at nikko.

look, he's not an orphan, okay? they're lying.

solomon looks as if this is news to him.


nikko swallows.

quietly we've broken every law in their books. either we turn him
over, or we get out.

it's solomon's decision. nikko looks at him.

dad. they'll hurt him. you know it.

solomon looks at nikko wondering how much they've talked.

what do you know? i mean, how much has he told you?

how much more do you need? he just wants to be with his parents.

vincent glances back at the other room, then to solomon. solomon sighs and
rubs a hand across his face. he thinks for a moment, then makes the call.

all right. get everyone out. use the panel. go! go!

and with that, vincent and nikko head into the other room. solomon turns
around to get the data they've collected.
vincent leads everyone down the stairs. solomon, maggie, alexi, juliet and
nikko all follow quickly.
the backdoor opens and vincent peers outside. he steps out cautiously.
solomon steps outside after him. around the building, they see the various
government people standing outside waiting to take alexi from them.

i'll take maggie and lose the van. we'll meet you at the jet.

everyone slowly gets out of the building. vincent and maggie head for the
van. nikko closes the door behind him.

the jet? where are we taking him?

vincent reaches the van and opens the door. he slips inside and closes the
door. maggie climbs in on the other side. he glances back at the crowd of
government people standing outside the building. they haven't noticed them ...

juliet, you come last with alexi. just act normal. on my signal.
nice and slow.

solomon steps out. nikko turns back and looks at alexi.

they won't get you again. i promise.

they watch as solomon walks casually over past the van and toward one of the
other cars. he keeps his eyes on the government people in front of the
building. they still haven't noticed them.
solomon reaches the car and opens the door. he climbs inside and shuts the
door. he signals for the next person to go.
nikko, who is busy looking at alexi, misses the signal. juliet sees it.

nikko, go! go!

solomon turns again and signals with his hand. nikko starts to go toward the
juliet urns to alexi who is starting to panic.

quietly okay.

together they head out after nikko.
nikko reaches the van and continues to walk past it. vincent starts the van
and moves out.
nikko continues to walk toward the car. one of the government men sees the van
move and looks up. he sees nikko and recognizes him instantly as the boy with
alexi. he points at him and starts shouting to the other officers there.
nikko sees them and jumps around one of the parked cars to the other side of
the sidewalk.
solomon starts the car and puts it between the government officers and nikko.

by this time, juliet and alexi have joined nikko behind the parked car.
solomon reverses the car and drives backward to pick up the rest of the team.
nikko anticipates his dad's intentions and grabs alexi. the three of them run
out to meet the car.

go, go, go! go!

one of the government officers rush down the fire escape to head them off.
alexi sees the man coming and panics. he pulls back.

they're going to get me!

no they won't! go ahead, get down!

you promised you wouldn't let them take me!

nikko pulls his eyes off of the man coming down from the fire escape to look at
the scared little boy. he sees his dad's car backing up toward them as fast as
he can go. he gages how fast the other government officers are running across
the street toward them.
he looks at alexi.

you promised!

nikko steps forward and grabs alexi.

all right! come on! come on!

they head off in another direction and disappear around the building.
solomon reaches them first. the tires of the car screech as he comes to a
halt. the back door opens and juliet jumps inside.
solomon sees nikko and alexi running off across the way. nikko pulls down a
stack of crates to block their path.

nicholas?! what are you doing!

the government man jumps down from the fire escape onto solomon's car. he hits
the roof of the car with a thud. still, solomon doesn't move, his gaze across
the way at his son.
finally, he backs up the car. tires screeching as the governament man falls to
the ground.

solomon pulls the car back out of the alley and turns it around.
he starts driving off looking for nikko and alexi.

where'd they go?

the government officers stop running.
solomon continues to drive while looking for the two kids.

if nikko is trying to take alexi back to his mother, then,
there's only so many ways they can go. there's a regular shuttle flight between
moscow and odessa.
inside the plane, solomon paces the aisle while maggie offers her analysis of
the situation. sitting nearby is vincent with a map in his hands.

but, they don't have money. that leaves ground transport. buses,
trains, trucks.

we can beat them there if we can land relatively close. where alexi's

the orphanage said it was vasilivka. that's halfway between odessa and
the moldovian border.

vincent looks at the map.

shushonova airfield. the russians have no jurisdiction in moldova.
we'll only be a few hours away by car.

okay. set a new flight plan. we have to find them before anyone else

a truck drives along the roadway. nikko and alexi are in the back of the
canvas covered truck.

you'll be back with your mom before you know it. okay? don't worry.

nikko absently holds on to the hackysack ball.

thank you for taking me home. no one has ever done anything to help me
before. unless they're trying to help themselves, too.

like my dad?

i know your father and the others aren't bad people, but what i know is
very bad. and it is better for everyone if i hide it.

everyone, but you?

sometimes, i see a blackness and it scares me and i know that if i let
it out of my mind, it will spread. and no one will be able to stop it.

the truck continues to drive along the roadway.
nashib signs the receipt and hands the clipboard to the delivery person. the
delivery person hands the new boxed satellite dish to nashib. he laughs with
glee and goes back into this establishment to set up his new toy.

that's great!

calvin is reporting back to juliet.

from monitor i'm in tonight, if i can tear nashib away from "trading

did you get the schematics i uplinked you?

yeah. i'm looking at them now. walk me through this.

juliet hits a couple of keys on the keyboard and the schematics appear on the

there's a smaller pyramid about five hundred meters to the right of the
main field.

i see that.

legend is, it's not a tomb, but a well hidden temple set aside for
human sacrifices and ancient rites.

okay. when i make it out of this alive, i expect a
big-wife kiss when i get back.

i'll let vincent know.

there's a secret language locked in that pyramid. go get it,

inside the tunnels, the roof at the end of the tunnel breaks raining wood
pieces, sand and dust down on the floor. calvin and nashib enter the tunnel.
calvin turns his flashlight on and looks down the tunnel.

okay. come on.

no, i stop right here.

what are you talking about? i need you for extra light.

it's wrong to disturb this place.

calvin leans back against the wall, looking up and thinking.

i see.

he looks at nashib.

come on. how many kazbahs do you think we can open with the treasures
you find in there?

nashib doesn't say anything. calvin takes it as agreement.

right? come on. it's time to crawl.

calvin heads into the tunnel; nashib follows close behind him.
nikko and alexi walk side by side down the roadway.

they pass by a group of men and women walking in the other direction.

oh, god.

we're almost there.

they hear a car horn beep. nikko turns around and sees a jeep carrying some
armed guards driving in the same direction they're walking.
he grabs alexi and they turn around, adding themselves to the group of people
they just passed.

come on. come on!

they casually walk at the end of the group.
the jeep passes them by. nikko looks back over at the jeep driving away on the

they might be here for us. come on. we've got to find a place to crash
until it gets dark.

he and alexi both run off of the road.
maggie is on the computers.

maggie! we're on the road and headed east.

i've just activated the gps. you got it there?

maggie: confirmed. how's the road?

no winters state. we're averaging about forty.

you should cross the ukraine border in approximately two hours.
that'll be the hard part.

yeah. let's just hope that our pictures aren't up in the guard shack

calvin continues to walk through the tunnel headed for the hidden chamber.

sometimes these places are cursed. i have heard things that have
happened to people who have entered sacred grounds.

in the small tunnel that they're crouched inside, they pass pictures drawn on
the tunnel walls.

do we have to talk about this right now?

sudden death. life-long insanity. body parts just falling off ...

calvin stops in front of the wall with particular gruesome pictures on it of
people bloodied and torn in two.

okay. okay. i get it.

nashib sees the pictures.

see? i told you!

well that'll put a warm and fuzzy feeling in your stomach.

it's a warning!

calvin continues on. nashib continues to follow him.

we shouldn't be here!

well, no guts, no glory.


nashib stops when he sees the ancient skeleton of a person who died there.
calvin shines a light on it and a black scorpion comes out of the skull's eye
socket. nashib starts panicking.


look. just calm down, all right?

i'm finished now. you wanted in, but that's all you asked!

nashib turns around and heads out, leaving calvin behind.

great! shouts yeah, well you can just forget all about the dvd
player, buddy!

calvin sits there a moment, then looks at the skeleton, his only companion.

okay, you wait here, i'll be right back.

calvin grabs his backpack and continues forward.
the church bell tolls. the priest of the church walks down the aisle looking
at the pews.
he sees nikko lying down on one church pew. he looks down at nikko, looking
him over carefully.
the church bell tolls.
he takes a few steps over and sees something that makes his jaw drop.
alexi is sleeping in the pew.

in foreign language [translation: alexi ... not again.]

he looks down at alexi to make sure it is him. he turns around and heads out
the sanctuary, his black robes flying behind him.
calvin continues to trudge through the tunnels. he turns the corner, looks
around at the walls, then sees the opening. he looks through the opening and
hits pay dirt.


in the very next room is a chamber with panels of in tact glyph writing on
every wall. the panel runs horizontally continuously through the center of the
four walls. he looks around inside satisfied that it is the room that he's
looking for.
he puts his things down and calmly squeezes in through the opening and in to
the secret chamber.

i'll take secret glyphs for a thousand, please?

once inside, calvin again looks up at the panels covering the room. he sees a
second line of panels running vertically continuously through the ceiling cris-
crossing with the horizontal panels at the far wall in front of him.
he reaches into his bag and takes out a black light or fluorescent light. he
switches it on and lights up the room.


calvin is sufficiently awed. the chamber is huge. the panels run not only
along the four walls, but up into the ceiling as well.

man, what is this place?

calvin takes out a digital camera and starts to take pictures of the walls in
the chamber.
in a series of camera flashes, the camera zooms in to the far panel, closer and
closer till it magnifies one particular glyph: the same glyph that alexi wrote
on his papers.
nikko slowly regains consciousness. he hears men's voices. these voices sound
panicked. nikko suddenly gets up and looks around. at the front of the church,
the two priests talk with each other.
the one priest who had found them earlier, leads a second priest to where they
nikko doesn't like the looks of it. he goes to get alexi.

come on, alexi. we've gotta go. let's go. come on!

he pulls alexi up from his sleep and rushes him toward the door. nikko looks
around, gaging whether they'd be able to escape or not.

oh, this is not good. we've gotta go. come on!

the two priests rush forward toward them. nikko looks at them trying to make
them understand. he holds out his hands to show them he means no harm.

hey, we're leaving.

but the two priests continue to rush forward. they separate trying to surround

what do they want?

nikko turns and reaches for alexi.

hey alexi. what do they want? tell them we're leaving. tell them
we're leaving!

scared they're here for me!


the younger of the two priests reach nikko first. he punches him in the
stomach and reaches for alexi. he pushes alexi toward the old priest standing
on the side. the older priest pushes the little boy to the floor trying to
subdue him.

let him go!

nikko pushes the younger priest aside and reaches for alexi.

alexi, move now! come on! let's move. fast! half-time!

he pushes the old priest aside and pulls alexi to his feet. they both head for
the front door.
they jump down and find the door locked.
the two priests get up and chase after them. nikko starts to kick the door
out. alexi watches, earnestly.
nikko gets the door open and waits for alexi to leave first.

go, go! go, go!

alexi runs out of the church.
the old priest stares at nikko. nikko stares back at the old priest. nikko
turns and runs out of the church.
vincent and solomon reach the border. they stop the car. the guard walks up
to the driver's window and peers inside at vincent.

{untranslated foreign language}

vincent takes out his papers and shows it to the guard. the guard looks at

what business here?


the guard looks at the second passport and shines his light at solomon.
solomon averts his face slightly to avoid the light shining in his eyes. he
doesn't say anything.
the guard calls over another guard. they both look at the papers. he hands
them to the second guard who runs off. the first guard stands by the driver's
side and shines the flashlight inside.
a second guard appears on the other side of the vehicle. they both look in the
back seat of the car from both sides.

quietly off road?

no, not yet. not yet.

the guard continues to inspect the back of the vehicle. they both make their
way back to the front of the car.
the second guard returns with the passports. he hands them to the first guard
who in turn returns them to vincent.

welcome to ukraine.

solomon smiles a bit and nods.
nikko and alexi walk up to the front gate of alexi's home.

this is your village?

yeah. i never thought i'd see this again.

in the house in front of them, a woman appears in the window. she's looking at
something off to the side. alexi's face lights up with recognition.


nikko slows down when he hears alexi.
he looks at the window at the woman. she turns around and a priest walks into
view, blocking her from the window.

nikko grabs alexi and runs forward toward the house. he presses their backs
against the wall next to the window just as the priest turns to look outside.

come on!

satisfied that he sees nothing, the priest turns back into the room.
nikko pulls alexi down to the ground next to him.

they're the same priests who were in the church were after you. now,
when are you going to tell me what this is all about?

alexi looks at nikko and doesn't say anything. nikko tries again to convince
him to own up.

look, i'm the only one you have right now. okay? and i really would
like to know what we're going up against.

alexi looks away. he knows that nikko is right and starts talking.

ever since i was a boy, bad things happened in my village. animals
would die for no reason. crops failed.

they blamed all that on you?

i spoke when i was six months old. i knew eight languages by the time i
was four. the village priests said i had a serpent's tongue.

they thought you were possessed?

they tried to burn my house down. my mother wanted to move away to keep
me safe. but, two days later, the men from moscow came and took me to the
orphanage. it was my father who called them. momma didn't know. i don't want
to be without her anymore.

nikko stands up and peers around the window blind into the house. he sees
alexi's mother take her wrap off of the hook and put it on. she opens the front
door and walks outside.
nikko pulls back. he pushes alexi toward the back of the house.
they run around the corner. nikko runs out first. alexi's mother looks up
from the water pump and sees him.

alexi's mother:
{untranslated foreign language}

she takes a step back and looks at nikko. she says something longer at him,
expecting an answer.

alexi's mother:
{untranslated foreign language}

nikko puts a finger across his lips in a motion for her to be silent. he looks
behind him where alexi slowly walks out from around the corner of the house.
alexi's mother looks at him and her face melts. alexi runs up to her. she
calls him.

alexi's mother:
{untranslated foreign language}

she steps forward and wraps her arms around him. they both start to cry, happy
just to see each other. she pulls back a bit to talk with alexi.

alexi's mother:
{untranslated foreign language}

she says i'm in danger. we have to leave. she says the villagers will
kill me this time if they knew i am back.

man's voice:
off screen

alexi's mother and nikko look up at the sound of the voice. alexi gasps, steps
back and presses his back to the side of the house. alexi's mother shouts out a

alexi's mother:
{untranslated foreign language}

she turns and grabs nikko by the front of his jacket.

alexi's mother:
pleading and crying {untranslated foreign language}

nikko has no clue what she's saying to him. he looks up at the front door and
sees it open. the old priest looks up and sees nikko. nikko wastes no time, he
rushes past alexi's mother over toward alexi to get him out of there.
the old priest turns around and motions for the others inside the house.

go. go!

nikko grabs alexi and pulls him toward the back of the house. alexi, however,
has no intention of losing his mother. he grabs her and resists nikko's tugs.

no! no! not this time! not again!

come on. come on let's go

nikko turns back and pulls them both toward the back of the house.
the priests and the other men rush forward to chase after them.
again, the old priest stares at nikko as he leads them away and around the
corner of the house.
vincent and solomon drive up into the village. gathered in front of alexi's
home is a group of men with dogs on leashes. they carry their flashlights
intending to go hunting in the dark.
the car parks and solomon gets out.


he slams his door shut. vincent also gets out of the car. they head toward
the group of men trying to find out what's going on.
solomon reaches a young man upset.

what's wrong? what's going on?

young man:
{in foreign language} [translation: alexi. he's back, the devil boy.

the man points in the direction.

alexi? here?

young man:
{in foreign language} [translation: ya, he's back, come, come.]

he motions for solomon to follow them.

was there another boy? another boy?

man: {in foreign language} [translation: comeon, split up. we're only a few
minutes behind them.

the men gather and head off in the general direction taking their barking dogs
with them. solomon looks around and heads back toward vincent.

this isn't a search party, it's a lynch mob.

we've got to find him.

solomon opens the car door.
coming up the drive is another vehicle. they beep their horn trying to get
attention. vincent turns around and sees them coming.

we've got company.

solomon walks around the front of the car toward vincent.

all right, here's your chance to go off roading.

vincent gets into the car. solomon pulls out his radio and checks it. he
takes a step backward toward the back of the house.

all right. i'll call you when i've got him.

vincent closes the car door. the government vehicles are nearly there. he
starts the engine and backs the car out of the drive. solomon steps away.
vincent drives off.
calvin aims his flashlight up into the tunnels.

oh! we're out of here.

he turns to get his things when a priest appears crawling through the tunnels.

old priest:
how did you get here?

calvin is startled.


old priest:
... and what did you see?

calvin stares at the old priest.
nikko urges alexi and his mother forward. they climb over a wooden fence and

no, no, no! we can't stop.

nikko checks on them.

you okay? you all right?

in the darkness to the side of them, they hear men's voices calling out to each
other and dogs barking.
inside the group of men looking for the fugitives, solomon also looks
around with them.


in a series of dissolves: the men continue to search the woods.
the men reach the same wooden fence that nikko and the others climbed over.
they climb over the fence and continue the search.
solomon reaches the wooden fence and climbs over it.


he looks down on the other side and sees a familiar green hackysack ball
resting in the cluster of rocks.
solomon waits for the last searcher to climb over the wooden fence.
after the man passes him, solomon kneels down and looks at the hackysack ball.


solomon looks around and sees a rock in the middle of the ground. the moss on
the rock is facing him. the two lining up in a single direction.

soft, green, and it only grows north.

solomon shines the flashlight from the rock with the moss back to the
hackysack. he picks the hackysack ball up and looks in the direction it's
pointing to.

i'm right behind you.

solomon follows the trail.
the search party's flashlights skim the trees near where nikko, alexi and his
mother sit huddled close to the ground.

okay. now stay put. if he's out there, he'll find us.

he'll have to find you. we'll go alone from here. if we go with you,
we will never have our own lives. it's our only chance we have to be free.

are you sure?

alexi's mother reaches out a hand and lightly touches nikko's cheek. she says
something to him.

she says, your mother raised a good son.

a beam of light shines on them. a dark figure of a man has found them. alexi
and his mother shy away from the light. nikko gazes up at the figure.


the man from the search party has found them. he cocks his rifle and lifts it,
pointed directly at nikko. he shouts something to him.
nikko raises his hand in surrender when he realizes that it's not him.
solomon steps out from behind the man from the search party. the man turns
around and solomon punches him in the face. the man goes down.


solomon rushes over to check on nikko.

you all right? are you hurt?

no, i'm okay. this is alexi and his mom.

solomon stands up and moves to kneel in front of them.

everyone okay? okay. stay low. we might have to cross the border on

solomon moves to leave. alexi stops him.

no, we're not going.

solomon: you've got no choice.

alexi struggles to stand up.

yes, we do.

listen to me.

alexi and his mom push past solomon. he tries to stop them.

alexi stop. you'll never make it out of here alive. you've got your
mother back. that's all that matters, isn't it? come with me. i'll keep you
safe. if you run, they'll find you and this time, you will never see each other
again. please.

desperate to make them listen, solomon turns to look at nikko.

tell them.

nikko looks at the two of them and tells them what he knows.

nikko: don't let her go. you'll never get her back. trust me, i know.

solomon away from alexi to look at nikko. nikko stares at alexi.


after a moment, alexi moves toward solomon. they're going with them.

okay. come on.

together, they get up to leave.
solomon walks up the steps in the main room toward nikko who is standing in
front of the desk near the windows.


nikko turns to look at solomon who throws him his hackysack ball.

thought you might want that back.

solomon moves to get behind his desk. nikko glances down at the ball, then
quietly mutters to solomon.

sorry. i'll get out of your way, if you're going to work late.

solomon shakes his head.

nikko. you're never in my way. you just ... you can't interfere like
that again. you put the whole team in jeopardy. alexi too.

you know, every-everything you said to him out there. i really thought
you understood. dad, he just wanted a normal life with his mom. is that wrong?

solomon puts a hand on nikko's shoulder, trying to make him understand.

nikko. i miss your mother, too, you know? and if alexi can help me
figure out what happened to her, i don't want to lose him.

even if you wreck his life trying?

someone clears her throat. they both look up to see maggie standing in the

cal's on his way up. with quite an escort.

solomon and nikko look at each other. this disagreement isn't over. not by a
long shot.
the "escort" is a group of priests of varying ages, the oldest of them sits in
the front center of the group.

gentlemen: you have been guarding the chamber of dahshur for the last
hundred years and we have a boy who might be able to read what's inside of it.
all i want to do is translate the glyphs. why is that a problem?

old priest:
there are things that even a seeker of the truth like yourself
should not be allowed to see.

with all due respect ... wait. what are you not telling me?

old priest:
when zahari excavated the chamber of dahshur, he unearthed the
ancient words of the devil. these words were locked away for a millennia. the
ancient language they were written in became forbidden to be learned, and in
time, it was lost to man forever.

and you want it to stay lost?

old priest:
in many holy books, there is the same prophecy. one day a person
will be born able to speak all the languages man has ever known -- even the
ancient ones. and it is believed that when the words of the devil are spoken
aloud, a terrible evil will be unleashed -- marking the beginning of the

scoffs and you think that alexi is going to do this, right?

the old priest turns his steely gaze on nikko. solomon turns to look at


c'mon dad, you don't really believe this? he's just a kid.

old priest:
there are often things we must do for the good of the many at the
expense of the few.

and the church condones this?

old priest:
some things are beyond the church. powerful men have kept this
secret for thousands of years.

solomon nods. he turns and looks at vincent.

what powerful men?

old priest:
even the vatican is fully aware -

what powerful men, sir?

solomon looks at the old priest. the old priest looks at solomon knowing full
well that no amount of talking will ever get them to agreement.

old priest:
we will take the boy now, doctor.

take him where?

nikko ...

solomon turns to look at nikko. he takes a step forward toward him.

i want you to go into the office and i want you to stay there until
our guests are gone.

thinking he's being dismissed as he usually is, nikko starts to protest.

dad ... th-- !

solomon cuts him off and looks directly at nikko.

until our guests are gone. do you understand?

nikko looks at solomon, then at the old priests. then his eyes return to his
dad's. he understands.
nikko moves to leave the room.

all right.

solomon watches nikko leave, then turns back to face the old priests.
inside the room, juliet sits with alexi and his mother. the door opens and
nikko rushes to give them instructions.

out the back. take the service elevator to the basement and hide there.
then someone will come and get you when the coast is clear.

momma ... {untranslated foreign language}

they both stand up. nikko urges them to the next door.

go on! you've just got your shot at freedom.

when they reach the door, alexi stops. he looks at his mother, then gives
nikko a hug.

don't give up on hackysack. smiling promise?

alexi: i promise.

solomon paces the floor as he stalls for more time.

all right. i'll give you the boy. if you tell me who wants him.

old priest:
there can be no mistakes made now, doctor. even by good men.

solomon steps forward and looks at the old priest.

who do you answer to? i know it isn't god.

the old priest has had it. he gets to his feet, his eyes hard on solomon.

old priest:
search the entire floor.

the other priests move out of the room.

fine. search the place.

solomon and vincent immediately follow after them. calvin and maggie stay in
the room with the old prie
the door to the room opens. a young priest and solomon walk into the room.
inside, nikko and juliet are reading books quietly. they look up at the

i thought they'd be gone by now.

i was hoping they would be.

the young priest leaves the room. juliet smiles at nikko. nikko smiles at
solomon. solomon smiles back at both of them, then turns and leaves the room.
nikko appears in the open doorway to his father's office. he looks inside. he
walks in and up the stairs toward solomon who is sitting behind his desk looking
at something.
nikko walks up and takes the seat facing his father's desk.


solomon puts what he's looking at down and exhales. he fills nikko in on

they made it out of the city. with new id's, they'll have that normal
life they've always wanted.

you know, they're wrong about him. he never used that language to hurt

well, alexi's not the devil, nikko. but that doesn't mean that what
he knows isn't power. i believe that its what people do with power that makes
it good or evil. as long as the people who are after alexi never get him and
whatever knowledge he has is just information, then he has no power.

well, his mom will keep him safer than anyone else.

that's what parents do.

he looks at solomon and smiles.


nikko sighs.

well, don't work too late.

nikko gets up and leaves the room. solomon watches him go.
solomon gets up and walks over to the table where the metal briefcase is. he
opens it and takes out one of haley's journals. he flips it open to a
particular passage, then moves back toward his desk.

haley cayce: . peru, october 21. inscription on altar to viracocha at
the temple of akkra.
solomon takes his seat. he continues to read.
haley cayce: "and in the end, a voice will come that speaks the truth
in all the ways of man. and in the hands of light, this truth shall lead the
in front of solomon are the surveillance tapes of alexi's trance-like state.
haley cayce: but if the darkness speaks, the tongues of man will fall
forever silent, and the earth and heaven will come undone."
solomon puts the journal aside and looks at the monitor. the camera zooms in
close to show alexi sitting cross-legged on the bed, rocking back and forth and
muttering to himself.
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Veritas: the quest

Soldiers dressed in white run through the hillside. Their leader stands on the side urging everyone on.

sergeant (leader): move! move! move!

One by one, Soldiers dressed in white carrying their weapons move rapidly past the leader.

Sergeant don't not think until you pass my position!

The Soldiers move in a single file.

sergeant move it! move it!

The Soldiers use a rope to climb up the side of the steep hill. On the top of the hill is the leaders.

sergeant come on now! Get up that hill!

The Soldier on the top of the rope climbing shows signs of struggling to reach the top.

sergeant are you thinking about quitting?

Suddenly the Soldier at the top of the rope trips and falls down. He ets go of the rope and tumbles down the side of the snow-covered hillside.
The leader stands on the top of the hill and watches the Soldier roll down to the bottom. He stands there watching, making sure that he's all right.
For a moment, the Soldier on the bottom of the hill doesn't move, then when he does, he sees something in the snow. It looks like the color of a rock, but its shape is sculptured. He brushes the snow aside to reveal what appears to be an ancient mask. He looks at it, then calls up to his leader.

Soldier: hey, sarge!

He glances back down at the figure in front of him, then back up the hill.

Soldier: you should see this!

Solomon is on his cell phone. He walks around the open office. Behind him, smack dab in the middle of the office is the large sarcophagus. Nikko and Maggie are examining the outer casing.

Solomon: they say that the historical society didn't know what to
make of it. So now, we're involved. mm-hmmm. Well we'll do what we can. it is unusual. okay. thanks.

Solomon hangs up. He turns to look at the case.

Maggie: it appears it has no visible seams.

Nikko: one piece, but, uh... sounds hollow.

Solomon reaches out and dusts some of the dirt off of the top of the case. on what would be the "chest" of the casket, is the indentation of a symbol.
Solomon seems to recognize it.

Solomon: wait a minute. This is a bronze-age celtic star.

Nikko: and there's an inscription right here, dad. Can you read it?

Nikko points to the area on the "chest" of the casket. Solomon shifts around to stand next to Nikko to look at it.

Solomon brushes the dirt away from the lettering. He looks at it.

Solomon: no, not a clue. it's ogham, south siberian lettering.

Sitting in the back of the room behind the desk is juliet.

juliet: which could date this back to three thousand years ago.

Solomon points to the lettering on the sarcophagus.

Solomon: Maggie, get this translated. guys? we've got ourselves a druid

Nikko: well, what's it doing here? I thought the druids were like from Wales.

Maggie: makes you want to re-think American history, huh?

Sitting behind his desk is Calvin.

Calvin: guys, makes me want to rethink what it was doing in that river.

Juliet presses some keys on the laptop in front of her and finds something.

juliet: well, how about this. Six years ago, a seven-day storm dropped thirty-two inches of rain flooding the cape river.

On the monitor, there's a webpage with the headline: "7 day storm drops 32
inches of rain". there's a write-up on the left of the monitor and on the right
is a picture of the river.

Solomon: okay, I can buy that. it was swept downstream. But from where?

Calvin: possible clue here.

Calvin looks up from the scope.

Calvin: the grit I ripped off of it is definitely residue from a copper mine.

Vincent: let's have a look.

Vincent walks into the middle of the room carrying a large map of the area. he puts it down on the table. Everyone gathers around the map to help look.

Juliet steps forward and points to the map.

juliet: here's where they found it.

Vincent: cape river runs south of the copper mines outside this small town.

Vincent points to a spot on the map.

Vincent: avalon, michigan.

Solomon: avalon.

Solomon: okay. You guys keep working on this. Nikko and I are going to take off for a little holiday.

At the mention of his name, Nikko looks at Solomon. Solomon puts his arm around his son's shoulders.

Solomon: what do you say?

Nikko: all right.

With a black pen, Vincent circles the area around avalon on the map, then draws a line under the town's name to emphasize it.
Solomon drives past a roadside sign. it reads:

Entering village of
avalon, michigan
est. 1823 ~ pop.967

Solomon drives up the roadway toward the town. the sign in front of the camera off to the side of the road reads: the tor motel / tv / vacancy. )

Nikko: some holiday.

Solomon: heck. I thought you liked the snow.

Nikko: yeah, with a board beneath my feet.

Solomon turns into the tor motel's parking lot and parks the car.
Nikko moves the suitcase off the bed. Solomon sits at the table in the room. he already has the laptop set up and is on it talking with the office.

Solomon: have you had any luck opening it?

Calvin: so far, there's nothing to open, unless someone's figured out how.

Solomon: what's that supposed to mean.

On the monitor, the camera is trained on the sarcophagus in the middle of the room. Juliet Calvin and Vincent stand near the head of the casket. Maggie steps up toward the camera.

Maggie: we x-rayed it. Found human remains inside. you've got to check out these photos.

The x-ray photos appear on the screen shown at various angles. In the small
top left window, Maggie and juliet continue to talk with Solomon.

juliet: look at the teeth.

Solomon: yeah. Those are fillings.

The monitor changes and shows that the fillings are made out of hg. The screens shift over to have Maggie and juliet up large and center while the x-ray is on the bottom left window of the monitor.

Maggie: a three-thousand year old druid grave with a dental plan.

Solomon: why not? I've seen evidence of metal fillings used by
ancient Egyptians before.

juliet: yeah, but these are mercury amalgams, doctor zond. that's twentieth
century technology.

Maggie: this body can't be more than a hundred years old.

Solomon thinks about it and it doesn't make any sense.

Solomon: so, what's it doing being sealed up in an "ancient" sarcophagus?

Solomon drives the car down the main road.

Nikko: hey, dad. there' the town hall.

The car turns in front of the square two-story brick building with the sign on
it that reads: Avalon town hall. He parks the car in front of the building.
They get out of the car and head for the front door. The front door opens and a young woman with straight red hair rushes out of the building. as she passes them, she glances at Nikko. Nikko watches her. she heads for the parked car in front of the building and turns to look at Nikko a second time.
She opens the passenger car door to the bronco and gets inside. a young man is behind the wheel. Nikko takes note of both of them, then heads into the building. The young man behind the steering wheel also takes note of Nikko before turning the car engine on. Solomon walks into the town hall. inside, a group of men can be heard having a conversation and laughing.

men: who said anything about that?

Solomon looks around and heads for the men who are sitting on the various
chairs inside the office.

Solomon: excuse me. i'm wondering if anyone can help me find the local police chief.

One of the men puts down his drink on the table and stands up to help.

glen fallon: why, is there some kind of trouble?

Solomon: oh, no. no, trouble. My name is Solomon zond. i'm an archaeologist investigating an artifact found just south of here.

verne what kind of artifact?

glen fallon: oh, now verne, that's none of our business. Glen fallon, i'm first selectman.

He holds out his hand in a friendly greeting. Solomon shakes it, then hurries
to answer verne's question.

Solomon: good to meet you the artifact is an ancient sarcophagus.

Glen fallon: found around here? interesting. doesn't sound much
like police business, though.

Behind them, the front door opens and someone walks inside.

Solomon: well, there's a body in it.

Glen fallon: a body?

verne: where'd you say it was found?

Glen fallon: verne. Why don't you go and find Sheriff Coyne for us, hmm? he'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Solomon: thank you.

Verne walks hurriedly through the second floor hallway. As he walks past the men's room, the door opens and Nikko walks out adjusting his jacket around him. He closes the men's room door and intends to head back to the main room. However right there in front of him is a door slightly ajar with the sign
"private" on it. Under the sign is a symbol that looks similar to the celtic
star found on the sarcophagus. Nikko glances back down the hallway to see if anyone is watching him. He glances the other way. When it's clear, he opens the door and walks into the room.
Nikko closes the door and leaves it slightly ajar. He walks into the room and
looks around. On the wall nearest to the door, are three rows of individual
portraits. In the center of the room is a display case. In the far wall behind
the door are a few more portraits and a book shelf near the window.
Nikko walks into the room and looks around. He turns and looks at the wall
full of individual portraits. At the top of the wall is a large ornate heading:
"avalon hall of fame". Nikko looks from one picture to the other. they're all of young men and women just about the age of a high school graduate. they're dressed up in dresses or in suits or in their cap & gown. Under each picture is the person's name. nikko starts from the very top row and finds individual black and white portraits of young men and women dressed in that time period. He looks at one of the later portraits of a young blonde-haired woman. The plate under her portrait reads: lowri amargein / chosen 1994.)
Sheriff Coyne holds the picture of the sarcophagus while Solomon narrates what they've found so far.

Solomon: the type of lettering on the sarcophagus dates from around three
thousand years ago. But the body inside can't be more than a hundred years

Solomon is standing with a group of people, glen fallon, Sheriff Coyne, and the deputy. Sheriff Coyne is the one holding the picture.

Sheriff Coyne: well, we haven't had a murder around here in sixty-odd years, if that's what you're thinking.

Glen fallon: well, none that we know of, anyway.

Solomon: exactly, maybe you could go through missing persons.

Sheriff Coyne: our computer files only go back ten years.

Deputy Keiran: we could check the archives.

Solomon looks at the deputy.

Sheriff Coyne: yep, yeah. We could do that.

Verne walks up the stairs to the second floor of the building. He looks and
sees that the private door is more than slightly open. Inside the room, Nikko hears the floorboards creaking and runs to hide between the bookshelf and the window. Verne pushes the door open and looks inside. Nikko sees verne, but verne hasn't turned around to see Nikko. Nikko pauses.
Verne walks into the room and looks at the wall of fame. He walks over to a
particular portrait of a young woman. He presses his fingers against his lips
in a kiss and presses it against the glass frame. Nikko bumps back against the shelf, rocking it a bit. the boards creak. Verne turns around and sees Nikko pressed up against the shelf and the wall. Nikko closes his eyes at his clumsiness.

verne: hey. You know what "private" means?

Nikko steps out from his hiding place and makes his way cautiously toward the door.

Nikko: yeah. I do. And i'm sorry, okay?

Under verne's watchful eyes, Nikko walks to the door. He waves clumsily to

Nikko: bye.

Nikko walks out of the room. In the hallway outside, the turns around to look back at verne, his arms spread out in apology. He leaves down the stairs.
Nikko reaches the ground floor. Solomon turns around from talking with the
sheriff and sees Nikko. Nikko walks over to him. Solomon puts his hand on Nikko's shoulder and makes the introductions.

Solomon: hey. My son, Nikko. Selectman fallon, Sheriff Coyne ...

glen fallon: hi.

Solomon pauses when he sees the deputy, unsure of her name. she introduces herself.

Deputy Keiran: Deputy Keiran.

Sheriff Coyne: good to meet you.

Solomon remembers something else. He reaches into his jacket pocket and takes out another photo.

Solomon: and also, I was wondering if anyone of you could tell me about this celtic star.

Solomon holds out the photo so that the men near him can see it. Deputy Keiran stretches her neck and peers over at the photo. She recognizes it.

Deputy Keiran: not just celtic, druid. it's the priest's symbol. The star of

Solomon: the star of dennan. How did you know that?

Deputy Keiran: I just do. i'm Irish.

Sheriff Coyne: mind if we hold on to those? Might help us figure this thing

Solomon: sure. yeah.

olomon hands the photo over to the sheriff.

Deputy Keiran: i'll call you if I find anything in our files.

Solomon: okay. we're staying at the motel.

Solomon and Nikko turn and take a step back. Glen fallon stops them.

Sheriff Coyne: whatever happened here, we'll get to the bottom of it.

Solomon: thanks.

Solomon and Nikko turn to leave. Deputy Keiran is at home. Her daughter Fiona puts her books in her bag and slings the bag on her shoulder as if she's going somewhere. Deputy Keiran is leafing through a thin booklet.

Deputy Keiran: you know, tynus called before.

Fiona: ty. he's such a loser.

Deputy Keiran: what's wrong? what's going on with you two?

Deputy Keiran puts the booklet aside and follows her daughter who is headed for the front door.

Fiona: he thinks he owns me.

Deputy Keiran: well, you should set him straight. The two of you could be
spending a lot of time together starting tomorrow night. I can't believe it's that time already.

Fiona grabs her heavy jacket and starts to put it on.

Fiona: please don't get all goofy on me. And don't start crying again.

Deputy Keiran: i'm not.

Fiona knows better. She looks at her mother and walks over toward her on her way to the door.

Fiona: okay fine. i'm going out to the barn. If ty calls, tell him ...
you know, I don't even care what you tell him ... just tell him I'm not here.

Fiona pulls the door open and finds Solomon standing out on the front porch.
he looks a bit surprised. Fiona takes one look at him and turns to her mother.

Solomon: hi. i'm ...

Fiona: mom, someone's here for you.

Immediatel she pushes past Solomon and heads out the front door in that speed that all teenagers take when they've got somewhere really important to go. Solomon stands on the porch and watches Fiona walk away. Deputy Keiran steps up to the door.

Deputy Keiran: did you have any problem finding the place?

Solomon: no, but I didn't think you'd call so soon.

Deputy Keiran: I didn't think I'd get through those files so soon. there's not
much. Come on in.

she motions him inside. Solomon steps into the house. Deputy Keiran closes
the door behind him. Nikko sits in the parked car waiting for Solomon to finish up inside the house. He has his earphones on and is playing air drums along with the music he's listening to.
Fiona walks outside the house, past the parked car and toward the barn.
Nikko sees her walking and is suddenly less interested in the music and much
more interested in the woman walking by. He turns the music off, takes off his earphones and gets out of the car.
Nikko walks through the snow in the same direction that Fiona went.
he looks around the area as he walks toward the lit barn. Inside the barn, Fiona has music on. there's a light knock on the barn door. She has a thin paint brush in her hand and looks up at the door with irritation.

Fiona: ty, I told you not to come here. Leave me alone!

The door opens and Nikko walks into the barn. He peers around the wall
blocking the door from the rest of the room and sees Fiona sitting in a chair,
her left leg raised, bent and resting on a knee-high cushion. With the paint
brush in her hand she's painting on her left thigh.

Nikko: I'm sorry. I just heard music and thought I'd come in. bye.

Fiona: wait. What are you doing here? Who are you?

Nikko steps into the barn.

Nikko: I'm Nikko ... and uh, my dad is actually talking to your mom right now. Police business.

She dips the tip of the brush in a bottle on the table next to her and resumes
her intricate artwork on her thigh.

Fiona: didn't I see you in town today?

Nikko leans casually against the wall and smiles.

Nikko: yeah, you did. I saw you getting in the car with some guy. Guess that would be ty, right?

Fiona: yeah. Well ty is not here right now.

She turns and dips the tip of her brush into the bottle and resumes her
artwork. Nikko glances about the barn.

Nikko: no, no, ty is not here right now.

When he grows quiet, she looks at him, then at the chair.

Fiona: do you want to sit down?

Nikko: yeah.

Nikko walks in closer to her and takes the seat on the chair in front of her.
she resumes painting. Nikko pulls the chair forward a bit, suddenly interested in the artwork on her leg.

Nikko: what is that? it's not permanent, is it?

Fiona: no. it's henna. It lasts three or four weeks, tops.

Nikko: it's cool.

Nikko looks around the barn and notices some symbols drawn on paper posted on the wall.

Nikko: these symbols on the wall. What do they mean?

She points to a particular symbol on the wall.

Fiona: that one there?

Nikko sees the picture on the wall.

Nikko: yeah.

Fiona points to the symbol painted on her thigh ... just one of many symbols
intricately woven together to comprise the artwork on her leg.

Fiona: it's right here. belar. The sun god. Giver of life.

Nikko nods and looks at the artwork on her leg. He looks back up at her. She hasn't taken her eyes off of him.

She looks at her leg, then back at Nikko

Fiona: you want to help me with this?

Nikko: uh, yeah. sure.

Fiona: here.

She hands him her paintbrush. He takes it. He points to the symbol on her

Fiona: yeah.

With the brush, Nikko starts to trace the symbol on her leg. it's a strangely
intimate scene considering they're both strangers.
Deputy Keiran walks into the room carrying two mugs of coffee. Solomon is
sitting at the table going through the information. She puts his mug on the
table next to him. He looks at it.

Solomon: oh, thank you. You didn't have to do that.

Deputy Keiran: no trouble. Well like i said, there's not much. All I could
come up with was one missing person's report.

Solomon: yeah. 1871. I don't think so. they're too old to be our body.
Is that it?

She takes the seat at the table. Solomon continues to look around the room
from his seat.

Deputy Keiran: yeah. Thank goodness that's it. we're, uh, pretty quiet
community and happier for it.

Something has caught his eye. Solomon gets up form the table and picks the
item on the side counter up to look at it.

Solomon: this is interesting.

It appears to be some kind of mace with a wooden handle. He examines the

Deputy Keiran: oh, that? it's been in the family for who knows how long?

Solomon looks at the tip of the handle.

Solomon: I'd say ... maybe over two thousand years? it's Celtic.

He turns to look at her. She nods.

Solomon: you know, I'm intrigued.

He puts the item back on the counter.

Solomon: earlier in the town hall - about your familiarity with druid culture -
- and now you have this piece here.

He looks back at the piece.

Solomon: maybe you could help me with something.

Solomon turns and heads back to the table and takes his seat.

Solomon: there's an inscription on the sarcophagus that my team in new york translated. It said, "our future, by order of dennan." Do you have any idea about what that means?

Deputy Keiran: I'm not comfortable talking about my religion.

She looks down at her mug ... then glances at Solomon. Solomon looks at her a little puzzled by her unwillingness to share.

Solomon: why? there's nothing wrong with it.

Deputy Keiran: I didn't say that there was. it's just that it's not exactly
the most accepted religion. Most people don't understand paganism.

Solomon sighs and shakes his head.

Solomon: that's not me. I'm just looking for information. that's all.

Deputy Keiran looks at Solomon.

Nikko: what about this?

Nikko is staring intently at the artwork, seriously trying to match the art on
her thigh to the pictures on the wall. he looks from her thigh ... to the wall
... to her thigh ... to the wall ...

Fiona: that's dennan's star.

Fiona contents herself to look at Nikko.

Fiona: the most holy icon.

Nikko: well, is it like some sort of god or something?

Fiona: no. he's the high priest who commuted us to serve the greater good.

She stops using the brush and puts her other hand on Nikko's arm.

Fiona: to be one with nature.

Nikko turns his head and finds Fiona right there ... inches away from him.

Fiona: where our hearts lead us ... wherever ...

He raises his heads, their lips only a breath apart.

Nikko: you're not going to turn me into a frog, or anything, right?

Fiona shakes her head and moves in to kiss Nikko. But before their lips
actually touch, they're interrupted.

tynus: that'd be the least of your problems.

Nikko and Fiona turn to look at the door.

tynus: get up.

Fiona: ty, will you just get out of here? Just leave.

Nikko gets to his feet and turns around. He steps forward toward ty, unafraid of this young man.

Nikko: what's up, man? what's your problem?

tynus: my problem is with you messing with my girl.

Fiona: I am not "your girl" that is so over.

Nikko: look, buddy. You heard her, it's over. What part of "leave" don't you

tynus: why don't we take this outside?

Fiona: ty, stop it. you're being a jerk.

Solomon: Nikko! Nikko! it's time to go!

tynus: "Nikko"? daddy's calling.

Nikko doesn't say anything. With his eyes on ty, he takes a couple of steps
back to get his jacket. He picks it up, then moves toward the door.
Nikko heads for the car. He tucks his hands into his jacket pocket.

Fiona: Nikko, wait!

Fiona walks out of the barn and rushes to catch up to Nikko. He turns around and she reaches him. Solomon stands over by the car, the car lights are on.

He turns and watches Nikko and Fiona. Ty also steps out of the barn and heads for them.

Fiona: I'm probably not going to see you again.

Nikko: what? Because of this guy?

Nikko motions to ty who is now standing behind Fiona.

Fiona: no. tomorrow night, I'm leaving on my mission. I've been chosen.

Nikko: what do you mean, "chosen"?

Fiona: it's part of my religion. it's a great honour.

Ty leans toward them and can't help but put in his own comment.

tynus: we're going together.

Fiona: that hasn't been decided yet, you're just a candidate. You know, maybe I will find time to see you before I leave.

Nikko: okay. cool.

He smiles at ty, then turns around and heads back to the car. Fiona stands there and watches him. Ty takes a couple of steps forward to stand next to Fiona. Nikko gets into the car and shuts the door.

Nikko: ... all right and get this. She said that she was going away, that she's
been "chosen" for some mission.

Nikko is sitting at the table in front of the laptop. With a pencil, he's
drawn one of the symbols he saw on the barn wall. Solomon is sitting on the couch reading a book, "secrets of the druids".

Solomon: mission? What kind of mission?

Nikko: I don't know. Like some sort of religious thing. And the weird thing
about it is the word: chosen. All right? It was on every photo in that room I told you about in town hall.

Solomon closes the book and thinks about it.

Solomon: I need to get into that room and look at those photos.

Solomon grabs his cell phone off of the table and starts to dial.

Solomon: do you think you could get closer to that girl? Maybe get some
information out of her?

Nikko: dad. Com on.

Solomon: just be careful.

Nikko: all right.

Solomon turns to the phone. Nikko turns back to his doodling.

Solomon: Vincent. it's me. Listen I want you and Calvin to fly out here. Yeah we're staying at the tor motel in avalon. And call me as soon as you land. All right.

there's a swhoosh and a thud on the front motel room door. Solomon turns to look in that direction. The screeching tires of a vehicle driving off is heard.
Nikko looks at Solomon. Solomon's eyes haven't left the door. They both stand up at the same time to check it out. Nikko heads for the window and pushes the curtain aside to look out into the parking lot. Solomon reaches the door. Nikko motions to Solomon that he doesn't see anyone outside.
Stuck in the center of the door is a long red-feathered arrow, very threatening looking. Solomon looks at the arrow up and down, then ducks under it to check out the parking lot. Nikko stares at the arrow.

Solomon: friendly little town.

Solomon turns around and looks at the arrow. He takes the arrow out of the
door and checks it out. Nikko sits at the table in front of the laptop in his tank shirt and shorts. there's a light knock on the motel room door.
Nikko cautiously gets up and checks to see who it is by glancing out the
window. He recognizes her from the night before and smiles a bit, a little
surprised that she's there.

Fiona: are you alone?

Nikko: yeah.

She steps into the room and reaches for him. Her bag slips off her shoulders
and she kisses him. He puts his hands on her waist, still she continues to kiss him. She flings her bag into the room and kicks the door shut behind her while moving him toward the bed. Or maybe Nikko falls backwards willingly onto the bed. She climbs on top of him, straddling him. still, they continue to kiss.

Fiona: come with me.

Nikko: what? Well where?

Fiona: it's fire fest. it's our most holy day. it's this huge celebration. there's music and dancing and games. I have to go. I have to determine the winner of the competition.

Nikko: what competition?

Fiona: the blind man's race. I gather you're really good at it.

Nikko: hmmm? Does the winner get you?

Fiona: in a manner of speaking. The winner does. But I mean, you'd
never win. The local guys practice all the time.

Nikko: well, okay. let's just say I did win. You know, what would happen
there exactly. because ...

she leans down and kisses him. Just before he can really get into it, she gets
up off of him and walks toward her bag.

Nikko: wh--?

She picks up her bag, the one she dumped by the window. She opens it and takes out a kilt and holds it out for him to see.

Fiona: you have to wear this.

Nikko: oh. no, no, no, no, no. no way. no.

He sits up on the edge of the bed, his feet on the floor.

Fiona: it's a celtic fair. All the guys wear them. c'mon.

Nikko: are you serious?

Fiona: yeah.

Nikko: all right. All right.

Nikko picks up the kilt and opens it up to put it on. He just gets his foot
inside when she casually informs him on the proper way to wear the kilt.

Fiona: and the boxers? you're going to have to leave them.

Nikko: what?

Solomon opens the door and peeks cautiously into the room. Seeing that it's
clear, he steps inside and pushes the door closed, but not shut. Solomon looks around the room.
He turns and looks at the individual portraits hanging on the wall. Under the
portraits is the inscription: you shall be rewarded. Solomon looks from
portrait to portrait. He reaches into his pocket for his digital camera when
the back room door opens. Deputy Keiran looks inside.

Deputy Keiran: can I help you?

Solomon tucks the digital camera back into his jacket pocket.

Solomon: yeah.

Solomon turns to look at the wall of portraits.

Solomon: great looking group of kids here.

Deputy Keiran steps into the room and walks over toward Solomon.

Deputy Keiran: our best and brightest.

Solomon: I hear your daughter was chosen this year.

Deputy Keiran: I'm very proud of her. that's my brother Sean.

Deputy Keiran steps forward to indicate the portrait of a smiling young man.
the name plate under the photo reads: sean keiran / chosen 1985.

Deputy Keiran: he's been on the mission for eighteen years, now.

Solomon: eighteen years? What kind of mission keeps you away for eighteen years?

Deputy Keiran: every nine years, two of best youths are chosen to devote their lives to nature. And to study our faith. And to be in service to people in

Solomon nods and walks round the room looking at the display case and other items inside the room.

Solomon: where did your brother go?

Solomon sees a postal envelope on the table.

Deputy Keiran: his mission? New guinea.

Solomon: when was the last time you saw him?

Solomon reaches the bookshelf against the far wall and looks at the items

Deputy Keiran: no, he sends us cards and letters.

Solomon: never come home?

Deputy Keiran shakes her head. Solomon scoffs disbelievingly at her. He puts what he's looking at down and walks back toward her. He looks at the wall of pictures behind her.

Solomon: well, what about these other kids?

Deputy Keiran: most found the work so rewarding that they don't want to come back.

Solomon stares at her and doesn't say anything.

Deputy Keiran: read the letters. Read what they say.

Solomon walks out of the town hall building only to find Sheriff Coyne standing next to his parked car writing out a ticket.

Solomon: whoa. whoa! what's going on? I parked here yesterday.

Sheriff Coyne: sorry. today's a holiday. it's no parking.

Solomon: well, can't you cut me some slack? I mean, we're working together and there's no sign posted.

Sheriff Coyne: well, we don't really need any signs. Everyone knows that it's
fire fest.

Solomon: ah. Fire fest. Is that were everyone is?

Sheriff Coyne: that's right. we're all celebrating. I guess my deputy informed you that we haven't been able to solve this little mystery of yours.

Solomon: she did, yes.

Sheriff Coyne: well, maybe you ought to drive up the river to gordonville and
have them check it out for you. I mean, we just hit a dead end here.

Solomon: well, thanks for the advice sheriff, but just the same, I think we're
going to stick around here a little longer and see if anything turns up.

Sheriff Coyne: well, in that case ...

The sheriff resumes writing out the ticket. Solomon watches him.

Solomon: what are you doing? oh, you've got time to write me parking tickets while somebody is shooting arrows through my door?

Sheriff Coyne: that's been dealt with.

Solomon: it has?

Sheriff Coyne: yeah. You see it's a prank. You want some real advice?

The sheriff tears off the ticket.

Sheriff Coyne: you take your son and get out of avalon.

Now that was a veiled threat. He gives the ticket to Solomon. Solomon takes the ticket.

Out in the area in the woods, Fiona helps Nikko adjust the kilt. She stands up and praises the way how he looks.

Fiona: here you go. You look great. Like a celtic god.

Nikko: well, there's definitely something to be said about naked legs.
so, what's up with this race?

Fiona: well ...

Fiona moves behind Nikko and stands over his shoulder as she points out the
race course to him.

Fiona: each runner runs from this side of the meadow, through those
trees, to the other side to the circle of stone. The first one inside the
circle wins.

Nikko: all right.

Fiona pats him on the shoulder and moves aside to pick something up. Nikko
doesn't see her as he's looking at the course out in front of him.

Nikko: all right. just like any old race, right?

Nikko bounces from one foot to the other as he fights the cold. he's gearing
up and getting excited about the challenge.

Fiona: except.

Fiona stands up carrying a large animal skin-type hat resembling an animal head and puts it over Nikko. it's large enough for his head to fit inside. The fur covers the eyes just above the nose and mouth allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably.)

Fiona: the runners wear blindfolds. This is perfect because you're not
even supposed to be here.

Nikko tries to take the fur skin hat off. Fiona stops him.

Nikko: well ... wait.

Fiona: leave it on. Trust me. you're going to be great.

Nikko: oh. all right.

She puts her arm around his waist, Nikko hooks his arm around her shoulders and lets her lead him to the starting line.

Fiona: it'll be fun.

Glen fallon: elders of the council of denath: on this day of fire fest, we
consecrate the chosen ones to their calling. Likewise we must consecrate ourselves. and rededicate our sworn allegiance to our faith. Swear it now. Or forsake it.

men: we swear.

Glen fallon: good. Then I call this meeting to order.

Sheriff Coyne: we have to get our nominations to the new selections to the

Glen fallon: well, we should talk about the archaeologist.

Back in the museum, the back door opens and Solomon quietly walks into
the room. He glances down the hallway, then closes the door behind him, this time making sure the door closes shut.
Solomon checks the curtained-covered window of the next room where the men gather. Solomon quietly walks over to the wall of portraits. He takes out his digital camera from his pocket and snaps several photos of the portraits hanging on the wall. He hears the hallway floor boards creak.
Solomon glances at the closed door and steps away to hide. the door opens and a silver-haired man walks in. he brushes the snow off of his jacket while
glancing into the room. he's late. He heads for the meeting room walking past Solomon who is crouched low behind the display case. The silver-haired man opens the meeting room door and walks inside.

Sheriff Coyne: oh. how nice of you to make it, doc.

doc: what'd I miss?

Glen fallon: well, we were just talking about our archaeologist friend.

doc: go ahead.

Glen fallon: coyne. I need your assurance he won't interfere with fire fest.
but the slightest hint that he's onto something, you've got to deal with him.

In the next room, Solomon continues to take digital photos of the portraits.
he steps back to get the picture and bumps into the display case making a

Glen fallon: th--.

He stops and looks up at the next room. Everyone stops and turns to look at
the door.

Sheriff Coyne: hold on a second, glen.

Sheriff Coyne stands up and heads for the door. In the next room, Solomon backs away. As he passes the table with the various postal envelopes, he grabs as many of them as he possibly can. Sheriff Coyne heads for the door and opens it. he steps into the museum and looks around.
Solomon walks out of the building and heads for his car. Sitting in the car parked on the roadway is verne. He watches Solomon.
Glen fallon pushes aside the curtain from the window and looks down on the street below. He sees Solomon walk up to his car. Sheriff Coyne returns to the meeting room and closes the door behind him. He looks at glen fallon and shakes his head.

Sheriff Coyne: I didn't see anybody in there.

Glen fallon stands near the window and continues to look outside where down below, he sees Solomon drive away.

Glen fallon: it was the archaeologist.

Everyone in the table turns to look at glen fallon quietly.

Fiona leads Nikko across the snow-covered ground toward the start of the race. She passes a number of people. And places Nikko where he should be to participate in the race.
There are dozens of young men, each wearing a kilt and a different colored
Solomonid colored shirt all of the same design. Nikko wears a red shirt with his kilt. They also have on their fur animal head hat.

man: here we go.

Nikko pulls the fur hat up a bit so that he can see what's in front of him.
standing one off to the side in a blue shirt is ty. Ty watches Nikko push his
fur hat up over his eyes. He recognizes Nikko and walks over toward him. At this point, he's more amused than angry.

tynus: hey, Nikko, old boy.

Nikko: huh?

Nikko turns to look at ty, not really paying any attention to him.

tynus: she put you up to this?

Nikko doesn't say anything. ty puts his fur hat down on his head over his

tynus: aw, it doesn't matter. 'cuz i'm going to kick your ass.

starter: runner! Check the blindfolds! Get ready! a-a-a-and ...

then the starting gun fires. The line of young men surge forward. The race has begun! The crowd watching cheers. Right from the start, Nikko and ty are neck-and-neck.
They run forward while other racers behind them clumsily crash into one
another. The blue shirt and orange shirt go down. The rest of the runners
continue. Nikko and ty continue to be the leaders of the pack. Behind them, other racers falter, then they reach the top of the hill.
Nikko surges ahead in front of ty, then trips and falls on his face. He quickly gets up and continues the race all without giving up his place as leader. ty continues to run right at Nikko's heels
The runners near the end of the race. The crowd cheers them on. Nikko and ty are once again neck and neck. One by one, the other runners behind them falter and fall. As they near the end, ty trips and falls on his face. Nikko passes by him and reaches the circle of stone first. Nikko falls to the ground inside the circle. The race is over.
The crowd cheers the victor. Someone helps Nikko up while the crowd continues to cheer wildly. Glen fallon watching from the outskirts of the circle, watches the winner with a smile on his face. Exhausted and breathing heavily, Nikko takes off his fur hat. The crowd gasps when they realize that it's the stranger who won the race. With a grim look on his face, Sheriff Coyne recognizes Nikko. Ty peels off his fur mask. he's still on his hands and knees outside the circle. Fiona is ecstatic. She rushes forward and hugs Nikko.

Fiona: Nikko! Nikko! oh my god, you've won! you've won! you were
fantastic! I knew you could do it!

Disgruntled ty throws his fur hat to the ground, gets to his feet and heads
for Fiona and Nikko. He angrily pulls Fiona off of Nikko.

tynus: what the hell do you think you're doing? You don't belong

Nikko pushes ty back, away from him.

Nikko: you've lost the race. Now go cry about it at home!

Fiona: shan-nah-vee-nah.

A woman from the crowd steps forward and looks at Fiona.

Woman in crowd: he's not one of us. H can't be the winner.

Fiona: he won the race fair and square. shan-nah-vee-nah!

Glen fallon and Sheriff Coyne both step forward. Nikko remains silent and watches the crowd with puzzlement.

Woman from crowd: it's not our ways. he's an outsider.

Glen fallon: the law is the law.

Fiona smiles that it's going to go her way.

Glen fallon: he won the race!

Glen fallon grabs Nikko's arm and raises it high above his head.

Gle fallon: shan-nah-vee-nah!

Sheriff Coyne: shan-nah-vee-nah!

The crowd cheers. Nikko runs to Fiona and grabs her in a big hug.

Solomon is driving the car. He turns the corner and continues down the road. As he drives, he spots verne in his truck also take the same turn behind him. Solomon adjusts the rear view mirror. not liking what he's seeing, Solomon picks up his cell phone and dials. Vincent's phone rings. he answers it.

Vincent: hey.

Solomon: Vincent. Where are you?

Vincent: just coming into avalon.

Solomon looks at his rear view mirror at the truck tailing him.

Solomon: good. I think I have a problem here.

To his right, Solomon doesn't see the red truck that suddenly comes out into
his path. He crashes into it. The red truck pushes Solomon's suv off of the
roadway and into the snow-covered embankment.
Solomon's suv falls down the side of the hill, his car turned over to its side.
the suv continues to slide down the hill where it comes crashing to a stop at
the bottom. Still inside the car and conscious, Solomon gingerly tries to get himself out of the suv. He tries tugging at the door handle, but it doesn't budge.
From above, he hears a grunt and a hand swings out and breaks the glass above him showering him with shards of safety glass. Solomon ducks.
Vincent peers down into the suv.

Vincent: how you doing man?

Surprised Solomon starts, then turns to look up at Vincent. Vincent smiles and moves away from the window. Solomon climbs out of the suv.

Vincent: easy, now.

Solomon grunts and gets his head and shoulder out of the car door. He pauses a moment for a breather.

Vincent: you all right?

Solomon: yeah, i'm okay.

Solomon easily climbs out of the suv. He jumps down from the suv to the ground in front of Vincent.)

Vincent: what happened?

Solomon: I don't know.

Solomon looks beyond Vincent and back to the roadtop where they both see verne climb back into his truck, close the door and drive off.

Maggie fills Solomon in on the latest findings.

Maggie: I was able to identify seventeen names of the photographs you sent. Juliet checked on them.

Juliet walks up behind Maggie and leans forward toward the monitor.

juliet: they've all been born according to the county registry, but apparently,
none of them have died.

juliet: none of them ever paid taxes, no employment records, no
marriages. For all intents and purposes, it's as if they just stepped off the
face of the earth. I mean, they list kids who have been born over a hundred
years ago.

Spread out on the bedsheet in front of him, Vincent picks up an envelope while he holds a letter in his other hand.

Vincent: what about all these cards and letters, then? They must have come
from somewhere.

Vincent looks at the envelope, then holds it out in front of him.

Vincent: the official postmarks from these countries are forgeries. they're

Solomon: then the missions are a big lie? So what are they doing with all these kids?

juliet: this is where it really gets scary.

Maggie: I still haven't been able to open the thing, but I did run an
ultrasound analysis on the corpse.

As they speak, the laptop shows the ultrasound results, then refocuses the
image to show a woman.

Maggie: it's remarkably well preserved.

juliet: it's a woman.

Maggie: no less than sixteen, no more than twenty.

Solomon: that's the age that they're chosen for the mission.

Calvin: okay. Check this out. this is what Ive found on selectman fallon.
his great-great-grandfather founded a druid community called the disciples of
dennan in iowa.

Calvin: it's some sort of druid adam and eve thing. listen to this: "the chosen ones will awaken and repopulate the planet after the great end."
whatever that is.

Solomon: it's a resurrection myth.

Calvin: it's a damn cult is what it is.

Solomon: Nikko's with Fiona. she's been "chosen".

Solomon doesn't like where this thought is going. Calvin puts the paper down and is already reaching for the cell phone. Vincent sits quietly and listens.

Solomon: call him on his cell.

A cell phone beeps. Vincent reaches around the bed ... on the floor ... and
finds Nikko's cell phone. He picks it up and holds it up for them to see.

Solomon: he left without his phone?

Vincent: not like him.

The door opens and Nikko walks into the room.

Nikko: hey.

He exhales and closes the door. Calvin takes one look at Nikko in the plaid
and starts laughing. Vincent tosses his cell phone to Nikko, who catches it.

Nikko: what?

Even Solomon finds Nikko's garb comical.

Solomon: what? what?

Nikko: all right. Look it's not what you're thinking. okay. I was on a
case. It was research. I just wanted to find out a little bit more about this
druid stuff.

Calvin: this has been a lot of things, nicky, but never "research".

Solomon listens, amused. Calvin shakes his head and scratches his chin

inside the house, Deputy Keiran zips Fiona's luggage close. From the other
room, Fiona walks out, dressed for travel and pulling a smaller luggage behind her. She stops and stands in front of her mother.
Deputy Keiran puts her hands on Fiona's arms, wanting to hug her but instead rubbing her hands up and down her arms as she gives some last words of advice.

Deputy Keiran: I love you. remember. you'll never see me; this is your home. the sacrifice you're making is for the greater good. I believe that.

iona doesn't say anything. finally, they hug each other. There are tears in
Fiona's eyes.

Fiona: mom.

Glen fallon: time to go, Fiona.

Fiona: I love you, mom.

Glen fallon leads Fiona away. Behind Deputy Keiran, Sheriff Coyne puts on his hat.
Glen fallon opens the door and they all leave ... even doc. Sheriff Coyne puts
a hand on Deputy Keiran's shoulder, then heads for the door carrying Fiona's
luggage. He leaves the room and the door closes behind him.

Nikko fills every one in on the fire fest. he's lying down and leaning back on
the bed.)

Nikko: ... then Fiona came in and started shouting some gaelic stuff and
everybody backed off. and then, everybody started shouting it.

Vincent: what were they shouting?

Nikko: well, it sounded like ... shah-nah-vee-lah?

Calvin: what does that mean?

Nikko: I don't know, but it sure changed everybody's mind about me.

Solomon: all right. that's it. Stay away from these local kids.

Nikko: dad, look. Fiona's not a part of this. okay? she's nice and I like

Solomon: Fiona's in danger, Nikko. And somebody tried to kill me today. i'm not taking any chances. Calvin. You stay here with Nikko.

Nikko: dad ...

He whirls around and levels Nikko with an "i'm not kidding" look.

Solomon: stay put!

He looks at Vincent.

Solomon: we're going over to Fiona's house.

He opens the door. Vincent stands up. Solomon turns again to look at Calvin
and Nikko.

Solomon: guys, don't leave this room.

The suv drives up the roadway in front of the house. It stops and parks.
Vincent and Solomon get out of the car. They rush up to the front door.
Without knocking, Solomon opens the door and walks into the house.

Solomon: Fiona gone?

Deputy Keiran nods her head. she's sitting at the dining room table, her
forehead resting wearily against her hand. Solomon heads for her.

Solomonmon: where'd they take her?

Solomon turns and looks in the other rooms. Deputy Keiran doesn't try to stop him. she's feeling too miserable.

Deputy Keiran: don't try to interfere. it's her destiny. An archaeologist
should understand destiny.

Solomon: oh, I understand it. it's written in every language. In every burial
tomb that i've explored.

Deputy Keiran: what are you talking about?

Solomon takes out a picture of the ultrasound of the body inside the
sarcophagus. He unfolds it and puts it on the table in front of Deputy Keiran.

Solomon: you remember anne wynne? we've identified her from a picture on your wall of fame.

Deputy Keiran looks at the ultrasound and her face betrays her shock.

Deputy Keiran: she went to school with my aunt carol and ... was
chosen for mission ...

Solomon: there are no missions! Anne wynne was buried inside the sarcophagus we found. they're killing these kids because of some future
resurrection, if you can believe that. I mean, how can you and this whole town believe this stuff about the mission.

Deputy Keiran slowly pushes her chair back and stands up, her mind rapidly
thinking about all the kids ... and her daughter.

Deputy Keiran: shee-nah-vee-nee.

She raises a hand to her mouth.

Solomon: what? What did you say?

Deputy Keiran: shee-nah-vee-nee. She is the chosen one.

Deputy Keiran turns to look at Vincent.

Vincent: then shar-nah-vee-nah, is the masculine form?

Inside the bathroom, Nikko brushes his teeth. Heleans over the sink, spits
and grabs a towel off the nearby rack. He wipes his mouth and returns the towel
to the rack. suddenly, someone shoves a cloth over his mouth and nose from behind, grabbing him around his shoulders to stop him from struggling or from crying out till the drug takes affect. Nikko struggles against his kidnapper.
Solomon looks disbelieving at Deputy Keiran, his mouth opening and closing as he struggles to find the words to say something. it's as if he can't believe
what he's just heard.

Solomon: Nikko?

Deputy Keiran doesn't say anything. she's in too much grief as it is.

Vincent is already moving toward the front door. Solomon turns and they both leave the house to head back to the motel. Suddenly she turns and looks back down at the ultrasound of anne wynne, the girl in the
The motel room door opens and Calvin walks in carrying a soft drink can and a package of chips.

Calvin: hey, all they had was ...

Calvin stops at the door and looks inside. something's wrong. He doesn't see Nikko.

Calvin: Nikko!

Calvin glances out the door, then closes it behind him. he's alarmed. He drops the snacks on the bed and rushes to the darkened bathroom.

Calvin: Nikko?

He reaches the bathroom doorway and flicks on the light switch.

Calvin: hey!

there's no one there. He moves back to the middle of the room, panicking a
bit, trying to calm himself down enough to think.
The motel room door opens. Solomon and Vincent walk into the room. Vincent closes the door behind him. Solomon takes a look at Calvin's worried face.

Solomon: what's wrong?

Calvin: he's not here.

Solomon: what do you mean, he's not here? Where is he?

Calvin: he went into the bathroom, I went to get him something to drink. he's not here. he's gone.

Outside a siren turns on and off. Vincent turns and looks toward the window.

Vincent: we've got company.

The siren flicks on and off again. Vincent walks over to the window and pulls
the heavy curtain back and peers through the thin curtain lining. We see the
red flashing lights of the approaching vehicle.

Vincent: deputy kieran.

The car pulls up into the parking lot just outside the motel room.
Solomon turns to the front door and opens it. Deputy Keiran slams her car door shut, the lights still flashing. She heads for the motel room.

Solomon: my son is gone.

Deputy Keiran: I know how to find him.

She turns and heads back to her car. Solomon turns to Calvin.

Solomon: Calvin, stay here. Nikko might come back.

Calvin doesn't say anything. Solomon walks out of the room, Vincent follows

Vincent: call the fbi. Tell them everything.

Vincent shuts the room door behind him. Deputy Keiran drives them to the location, her car lights flashing.
In the old copper mines, a group of believers hold hands around the two open caskets.

chanting: sha-nah-vee-nah.

Nikko looks up and sees at the head of the believers is selectman glen fallon.
Nikko's vision gets blurry.
The deputy's vehicle rushes through the trees on the road as fast as she can
possibly go to the location. Inside the car, she informs Solomon and Vincent of her theory to find them.

Deputy Keiran: our patrol cars all have gps. We can track coyne.

Solomon looks at the gps map in the car. he points to the red dot.

Solomon: is that him right there?

Deputy Keiran: yeah. he's parked up at the old mines.

She hits the gas and the car surges forward.
one member of the council to another ... from sheriff coyne ... to doc ... to glen fallon. The continue chanting. Inside the other sarcophagus, Fiona is wrapped up tightly inside, her eyes open and blinking as she tries to focus, but it appears that they've already drugged her. In the second sarcophagus, Nikko also looks around. He too, is wrapped up tightly. Selectman glen fallon holds up his hand to halt the chanting.

Glen fallon: Fiona. You were chosen because you're the best of the best.
you'll be carrying our culture all we believe into the future.

Nikko looks at glen fallon who is blurry. His hearing is being affected and he
starts hearing as if the sound is being played slower than it should.

Glen fallon: everything depends on you.

With what little control he has left before succumbing to the drugged-induced
stupor, Nikko looks at glen fallon and mutters to him loud enough so he can

Nikko: you're nuts.

He looks around at the various council members surrounding them.

Nikko: you hear me? you're all nuts.

He looks to the side and sees Sheriff Coyne.

Nikko: you're not going to preserve anything, you're going to kill us.

The suv speeds down the roadway to the mines. Deputy Keiran goes as fast as she dares to go. Finally the car screeches to a halt next to another parked
vehicle. Everyone gets out of the car and heads toward the house.
In the distance there's loud cheering. Solomon looks up toward the woods a
good distance away and sees a large group of people continuing the day's
festivities around a large bon-fire.

Solomon: all the action's over there.

Vincent: then why'd they want to bring the kids here?

They all look around, then head into the mine.
Nikko's eyes roll. Fiona is in the next sarcophagus and glances next to her.

Fiona: i'm so sorry. I didn't know.

Nikko continues to look around ... and his eyes get blurry as they fix on
selectman fallon.
Solomon, Vincent and Deputy Keiran walk into the mine. The believers put the cover of the sarcophagus over Nikko, sealing him inside. They put the second cover over Fiona.
selectman fallon opens a small chest in front of him and takes out a star of
dennan. He holds it high in front of him. Solomon, Vincent and Deputy Keiran follow the tunnels deeper into the mine.
Outside the sun breaks just above the line of clouds on the horizon. Inside the mine, the first rays of dawn filter in through a hole in the roof of
the mine. As selectman fallon holds up the star of dennan above his head, it's apparent that something is supposed to happen.
The beam of sunlight gradually adjusts and falls on the heart of the star in
his hands. It glows brightly.
Solomon and Vincent continue to head deep into the mine. selectman fallon, in a show of ritualism, puts the star of dennan down on the center of dirt covered altar. He steps aside. When the sunlight hits the right rock in the mine, it sends a powerful beam of light down on the star of dennan on the altar. When the light beam hits the star of dennan, the beam of light splits into two. one for each casket. The beam of light is strong and it sends some kind of energy into the sarcophagus.
The council members surrounding the two caskets take a step backward.
Solomon and Vincent continue down the passageway. The beam of light
produces enough energy to seal the casket shut. The cover and bottom meld into one. Solomon and Vincent round the cover and step into the room.
selectman fallon turns around and sees them, as does the other council
Deputy Keiran rushes forward toward the sarcophagus, her only intent to get to her daughter.

Solomon: where's my son!

The council members grab Deputy Keiran and drag her to the side.

Glen fallon: watch out! Keep away from there!

Solomon flips over the council member in front of him. Glen fallon rushes
forward. Vincent grabs him and flips him over. Solomon punches the council member. A gun is fired in the small cavern. Everyone stops and turns to look at verne holding the rifle.

verne: back off!

Solomon looks cautiously at verne, wondering what's going to happen. Vincent has fallon on his knees with his arm twisted behind his back in a firm hold. Deputy Keiran jerks herself out of the doc's hold.

verne: it's time for the truth, fallon.

Now that they're free, Solomon and Deputy Keiran rush to uncover the two sealed caskets. They can't find the seams. Solomon looks at the caskets.

Solomon: we've got to get them out of here.

In the center of the sarcophagus, he sees the familiar graphic symbol.

Solomon: star of dennan.

Back at the dirt-covered altar, a hand picks up the star of dennan. Verne holds the star of dennan out to Solomon.

verna: here. The love of my life went on her mission twenty-seven years ago. I just have to know what really happened to her.

Solomon takes the star of dennan and places it in the center of the symbol.
the star of dennan starts to slowly turn as if unlocking something. He lets go
of it and it continues to rotate fully.
Finally when it's through, the seams appear on the sarcophagus. Solomon sees the seams. He removes the star of dennan and gives it to verne.
He looks across at Vincent who lets go of his hold on glen fallon to help remove the cover. In the back, Deputy Keiran and verne move to lift the cover of the second sarcophagus.
Solomon and Vincent remove the cover. Inside Nikko is still, his eyes closed.
Solomon leans in close and tries to wake him up, afraid that he won't be able

Solomon: Nikko?

He puts his hands around Nikko's head and tries to shake him awake.

Solomon: hey, Nikko? Nikko?

Deputy Keiran and verne remove the second cover. Nikko doesn't move.

Solomon: hey. hey.

Fearing the worst, Solomon keeps trying.

Solomon: Nikko?

Nikko appears to move. Solomon continues to shake Nikko. He lifts his eye
lids, trying to get him to open his eyes.

Solomon: hey. Nikko? hey.

Nikko shifts his head and groggily opens his eyes. He sees his dad.

Nikko: is everything cool?

Relieved Solomon smiles and laughs. He glances up at Vincent, who stood there silent all the time.

Vincent cracks a smile. Solomon turns back to Nikko.

Solomon: yeah. everything's cool. everything's cool.

Solomon glances over at Deputy Keiran.

Solomon: how is she?

Deputy Keiran: she's okay.

Nikko raises his head to get a glimpse of Fiona just waking up. he slumps
back, tired.
Solomon reaches out and brushes the hair away from Nikko's forehead.

Solomon: okay. all right. okay.

The fbi agents lead the line of council members out of the mines. they're all
in handcuffs. Calvin watches them pass by him and he shakes his head.
He heads for Solomon and Deputy Keiran who stand in front of her car.

Calvin: fbi is doing forensics.

Solomon: thanks again.

Calvin steps away. Deputy Keiran shakes her head.

Deputy Keiran: all those kids. it's terrible. All those years of lies. They lied to everybody.

Solomon: at least it's over now. we've stopped them. don't let this destroy
your faith. there's a lot of beauty in what you believe.

Deputy Keiran: thank you. For everything.

Solomon looks down for a moment, then they both turn and look at the entrance to the mines.
Nikko and Fiona slowly walk out of the mines, Fiona's arm tucked in the crook
of Nikko's arm, his hand covers hers. they slowly walk toward the cars. When they reach the car, Nikko breaks away from Fiona and leans heavily against the car hood. Fiona looks nervously at Nikko.

Fiona: so, you gonna call me?

Nikko: call you? Hell no. no, i'm going to come visit.

Fiona stares at Nikko, his words sinking in. her face lights up in a smile,
then she looks down for a moment.

Nikko: I mean, after all, I did win the race. right?

She shyly looks back up at him.

Nikko: and in a way, I get you.

Fiona: right.

She leans in and they kiss. They break apart, then Nikko wraps his arm around her shoulders and she leans into him. Quietly they hold each other close.

Nikko: now, i'm telling you, Maggie. it's freaky. okay? These guys
were wearing robes and chanting.

Solomon, Nikko and Maggie sit at the kitchen table. They appear to be eating breakfast and talking about the experience.

Nikko: I mean, they just threw us in there and closed the lid.

Maggie: people are capable of all kinds of things in the name of faith.

Solomon: oh, yeah. i've seen people run around in kilts with ... animal heads on. oh, yeah. Just all kinds of things.

Nikko: oh, ha. ha. very funny.

Solomon: Maggie, Nikko has a girl friend.

Nikko: dad, shut up!

Solomon: what?

Nikko: what do you mean, what? i-

Juliet rounds the corner and walks into the room. The conversation stops and they look at her. She stops at the foot of the table.

juliet: guys. guys. i've got the translation on the star. "on the twelfth Solstice of the eleventh house sun, you will be risen, the chosen, now
and forever."

Maggie: the eleventh house sun. that's astrology.

juliet: well, aquarius is the eleventh house of the zodiac.

Solomon: aquarian age began in 2001. the twelfth Soltice would be december 21, 2012.

Nikko: well, isn't that the same as the end of the mayan calendar?

juliet: and the end date on the sphere of archimedes.

Maggie: and that's a little more coincidence then i'm comfortable with.

Nikko: so what do you think, dad? huh? 2012. is that the end?

Solomon: I don't know.

He turns and looks up at juliet.

Solomon: we've got nine years to figure it out.

Everyone is silent with their own thoughts.
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Veritas: the quest
The lost codex

A small fire in a stone upraised pit. A small tri pod is set above it with a hanging pot and mixing spoon inside. Show the old room, dark and lit with many torches and hanging lanterns on the wall. Many contraptions, devices
and inventions leaning up against the room wall.

Leonardo da vinci: dearest francesco. We live in violent times and I cannot deny that my inventions have contributed to my patron's ability to wage war.

In the far corner of the room, a lone man writes a letter to his friend with a quill pen.

Leonardo da vinci: but politics cannot justify the use of an engine such as this.

There's small writing and many hand-drawn pictures.

Leonardo da vinci: it's power is too great. We are not ready.

Leonardo da vinci signing his name to the bottom of the parchment. on the top, the following: "la sicurezza ..." and "siempre il tuo amico feu ...".

Finished leonardo da vinci closes the book shut. He takes the piece of paper
and stands up. He walks over to the wall and picks up a single lit candle. He turns around.

A man walks in, his voice shouting ahead of him.

man: leonardo where's the pla ... ?

Leonardo da vinci runs out of his workshop and pulls the candle out of its
holder. The ,door closes shut behind him.

Solomon walks across the main room carrying a duffle bag in his hand. he's
packed and ready to go.)

Solomon: Nikko! Get a move on or we'll miss our flight!

Nikko leisurely makes his way down the stairs carrying his own gear.

Nikko: hey, relax, if we don't catch the plane, we'll take the jet.

Solomon: wrong. This is a vacation. You fly commercial.

Nikko reaches the ground floor and puts his yellow duffle and flippers down on the floor in front of the two yellow air tanks. Vincent walks into the room carrying the oxygen gages on straps. He hands them to Nikko. Nikko takes them and slings them over his shoulder.

Vincent: made the adjustments you asked for.

Solomon: don't encourage him.

Nikko looks innocently at Solomon.

Nikko: well, we're going all the way to Belize and you're telling me I can't
dive the blue hole?

Solomon: yes. Look people disappear in the blue hole every year. You have to drop over a hundred feet.

Vincent: Nikko can handle it. It's you I'd worry about.

Vincent turns to look at Solomon. Nikko snickers.

Solomon: no, too risky.

Solomon reaches for his cell phone and opens it.

Nikko: so, that's a "maybe"?

Solomon: how is "no" a "maybe"? hello?

Nikko smiles at Vincent as he also turns and smiles back at Nikko, the two
sharing a laugh.

Solomon: yes.

Solomon nods as he listens, then glances at Nikko as he answers.

Solomon I'm on my way.

Nikko: dad.

Solomon: I'm sorry son. Belize will have to wait.

Nikko: but what about ...

Vincent: who was it?

Inside the elevator, he turns and looks at Vincent.

Solomon: our benefactor.

Nikko: you know, this never fails. We try to spend some time together, make some plans and boom, the money pops up.

Vincent: your father had no choice.

Nikko: look, who is this benefactor guy anyway?

Vincent: he finances Veritas. Solving ancient mysteries isn't exactly a money-making enterprise.

Nikko: yeah, but who is he?

Vincent: only your father knows. No one else on this team has ever met him or even knows his name.

The benefactor stands up and greets Solomon at the office door.

The benefactor: ah, Solomon. I do hope I didn't pull you away from anything too important.

Solomon: no, no. of course not.

The benefactor levels Solomon with a look.

Solomon: well, I had been promising Nikko a diving trip.

The benefactor: ah. Nikko. How is he?

Solomon: well, right now, probably ready to kill me.

The benefactor: I hope some day to take the opportunity to apologize to him

He motions for Solomon to take a seat. He moves to sit in his chair behind the desk.

The benefactor: that depends a great deal in about what I'm about to tell you.

He sits down. Then Solomon sits down.

The benefactor: I just learned that a number of letters written by Leonardo da vinci to his pupil Francesco medici, has surfaced on the black market. The seller claims that the letters reveal the secret hiding place of a long lost da
vinci diary.

Solomon: a lost diary. That would be an incredible find.

The benefactor: and a dangerous one. that's why I'm sending you to Florence. The da vinci letters would be sold by secret auction. The potential bidders must contact the seller's representatives at a party at the uffizi museum.

Solomon: you want me to bid on the da vinci letters?

The benefactor: I want you to do whatever you have to do in order to get those letters. And find the diary. Before Dorna does.

Solomon: Dorna knows about the diary?

The benefactor: they want it almost as badly as I do.

Solomon: you want to tell me why?

The benefactor: it's complicated. But if Dorna gets a hold of that diary, I'm
afraid Veritas will cease to exist.

Solomon: what are you talking about?

The benefactor: I will no longer be able to finance your work.

Solomon: you can't shut us down. What we do is too important.

The benefactor: Dorna gets that diary, I will have no choice. I want you to
get that da vinci diary and bring it directly to me.

The benefactor holds out the invitation card. Solomon takes it.

The benefactor: the party is in less than 48 hours.

Solomon has the open metal briefcase on his desk as he packs things in it.
Nikko sits in the seat across the desk. he's still trying to wrap his mind
around the financial setup for veritas.)

Nikko: so how can this benefactor guy even shut us down? Doesn't he have a contract or something?

Solomon: it wasn't in our arrangement.

Nikko points over to where Vincent is.

Nikko: Vincent says that he doesn't even know this guy's name. do you?

Solomon: yeah.

Nikko: and?

Solomon: part of the arrangement is that he remains anonymous.

Nikko: I get it. He says, "jump," and you say, "how high?".

Solomon: hey, it's not like that. His generosity will keep veritas going.
he's made everything we've done possible. It enables me to continue your
mother's work and in all this time, he's never asked me for anything in return.

Nikko: well, now he wants da vinci's diary. So how are we going to get it?

Solomon: I'm glad you asked.

Solomon stands in the head of the cabin at the front of the group. Al the
other members sit in their seats looking at him.

Solomon: our benefactor has arranged for us to be on the guest list of
tonight's gala opening of the new da vinci exhibition in the uffizi museum in

As Solomon continues to give out instructions in narrative form, we see the
party is underway.

Solomon: and since the letters obviously aren't being sold legally, we
can't let the seller know that we're legitimate archaeologists. So we will be
going undercover ...

the veritas group dressed up for the night walk into the room and look around.

Solomon: ... posing as private collectors to get the da vinci letters.

They stand there and look around the room. Each of them is wearing a yellow rose in their lapel, except Juliet, of course.

Solomon: now this party will be our only chance to make contact with
our seller's representative. All bidders have been told to wear a yellow rose.

Juliet: those letters are going to go for a fortune.

Solomon: I'm hoping that we can negotiate with the seller.

Vincent: but if Dorna finds him first ...

Calvin: ... you know, their way of negotiating is a lot less friendly.

Solomon looks at them, then continues his narrative as he gives them

Solomon: Calvin ...

Calvin casually walks through the museum, past a group of four single, young
women. They notice him as he walks past them, though Calvin doesn't acknowledge them. He's in black suit looking very good. it's all in the attitude.)

Solomon: ... you'll be posing as a wealthy playboy in the European
party circuit. See what you can stir up.

Vincent stands in the middle of the room, as Solomon narrates, he slowly turns around

Solomon: Vincent, you'll be a wealthy industrialist hoping to add the
da vinci letters to your private collection. Juliet, you'll be Vincent's wife ...

Juliet: me and Vincent?

Solomon: problem?

Juliet stares at Solomon. Vincent sits on Juliet's left, just behind her.

Juliet: no, uh, i just ... uh ...

Vincent slowly glances down at Juliet and leans in close to her ear.

Vincent: can you cook?

Juliet slowly turns her head and looks at Vincent. Vincent cracks a smile at
her. Juliet laughs and looks down. Calvin sits across the aisle from them, watches them and chuckles.

Nikko: an undercover mission? This is so bond.

As Solomon narrates: Nikko is dressed in a black suit ... a cluster of
beautiful women gather around him, he has each arm draped around a different woman's shoulder ... they smile beguiling at him ... he smiles suavely back at them ...

Solomon: well, Nikko, you and I are going as father and son ...

Nikko: dad, that isn't fair. Everybody else gets a cool cover and I have to go as the "dutiful son"?

Solomon: well, for you, that is a cover.

Nikko shuts up and nods.

Solomon: look, guys, we don't have the option. Someone at the party will know who I am. Whatever is in the da vinci diary, is important enough to bring Cosimo Medici himself ...

An older man possibly in his 50's, distinguished looking sporting a long-haired "lionel luthor" look. he's wearing a black suit and a yellow rose in his lapel.
He turns and looks around the room. His eyes rest on something across the

Solomon: ... out from south africa.

Juliet: medici. Like the medici's of the renaissance.

Solomon: correct.

Vincent: ... and one of the nine leaders of Dorna.

Nikko and Solomon stand near each other on the side of the room.

Nikko: so, how'd you know he'd be here?

Solomon: well, I was warned.

Solomon watches as Cosimo Medici walks across the room toward them.

Nikko: did you meet him?

Solomon: no, I haven't ... yet.

Cosimo Medici stops in front of them.

Cosimo Medici: dr. Solomon zond. I knew this day would finally come.

They shake hands.

Cosimo Medici: and this must be Nikko. I've heard a lot about you from my
people. What an impressive young man.

They shake hands. Solomon's hard eyes rest on Cosimo Medici.

Solomon: Nikko, take a walk.

Nikko: dad. wha -- ?

Cosimo Medici: it's all right. there'll still be opportunities for us to chat.

Nikko nods at Cosimo Medici, then walks away.

Solomon: you have nothing to say to my son. You understand? This is between you and me.

Cosimo Medici: for now. But tell me Solomon, what brings you to Florence?

Vincent and Juliet stand off to the side near the various display cases
exhibiting da vinci's work. They are the dutiful couple.

Vincent: beautiful. Imagine what it would be like to actually possess such a
small piece of such genius, to own something da vinci worked on with his own hands.

The woman looking at the display case stands and turns around to look at
Vincent. She nods her head in agreement with what he just said. He smiles at her and they move on. When mthey're a discrete distance away, Juliet mumbles to Vincent.

Juliet: nice try, but this is getting us nowhere.

Vincent: be patient. the seller's representative is here. he'll find us.

Together they continue to walk along the row of display cases. Vincent
reaches out and picks a champagne flute off of a nearby tray. He offers it to

Vincent: champagne?

Juliet: you sure know how to treat a girl.

Vincent: that's what they say.

Juliet smiles at the remark. The stop in front of one display case. Juliet
sips from her glass. Vincent leans in to really look at the display. A man in a tux and a long white scarf around his neck leans toward Juliet.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: four hundred years before the first helicopter. Truly a man ahead of his time. Grayson Winthrop-Knox, at your service.

Vincent: Vincent Siminou and my wife, Juliet.

Juliet holds out her hand, palm down. Grayson Winthrop-Knox takes it and leans forward.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: enjoying the exhibition?

He kisses the back of her hand.

Vincent: yes. I have a passion for beautiful things.

Juliet glances sideways at Vincent. Knox keeps his eyes on Juliet

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: oh that is most obvious, Mr. Siminou.

Juliet: yes, but you can't take any of this home.

Juliet turns to Vincent and leans in forward toward him.

Juliet: darling, you promised me something special for my birthday.
Something from this exhibition.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: a woman who chooses da vinci over diamonds. I am impressed.

Vincent: yes, Juliet is full of surprises.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: but there might be something you can take home from your visit.

Vincent: that's why we're here.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: for the auction.

Vincent: the da vinci letters would make a nice addition to our private

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: and a costly one. There are many interested collectors here tonight.

Vincent: I am willing to pay whatever it takes to acquire those letters.

Knox stares at them, his mouth open as if he were going to bait them, a look of anticipation on his face.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: I might be able to get you into the auction if you are prepared to make a serious bid.

Juliet: oh, vinny's always serious.

She smiles. Vincent also smiles at the remark. Vincent holds out his business card. Knox takes it.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: I'll be in touch.

With a final look at them both, knox backs away and leaves. They watch him
go. Vincent looks at Juliet. She urns to meet his gaze.

Vincent: did you just call me "vinny"?

Juliet: yes.

Vincent chuckles, turns and starts to move along.

Juliet: what?

He pulls Juliet along with him.

Calvin walks casually along following the wall. He passes by some double doors and takes a look at the type of security lock on the wall next to it.

Calvin: ... and the security system ...

Nikko: you, uh, casing the joint?

Unfortunately it's very true. Calvin turns around and sees Nikko. He glances
about to see if anyone heard him.

Calvin: no, just curious.

He takes a couple steps closer to Nikko and leans in to whisper to him.

Calvin: thank you for pointing that out to everyone. You know, the next time I'll bring a sign.

Calvin walks past Nikko, toward a display case.

Nikko: oh, sorry.

Calvin: I thought you were going to stick close to "daddy".

Nikko: yeah. "daddy" and cosimo sent me packing. So here I am.

Calvin: good. That cosimo guy is seriously wrong. Your dad has been dodging Dorna for years.

Calvin looks down into the display case. Something behind Calvin catches
Nikko's eye and he slowly straightens, obviously taken with what he's looking

Calvin: da vinci's parabolic bridge.

Nikko: oh, no, no, no. forget the bridge, buddy. Who is that?

Nikko turns Calvin around and points to a young woman standing a distance away with a glass of champagne in her hand. She looks at Calvin and smiles in recognition.)

Calvin: sophie.

Sophie St. Johns: Calvin. wow. it's been a long time.

Calvin: yeah. A really long time. You look great.

Not one to be left out, Nikko interrupts. Calvin turns around. Nikko holds
out his hand.

Nikko: excuse me, I'm Nikko.

Sophie St. Johns: Sophie St. Johns.

Nikko: nice to meet you.

Sophie St. Johns: you, too. I'm the curator of his exhibition.

Calvin: that's amazing.

Sophie St. Johns: why do you sound so surprised.

Calvin: no, I'm not. I'm not. I'm not surprised. really? congratulations. I'm happy for you.

Sophie St. Johns: well, uh, i've got to get back to work.

Sophie turns to leave. Calvin stops her. He steps forward to catch up with

Calvin: sophie.

She stops and turns around. He glances nervously to Nikko, then takes the

Calvin: uh, do you think we could get together and have dinner and catch up?

Sophie St. Johns: maybe later.

Sophie turns and leaves. Nikko watches Calvin and grins.

Nikko: this is going to be a good story, cal. It is.

Nikko motions for Calvin to come closer to tell that story to him.

Nikko: come on. Tell me. spill.

Calvin: there's no story. We just went to school together.

Calvin looks back at sophie who finishes her talk with the group, glances at
Calvin, then walks away.

Nikko: right. So were you guys study buddies together or, you know? Or together, together.

Calvin turns around slowly and looks at Nikko.

Nikko: yeah.

Solomon continues to talk with Cosimo Medici.

Solomon: you know exactly why i'm here.

Cosimo Medici: and you know why i'm here. Less pressure. We don't have to waste time on games.

Solomon: since when don't you like to play games?

Cosimo Medici: Solomon. I have too much respect for you, your team, and your achievements, you know?

Solomon: oh, gee ... thanks.

Cosimo Medici: you've been a worthy opponent all these years, but you spend all your energy on a battle that you can't win. A battle you don't even understand.

Solomon: so, enlighten me.

Cosimo Medici: sorry. Right now, I have a diary to find.

Solomon: not if I find it first.

Cosimo Medici: you can't fight history. Solomon. Look look around you.

Cosimo takes his glasses off and indicates all of da vinci's inventions at the

Cosimo Medici: the medici's always gotten what they wanted.

Solomon: times change cosimo.

Cosimo Medici: that they do. But you are not going to change.

Solomon: you sure about that?

Cosimo Medici: (colder) i'll make sure.

Vincent is sitting down. Solomon hands Vincent a drink in a tumbler.

Solomon: cheers.

Vincent takes a sip as Solomon sits down. His tie is undone.

Vincent: we've made contact with the seller's representative. A man named
Grayson Winthrop-Knox.

Solomon: big name.

Vincent: a bit poncey. He claims he has access to the letters. he's setting
up the meeting tomorrow.

Solomon: you think he's for real?

Vincent: it's unclear. Maybe he's trying to hit on my wife?

Solomon laughs. Vincent also chuckles.

Then things get a bit serious as the smile dies from Vincent's face.

Vincent: cosimo's presence complicates things.

Solomon: you are the master of understatement.

Vincent: he's ruthless. Even by Dorna's standards. Remember Istanbul?

Solomon: that won't happen again.

Calvin walks into the bedroom buttoning up his long-sleeved shirt. He sees
Nikko lounging on the bed looking through his cd case.

Calvin: yeah, that's fine. Look through my cd's. okay. No problem.

Calvin sits down with a plop on the edge of his own bed.

Nikko: yeah. Hot tuna. beck. Zinger and cream. I gotta tell ya, cal, this
is very morning becomes eclectic.

Calvin: i'm sorry, if I had known that you were going to borrow my cd's, I would have brought the back street boys.

Nikko: oh. that's funny.

Calvin: huh. really?

Calvin sits back against the headboard. Calvin grabs the television remote and tosses it to Nikko.

Calvin: here, why don't you watch tv?

Nikko: there's nothing on.

there's a knock on the front hotel room door. Both Calvin and Nikko look
toward the front door.

Sophie St. Johns: Calvin? it's me, sophie.

Calvin: hey.

Sophie St. Johns: I thought we could talk.

Calvin: uhm.

Sophie's eyes shift to Nikko on the bed, his back to them.

Calvin: yeah.

Calvin sees her gaze and turns around to look at Nikko. He's now watching
them. He lifts a hand up and wiggles his fingers in a wave to them.

Sophie St. Johns: meet me later?

Calvin: that would probably be better.

She nods. Calvin holds up a finger for her to wait. He closes the door and
heads inside. He climbs up over his bed to the other side and starts putting on his shoes.

Nikko: where are you going?

Calvin: none of your business.

He flips through the cd pack.

Nikko: you know, cal, uh, I don't think we should be going off in the middle of the night.

Calvin: do you?

Nikko: yeah.

Calvin: I appreciate the advice.

Calvin puts his shoes on and heads around the bed toward the door.

Calvin: I have some for you, too. Butt out.

Nikko: cal, I'm serious, man. We're supposed to stay put. This is not a good idea.

Calvin: don't touch my cd's okay?

Calvin ignores Nikko and heads out the front door.

Sophie opens the double doors wide and walks inside. Calvin follows her.

Calvin: so, this is your office?

She takes off her wrap and puts it on the chair.

Calvin: your own office at the uffizi.

He looks around the large office. She laughs. thrilled.

Calvin: not bad.

Sophie St. Johns: one of the perks of the curatorship.

Calvin: mm-hmm.

Sophie St. Johns: ... and you really came all the way to Florence just to see the exhibition?

Calvin: yeah. yeah. Sort of ... well ... ah ...

Sophie St. Johns: you were never a good liar.

Calvin: no, not particularly.

They both laugh.

Calvin: um, someone's holding an auction.

Sophie St. Johns: you're here about the da vinci letters.

Calvin: you know about them.

She stands up and moves around her desk. Calvin joins her.

Sophie St. Johns: these people at the party were talking. Rumours are about the da vinci diary.

Calvin: could you imagine bringing them in?

Sophie St. Johns: in my dreams. No but you probably could. hmm? that's why you work for somebody like dr. zond, and I could be assisting you to do your homework.

Calvin: what are you talking about? You are a great archaeologist.

Sophie St. Johns: I never had what it took. We both knew it. That is why I left.

Calvin: you left to attend oxford. The opportunity of a lifetime.

Sophie St. Johns: maybe, but I was also running away.

Calvin: running away from what?

Sophie St. Johns: from you. From myself. From mediocrity. But it didn't work and I lost you in the process.

Calvin: well, maybe it doesn't have to be that way. Maybe you could help us. Maybe you could help me find the diary. Really have you heard anything else about the letters?

Sophie St. Johns: no. but how about I show you something secret that I do know about.

Sophie leads Calvin by the hand down the stairway. She narrates as she leads him through the catacombs.

Sophie St. Johns: when geo Cosimo Medici the first commissioned the building in 1560's, his workers uncovered these catacombs.

Calvin: then there must have been a church here recently?

Sophie St. Johns: yes. The st. pierre de savangio. The duke had his
architects build most of the uffizi right over it and I discovered a way in
without crashing the exhibition.

Calvin: really?

They continue down the darkened tunnels. Fascinated Calvin follows and looks around.

Calvin: does anybody map these tunnels?

Sophie St. Johns: isn't it more romantic to think that after centuries, the
stories these walls have witnessed, secret rendezvous between star-crossed
lovers? The trysts of danger to unfold?

Calvin: yes, I can't help but be transported.

He leans in and they kiss. A taste. They break apart.

Sophie St. Johns: ... sharing stolen kisses ...

They kiss. This time, passionately.

Calvin walks away from the rest of the group in the living room. He's angry
with them as we just come into their discussion.

Calvin: I can't believe you guys are trying to drag sophie into this. This is

Juliet: Calvin. it's not like that.

Nikko: look, you're taking this way too personally. okay?

Calvin: shut up.

Solomon: I had Juliet do background checks on everyone we met at the party.

Juliet: I can't help what i found, okay? This party curator lists as this
exhibition to complete a year long internship at the ancient manuscripts
department of the Vatican library.

Calvin shakes his head, but keeps quiet.

Vincent: she could have discovered the letters doing her research there.

Calvin: yeah? Well I am telling you. okay. This is just coincidence.
that's it.

Vincent: I don't believe in coincidences.

Juliet: I checked out knox, too. He is their collector he pretends to be, but
he did attend oxford. the same time sophie did her post doctoral work.

Calvin: yeah, with ten thousand other people. This is stupid.

Vincent: Calvin, European customs also place knox in Rome at the same time
Sophie was working at the Vatican.

Calvin: look. I understand that this is found on paper. But that's it. look,
okay, no, listen to me. they're both into art. Their paths cross, but that's
it. I already asked sophie about the letters ...

Solomon: you told her we were after the letters without checking with me first?

Vincent: well. If sophie's the seller and she thinks we've made her, she'll
run. we'll lose the letters.

Not liking the scenario one bit, Solomon stands up and heads for Calvin.

Solomon: what exactly about our jobs is confusing you. But don't you know what's at stake here?

Calvin: yes. Of course, I do. I would never do anything to jeopardize ...

Solomon: you just did. You just did.

Calvin: forget it.

Calvin turns and leaves the room. Nikko watches Calvin leave and looks imploringly at his dad.

Nikko: dad.

Solomon turns around to look at Nikko, he's still very angry.

Solomon: what.

Nikko doesn't look at Solomon; neither does Vincent.

Solomon: go find him. Bring him back.

Nikko stands up just as Solomon sits down at the table next to Juliet.

Juliet: dr. zond, there's more. Somebody deposited ten million dollars into a
private Swiss account knox opened yesterday.

Vincent: if that money came from Dorna, knox is going to turn those letters
over to cosimo.

Solomon: we need to find knox and stop that exchange.

Vincent: we'll start at his hotel.

Vincent leaves the room. Solomon remains behind and sighs heavily.

Calvin walks down the hallway toward a large dark-colored double door. He stops and hears footsteps behind him. He rushes forward toward the doors.
He opens the door, walks through it, closes the door partially, and stands just
off to the side to wait for the person to catch up to him. The footsteps get louder. The door opens. Calvin presses himself up against the wall.
Nikko walks through the door and Calvin tackles him, pushing him up against the wall and raising a fist at his face in the process.

Calvin: what the hell are you doing?

Nikko: what are you doing here?

Calvin: I'm trying to get some answers. you're spying on me.

Nikko: I'm not spying on you, okay? I'm not spying on you. I'm here to help you.

The office door opens and sophie sees both of them.

Sophie St. Johns: what's going on out here?

Sophie paces the floor in front of them waiting patiently for someone to

Sophie St. Johns: someone want to tell me why you were beating each other up outside my office?

Calvin: we weren't beating each other up.

Nikko: well, if we were, obviously I would have won.

Sophie closes her eyes and shakes her head. Calvin turns to look at Nikko.

Calvin: please stop talking.

Suddenly the office doors burst open. knox and Cosimo Medici walk into the

Sophie St. Johns: knox, what are you doing?

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: my apologies sophie. Cosimo made me a much better offer.

Sophie St. Johns: you sold me out.

Calvin turns to look at sophie.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: but for a lot of money.

Nikko: so, dad was right. You are the seller.

sophie: I found the letters in the vatican library. Da vinci was trying to
tell medici where to look for the diary, but I couldn't figure out where.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: so, for the right price, why not give someone else a
crack at it.

Calvin: I don't believe you sold the letters.

Sophie turns to look at Calvin apologetically.

Sophie St. Johns: last night I wanted to tell you.

Cosimo Medici: if I weren't the guy with the gun, I'd burst into tears.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: so, could you just give cosimo the letters, and this
ends right now and you could just walk away.

Sophie St. Johns: and if I don't?

Cosimo puts a bullet in the chamber and raises the gun at them.

Cosimo Medici: I'll kill your friends.

Sophie turns to look at Calvin who has his eyes glued on cosimo. Nikko also
watches cosimo. Cosimo Medici has the gun pointed at sophie, Calvin and Nikko.

Calvin: you're going to just shoot us in cold blood?

Cosimo Medici: how considerate. Sophie give me the letters.

Nikko: no, sophie. don't do it.

Cosimo Medici: you are very expendable; I suggest you shut up.

Sophie turns around and opens her briefcase on her desk. Behind her, knox
nervously looks at cosimo

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: cosimo.

Sophie grabs the letters from inside the briefcase. Calvin grabs her hands to
stop her from giving them to cosimo.

Calvin: wait. okay. look. listen. Let sophie and Nikko go and I will help you with the letters, okay?

Cosimo Medici: little boys shouldn't play grown up games

He motions for knox to take the letters. knox steps forward and sophie lets go of her hold on the letters to attack knox.

Sophie St. Johns: you liar!

Nikko and Calvin try to hold sophie back, but she manages to push knox into
cosimo knocking him to the floor. Cosimo aims and fires at sophie. The bullet hits her in the stomach. She falls backward into Calvin who puts her gently on the ground. Nikko punches knox several times till he's down on the ground and also manages to hit cosimo hard, too.

Calvin: sophie.

Calvin holds her as she starts to hyperventilate. He looks down at the bullet
wound and continues to hold her.

Calvin: sophie. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.

sophie: go.

Her eyes go blank and stares straight into nothing. Her body goes slack and
she slumps back down to the floor. Calvin puts her down on the floor, her head rolls back.

Calvin: I can't ... sophie. oh, god.

Calvin looks at her wound, not wanting to believe she's dead.

Calvin: sophie.

Nikko grabs the letters on the floor and grabs Calvin.

Nikko: come on. let's go. Come on!

Nikko successfully gets Calvin to his feet and the two men head out the office
door. Cosimo regains consciousness and reaches for his gun.

cosimo: knox!

Calvin and Nikko run out of the office, down the hallway just as cosimo fires a couple of shots at them. The shots miss them and hit the statues in the
hallway. Nikko round the corner; Calvin just behind him. Cosimo aims and fires. The bullet hits Calvin in the leg. He trips to the ground, grunting and groaning in pain.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: you can't keep shooting that thing. The guards will
hear us.

Cosimo pushes knox aside and stares at Calvin in front of him. Nikko turns around and grabs Calvin. He pulls him up and drags him away.

Nikko: c'mon! let's go!

With the letters gone, cosimo turns around to deal with knox. On the floor inside the office, sophie is on the floor, dead. Knox kneels down next to her, crying and upset.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: oh, god. Oh god. Are you insane. This is insane.

Knox stands and looks at cosimo who is standing in the doorway with the gun in his hand, relaxed and pointed down at the ground.

Grayson Winthrop-Knox: this is not part of the deal. Killing sophie was not
part of the deal. And they got away with the letters. What are we going to do now?

Without a word, cosimo raises the gun at knox and fires.

Solomon finishes wrapping Calvin's leg.

Solomon: Calvin, you're very lucky. The bullet only grazed you.

Calvin: they are not going to get away with this. Not this time.

Nikko: that cosimo guy's a psycho, dad.

Solomon: you know, you guys could have been killed. I can't believe that you would do something so stupid.

Nikko: well, what were we supposed to do? Just hand over the letters?

Solomon: yes.

Nikko: oh, and veritas might get shut down.

Solomon: you really believe that veritas is more important to me than you?
Than either of you?

Calvin doesn't say anything. He stares angrily in front of him.

Solomon: Calvin. Calvin!

Calvin shifts his eyes and looks at Solomon.

Solomon: cosimo will pay for this. I promise.

With a final glance at them both, Solomon stands up and leaves the
Solomon looks through the letters. Opens on a particular page with the image of the vitruvian man in the center.

Solomon: the vitruvian man. Da vinci's most famous study of anatomy. I wonder why he was sending a copy of it to medici.

Solomon is sitting on the couch next to Nikko, the two of them looking at the
letters. Behind them, Juliet walks past them to the table. She puts the book
she's carrying on the table and looks at Solomon through the mirror on the

Juliet: well, I don't know yet. But building upon sophie's translation of the
letters, I did find mention of a single commission da vinci was working on for
his patron, lorenzo medici.

Nikko: what was the commission?

Juliet: some kind of device. This means that da vinci built it, then he
destroyed it.

Solomon: why? Does it say what it did?

Juliet: no. only that it was powerful.

Juliet turns around and looks at them.

Juliet: he was afraid that it would fall into the hands of an ancient order
known as Dorna.

Nikko: wait, are you telling me that Dorna has been around this long?

Juliet: yep. And the medici's were members.

Solomon: da vinci hid the diary containing the blueprints for the device and
five hundred years later, Dorna's still willing to kill for it.

Nikko: wow, it must be some device.

Upset and thinking, Solomon gets to his feet

Solomon: the benefactor should have told me.

Nikko: maybe he didn't know, dad.

Solomon: of course he knew, that's why he send us after the diary.

Calvin quietly walks into the room.

Solomon: he should have told me.

Solomon turns around and stops when he sees Calvin.

Calvin: where are we at?

Juliet: Calvin, you okay?

Calvin: sophie is gone. I'm not going to lose veritas, too. I'm not going to
let cosimo get that diary.

Solomon: he won't.

Calvin and Solomon share a look. Calvin nods.

That settled, Juliet resumes her report. Calvin moves into the room and
remains standing in front of the chair. Everyone gets back to work.

Juliet: da vinci wrote that he hid the diary in his secret workshop somewhere
here in Florence, but none of the letters say where.

Solomon: da vinci used all kinds of tricks to hide information in his writing.

Calvin: yeah, he would write backwards, upside-down, in codes. Do all the letters talk about the diary?

Juliet: no. only these four here.

Juliet moves to show Calvin the four letters. He groans and takes a seat.
He looks at the four letters and notices something strange.

Calvin: well, what are these markings here in the corner?

Nikko: they look like doodles. And they're just pictures.

Calvin: no, these lines are too straight to be ink tests. They mean something.

Solomon turns his attention to Calvin. Calvin shifts and moves the letters about on the table. Solomon takes a seat to assist. Calvin finally arranges the letters with the doodles in the same corner. when they're put together, they form a single picture.

Solomon: leonardo da vinci's parabolic bridge.

Juliet: was it ever built?

Solomon: no, but da vinci's model should be at the exhibition. I saw it at the party.

Vincent: hey. I went into the museum. Knox is dead, too.

Nikko: cosimo.

Vincent looks over at Calvin.

Vincent: sorry, about sophie.

Without looking at Vincent, Calvin nods.

Nikko: cosimo knows we have these letters. He's going to come after us next.

Solomon: we don't have much time. Juliet, we'll take you and the letters back to the jet. That's the safest place.

Juliet: well, what are you going to do?

Nikko gets up and walks toward the windows in the back. Calvin stands up.

Calvin: davinci drew that bridge as a clue.

Solomon: listen, we're going to have to get our hands on that model.

Solomon looks at Nikko when he interrupts.

Nikko: but, the museum's already closed.

Solomon turns from Nikko over to look at Vincent.

Solomon: is that going to be a problem?

A security lock. Someone swipes a card through the lock. The lights on the lock changes to green. Solomon, Vincent, Calvin and Nikko step in through the doorway. Vincent looks around and immediately assesses the situation.

Vincent: problems.

Solomon: all ready?

From the other side of the room with the security panel, a pulse of blue-white
light emanates from a single point, outward like a ring, covering the entire
room. The pulse reaches just far enough to the door, then dissipates. Solomon steps back to avoid getting hit by the light.

Calvin: the model is on the other side of this gallery.

Nikko: well, what the hell was that light?

Calvin: random post-motion detector. it'll be a tight squeeze. somebody's got to make it to the control panel in between pulses.

Vincent estimates the height of the pulse.

Vincent: looks like a sixteen inch clear.

Solomon: you're up, kid.

Nikko: what? Oh so I can't dive the blue hole, but I can try to out-maneuver
some high-tech motion sensor so that we can steal something from the museum?

Solomon: you're catching on.

Nikko: okay, I guess it's all about priorities, huh?

Vincent hands Nikko his gadget.

Vincent: this will bypass the control panel.

Calvin hands Nikko, his gadget, too.

Calvin: all right. Look attach this to the usb port. I programmed it to
electronically tumble the lock.

Nikko: um-hmm?

Calvin: yeah.

Everyone stares at the pulses, trying to find its rhythm.

Solomon: ready?

Nikko: yes.

Nikko takes a deep breath and exhales it, preparing himself for the exertion.

Solomon: be quick. Be careful.

Nikko takes a couple more breaths.

Nikko: all right.

Vincent stares at the security lock anticipating the pulse.

Vincent: three. ... two. ...

The blue-white pulse starts through the room.

Vincent: ... one. ...

Vincent: ... go!

Solomon: go!

Solomon pushes Nikko forward. Nikko runs as fast as he can. As the pulse gets nearer to him, he slides on his back, his feet forward, head slightly up,
letting the pulse pass right above him. As soon as he's in the clear, Nikko gets to his feet and continues through the museum floor. The second pulse has already started down the room toward him. Nikko dives, on his stomach, head first, under the pulse as it passes over him. As soon as that pulse clears over him, Nikko gets to his feet and bolts it to the security panel. He opens it and dismantles the security system.

Solomon: c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, Nikko! c'mon!

He gets everything hooked up and punches in the correct code. The panel beeps and the red lights in the panel turn green.

Nikko: come on! come on!

Calvin, Solomon and Vincent dash across the museum floor toward Nikko.
Nikko turns around and looks at the bridge inside the display cabinet. Solomon takes out a glass cutter and cuts a circular opening inside the display case. He hands the glass cutter to Vincent and takes out a suction to remove the glass.

Nikko: this is always my favorite part in the movies.

Calvin hears him, but doesn't crack a smile. They remove the glass. Solomon reaches into the display case and takes the parabolic bridge out. H puts it out on top of the cabinet.

Solomon: where would have da vinci hidden the message?

Calvin: da vinci used dye and gallic in his letters. it's tannic acid with an
iron salt. it's clear until ephemin is added.

Calvin takes out a small spray can.

Nikko: maybe he used invisible ink to hide a clue?

Calvin: let's find out.

Calvin sprays the entire bridge. At the base of the bridge a symbol appears.

Calvin: is that it?

Solomon: give me a minute.

Vincent hands Solomon a pocket knife. Solomon takes a knife and pries the base of the bridge open. Hidden high up under the bridge cover is a folded piece of paper. Solomon opens it and looks at it. It appears to be a drawing with written words under it.

Solomon: it's backwards. Need a mirror.

Solomon looks around and heads to the wall mirrors. He holds it up and reads it.

Solomon: catacombus san pierre serragio (?). catacombs under the uffizi.

Calvin: I know how to get in.

the group slowly makes their way through the catacombs, Calvin's leading the group.

Calvin: sophie stumbled upon this entrance to the catacombs of the thames of the exhibition.

Solomon: da vinci must have found it before the medici's build the uffizi.

Vincent: his workshop was right underneath their noses.

the group continues to walk through the tunnels while using the diagram as a

Solomon: da vinci laid this diagram out on a grid. If my count is right, the
workshop should be here.

Solomon turns and faces a wall. Nikko is not surprised.

Nikko: ... and of course, it's not.

Solomon looks at Nikko and scoffs.

Solomon: so young. So cynical.

He shines his flashlight into Nikko's eyes. Nikko squints.

Vincent: yeah.

Everyone starts looking around the area, along the walls, the floors, the
ceiling. Solomon concentrates on the wall where da vinci indicated that the
workshop would be. He finds a circular outline of a door and a couple of
pressure points to open the door.

Solomon: here's something.

Everyone turns to look at the wall that Solomon's examining intently.

Calvin: what?

Solomon: not sure. The geology reminds me of ...

Solomon faces outward, his back to the door with his arms outstretched.

Nikko: hey, the vitruvian man. Just like the sketch da vinci sent to medici.

Solomon: and the clue to finding the workshop.

Solomon looks to the side and sees the light-holding indention in the wall
covered with wax. He holds out his hand.

Solomon: give me the knife.

Vincent hands Solomon a pocket knife. Solomon takes the knife and digs under the thick layer of wax to see what's underneath.

Solomon: the mechanism.

Calvin looks around to study the wall. Meanwhile Solomon manages to clear the mechanism underneath.

Calvin: designed to seal off the entrance to the workshop.

there's a sound. Solomon moves to the other side of the "door" to check that
light indention. He finds it.

Solomon: there's another one over here.

He clears that mechanism. He then goes back into the vitruvian man position his back up flat against the door, arms outstretched.

Solomon: maybe the vitruvian man has the answer.

And he pushes the two mechanisms down at the same time. The mechanism behind the door is released and the door opens.

Solomon: da vinci's workshop.

They pause near the doorway and light a lamp. Nikko takes the lamp.

Solomon: we don't have much time. Start looking for the diary.

Vincent lights a lamp and uses that as his light. The group starts to search
for the diary. The place is cluttered with inventions still hanging from the ceiling. Solomon walks up to da vinci's desk and opens the thick book on it. he looks inside, his face alight with the discovery.

Solomon: da vinci's diary.

Nikko moves to stand next to Solomon.

Solomon: we found it.

Cosimo Medici: as I knew you would.

Everyone turns around to see Cosimo Medici and two of his goons walk into the workshop. Calvin turns around, his face hard. His eyes cold on Cosimo Medici and without thinking, he takes a step forward. Vincent grabs Calvin and pulls him back.

Cosimo Medici: I want to thank you Solomon.

Solomon: for what?

Cosimo Medici: for helping me find the diary. You must realize that i let
Nikko and Calvin get away with the letters?

Nikko: let us get away?

Cosimo Medici: believe me, Nikko. if I wanted you dead, you'd be dead.

Calvin: you knew we'd figure out the clues in the letters.

Solomon: and we'd lead you right to the diary.

Cosimo Medici: Iíll admit, Solomon. you are the better archaeologist, but I am the better strategist.

He holds out a gloved hand, palm forward, expecting.

Cosimo Medici: and now, the diaries.

Once again, the two men face each other. Solomon turns around and picks up the book. Calvin stares at him, eyes wide, unbelieving what he's seeing.
Solomon turns around back to cosimo. Cosimo takes the diary and sighs. He holds it close to his chest.

Cosimo Medici: we have both been searching so hard for this diary. And you
don't ... you don't even know why. Do you?

Cosimo Medici opens the book to a particular page. He turns the open book
around and shows the page to Solomon. In it are instructions to a device.

Cosimo Medici: hmm?

He shuts the book after Solomon gets a glimpse.

Cosimo Medici da vinci was a genius. It took him a year to decipher ancient texts, ...

We see that in front of da vinci on the table is the device all ready built. he's looking at a device on the table and drawing/writing about it in his diary. he glances back and forth from the device to his diary.

Cosimo Medici... that Dorna had been working at for a millennium.

A close up of a page of the diary with the instructions and pictures of the device.)

Cosimo Medici: he used them to recreate a device of enormous power -

Another view of the aztec pyramids.

Cosimo Medici: ... the power at the heart of the mysteries of antiquities.

the egyptian pyramids.)

Cosimo Medici: power that enabled the pyramids to be built.

Calvin: like Dorna will ever share that technology.

Cosimo Medici: the right people will profit as they always have.

Solomon: that's why you need to be stopped.

Cosimo Medici: no. that's why you are a fool, my friend. This kind of power
is more than the world is ready for.

Vincent: and Dorna's ready?

Cosimo Medici: yes, we are. We always have been.

Cosimo turns around to look back at Solomon. considering ... thinking ...

Cosimo Medici: and perhaps ... and perhaps you are ready, too, Solomon.

Calvin looks surprised. Solomon doesn't move, his eyes glued to cosimo.

Cosimo Medici: join us.

Nikko: what?

Solomon: are you serious?

Cosimo Medici: Iím completely serious. Aren't you tired of constantly
fighting. Of constantly losing.

Solomon: I don't think the scorecard is that lop-sided.

Cosimo Medici: that's why Iím making you this offer. A one time only offer.
join Dorna, Solomon. We will give you all the answers you are looking for that will help re-shape the future.

Solomon closes his eyes. Nikko looks very alarmed.

Nikko: dad. dad! Come on, this is stupid. Tell him to "shove it". dad!

Vincent: it's your father's decision, Nikko.

Solomon turns to look over at Vincent. They share a look, Vincent doesn't
waiver. Solomon turns back to cosimo.

Solomon: what about my team? What about Vincent?

Cosimo Medici: we would be delighted to welcome Vincent back into the family.

Cosimo turns and looks over at Vincent, whose piercing eyes gaze coldly back at cosimo. He remains silent. Cosimo turns back to Solomon.)

Cosimo Medici: by joining Dorna, you keep your colleagues safe. Keeps Nikko safe.

At the mention of Nikko, Solomon turns to look at him. cosimo pushes

Cosimo Medici: don't you think haley would have wanted that?

Solomon looks at cosimo and knows the answer.

Solomon: no. no haley would have thought the price was too high.

And with that, Nikko lowers his chin down, then head butts the man with the gun standing behind him. He urns and punches him in the neck.
Vincent turns and moves into action. He spots the second man with the gun
before he can even move, grabs the man's gun hand and kicks him in the stomach. Solomon moves also. He grabs the diary in cosimo's grip and tugs at it. The two men fight for possession of the book.

Nikko gets out of the man's grip and pushes him back into the old pile of rock, rubble and wooden shelving on the floor behind him. Vincent continues to fight the second man with the gun. He turns and hits him. Nikko grabs a large, heavy looking item off of the dusty desk and swings at cosimo, connecting with his chin. Cosimo goes down and lets go of the diary in
the process. Vincent swings the man with the gun and throws him against the old brick wall, knocking him out. Calvin jumps on cosimo and wraps his hands around cosimo's neck. He begins to squeeze.

Solomon: Calvin!

Calvin doesn't let go. Solomon grabs Calvin from around his neck and pulls him off of cosimo. Cosimo is on his back on the dirty floor, coughing and gasping for air. Solomon looks at Calvin.

Solomon: it's not worth it.

Calvin doesn't fight Solomon. Solomon loosens his hold on Calvin. Calvin
reaches down and picks up the diary. Nikko and Vincent also stand around cosimo looking down at him while Calvin holds out the diary in front of cosimo just out of his reach.

Calvin: today, we win.

Cosimo doesn't say anything as he continues to gasp for air.

Solomon walks into the benefactor's office. he's holding out da vinci's lost
diary. The benfactor turns around and puts away what he's working on. He reaches for the diary.

The benefactor: excellent work.

Solomon puts it on the desk in front of the benefactor. He immediately opens it and starts flipping through the pages.

Solomon: thank you.

The benefactor: uh.

The benefactor stops on a page. it's not the correct page. Solomon reaches
out and flips the page over to the instructions for creating the device of

Solomon: Iíd like the chance to recreate this device. It would answer so many questions and imagine its applications ...

The benefactor: of course not. This device doesn't work.

The benefactor closes the book.

The benfactor: it's one of da vinci's many theoretical machines.

Solomon: well, how can you be so sure? Just a few days in the lab ...

The benefactor: no, it would be a waste of time.

The benefactor stands up and picks up the diary off of the desk. He turns
around, his back to Solomon and carries the diary off. it's a definite "no".
the benefactor tucks the diary under his arm and walks away from the desk and from Solomon, clearly avoiding the issue. Solomon follows him a bit, then stops him.

Solomon: if you weren't worried about Dorna getting those blueprints, then what the hell was this all about?

the benefactor: I can't say.

Solomon: you know, Iím beginning to wonder who's worse, you ... or Dorna. at least with Dorna, I know where I stand.

Solomon turns and walks out of the room.

Solomon is sitting behind his desk working on a computer. Nikko walks into the room. Solomon turns around to talk with Nikko.

Nikko: hey.

Nikko straddles the chair and looks at his dad.

Nikko: so, talk to him?

Solomon: I did and the benefactor said, "excellent work."

Nikko: what about Dorna and the device?

Solomon: I don't think the device was what the benefactor was after.

Nikko: then what?

Solomon: I don't know. I think Iíll have to reconsider our arrangement. how's Calvin doing?

Nikko: he's good. Juliet's with him, but he's still a little bit depressed.
Actually I think that kicking cosimo's butt actually made him feel a little

Solomon: hmm probably.

Nikko: listen, dad. you weren't really thinking about going off into the dark
side, were you?

Solomon: Iíll have to admit. cosimo's offer was tempting. If I could join
them long enough to get some answers.

Nikko: yeah. yeah, right. and then what? resign? just turn in your
membership card? I don't think Dorna works that way.

Solomon: no. it's a lifetime gig. Once you're in, you're in.

The benefactor sits in his chair behind his desk and leafs through the diary.

leonardo da vinci: I am forever grateful to my friend and protector,
jacques de molay. Although he is also a member of the evil society, Dorna, he betrayed them to warn me of their plan for the device.

The benefactor continues to read the diary. Vincent appears in the doorway.

Vincent: good evening, de molay.

De molay: da vinci was a true renaissance man. But he just couldn't keep a secret.

Vincent: Solomon risked his life to get you the diary. You owe him some

De molay: that would only risk his life further.

Vincent pulls out the chair in front of and across from the benefactor.

Vincent: cosimo offered Solomon the chance to join Dorna.

Vincent sits down.

De molay: really? Ah now that would have made things very interesting.

Vincent nods humourously.

Vincent: Solomon calls me the master of understatement.

De molay: I knew you two would get along.

Vincent: when you first recruited me from Dorna to send me to work with him, I wasn't so sure.

De molay: but you're sure. you're very alike.

Vincent: that's why you can tell him the truth as well.

De molay: that Iím not only the veritas benefactor, but also a high-ranking
member of Dorna? Is that the truth you're talking about? Do you know what
would happen if Dorna ever discovered my deception? No its safer for us both this way.

De molay stands up and walks past Vincent with the diary tucked under his arm.

Vincent: you shared your secret with me?

De molay stops and turns to look at Vincent.

De molay: that's because you have more to lose than I do if the truth get out.

De molay turns and walks to the back of the room, through a door into another room.

Vincent: you're playing a dangerous game, de molay.

Vincent stands up and follows him at a respectable distance. De molay puts the diary inside the room, then turns around and walks out to talk with Vincent.

De molay: ah, it's a game Iíve been playing for many, many years. how's Nikko?

Vincent: his potential is enormous.

De molay: I want you to step up your pace of the reports on the boy.

Vincent: don't you think this family has given enough?

De molay: we all have to make sacrifices. Haley understood this.

Vincent doesn't comment on the reference to haley. he stands there a moment staring at de molay, then he steps toward the door, ready to leave. de molay stops him.

De molay: Vincent? You never told me Solomon's response to cosimo's offer.

Vincent takes a step back and leans forward into de molay's ear.

Vincent: you should ask Solomon.

Vincent turns and leaves the room. De molay who turns around and watches Vincent leave.

The thick heavy vault-like door squeaks open. De molay pushes it open and slips into the small room with many, many other acquired treasures hidden inside. He steps into the room and turns to look over at his left. on the counter, tucked away in the dark corner is the very leonardo da vinci device that everyone was looking for ... was killing for. it's the same device written
about in the diary sitting there on the counter.

De molay pauses and looks at it for a moment, then he walks into the small room and places the diary flat on the counter in front of him. He turns to leave and pauses in front of a very large portrait of a man dressed
in renaissance garb, the very image of himself. The resemblance is
unmistakable. It is most probably da vinci's friend and benefactor, jacques de molay.

monks singing close to the portrait, then downward to the signature of the artist who painted it:


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Veritas: the quest

tungus village
siberia, 1788

Two tungus males are fighting in the center of a crowd in the large tent next
to a large fire. The crowd gets into the fight. drummers sit on the side beating their hide-covered drums in a fast, pulsating rhythm.
The two tungus men continue to fight in front of a young tribal woman sitting
very close to the sidelines. The larger, younger of the two with a large headset of feathers, attacks, hits his opponent, uses his foot, plants it in the center of his opponent's chest and pushes him backward to the ground. The opponent falls to the floor.
The younger man beats his chest and turns his back as his opponent gets to his feet. He charges the young man and hits in the back of his side. the young man turns around and blocks the second blow with a knife carved from the antlers of a native forest animal. He tangles his opponent's weapon in the antlers and tugs the weapon free from his grip.
He turns, grabs his opponent around his waist and pushes him backward. the two fall to the ground in front of the roaring fire. The young man holds the antler knife next to his opponent's neck. The young woman watches from the side and gasps in terror. The opponent grabs a sharpened knife out from the sheath at his waist. He stabs the young man in the gut. The man roars in pain.
A display of a tungus head hanging on the wall. The head is weathered, its skin is leathery and it's wearing the same headgear as the young
man in the story.
One of the bar's patrons, a man with a thick australian accent and hat rimmed with strung crocodile teeth recounts the tale for his new audience.

Australian Guide: (o.s.) (australian accent) a long and bloody history with
these chaps. it's the god's truth, sir. you put your head at risk the minute
you put it in the bush up to here.

(he turns and raises his drink at Nikko who just so happens to be next to him at
that moment. Nikko motions to the bartender that he wants two drinks.)

Australian Guide: not a bit of nice, those tungus. He came back to his mom with nothing ... above the shoulders.

He finishes his drink and puts the empty shot glass down on the counter. Nikko silently watches him and nods.

Australian Guide: yeah.

He looks at Nikko.

Australian Guide: buy me a drink, Iíll tell you all about the, eh, hospitality
of the native girls.

He winks at Nikko as if they're sharing some sort of male secret.

Australian Guide: they're crazy about americans, you know? Especially tall
ones like you.

Nikko: really?

Australian Guide: be more than willing to put in a good word on your behalf.

Nikko: thanks, but ... uh ... Iíll be all right on my own.

Nikko steps away from the bar. The Australian man calls out to Nikko's
retreating back.

Australian Guide: suit yourself, mate.

At another table in the same bar, the old white-haired man moves his piece on the board and removes one of Vincent's pieces from the board. He holds it up to show Vincent before putting it on the side. On the table between them is what appears to be an oriental chess board which black and white circular stone pieces.

Vincent: you're very good.

The white-haired old man reaches out his hand to grab the stack of money on the side of the board. But before he can touch it, Vincent grabs his hand and halts him.

Vincent: but I actually know the rules.

The white-haired old man looks at Vincent and slowly sits back down. Now Vincent moves and clears the entire board. Vincent picks up the cash on the side of the board.

Vincent: I believe this belongs to me.

The white-haired old man grabs Vincent's wrist to stop him. Two of his
younger, fighters take a threatening step closer to the board. Vincent eyes the two men.

Vincent: best two out of three?

Maggie, Solomon and Nikko are sitting at a small table. In the middle of the
table is a plate of local finger foods. Solomon takes a bite of the food.

Solomon: hmm. it's very good.

Nikko watches, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Solomon: delicious.

Nikko: really?

Solomon: mm-hmmm.

Solomon takes another scrumptious bite. Giving in, Nikko reaches out and picks up one of the finger foods on the plate and takes a bite. His face immediately sours at the taste. He freezes and yet, he can't insult
their host by spitting it out. Solomon chews, nods and looks at Nikko. Nikko starts to chew, too, his face souring even more with every bite.

Nikko: oh, yeah. That is delicious. What is it?

Nikko eyes the food in his hand warily.

Solomon: when you are in a place like this, there are no good answers to any questions.

Maggie leans forward and offers some sage advice to Nikko.

Maggie: never eat what he eats.

Nikko: I can't believe mom lived here.

Maggie: it's a vacation spot now compared to what it was like during the cold war.

Nikko: so, is grandpa ... was he ... insane or what?

Solomon: he was here to design siberian pipelines for the oil company
he worked for.

Nikko: yeah, but c'mon dad. Three years? I mean, that's a lot of eating ...
fried ... whatever that is.

He looks back down at the plate of finger foods.

Batu: your mother never liked those either.

Solomon stands up in friendly greeting to the middle-aged Siberian man.

Solomon: Batu.

Batu: Solomon. Thank you for coming.

Solomon: we came here as fast as we could. This is Nikko and Maggie.

Batu: and, the gentleman at the bar making our local crime boss happy?

Solomon glances over at Vincent.

Solomon: Vincent, security expert. By the sound of it, I thought we might need him here.

Batu: yes, yes. Iím afraid this is my fault.

Solomon: now, you said that you have a trunk full of haley's old things.

Batu: I live in the house she grew up in. the cayce's left it to my father
when they were forced to leave.

Solomon: but, you said that you were threatened?

Sitting within hearing shot of them is a dark-haired, big burley bearded man.
hunched over his table listening intently to their conversation.

Solomon: what exactly did you find in the trunk that anyone would want?

Batu: a diary written by haley when she was just a girl.

Nikko: you mean, mom wrote a journal we've never seen?

Batu: I should not have told anyone about it, but it brought back so many
memories for me.

Solomon smiles as just the mere mention of another diary brought back memories for him. H knows exactly what he means.

Batu: that night, someone broke into my house, but I had already
hidden the diary in a place. That is when I contacted you.

Solomon: no, you did the right thing. But what did she write down that was so important?

Batu: did she ever tell you the story about being lost in the forest as a girl?

Maggie/Solomon: yes.

Nikko: no.

Nikko looks at them, being that he doesn't know the story.

Nikko: what are you talking about?

Maggie: she was thirteen, if I remember correctly.

Nikko: am I the only one who doesn't know about this?

Solomon: she was lost for about a month.

Batu: ... given up for dead. And when she was found, she told a
remarkable story about an ancient tungus tribesman who saved her life in the
secret cave of eternal water.

Nikko gasps, his eyes grow wide.

Nikko: wow. that's a good one.

He looks around thinking that the story is too unbelievable to be true, but
Batu doesn't crack a smile. it's no joke.

Nikko: are you serious?

Batu: your mother found proof of a legend that dates back thousands of years. a hidden wellspring that offers everlasting life.

Nikko: c'mon. like some fountain of youth?

Batu: no one else believed her either, but she wrote the whole story down. she is the only person to have ever seen this secret place.

Solomon: and now someone thinks that they can find it again by reading her

Batu: yes. That is why I trust only you.

Nikko turns to look at Solomon. Batu excuses himself to get the diary.)

Batu: excuse me.

Batu walks over the bar and takes something out of his pocket that he hands to the bartender. The bartender turns around and unlocks the cash box.
Vincent turns his head and notices the dark-haired man sitting in the side.
The bartender reaches under the cash box and takes out the diary. He hands the diary over to Batu. Batu turns around and heads back to the table. The dark-haired man stands up, takes out a large hunting knife and ...he throws the knife at Batu. The knife turns over as it hurls straight toward Batu ...
Vincent stands up and grabs the checker board off of the table. He holds
it up in front of Batu ...and the knife embeds itself into the board.
Solomon stands up and grabs the dark-haired man. They ight. Bigger than
Solomon, the dark-haired man swings Solomon around and throws him back against the table. He pulls out another knife and holds it above Solomon who has both his hands wrapped around the man's wrist to stop that knife from hitting him. Vincent grabs the dark-haired man and twists his arm around him. He flips the man over and down onto the ground. The man gets up and runs out the bar door. Nikko runs up to his dad to help him stand up.

Nikko: you all right? You okay?

Solomon: yeah. yeah. That guy had one hell of a dentist.

Vincent: diamond teeth? You seen him before?

The bartender doesn't say anything. He turns away. Another Australian
accented voice pipes up.

Australian Guide: he's tungus. The nasty blokes who collects those heads.

He indicates the head on the shelf. He shakes his head and puts on his hat.

Australian Guide: it's not good being on the wrong end of their blade.

Batu stands in front of an old trunk. Solomon and Nikko stand behind him,
Maggie and Vincent stand in the back of the room near the door.

Batu: I found the diary in this trunk.

Batu opens the trunk.

Batu: this is all that was left of haley's things. Mostly old clothes, but I thought you might want to look through them.

Solomon: thanks.

Batu turns to leave them alone to look through the trunk. He sees Vincent and Maggie.

Batu: come. Iíll make tea.

They all leave the room and close the door behind them. Solomon kneels in front of the trunk to look through it. For one brief moment, he's overwhelmed with the memories and looks around the room. Nikko looks at
his father, flustered, and watches him with concern. He puts a hand on his

Nikko: dad?

Solomon: yeah. uh.

Solomon stops and tries again.

Solomon: that's funny. I thought I was done going through your mother's things, you know?

Nikko: yeah.

Solomon picks up an old tennis shoe and spies the still tied knots.

Solomon: oh, god. Triple knots.

both: for good luck.

Nikko smiles as they share a moment.

Nikko: I still do that.

Solomon looks down at the shoe in his hand.

Solomon: yeah, me too.

Nikko flips through the thick book in his hand and finds an old folded-up
newspaper clipping hidden in the pages. He takes it out and looks at it.

Nikko: dad?

He closes the book and puts it aside. He shows the article to Solomon.

Nikko: look, it's mom.

He unfolds the old clipping. there's a large headline in Russian on the top
with a photo of haley on the bottom next to an article.

Solomon: it's the article from when your mother was lost. You know, she was just a few years younger than you are.

The Mdoor opens and Batu walks in carrying cups in his hands. He hears the last half of Nikko's statement.

Nikko: so, you really think that this cave of eternity thing is true?

Solomon: I mean, something kept her alive in the Siberian wilderness for a

Nikko: yeah.

Batu hands Nikko and Solomon each a cup.

Batu: the eternal waters are the cornerstone of the tungus religion.

Solomon: thank you.

Batu: legend says that they were entrusted by the great sky god to be keepers of the secret to prevent the cave from ever being found.

Nikko: wow. And knocking people's heads off pretty much blows a big no
trespassing sign.

Batu; yes, until the communists came with guns. The forest people are no match for revolutionary zealots. The tribal people were all killed and with them died the location of the cave. Today they still live in the wild, no better than a band of thieves.

Solomon: ... and murderers?

Batu: the power of the cave has led men to kill before.

Nikko: I see you believe it too.

Batu pauses. He stops and considers even showing it to them.

Batu: there's one more thing I think you should see.

Nikko walks into the room and sees the large plant the size of a small potted
bush. it's covered with red flowers. Solomon walks in after him, followed by

Nikko: wow.

Nikko steps up to the plant.

Nikko: save me seymore.

Batu: this was your mother's plant.

Solomon: green thumb, huh? you've kept it alive all these years?

Batu: it is called a fire flower. It grows and blooms only once a year during
our short summer season. Then dies away.

Nikko: but I thought you said it ...

Nikko stops and turns to look at Batu. Batu glances sideways at Nikko, waiting for him to make the connection. He does.

Nikko: this one never died.

Batu: a miracle perhaps. Like when your mother walked out of the forest by
herself as if coming back from the dead. She carried a tiny sprig of this plant
in her hand, brought it home, placed it water and all Iíve done for twenty-five
years is buy bigger vases.

Maggie sits in the living room scanning the diary into the computer. Solomon
enters the room and sees her.

Solomon: Iíve read that diary cover to cover and there's no map, no mention of an exact location. Now I want Calvin and Juliet to turn it inside out. Check for topographical references, check for codes ... anything that might point us in the right direction.

Maggie: they're receiving it right now.

Solomon tucks a spring of the fire flower plant into a plastic bag.

Solomon: good. Is the jet ready to go?

Maggie: it's scheduled for a morning departure.

Solomon: make it tonight. And change the passenger list, you're staying.

He holds out the baggie to Maggie and she takes it.

Solomon: but this gets flown to new York as soon as possible. where's Vincent?

Maggie stands up and heads toward the door. She knows her answer is going to get a reaction from Solomon. She turns around.

Maggie: back at the bar.

Solomon: what?

Maggie: lining up a guide and a crew. We figured you'd want to start looking for the cave as soon as the deal was right.

she's got him. She taps him on the head with the baggie.

Maggie: ah-ha!

Solomon: thank you!

Maggie: you're welcome.

Maggie leaves the room. Solomon picks up a book from the table in front of him and leafs through it.

Nikko lounges on the bed in the bedroom reading a book and waiting. Solomon walks in and sees him.

Solomon: hey, you all set?

Nikko: yeah, yeah.

Solomon walks into the room and looks at the fire flower plant.

Nikko: I was just reading some fables. so ...

Solomon: try this.

Nikko takes the diary.

Solomon: pretty good story. you'll like the writer.

Nikko opens the book and sees that it's the diary. He flips through the pages. Solomon watches him, smiles, then turns and leaves. Nikko opens the diary to the first page and starts to read.

Nikko: my name is haley cayce. Iím thirteen years old and this is
what I experienced in the Siberian wilderness in the spring [june] of 1975. no one I have told believes me. Iím not sure if I believe it myself. But if I
write it down, I won't have to trust my memory. And maybe one day, Iíll find an explanation.

siberian wilderness

young haley is running and skipping through the snow. Young Batu is with her and they play with each other.

young haley cayce: it was the first survey of the season. Daddy let me
and Batu come along for the camp out. Moves down to the snow where among the white, there's several sprigs of green with bright red fire flower clusters.

young haley cayce: fire flower were in bloom, but winter was still around.

Young haley and young Batu continue to play in the snow.

Young haley cayce: we took a hike. I wanted to follow a trail into the
woods even though daddy told us never to go by ourselves. Batu says, "no"; but I knew he'd follow me.

A top view of the Siberian wilderness; white snow on one side, sparse
trees on the other. In the distance, the veritas team rides their horses in a
single file as they go looking for the cave.

young haley cayce: he loves adventures almost as much as I do. Daddy taught us all about the woods. they're beauty and they're danger, but beauty was all I saw.

Nikko is riding a horse, following the other members of the team out in front
of him also on their horses. He pushes the horse into a light trot as he passes Solomon, Vincent and Maggie to settle at the front of the group.

Nikko: ugh. well, she did say they're beautiful didn't she?

A fifth member of the group, the Australian Guide, rides on his horse.

Maggie: how much time till camp?

Nikko: I don't know. Why don't you ask our guide back there.

Solomon: c'mon guys. He knows the area and he'll steer us clear of the tungus' villages.

The guide takes a deep drink from his flask.

Nikko: yeah, maybe when he finishes his breakfast.

Calvin looks down at the bagged fire flower in his hand as he makes his way
around the table toward the laptop monitor that Solomon's calling on. In the
back of the room at another portion of the office, Juliet sits at her own desk.

Calvin: flowers. Solomon, you shouldn't have. This is ...

Solomon: carbon test them full dna panel. She says that they're twenty-five years old and I want confirmation.

Calvin: consider it done. You got yourself a bad connection.

Solomon: well, considering we're in a tent in the middle of Siberia, Iíd say
it's pretty good.

Solomon turns to Nikko who is sitting close to the fire warming up.

Solomon: Nikko, check the dish, will you?

Nikko: dad, I just got warm.

Solomon: could be blocked.

Solomon turns back to the monitor.

Nikko: could be frozen.

Solomon: how's Juliet doing with the diary?

Juliet stands up and makes her way to the laptop when Calvin takes the
liberties to answer for her.

Calvin: uh, nothing solid yet. But Iíll stay on it.

Solomon: uh, you do that.

Calvin: don't worry, dr. zond, Iíve got everything under control while you're
gone. Business as usual.

Juliet can't believe that Calvin's playing this game. The laptop connection
disconnects. Juliet hands Calvin the files.

Calvin: thanks.

Juliet: yeah.

Juliet turns and heads back to her desk. she'll deal with it later.

The Australian Guide. he's fast asleep, his hat tilted forward to cover his eyes. Light from a flashlight shines down on his face as Nikko makes his way toward the tent door. He unzips the tent and gasps. Stuck on a stick in front of the tent is an old head, weather-beaten, dried. it's message is clear. it's a warning.

Nikko: dad!

Solomon turns around. Nikko turns to look at the guys in the tent.

Nikko: somebody might want to tell our guide, we're a little off course.

Solomon examines the head. he hands it to Maggie.

Solomon: this head has been very dead for a while.

Maggie: Iíd say at least for a hundred years, by the leathering of the skin.

Australian Guide: no worries. it's only a warning. They could be skewering us right now if they really wanted us.

Vincent: Iíll take first watch. We leave at dawn.

Vincent steps out of the tent.

Australian Guide: too bad, we don't know where the hell we're going.

Maggie: we should reach the area where haley got lost in a few

The Australian Guide kneels in front of his pack looking at his drinking tin.
it's obvious that he's paying very close attention to what Maggie's saying.

Maggie: we've got a few specific landmarks so we're confident of the diary
entry. we'll retrace her steps and hope she leads us to the cave.

Solomon: she will.

Solomon stands up and heads out of the tent. He passes Nikko on the way out. Nikko watches his dad.

Australian Guide: it gives me a lot of comfort to know that Iíve been retained by a highly professional expedition.

He tilts his head back and takes a deep drink from his flask.

Nikko: oh, well, you're one to talk. I thought you were supposed to keep us
off their turf.

The Australian Guide stands up and walks over to Nikko ending up in Nikko's

Australian Guide: we're miles from those buggers. I can't help it if they've managed to, uh, sniff us out now, can i?

Nikko: well, it's kinda hard not to smell you ... mate.

The guide laughs and looks around to whomever is in the tent with them.

Australian Guide: good. Very good.

The guide straightens and backs away.
Juliet is working on the computer. Calvin stands leaning on the counter behind her, watching her work.

Calvin: you need to run a gram sequencing test for cyanide.

Juliet: really, like the ones I ran this morning?

Juliet grabs the stack of papers on the desk and hands it to Calvin.

Juliet: you know, cal, maybe you'd like to double-check my data on the numeric displacement count. Or the multi-sync valve matrix i've spent two hours on already.

She smiles at him, then turns back to her computer. Calvin takes the papers
and chuckles, too. But he has to push it.

Calvin: uhm. I think you have a problem with authority.

Juliet: no, the problem is that you have no authority.

Calvin: well.

The phone rings. Both of them dive for the phone, but Juliet's closer and she
reaches it first. Calvin's hand lands on top of hers. She smiles at him.

Juliet: uh-hmmm. Iíve got it cal.

Calvin: no, Iíve got it.

Juliet picks up the phone and answers it.

Juliet: hello. oh, sure, I can take those results. Iím on the authorization
list. yeah.

Calvin turns and walks away.

Calvin: Iím on the authorization list.

Juliet: thank you.

Solomon is walking and talking on the phone.

Solomon: how old?

Juliet: they were traced as a carbon particles in the cellular structure dating
back at least ten thousand years, maybe longer.

Solomon: did you have the lab run it twice?

Juliet: three times.

Solomon: unbelievable. What have you got on the diary?

Juliet looks up at Calvin who is standing right in front of him.

Juliet: oh, Calvin's working on it now. Iíll stay on him.

alvin glances up at Juliet and smiles at her clever use of his words. She smiles smugly back at him.

Solomon: all right. Well we've just reached the beginning of the trail.

Juliet: that's the first landmark. Call us when you've found the second one
and we'll map you on the computer.

Calvin: there is no "I" in team.

Juliet: but there is a "me".

Calvin: hmm.

Nikko walks a little away from everyone looking for one of the animals carrying their packs. He sees the creature standing off to the side in the trees.

Nikko: there you are. You don't want to go wandering off my yourself, you'll
get lost.

He walks up to the animal and grabs his reins.

Nikko: hey buddy. how're you doing? What are you doing out here? huh? where do you think you're going? huh?

Nikko looks up and sees something. His face freezes.

Nikko: flat rocks.

In front of him is a pile of large black-colored stones.

Nikko: just like in mom's diary.

Maggie stands near the pack horse looking at the diary, Vincent stands in front of her looking around. In the back of them, the guide is sitting on a log.

Maggie: and then she talks about the path. About Batu wanting to go back.
Here we go. "the further into the forest we went, the more snow we found."

[young haley's diary]

In a black and white view, young haley and young Batu run and play in the snow. they're having a blast.

young haley cayce: spring hadn't even come yet. And then, on the right
side of the path, there was a large group of flat rocks.

Young haley turns and sees something red in the black flat rocks.

Young haley cayce: I saw a flash of red.

Without much thought of what she's doing, she heads for the stones.

Young haley cayce: I knew it wasn't a bird or an animal, so, of course,
my curiosity forced me to follow.

Young haley reaches the stones and smiles up at the red. She continues.
camera cuts to a view of haley's feet walking along the top of the black rocks.

Young haley cayce: that's when I stepped off the path and changed my

Maggie: so, we follow the trail deep enough to find the old gross shade. That would have prevented the snow from melting in the sun.

Vincent: then we look to the right of the path for a group of black rocks.

Australian Guide: then we follow the bread crumbs all the way to the
gingerbread house.

Vincent turns to look at the guide. Solomon walks up to the group.

Solomon: you guys ready to go?

Australian Guide: why not? Before my life starts to mean more to me than the pittance that you're paying.

Solomon: where's Nikko?

Australian Guide: Iím the guide, not the babysitter.

Not caring, the guide walks past Solomon.

Vincent: Nikko!

He looks around the area, listening. Solomon, too. Solomon turns around and looks in the other direction. he's starting to get worried.

Nikko walks a little bit past the pack animal toward the flat black rocks as he
recalls the entry in the diary.

Young haley cayce: I don't remember how it happened, but I suddenly
realized that I had become separated from Batu. I was alone.

Nikko steps forward toward the rocks.

Young haley cayce: sometimes, the little choices we make that don't
mean anything by themselves, turn out meaning something important.

Nikko jumps onto the rocks and starts walking along the top of the stones just as young haley did.

Young haley cayce but I think all things happen for a reason.

young haley runs along the snow. she pauses and keeps going forward.

Young haley cayce: ... even bad things. I step back for a second, but
it was getting dark ... another little choice. Right instead of left. North instead of south and then I was lost.

Nikko walks slowly over the snow-covered hillside, his eyes squinting in the
brightness of the snow. He ooks around. Birds cry out and circle above him.
he turns and looks up at them.
A huge, long spear flies downward at an angle. It penetrates the ground in front of him. Nikko turns and looks standing in front of him is a man with a rifle. He cocks it. Nikko turns to his other side, there's another man with a rifle pointed at him. Nikko turns around and finds himself surrounded. He puts his hands up in surrender.

Vincent: Solomon, look at this. Nikko was here. These boot marks.

He hands the tip to Solomon. Solomon takes it and turns to the Australian

Solomon: shawn look at this. Is it tungus?

Australian Guide: 'fraid so.

Vincent: there's no blood on that tip.

Australian Guide: hate to break it to you, mate, but they have more than one
spear in the tribe.

Vincent stares back hard at the guide. Solomon turns to look at the guide.

Solomon: but you said it yesterday, that if they wanted to kill us, they
would've done it right here. he's still alive. Maggie, I want you to ride back
into town and head up a search from there. we're going to need backup.

The crowd cheers at the impending man-to-man fight. Two men hold each of Nikko's arms, forcing him to stay put.

Nikko: what are you doing? Look Iíve got nothing against this guy.

The large tungus man just walking through the crowd and into the center of the cabin cleared for the event. He nods to the crowd, smiling and anticipating the upcoming win.

Nikko: Iíve got nothing against this guy, all right? there's no reason to fight.

The opponent raises his arms high and wide in the air and cries out into the
crowd furthering enticing them to cheer even louder. The two men holding Nikko's arms, throw him into the center of the clearing where the fight will be taking place. Nikko stumbles to the ground and falls to his knees. On his hands, he wears mittens. Nikko looks up from the ground at his opponent.

man: you must fight. It is our way.

Two weapons, something that looks like a mace and a club, are thrown into the center of the ring. It falls to the floor in front of Nikko. He looks at them and picks them up. At the other end of the clearing, on the other side of the fire, is his opponent whose focus is now on Nikko and the fight. He swings his own weapons, growls at Nikko and starts advancing slowly toward him.

opponent: hiya!

Nikko starts to back away from the large man.

Nikko: oh, holy mother of god.

Using the ax in his hand, the opponent swings. twice. Nikko dodges both
swings. the opponent swings three more times. Again Nikko dodges all of them, avoiding any contact at all. He quickly brushes past the opponent to the other side of him. He gets in a hit to the opponent as he passes by him.
The opponent quickly turns around and attacks again. He swings three times. Nikko dodges them all. He then swings downward. Nikko brings up his own club to stop the swing. The weapons clash. He holds him there. The opponent brings up his foot and kicks Nikko in the center of his chest. Nikko falls down backward into the cheering crowd. The opponent turns around, raises his arms high and wide and roars into the crowd with triumph. the crowd cheers. Nikko struggles to disentangle himself from the crowd of people he fell back into. They push him back into the ring

Nikko: get off!

Nikko starts to circle the opponent on the opposite side of the fire. he's
going to have to fight. The opponent swings his ax down at Nikko. Nikko lifts his weapon and blocks the blow. Their weapons tangle for a moment. Nikko kicks the weapons apart, then turns around and swing-kicks the opponent in the face. The opponent is momentarily stunned by the force of the aggressive attack. Nikko bounces on his feet, more focused on the fight, and waits for the opponent's next attack. The opponent turns around and tackles Nikko in the chest. The drummers on the side of the ring entice the cheering crowd with their beating. Nikko and the opponent fall to the ground. the opponent is bigger and uses his brute strength to keep Nikko down. He takes out a dagger and pulls his arm back to stab him.
nikkko moves his head to the side and avoids getting hit. The opponent pulls
back to strike again Nikko again moves aside to avoid getting hit. The opponent strikes again. Nikko raises his hands and grabs the opponent's
hands holding the knife, stopping him. The cheering crowd moves in closer, converging on the fighters. Nikko wiggles the knife aside and uses his own strength to push the opponent off of him. Using his legs, he traps the opponent in a neck hold. The opponent bites down hard on Nikko's calf.
The opponent hits Nikko. Nikko rolls over. The opponent gets up and straddles Nikko over his chest. He grabs Nikko's shirt, ripping it, exposing his next target. Nikko starts to really panic. the opponent pulls back his dagger to strike. Then stops cold.
The opponent's eyes widen in fear as he sees something on Nikko. The entire crowd grows silent at the sudden behavior of the opponent. Around Nikko's neck is the familiar symbol-shaped ivory piece that he's always
worn. This symbol means something to this man. Something very significant. The opponent freezes, then slowly, every so slowly backs away from Nikko. Nikko remains on the ground, panting from exertion.

the opponent: {murmurs something in foreign language}

all around him, starting with the opponent, the people in the crowd get down on their knees, their hands outstretched toward the heavens, then down to Nikko as they bow before him.

the crowd: {murmurs in foreign language}

Nikko gets to his feet, surprised that all the people in the entire room has
gotten down on their knees and was now bowing to him, their murmurs filling the silence.

Solomon makes his way through the woods as he's talking on the radio.

Solomon: I don't want to hear, "no"; I want to hear choppers.

Calvin: we've notified the American embassy in Moscow. They go back and forth over with the Russians over air space clearance.

Juliet: negotiations could take at least a day.

Solomon: we don't have that kind of time. he's lost. He won't survive in
these weather conditions. And if the tungus have him look, we're pushing onto their camp. it's the only option we have right now.

Calvin: so, we'll keep tracking you. As soon as someone gives us the okay for a rescue team, we'll give you new gps coordinates.

Solomon: well, hurry up. god knows what they're doing to him.

Nikko is covered with the finest furs and pelts the villagers have to offer.
he's sitting on top of a chair on a platform carried by the tungus men. they're having a little parade in his honor with him at their head. The people follow him, marching behind the platform, drummers marching along side beating their drums. The people sing and chant as they follow. They slowly make their way across the snow toward a small hut with a fire burning inside. When they reach the hut, the men put the platform down on the ground. Nikko stands up and steps off of the platform.
Ateevan, the tungus leader, pushes his way past the people toward Nikko. he beckons Nikko to follow him into the small hut. He holds the leather covering over the door open for Nikko to go inside. Nikko ducks inside the small hut. Ateevan looks around at his people and the affect the symbol has had on them.
Once inside the small hut, Nikko removes the heavy pelts and furs. Ateevan
steps forward and lightly touches the symbol carved in ivory around Nikko's

Ateevan: where did you get that?

Nikko: home shopping network.

Ateevan pulls on the leather around Nikko's neck and puts his knife up against him.

Ateevan: false prophets don't live long around here.

Nikko: it's okay. My mom gave it to me, all right? What is it with you head
people, anyways?

Ateevan: i'm Ateevan, their leader. And they think you are a god.

Nikko: well, buddy, so did the girls at st. cecilia prep, but they never gave me a parade.

Ateevan: that is the symbol of the cave. it's keeping you alive.

Nikko: the cave of eternal waters?

Ateevan: our legend says that if we ever lost our way, the great sky god would give us a sign to lead us back. When I heard of the diary being found again, I thought it was a sign, but I was wrong. You are the son of the lost girl. You were sent to lead us there.

Nikko: you know what? Iím more of a support crew. I mean, my dad. he's the guy you should talk to. In fact, Iíll go get him.

Nikko makes his way back toward the front door of the tent.

Ateevan: you are the one. You will lead us there, or you will die.

Nikko stops and sighs. and gives in.

Nikko: all righty.

Ateevan goes to the door.

Ateevan: but first, we honor you.

He pushes the leather flap aside and three giggling young women walk into the tent. they're dressed in leather and pelts. They grab Nikko and pull him
toward the center of the tent.

Nikko: uh, excuse me. excuse me, miss.

Ateevan: tungus women are excellent at massage. Our version of sports

They push him down into the seat and surround him, their hands already removing his shirt. Nikko is more than flattered and thoroughly enjoying himself.

Nikko: you know what? Three is my favorite number. It is. isn't that funny? oh, wow.

Calvin faces the monitor with the map of the entire Siberian area on it. He stretches his back, hands clasped up around the back of his head. thinking.

Calvin: is there a possibly a more remote place on earth to go missing?

Juliet moves toward the desk to the laptop.

Juliet: you know what we really need? We need someone with a plane. A low-altitude search.

Calvin: no, top is better. private wing.

Juliet: well, most countries have a database of registered aircraft. Iíll
check with the Russian ministry of transport.

Calvin: no, wait. If we go small, we find a local air strip, we get ... ah
... right here. nor-vos-ka-bursk.

Juliet: nor-vos-ka-biersk?

Calvin throws a glance at Juliet. Sort of a "not right now" look.

The guide leads Solomon and Vincent over to the top of the hill. He looks down at the village in front of them.

Australian Guide: there it is. Not exactly a destination resort. there's no
four-star dining, not a golf-course in sight. Just one big, nasty, stinking

Vincent: do they have guns?

Australian Guide: maybe one or two old rifles. But they can't even shoot
straight. They prefer to kill people with their hands. You know?

Solomon: good. then we'll have the advantage.

Calvin is on the radio with the Russian government department trying to get the necessary clearances. Juliet is on the computer working on getting the

Juliet: well, tell them to go slowly staring with the whole number.

Calvin talks into the radio handset battling language, communication and a bad connection.

Calvin: (loudly to radio) {foreign language} uh, hold on. How do
you say "salt"?

Juliet: do I have to do everything?

Calvin: uh, hold on.

Juliet puts a slip of paper in front of Calvin and points to something that she
wants him to see or to say.

Calvin: sir? por millenne. por millenne.

He waits as the voice over the radio gives the necessary information. Juliet
takes it down.

voice: (from radio) {in foreign language}

Juliet: got it. registration number 3-8-5-0-2. norvoskabiersk air strip.

Calvin: thank you very much. ah ... doc ... gracias ... whatever. I told you this would work. You put me under pressure and I will give you another million dollar idea.

Juliet: hm-mmm. yes, but we still need a name.

Juliet looks at the laptop. Calvin moves to stand behind Juliet looking at the
laptop over her shoulder.

Juliet: the pilot. You know, mengo poppa dee.

Calvin glances sideways at Juliet.

Calvin: poppa dai.

Juliet: hmm.

it's dinner time. Nikko and the Ateevan sit in front of the fire in the middle
of the tent. the people of the tribe seem much happier now than they did when Nikko first arrived.

Nikko: was your tribe always this happy?

Ateevan: there was no tribe for many years. Our purpose has always been to protect the eternal waters. When they were lost to us, our spirit died. I saw what was left of our people, brought them together. I promised them that we would find the cave and reclaim our heritage.

Nikko: all right, so what if it turns out that it is just spring water.

Ateevan: but you're living proof that it's not. Everyone in the village
believes that the eternal waters saved your mother's life. She should have
died, but she didn't. she was spared to show us the way back.

Nikko: and then she did die. Ten years ago.

Ateevan: no one ever really dies once they have a child. A part of them lives
on. Our legend says that whoever wears that necklace has the knowledge and that is why we are happy tonight.

the weight of responsibility, the anticipated disappointment on behalf of these people, or maybe just the thought of him mom not being alive anymore ... in any case, Nikko doesn't appear too happy. Maggie sits at the bar counter looking around the bar. she's on the radio with Solomon.

Maggie: well, forget the local police. they're worthless. But Calvin and
Juliet are giving me a contact for a helicopter. Iím waiting for him now.

Solomon: well, we can't. we've got to get Nikko now and once we go in all hell is going to break loose, so get here as fast as you can.

Maggie: Iíve got your coordinators.

Solomon: all right, we'll be checking the sky for you.

Solomon hangs up. the guide checks his gun and nods to Vincent. Vincent hands Solomon his gun.

Vincent: let's get our boy.

Vincent and Solomon walk into the main hall. Several tungus men eye the
strangers. They head toward the center of the room where they see Nikko sitting down in front of the fire. Nikko stands up when he sees them. Ateevan also stands up.

Nikko: dad.

Solomon holds out haley's diary.

Solomon: here's what you want, isn't it? Iíll take my son now.

Ateevan: your son is ours now. The gods have brought him to us.

He points from Nikko to Solomon and says something.

Ateevan: (to the tungus men) {foreign language}

One of the tungus men steps forward. Solomon pulls out his gun and points it at the man.

Solomon: you want to test your belief in the afterlife? go ahead.

And with that, all the tungus men surrounding them pull out their guns and
rifles. They point it at the two men. Solomon looks around, surprised.

Solomon: "one or two old rifles"

Australian Guide: stay right where you are and drop your weapons.

Solomon smirks at the tungus men. The guide steps forward and addresses

Australian Guide: dr. zond, I know that my friend, the t-man speaks English. I was talking to you chaps.

He steps up past the Ateevan and points his weapon at Solomon.

Nikko: you know this guy?

Ateevan doesn't say anything. He lifts his chin up a little higher unwilling
to admit that he works for anyone.

Australian Guide: he works for me. Actually they all do. So let's have the
guns, shall we lads?

Solomon glances over at Vincent. Then he surrenders his gun to the guide.

Australian Guide: ah, Iíll have that delicious treasure there?

He holds out his hand for the diary and takes it from Solomon. Solomon is
reluctant to give the diary to him. takes the diary and looks at the book.

Australian Guide: well, it seems that you're working for me, too, now doc.
you're going to help me figure out his little here puzzle. Find me a cave.

Solomon looks over at Nikko, who turns and looks at the Ateevan. Ateevan refuses to look at Nikko. After a moment, Nikko turns away and shakes
his head in disappointment. A basket full of black scorpions. the Australian Guide holds the basket at the far end of the room.

Australian Guide: laughing scorpions. Brought up to these parts by ghengis
khan himself.

He walks over slowly toward Vincent.

Australian Guide: now, they hiss like this when they get to dinner. Who knows why?

He tips the basket so that Vincent can see the scorpions inside. He points to
a particularly large scorpion in the middle of the basket.

Australian Guide: maybe it's because this naughty boy here is telling jokes, yeah?

Vincent doesn't comment. He simply looks from the basket, then over to the
guide. The guide moves on.

Australian Guide: now, most people go into a coma within twenty-four hours of being bitten.

He walks past Solomon who sits next to Vincent on the floor, both of them have their hands bound behind their backs. The guide glances back into the basket of scorpions.)

Australian Guide: then, if there's no miracle, of course, you die a few days later. If not, then the victim rots in a coma. Hopeless vegetable for, I suppose, what must seem like an eternity.

Solomon: there is no hidden map in that diary. Iíve been over every page. so, whatever you're going to do to me is just a waste of time.

Australian Guide: oh, let me assure you straight away, you're in no danger,
mate. I never jeopardize my expedition by harming my key man.

The guide walks over to Nikko who sits on the bed on the side watching.
Ateevan steps up threateningly in front of the guide between him and Nikko.

Australian Guide: it's good to test your gods every once in a while. Keeps them honest.

Ateevan steps aside. A couple of young tungus men grab Nikko. Nikko struggles against them. Solomon gets to his feet.

Solomon: hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? stop!

The tungus guards stop Solomon and hold him back.

Vincent: no!

Vincent surges to his feet. The guard standing behind him hits him on the back of his head with the butt of his rifle.

Australian Guide: c'mon old boy. Take me to the cave.

Solomon: you think Iíd let my son die if I had what you wanted?

Australian Guide: we're wasting time here!

The two tungus men holding Nikko slowly force his hand into the basket full of scorpions. Solomon's struggles fiercely against the men holding him.

Solomon: stop! stop!

Nikko no.! no!

Nikko cries out in pain.

Maggie is sitting in front of her laptop at the bar. She keeps her eyes on the
screen monitoring the team's movement.

mengo: hello sexy.

Maggie: Iím sorry.

She turns around and sees a man in a leather jacket and dark glasses.

Maggie: mengo?

mengo: that be all?

Maggie: you speak english.

the man leans forward.

mengo: hello sexy!

Maggie's smile freezes. Perhaps that's the only english the man knows.

Maggie: great.

Inside the office, Juliet talks with Maggie on the phone. Calvin paces the
floor off to the side.

Juliet: the air strip says the mengo's plane's all fueled up and ready to go.

Maggie turns away from mengo who sits next to her on the bar counter. He has a pink colored drink in front of him with a small umbrella inside and sucks on a piece of fruit while looking at Maggie.

Maggie: you can say that again.

Calvin: Maggie, just do whatever you have to and get in the air as fast as you can.

Maggie hangs up the phone. Looks back at mengo who sucks on the piece of
fruit. she turns away and sighs.
Nikko is well and truly bitten. He lies back down on the bed and groans in
pain. He coughs as the poison takes a hold of his system. Sitting on the floor next to him with his eyes on his son, is Solomon. The guide shuts the book and stands up. He walks over slowly toward Solomon.

Australian Guide: you know? Something has to have been done to fight off the poison. Your boy's big, strong ... he just might pull through on his own.

He takes out a small glass vial.

Australian Guide: or you could have this. that's anti-venom mate. One shot of this and your boy'll be as good as new.

Solomon: all right. Give it to him. Give it to him. Iíll tell you everything.

Solomon looks at the guide, then looks down. He looks over at Vincent who
watches Solomon carefully. He doesn't buy it.

Australian Guide: that's a good bluff, mate. Almost had me there. it's all
yours after we get to the cave.

Solomon: look, I can't help you like this. Untie me. I need to look at the
diary again. Untie me. Come on.

He motions to the tungus man standing beside them. He moves forward and cuts Solomon's ropes. The guide slaps the diary against Solomon's chest, but hangs on to the vial of anti-venom.

Australian Guide: after we get to the cave.

He takes the vial and walks away. Solomon turns around and grabs Nikko's hand. He brushes the hair from Nikko's forehead.

Solomon: hey. Hey it's me. You all right? You okay?

Across the room, tied to a wooden pole, is Vincent.

Solomon: we'll find it, Nikko.

Solomon starts leafing through the diary's pages. Nikko, in his delirium,
hears the words.

Young haley cayce: it's so cold. I felt I was burning up. My strength
had left me.

Young haley lies on the snow covered ground, weak and tired.

young haley cayce: it had been weeks since I had been separated from
Batu. The only thing keeping me from slipping away was watching those beautiful birds.

She looks up into the sky and sees the birds flying up above.

Young haley cayce: listening to the flutter of their wings high above.
fluttering back and forth. Sending me a message.

Nikko flutters in and out of consciousness.

Nikko sits on haley's lap. She smiles at him as she opens a diary in front of
her. In the old fashioned moving pictures in the corner of the book, she flips
the pages for Nikko to show him the drawing of the birds in the corner that when flipped rapidly shows the bird flying.

Young haley cayce: fluttering back and forth. Sending me a message.

Nikko gasps for air, his eyes wide open

Nikko: dad.

Solomon looks at Nikko.

Nikko: dad. Bring the diary. please!

Solomon hands the diary to Nikko.

Nikko grabs the pages and flips through them. Not enough. He grabs more pages and flips through them again. Looking for something. Solomon watches what Nikko's doing.

Solomon: what does it look like? I can't see it clearly enough on the actual pages.

Calvin: yeah, I know, the marks are faded, but we've enhanced them.

Juliet: you'll have to look faster. faster. dr. zond, it's just dots and lines.

Calvin: no, look. there's a pattern here. look.

Juliet: dots ...

Calvin: ... and lines. no. ... dashes. dots and dashes.

together: morse code!

Calvin: that's it!

Solomon is on the phone. Ateevan stands quietly a distance behind him.

Juliet: that's the exact interpretation, dr. zond. there's no more. Hope it

Solomon: yeah, me too.

Nikko who appears to be getting worse. Hangs up the phone. He turns around to the guide.

Solomon: eagle's peak, west eggshell wall. Haley wrote in morse code. That has to be the location.

Australian Guide: oh, do I know how to motivate people or what?

Vincent: we did what you asked for. Give him the anti-venom now.

The guide turns around to face Vincent.

Australian Guide: you're scary. I don't like you. you're not coming on our
trip. All right. let's move out. Times a'wasting for the young man.

Vincent: find that cave.

Solomon walks over to Nikko to check on him. He gently pulls up the blanket to cover him. Nikko continues to get worse.

Solomon: c'mon, Nikko. c'mon.

Nikko moves to get up. Solomon helps him. Nikko continues to drift in his delirium.

Young haley cayce felt like I was floating ...

Young haley cayce: ... sailing on the wings ... like the birds.

The view of an older tungus tribesman with traditional garb, head gear
and facial markings. He looks down at young haley.

Young haley cayce: and then I realized that I was being carried.

The tungus tribesman carries young haley into a cave.

Young haley cayce: and when I finally found the strength to open my
eyes, I was in a cave.

The tribesman walks up to the edge of the caveoverlooking a pool of water
inside. The water is moving, the reflection disturbed.

Young haley cayce: there was a small pool of water with the surface as
smooth as glass.

A close up of a fire flower plant in bloom.

Young haley cayce and growing with its roots in the pool was a fire
flower plant.

The tribesman puts haley down on the rocks close to the edge of the
water. haley crawls over to the side and looks in to the water. the reflection
staring back at her is the older haley.

Young haley cayce: the one who carried me brought me over to the water
and helped me gently over it so that I could see my own reflection. I saw a
woman's face and then I realized that it was my own. And in that moment, I knew that everything was going to be fine.

The tribesman reaches down past haley and scoops up a handful of water for her to drink from. She drinks.

Young haley cayce: he gave me a drink of the water and then I slept.

The group walks into the cave. Solomon helps settle Nikko down on the cave
floor making sure that the blankets are secure around him. The Australian Guide sits down on the rock and looks at the dried pool bed. He picks up some of the dirt with his fingers. Ateevan quietly examines the cave.

Australian Guide: all dried up. What a place.

Solomon: there are thousands of hot springs in these mountains. They come and go with volcanic activity.

Ateevan climbs up further into the cave.

Australian Guide: that's fair enough. Guess the waters run south. Eternal after all.

Solomon: Iíve got you here. Water or no water. now give me the vial.

Australian Guide: hey, I may have a drinking jones, mate. but Iím no bloody
fool, huh?

The guide gets to his feet, the gun on Solomon. He takes a pick from his pack and breaks off a piece of the rock inside the dried pool bed. The rock breaks off exposing raw diamonds.

Solomon: this is all about diamonds?

Australian Guide: nobody's leaving this place except for me and my very native business partner, Ateevan.

Ateevan quietly finds something on the walls of the cave. He silently gasps at the discovery, his face pained with the cost of his betrayal. The guide tosses the rock over to Solomon who catches it. He ooks down at the
piece of rock.

Australian Guide: we knew the eternal waters would get the tribe to work for
ya. So it's been our commitment to search for the waters all right, but there were a lot of diamonds out here.

Solomon shakes his head at the guide. The guide turns and cracks open more rock inside the cave. He laughs with glee and picks up the diamond-encrusted rock.

austrlaian guide: ah. it's like a candy store in here.

Solomon: he sold your people out. He doesn't care about your legend.

Australian Guide: hey. Those of us poor slobs who came up here to work the pipeline. Well we have a legend of our own. You see, it seems the rocks and minerals in these parts are perfect to spitting out these little beauties and the tungus tribes is sitting on the biggest lot of them all.

Ateevan turns around and looks at the symbol painted on the side of the wall.
it's the same symbol shape as Nikko's amulet. The leader reaches out and
touches the symbol.

Australian Guide: now, t-man, he's smarter than your average savage. he's
got sense. war comes and goes, but diamonds are forever. Right mate?

For a moment, there's no answer. Ateevan steps down from the high ledge and points to Nikko.

Ateevan: our legend is true. He was send by the great sky god to lead us here again. He cannot die.

The guide turns around to look at the Ateevan. He can't believe what he just

Australian Guide: are you out of your freaking siberian-tungus mind? This is
the pay day.

He tosses the piece of rock he's carrying to the Ateevan who catches it.

Australian Guide: we are going sky gods. Iíve got news for ya, mate. there's no such thing as eternal life.

He turns back and looks over at Solomon and Nikko. He puts a bullet in the
chamber and steps forward. Solomon glances over at Nikko who is not looking good, then turns back to the guide.

Australian Guide: now, if I were you, Iíd make my peace with god
now. This is the last piece of his green earth that you're ever going to -

Solomon throws the rock over toward the Ateevan. The guide watches the rock fly up in the air past him. While his eyes are on the rock, Solomon grabs the end of the gun and pushes it aside while he hits the guide in the chest. Gunfire hits the roof of the cave. Ateevan dives to the side to avoid the bulletfire. Solomon punches the guide in the stomach. The guide drops the vial onto the cave floor. Solomon pushes the guide back up against the cave wall. The guide drops his weapon. The guide swings the pick in his hand at Solomon, but Solomon grabs his hand to block the blow. The guide grabs Solomon's face. the two struggle and fight. Solomon pushes the guide off to the side. Ateevan looks up from the ground. The guide kicks Solomon, sending Solomon backward on his back to the floor. He lands with a thud, then scrambles to his feet. the guide gets to his feet and charges at Solomon, swinging the pick ax ... once ... twice. Solomon dodges both blows. He hits the guide in the stomach, then twists his arm behind his
back, pushing him down to the floor.
Ateevan gets to his feet and makes his way slowly toward the fight.
Solomon now has the guide on his back on the floor. The guide kicks out
Solomon's legs out from underneath him. Solomon falls back to the floor
grunting in pain. Solomon takes a breather. He turns his head and sees the
anti-venom vial a short distance away. Suddenly his priorities change.
Solomon reaches for the vial. The guide gives a yell and jumps on top of Solomon, stopping him. Solomon has his hand outstretched toward the vial, his eyes on the little glass container. The guide pushes Solomon's head back, grabbing him by the neck, pushing him down the deep hole where the water used to come from. Solomon reaches up and tries to push the guide off of him. Ateevan slowly unsheathes his knife, then throws it at the guide. The knife hits the guide square in his back. the guide lets go of Solomon, then falls forward over Solomon and into the hole. Solomon turns around and looks down into the hole. Nikko's eyes slowly open.

the tungus tribesman walks toward the entrance of the cave. Haley is standing next to him.

Young haley cayce: when I was strong enough, I was dressed in warm
skins and told the way home. It seemed so simple now that I was better.

The tribesman removes the amulet necklace from around his neck and puts it on haley.

Young haley cayce: then, the one that saved me, gave me something that
he said would always keep me safe as long as I believed ...
the tribesman reaches out and takes a small sprig off of the fire flower. He hands it to haley. She takes it and looks up at the tribesman.

Young haley cayce: ... believed in things there were no explanation for.
kept my mind open to the unknown. Because miracles and mysteries can sometimes keep us alive. The tribesman leaves the cave.
Nikko looks up and sees the ancient tungus tribesman holding a cup above his lips. He pours the liquid from the cup and drips it onto him.
stares up at the roof of the cave where water drips down from the bullet
holes in the ceiling. The drops of water fall on his lips and into his mouth.
Nikko shifts a bit and opens his mouth to drink in the dripping water.

The ancient tungus tribesman finishes pouring the drops of water on Nikko and moves the cup away. He looks down at Nikko. Solomon looks down at Nikko, watching him carefully. Nikko's eyes flutter open.

Solomon: thank god, he's coming around.

Nikko: he did it. he saved my life.

Solomon turns around to look at the Ateevan who stands proudly behind them, a respectful distance away.

Solomon: no, he saved my life.

Solomon leans forward and fingers the amulet around Nikko's neck.

Solomon: you pulled through on your own.

Nikko: he said it would keep me safe. And it did.

Nikko reaches for Solomon's hand. Solomon grasps it. The camera holds on the Ateevan who watches the father and son, together, his own eyes filling with tears.

Ateevan: I never had a son. No one to pass this on to. Please accept this
with my thanks.

He turns around to Nikko while holding out a basket. Inside the basket, he
pulls out something furry with red feathers coming out of it.

Ateevan: you will always be a member of my tribe.

Nikko: thank you.

Nikko looks down at the amulet around his neck and takes it off.

Nikko: look, this really belongs to you ...

Nikko holds out the necklace to the leader.

Nikko: take it.

Ateevan: no. no. no. you have it for a reason. it's not for us to change

Nikko looks at him. He looks at the amulet, then puts the amulet back around his neck. Ateevan puts a hand on Nikko's shoulder and guides him back to the group.
Vincent holds out his cup while a tungus woman fills it with something
hot to drink. Nikko and the leader walk back into the main cabin.

Ateevan: you're welcome to stay the night.

Vincent: I could be persuaded.

Vincent glances up at the woman and smiles.

Solomon: no, no. we have a chopper coming, thank you.

Nikko puts a hand on his oh, so tired shoulder and exhales.

Nikko: ah. You know, dad ... i could ... I could really use a massage before
we head out.

The young woman sitting a seat away from Solomon glances up at Nikko, smiles and winks at him.

Nikko: you know ... just to rejuvenate.

The other young woman sitting next to Vincent also turns to look at Nikko. she smiles.

Nikko: you know, weed out the toxins. I mean, dad ... besides these ladies,
they have magic hands. They do.

The women sitting and standing near the men smile and grin. Solomon turns to look at Vincent. They share a smile. Vincent shakes his head and chuckles softly.

Nikko: hey, I don't want to be rude, all right?

Solomon: oh, no.

Nikko: I mean, it is their tribal custom. what's a boy to do?

Solomon gives in and laughs.

Nikko holds on to the fire flower sprig.

Maggie: there's no reason for this flower to be thriving.

Nikko brings the flower to his nose and smells it. Maggie and Solomon sit
looking at the computer monitor.

Maggie: over ten thousand years. Just a freak of nature. Until you examine
it's dna code.

Maggie hits some keys on the keyboard.

Maggie: you see this gene sequence here?

She points to the monitor.

Maggie: it controls the production of an enzyme called. telomerase. it's found in all embryos and it allows the cells to grow to survive with no deterioration. As the organisms mature, the gene that produces telomerase is turned off. Giving us a finite life span.

Solomon: are you saying that the gene in the fire flower is permanently turned on?

Maggie: as we know it.

Nikko: so, if this stuff is turned on in you ...

Solomon: ... you'd never die.

Maggie: not of natural causes, anyway.

Nikko: immortality.

Solomon: most cultures have legends about life-giving waters. I mean, achilles got his strength from a river in greece. ponce de leon was said to come to the new world to find the fountain of youth.

Nikko: well, maybe they're not just legends.

Solomon glances at Nikko, his eyes smiling at the conclusion his son just
reached. Nikko smiles back. He gives the fire flower back to Maggie and leaves the room.)

Maggie takes the flower and looks at Solomon.

Maggie: like mother, like son.

This for some reason, really pleases Solomon. He smiles. Maggie looks back down at the fire flower in her hand the fire flower sprig is on the table in front of a framed picture of haley cayce. Solomon reaches for the flower, picks it up and looks at it closely. He gently tucks the sprig into a small glass vase full of water and puts the vase back on the table next to haley's picture.

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veritas: the quest
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chess stop clock. both sides of the clocks are on 1:55. a hand shoots out and stops the clock on the right side.
nikko moves his white pawn forward.
vincent and nikko sit in a room on opposite sides of the chessboard. it's a
fast and furious game.
vincent moves his black piece forward and stops the clock.
nikko moves his white knight out and stops the clock.
vincent counters by bringing out his black knight. he stops the clock.
nikko moves; vincent moves, then nikko moves again taking one of vincent's
pieces. he hits the clock and looks at vincent when the conversation starts.

the last stand battle was fought valiantly by the holy [?] of [?].

knights in silver armour fight; their swords clanging upon contact.
the sounds of war in the background.

resume to the chess game.
nikko moves his piece and takes vincent's bishop. he holds it up to vincent
and smiles.

good guys are always outmatched, otherwise, what's the point?

he hits the stop clock.
the knights in shining armor continue to fight.
resume to the chess game.
vincent glances at nikko and makes his move.

the soldiers fought bravely, but to no avail.

vincent castles, switching his king with the rook. he hits the stop clock.
the knights in their armor fighting. knights on horses ride by and
join the fight.
resume to the chess game.
vincent moves and takes nikko's bishop. he holds the piece up to nikko.

instead, even the gods would abandon them on that fateful day.

you know, you talk a lot for a guy who doesn't say much.

counters the trick is to say everything without talking at all.

vincent moves his knight forward.


he hits the stop clock.
the knights fighting each other continue.
resume to the chess game.
nikko moves his king out of the way.
the knights fighting each other continue.
resume to the chess game.
vincent moves his knight forward to corner nikko's king.
the knights fighting each other continue.
resume to the chess game.

the defenders fought fearlessly, but they were overwhelmed by the
conquering knights.

the camera shows one black knight on the chess board, then the other black
knight. inbetween the two knights is the white king.
an armored knight on a white horse rides forward.
nikko glances down at his chess piece.
the knight on the white horse approaches a single warrior holding a
shield and standing alone.
a front view of the king waiting for the knight to approach him.
a close up of the white king on the chess board. nikko reaches out.
the knight on the white horse approaches closer to the king. the
knight swings his sword.
nikko reaches up to the white king and tips the piece over.
the king bows his head waiting for judgment. the knight's sword

the white king chess piece tips over.
the white flag with the red cross tips over.
the white king chess piece hits the chess board.
the white flag with the red cross falls to the ground.

the battle was over.

with the game over, vincent stands up to leave. nikko stops him.

but the war had just begun. lightly c'mon, let's play again.

vincent turns around at nikko, just a little surprised by the invite. he
slowly settles down back into his seat.

you don't have a video game to kill somewhere?

what? you afraid of getting whooped?


stopped. creamed. taken to the cleaners. you know.
no way.

settles in his seat set 'em up boy!

all right!

camera pulls back on a side view of nikko and vincent as they set the chess
board up for another game.

chateau rene,
french pyrenees-1126 a.d.

the first knight walks briskly through the darkened hallways. he leans both
palms of his hands against the large wooden doors and pushes them open. he walks into the great room. inside, the king and his son turn around toward him.

first knight:

what news?

first knight:
grimly our forces will fall by daylight. the enemy is but two
hours march off.

the king turns around and walks to the far end of the room where he takes out a map from its storage container. his son watches him carefully.

first knight:
i fear that if we do not act now, the location of the castle will
be discovered.

our secrets must be protected.

the king rolls the map out flat on the table. he takes a sharp knife and cuts
it into two pieces. his son watches in dismay. he hastily rolls one half of
the map and stuffs it into a case. he hands it to the first knight.

you will ride to the east. swear that you will protect this map with
your life and the holy honor.

first knight:
until my death.

the first knight leaves the chamber. the king turns around and rolls up the
second half of the map. he puts it into the second case and puts the case
around his young son's shoulder.

ride west. speak to no one.

shakes his head father, no. i don't know ...

the king grasps his son's face with his hands and speaks steadily to him.

find our brothers in scotland. the map must be protected. it's all
that's important now. i must remain here to secure the castle. the power of
the ring must never fall into the hands of dorna.

after a moment, he hugs his son.

i love you, my son. go now.

the son turns and walks out of the room, his steps faster as he reaches the
door till he finally takes off out the door in a full run.
two horsemen ride off together. one white horse and one black horse. they
reach a point, then they separate. the son takes off, riding as fast as he can
away from the castle on his white horse.
inside the castle, the king uses all his strength to turn the large wooden
the son stops his white horse, turns around and looks back at the castle.
he sees two large doors slide open.
inside the castle, the king stops turning the gears.
outside the castle, the son sees a large glass-like mirrored device
slowly slide out from the open passage. the mirrors are angled to catch the
rays of the sun. as the device comes further out of the castle, the more light
it catches.
the mirrored device glows brighter and brighter. the sudden flash of light
blinds the son; he puts up an arm to protect his eyes from the bright light.
when the light vanishes and the son puts his arm down, the castle is gone.

panics father?!

the son sits on his white horse and shouts to the mountain tops at the top of
his lungs.

shouts father! echoing father! ... father!

he looks down at the tube carrying the map and hugs it close to his chest.

de molay:
so, do you believe this story, solomon?

the son turns his horse and rides off to complete his mission.
solomon sits in the benefactor's office.

i believe there's truth in every story.

de molay:
well said.

the benefactor reaches up and closes the office doors. he turns around to head back to his desk.

de molay:
well, the templars defended the secrets of the ancients with their

rather than sit behind it, de molay takes out the leather tube just like the
one in the story. he uncaps it and removes the map inside.

de molay:
there's a brotherhood of men throughout the world who continue in
this practice. you, solomon, are among them.

solomon stands up. de molay gently unrolls the map flat on the table.

de molay:
this half of the map has been in the protection of my family for
hundreds of years. now, the other half of the map is in jeopardy.


de molay:
yes. madrid de lancier, a distinguished member of our
brotherhood ... a man so refined in the arts -- as they say, he possesses no
fear, has recently become very frightened indeed. dorna has uncovered his
identity. they're closing in. he said that he can no longer protect his half
of the map. so, solomon, he's sending it to you.

you want me to hide it?

de molay:
well, not exactly. he's in trouble solomon.

if de lancier has only one half of the map, as long as your half is
safe, then the castle is safe. for that matter, why not just destroy your half,
that way, no one gets the treasure.

de molay:
dorna destroyed the march templars trying to obtain the templar's

he points to the picture of a castle drawn on top of the map.

de molay:
this map leads to an important piece of that treasure.

what is it? the treasure. what am i looking for?

de molay takes a couple of steps toward the window, then turns around.

de molay:
you know about the ring of truth?

solomon's eyes widen in surprise. de molay sits down in a seat behind the
lounge area. solomon quietly takes the seat in front of de molay.

quietly so, the ring is real. and that's what dorna's after.

de molay:
templars all around the world, kept the pieces of the ring hidden
from dorna. but they're not meant to be hidden forever. they're going to need the ring when the time comes. and that time is growing ever closer. 2012 is only nine years away.

the prophecies are true. end of days.

de molay:
or, the glorious beginning. the world is headed for a reckoning.
the ring is the key to great power and knowledge. it can bring about the very flowering of humanity. second eden.

de molay:
continues but if dorna gets it, it will be a cataclysm. but there
is a warning.

de molay stands up and walks over to the map.

de molay:
this map only leads to the castle. the templars used all their
skills to ensure the safety of the ring. the piece will be well hidden.

and the castle will be designed to protect it accordingly.

de molay takes the map and rolls it up.

de molay:
exactly. you must learn the castle's secrets. solomon, you must
find this piece of the ring. everything hangs in the balance.

and just as the father handed the son the map in the teaser, demolay hands the map over to solomon who takes it.

de molay looks at solomon. solomon looks down from the map, then up back at de molay.
maggie is working at her desk. juliet rushes into the main office carrying the
metal briefcase. she stacks it up on another suitcase near the doorway. calvin walks into the room looking absolutely ragged.

hey, look what the cat dragged in.

he walks past her.

don't start.

hey. you're three hours late. you have the research of chateau rene
that dr. zond asked for?

no. not yet.

well, calvin, he needs them now.

calvin turns around and heads back toward the front door.

okay. well, i have a really bad headache and i have the files. so,
let me go home and take care of this, so back off.

he almost makes it to the door when maggie stops him.

cal. you have a second?

he turns around and looks expectantly at maggie, waiting for her to say what
she wants. instead, maggie fixes juliet with a look.


juliet catches on and makes her excuses.

oh, right. okay. i have some stuff i need to do anyway, so ...

she turns to leave the room and sneezes on her way out.


god bless you.

thank you.

juliet leaves the room. maggie motions with her head for calvin to take a

have a seat.

no ... i'm going to be leaving anyway.

you okay?

yeah, i'm fine.

well, this isn't like you cal. you went out again last night.

yeah, i went out. okay? i went out. i had fun. i danced. i had a
really good time, okay? i'm guilty. fire me, okay?

calvin turns to leave the room, but maggie stops him again.

calvin. i've got another idea. why don't i make you one of my special
morning-after shakes ...

calvin shakes his head and brushes it aside.

maggie: ...
and you and i can sit down and try to remember that we're friends.

calvin turns to look back at maggie.


nikko is in the training room with vincent. they stand side-by-side in the
same meditative position practicing their focusing. they're standing up
straight, arms straight up in the air. they hold the first position, then slowly
move into another position.
another meditative position. their hands are up in front of
their faces, palms flat and facing each other as if in prayer, their fingertips
pointing upward, their eyes out forward. they slowly push their prayer hands
out in front of them, palms flat out away from their bodies.

soft and far away v.o. focus.

they move into yet another meditative position. their movements
controlled and coordinated as if in a dance.


several dissolves of their meditation training on focus.

stay focused.

several more dissolves into different positions.

i stay any more focused and my head is going to explode.

trust me, your mind will do things you can't even imagine.



he breaks concentration and his lips move swiftly as if he's talking with
himself, then he realizes that he's not concentrating.

frustrated damn it.

concentrate on the counting.

if another thought wanders into your mind, ...

back to the meditation and movement as they move from position to position.

gently move it aside and start counting from one again.

echoing do you have any idea what's wandering into my mind, trust me.

vincent stands in the corner of the room, his arms crossed in front of his

firmly start from one again.

start from one?

i can't get past one.

how do you expect to get anywhere in life ...

vincent is angled next to nikko, looking closely at him from the side.

... if you can't get past one.

well, i can always take a cab, ...

i mean, take the jet.



nikko sits in the middle of the training room looking as if he's about to cry.
standing at the far edge of the room behind him is vincent with his arms crossed in front of his chest, legs apart.
nikko closes his eyes.
he takes a breath.
and starts counting.


calvin and maggie sit down for a talk.

can a person just lose his faith?

anyone can. the question is why are you losing yours.

i don't know. louder i don't know. i get up in the
morning ...

calvin stands up.

... or afternoon ...

whatever the case may be. and i just want to disappear.

where do you want to go?

i don't know. i don't care. anywhere. europe. italy.

now that's just lovely.


calvin stops and thinks about it. the words don't come out of his mouth and
he's just plain frustrated. he puts a hand to his head and sighs.
maggie waits patiently for him.

what's the purpose of looking for the truth if you lose everything else
in the process.

maggie slowly gets up from her chair and turns to look at calvin.

we all have losses and it never fails to change us at our core, believe
me, i know.

oh, you do.

yes, i do. she levels him a look. look, i'm thinking that maybe you
should get away for a while. take a break. rethink things.

maggie sits back down in her seat.


really, really. but make sure you do it the right way.

what does that mean?

maggie stands up.

this mission is important. he needs us. come on
this trip and when you're ready, tell him what you need.

maggie moves over next to calvin.
calvin sighs, then nods.
juliet puts the two halves of the map together on the table. she sits at the
table opposite solomon and next to nikko. maggie sits in the back of the cabin, as does calvin and vincent.

the map of the rene's castle. this is the first time it's been one
piece since 1126.

solomon turns to look at the picture of the chateau rene in the open book next to him on the table.

it's in the range in the french pyrenees and the castle is built into
the jagged face of the mountain.

only no one's seen it since the 12th century.

this is cal's analysis of the technical drawings we found on the map.

juliet hands the report to solomon. maggie stands up to get a better look
closer to the table. she stands off of juliet's shoulder. nikko also sits up

the specs of some sort of lens, it details of an optical system. the
drawings seem to indicate that the castle is hidden by a really elaborate
optical illusion.

look at this grid pattern on the map. now look at the place of the
grid marks and the position of the lenses.

maybe that's how you see through the illusion to find the castle.

we're going to need to get ourselves some lenses. let me see.

solomon starts counting; but calvin already knows the answer.


solomon looks up at calvin, sitting alone in the back of the cabin. everyone
turns to look at calvin.

you're going to need nine lenses.

solomon looks back down at the map and sighs.

it looks like a giant camera obscure?

more like a reference obscure?

explains a camera obscure is an ancient means of projecting an
image. it's considered the earliest predecessor of the camera.

well, all right. let's take some pictures!

nikko turns the lens. behind him, the others position their lenses. the ground
is covered with a thin layer of snow, the sun is shining and yet it's very
the van is parked near the center of the lens display. set up near the van is
a black cloth-covered booth.
nikko locks his lens into place and speaks into the hand-held radio.

all right. come on. pleased, to himself yeah.

seeing that everything's set, solomon calls the team back to the van.

all right! come on in and let's see what we've got!

nikko and vincent dash toward the van.
once there, everyone stands around the black box with a camera and board set up to capture the picture.
solomon presses his remote and the lenses move in sync. it catches the
sunlight's rays.
nikko leans forward and sees something in the box.

hey, dad! dad! come look at this.

solomon moves around from the camera side to where nikko is looking. on the board inside the box is the reflection of the pyrenees ... with the castle
nestled in the mountain side.
everyone gathers around to look at the reflection of the castle.
image of the castle to the mountainside with no castle.
solomon looks out at the mountains.

i think we've found our castle.

calvin turns to look at solomon. vincent nods. nikko has a huge grin on his
face, just like the one to match solomon's.

the crew makes their way toward the castle, calvin leads the way.

i still don't see anything.

solomon steps up to calvin, puts an encouraging hand on his shoulder and slowly steps in front of him.

well, let's just keep moving. when we get close enough, we'll be
inside the optical effect.

as soon as they get close enough, there's a large burst of extremely bright
light. they all duck and cover their eyes at the light's brightness.
when the light passes, right in front of them is the large chateau rene with
the mirrored device protruding out from the opening in its side.

this kinda elevates the whole slope of the earth
position, doesn't it?

he turns back to look at nikko, who smiles and nods his head in agreement.
the large double doors to the great hall opens. solomon and the rest of the
team walk into the castle. nikko and vincent carry a long wooden box full of
equipment. solomon looks around the room.

all right. set up base here. if we're going to find the ring, we
need to get a lay out of the castle. every inch of this place, mapped and
logged. a.s.a.p!

nikko follows solomon.

dad, this place is massive. it'll take days!

maggie walks by.

then let's get to it.

he looks around the room.

all right. let's get to it.

solomon walks down a hallway while looking at his palm pilot or small
calibrating piece of equipment in his hand.
templar cross decorated on the inside of a closed
door. the door opens and calvin walks inside.
he turns on his flashlight and looks around the room.

what do we have here?

vincent and nikko turn the corner and start walking down a hallway. vincent
looks down at his hand-held device and reads the numbers on it to nikko.


nikko writes the numbers down. vincent continues down the passageway. nikko stops and looks up and around the strange castle.

i don't get it. there's no way out of this place. it's totally
whacked. it doesn't make any sense.

nikko continues to follow vincent down the passageway.
calvin shines the light on the shelves in front of him and toward the camera.
the shelves are partitioned into small square cubicles. in each cubicle there
appears to be a single rolled up piece of parchment.
calvin continues to look through the shelves and comes across a cubicle with a huge rat in it.
calvin gasps at the sight of the rat.
calvin turns away for a moment to get control over his initial shock, then
turns back to the intruder.

rats! why'd it have to be rats!

nikko looks around the strange passageway. vincent stands a ways behind

your dad said that this place was designed to conceal and protect the
ring. so maybe the layout is supposed to confuse us.

well, it's working.

let's split up. we'll cover more ground. we'll meet up back at base
camp in a few hours.

all right.

the two start down the hallway, then split taking different directions at the
maggie and juliet carry and lift the long, thin wooden box up onto the table.
juliet is suddenly hit with a headache. she leans onto the box and puts a hand to her forehead.


maggie watches juliet and how her headache really seems to be paining her.

you all right?

juliet doesn't answer immediately.

maggie: l
isten, sit down for a second.

maggie helps juliet sit down.

yeah, i'm all right. i just ... i've got this headache.

i'll get you some aspirin.

maggie turns to get the aspirin.

thanks, maggie. this cold is really starting to kick my ass.

nikko walks around the passage, looking around as he goes. he passes a window and hears something move. he stops to listen. he hears the sound again. nikko starts searching for the source of the sound in front of him.
then he hears the sound behind him. closer. nikko whirls around and heads
toward the sound. he hears it again. nikko stops and listens. the sound
nikko heads down the passageway toward the sound.
calvin unrolls a scroll and looks at its contents.
nikko continues down the passageway, further away from the window. it's
getting darker as he enters deeper into the castle.
someone standing behind nikko, his figure standing in the light of the window.
nikko gasps and turns around. he looks and there's no one there.
nikko starts to breathe hard.
he takes a step forward back toward the window and looks to his right ... then to his left. he doesn't see anyone.
a woman screams. it echoes in the castle walls.

hey. can anyone else hear that?

dad, is everyone all right out there?

nikko, what's going on?

you're not going to believe this, but i swear i just heard a woman

maggie, juliet. you all right?

i'm fine. juliet might have caught a bug. other than that, we're


i found kinda like ... this storage room. there are plans here. most of them are masonic designs.

anything on the castle?

no, not yet. i just started looking.

nikko, you sure you heard ...

yes, dad. okay? i know what i --

suddenly behind nikko, the dark figure appears shadowed in the window. nikko turns around and yells out in surprise.
nikko takes a step backward.
vincent steps forward into the light.

you all right?

solomon starts running to find nikko.

nikko? from radio nikko!

nikko stares at vincent and growing angry at being startled.

i'm all right. why do you have to do that all the time?

because it's fun.

nikko doesn't laugh at the humor, instead, he seems more upset.

listen, i want everyone to head back to the great room.
we may not be alone here.

nikko walks past vincent to head back to the great room. vincent turns to
follow him.
solomon looks up at the passage walls and determines which way he should go.

this way.

solomon points to his right and heads in that direction. he takes a couple of
steps and stops. his brow furrows in confusion.


he turns around to look at the passageway behind him. he sees a small dark
passage at the top of a short stairs. he heads in that direction.

no? it's this way.

he almost reaches the top of the stairs when he stops and turns back around.
he appears to be lost. he reconsiders and heads back down the stairs into the passageway in the direction he was originally going to go in the first place.

okay. it's definitely this way and stop talking to yourself.

he walks forward and stops dead in his tracks. at the end of the corridor is
tollan and a group of his goons.

we sit tight. we wait for solomon to do what he does best.

solomon hides behind the wall, his back pressed to it as he listens to their

tollan: which is find things. when he finds the ring, then we'll
have it.

and what if he gets away? he has a habit of doing that.

then we'll take his son.

solomon's eyes widen with anger as he listens to the conversation. tollan
continues to address his goons.

that boy is zond's weakness. we have the boy, zond will give us
whatever we want. okay?

solomon's heard enough. he turns and heads back to the great room.
juliet is incapacitated and lying on the mat on the floor. maggie kneels next
to her, tending to her. the door opens and calvin walks into the room. he
stops when he sees juliet on the ground. nikko looks up when he enters.
solomon rushes into the room.

dorna's here. we've got to move.

solomon, full of energy, heads for the back of the room where the things are.


vincent slowly looks up, his attention perking up as solomon fills them in.

they're waiting for us to find the ring first and then they'll move
in. i heard them.

everyone slowly gathers together.

how many are they?

eight. nine. ten?

dad, what the hell is going on?

wait. wait. wait! how can dorna find us? they don't have the map.

i don't know, but we're not sticking around to find out. to maggie
can she walk?

maggie holds on to juliet who starts convulsing or shivering with cold.

we'll get her out.

wait. what about the ring?

we'll figure that out later.

look, we're out manned and out-gunned. i'm not going to risk all our
lives in a losing fight. let's pack it up.

solomon starts to grab the gear on the table to pack it up. vincent turns to
get the things. calvin hits the table in quasi-frustration that they'll have to
give up and run instead of staying and fighting. nikko stands there a moment, completely disappointed, then he reluctantly starts to gather his gear.
solomon heads down the passageway, the rest of the team just moments behind him. he rounds the corner and nearly fall off the edge of the hole in the floor down into a deep pit.

whoa! whoa!

nikko grabs solomon to help pull him back.
they stand at the edge of the floor overlooking the pit. the archway leads
directly to the room containing nothing but the pit. coming from the pit is a
low volume frequency humming sound. it almost sounds like wind blowing through the cracks in the mountains and reverberating up through the pit into the castle. it's low and loud.
calvin and maggie stand behind them. they look down into the deep, dark pit in front of them and up into the ceiling.

this is the way in, right?

i thought so. maybe we got turned around.

no, no! i remember this archway.

solomon looks at the archway above the entrance leading to the pit.

this place is totally tripped out.

juliet whimpers and puts a hand to her forehead. she's in pain. she starts
screaming hysterically. completely un-juliet-like.

stop! make it stop! make it stop!

solomon turns around and sees juliet distressed. juliet presses her hand flat
against her ears. she has her eyes tightly shut and continues to whimper at the pain in her head.
he grabs her upper arms and tries to calm her down.

it's okay, juliet! it's all right. it's all right.

juliet stares desperately at solomon and the others.

we have to get out of here. we have to leave.

maggie steps forward and kneels down in front of juliet.


for a moment, juliet focuses on maggie. she turns and sees solomon standing just next to maggie, right in front of her. the humming from the pit grows loud and soft continuously.
juliet grabs solomon's jacket lapels and pulls him closer to her. solomon is
jostled surprised by the move. he glances down at her hands. but juliet looks into solomon's eyes and says eerily with conviction.

we're all going to die here, dr. zond.

nikko and vincent standing behind solomon both take a step backward from
juliet, their eyes widening in surprise.
juliet looks around at the others.
from above, there's a noise. solomon looks up at where the sound might have come from.
he stands up and helps juliet to her feet.

everyone back to the great room.

he starts pushing everyone back to the passage in the direction they just


c'mon! let's go! back to the great room!

with a last glance over the dark pit, solomon looks out and listens. he hears
the sound of approaching footsteps.

solomon, what's wrong?

they're coming! to vincent let's go!

he turns and grab's vincent's arm for them to head back to the great room.
one by one, everyone rushes back into the great room, solomon yelling behind them.

go! go! go! lock it up!

vincent runs quickly into the room. he turns around. solomon's the last one
into the room. he drops his bag and shuts the doors as vincent bars them with the thick wooden beam.
juliet is completely incapacitated. she's lying flat on her back on the great
room floor. nikko kneels down next to her. he stands and turns to head back to the group.
nikko walks past vincent, who stands silently behind solomon watching him, and heads for solomon, who has a hand palm flat against the back of his head. solomon appears worried.


he puts out a hand and touches solomon's shoulder. solomon jumps and whirls around at the contact completely surprised.


solomon puts a reassuring hand on his son's shoulder and smiles his
"everything's-going-to-be-all-right" smile at him.


she's asleep. okay?

maggie appears next to nikko. vincent turns around to listen.

something's not right with her, solomon. i mean,
it's not just a cold.

she's reacting to something in the air. this all started once she got
into the castle.

they haven't come to find us, but that could change at any time.

solomon moves to look at juliet as he issues orders around the room. they need a plan.

maggie, i want you to look into what's going on with juliet. do a
full toxicology on air, dust, any allergies ... you know the drill.

maggie moves toward her things to get started on it. solomon turns to calvin.

cal? go over these scrolls and see what you can get on the layout of
his place. find us a way out of here.

there is no way out of here.

just find it!

calvin glances at solomon. camera cuts over to nikko who watches solomon's
behavior, the over to vincent who also watches solomon closely.

all right?!

vincent turns around surveying everyone in the place. solomon swallows.

okay. but we're going to need to be well-rested. we'll sleep in
shifts. one person on guard duty at all times.

i'll take the first watch.

nikko steps aside, his eyes still on solomon. when he's out of hearing
distance and they're alone facing each other, vincent looks at solomon

are we good?

yeah, we're good.

solomon turns and walks away. camera holds on vincent who also turns away.
everything in the castle is dark and everyone's asleep on the floor of the
castle. solomon's on first watch, sitting up against a wooden crate on the
floor, his eyes wide open and staring at the wide open door in front of him.
through the open door, he sees the darkened figure of a familiar woman standing out in the hallway just beyond the door.
solomon stares hard at the figure.
the figure takes a couple of steps forward into the light. it's haley cayce.
she looks back at solomon, then she smiles.
with his eyes wide open, solomon smiles back at her. he tilts his head
slightly to the side almost as if asking her an unspoken question.
smiling, she tilts her head to the side, too. as he watches her, she motions
with her head for him to follow her. she playfully steps back to the hallway
and away from the door.
solomon watches her go. he puts down his flashlight, scrambles to his feet and follows her. he walks out of the great room, trying to catch up with her.
he walks down to the end of the hallway and looks around the corner. haley
playfully turns around and continues down the next corridor.

solomon turns the corner to follow.
at the end of the hallway, the door creaks open. inside the next room, the
image of the templar cross is stenciled in light on the wall of the next room.
solomon heads for the door that he thinks haley just went through. he's still
following her.
he starts running for the door.
he enters the room to find himself at the top of a long set of stone stairs.
at the bottom of the stairs, haley turns around to see if he's still following
her. she reaches the bottom and solomon sees her walk through the doorway.
solomon smiles a little, then starts down the long set of stone stairs.
when he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he turns the corner and
walks through a door leading into another room. just standing outside the
doorway is a large stone statue of a templar knight.
solomon looks around the room. it's a strange room. there are lit candles
everywhere. there's a small circular window at the far end of the room. in the center of the room there's a floor-to-ceiling pillar. solomon takes a step
toward the pillar. haley steps forward out of the shadows of the pillar. she
smiles at him and stands close to him.
solomon looks down at haley and smiles as if he's finally found the treasure
he's been searching for. haley smiles back.

hayley cayce:
i've never stopped loving you.

i don't understand.

haley cayce:
so much i want to tell you.

she moves forward; he leans forward. they kiss.

solomon closes his eyes and gets into the kiss. then, the camera speeds up to something completely unnatural. the camera circles around them at a top speed.finally, tollan reaches out and grabs solomon. he throws solomon down to the ground.


he takes out a gun and points it down at solomon.

welcome to our castle, solomon.

solomon raises his hands in surrender. he swallows, hard.
opens on a small fire burning on the concrete floor of the innermost
room. papers and diaries burn and form a small pile for the fire to consume.
solomon's open metal briefcase, haley's diaries out on the
floor surrounding it. tollan reaches down and picks up another one of haley's
diaries. he's sitting in the only chair in the middle of the room, leafing
through the pages of the leather-bound diary in his hands.
he rips out a page.
across the room, tied to the floor-to-ceiling beam, solomon watches

stop it, please.

you know, you're not going to need these anymore, anyway.

tollan holds the single page out in front of the small fire waiting for the
paper to catch on fire. the page catches fire. tollan throws the burning page
to the floor.
on the burning page as it falls to the floor, slowly turning into ash.
vincent moves the jacket aside and picks up the backpack from the table.
calvin sits at the table, tired and thinking.

if dorna grabbed him, why didn't they touch us?

vincent puts the back pack down on the table.

i don't know, but i'm about to find out.

i'm coming with you.

no, you stay here with the others.

look, he's my father all right.

hey! this is what i do, nikko. you won't be helping him.
you'll just be a potential complication. i'll find him. i promise.

vincent turns and runs out of the great room.
tollan sits in his chair and gleefully rips out another page from haley's
diary. on the right of him on the wall is a shadow of a templar cross.

looks at the page and mutters ah. there's another one. i love it.

stop it!

tollan holds the single page out over the small fire. the page burns. tollan
looks back at solomon.

you must've realized that sooner or later, you would outlive your

solomon tries to get up off the chair, the dorna goon standing behind him puts a hand on his shoulder and pushes him back down into his seat.

i told you, i don't know where the ring is. we haven't
found it yet.

i'm afraid that whether or not you talk or not, i am going to have to
kill you. i know everything.

what? go ahead and do it already. c'mon!

but i tell you what. you tell me where the ring is and i won't kill
your son!

that did it. solomon struggles desperately to get out of the chair. the two
dorna goons standing behind him put restraining hands on his shoulders. solomon continues to struggle. he yells out in frustration.
the wind howls through the castle room. maggie works on her computer. calvin sits at the table next to maggie going over the castle parchments. nikko bides his time by throwing a ball up against the wall and catching it when it bounces back to him. he's losing patience.

guys, i can't just sit here and wait like this.

he turns around and takes a step toward the table.

i know, nikko. you'll just have to try and hang on.

well, have you found anything yet?

no. i don't see anything abnormal in the air.
nothing to account for juliet's condition.

maggie, would you take a look at this, please?

maggie stands up and moves toward calvin to look at the castle parchments over his shoulder. he points to the map layout of the castle.

okay, these are chambers built by the templars underneath the castle.
they were built into the mountains.

in the shape of the templar cross. what's this?

maggie grabs a magnifying glass to read the writing on the parchment.

i don't know.

it's all in french. reads resonating chambers.

maggie takes a step backward, the realization hitting her hard at what's going on, her eyes wide.
nikko steps forward to look at the parchment. he has no clue what they're
talking about, but maggie and calvin are both on the same wavelength already coming to the same conclusion.


you think? beat helmholtz resonance.

what is it?

it's this.

calvin grabs the empty plastic drinking bottle off the table and blows across
the mouthpiece making an airy resonant tone. juliet is still lying on the floor
in the background.

helmholtz resonance.

maggie: we've got equipment that picks up seismic activity. think it would
pick up the vibrations in the air?

yeah, i'm sure we could rig something, but ...

calvin shakes his head.
maggie works on getting a reading on the laptop. on screen, we see various
sound wavelengths. maggie looks at the monitor, her eyes wide with shock.

my god.

leans forward to look.


calvin stands off to the side looking at the readings on the laptop monitor.
he leans forward for a closer look.

this is too weird.

what? what do you got?

maggie: l
ook at the huge volume of sound.

nikko starts to get very agitated, he's starting to shout.

sound? look, i don't hear anything! maggie, do you?

that's because the frequency's below the range of human hearing, but
check it out! the decibel levels.

she points to the monitors on the screen.

loud, man. like 50 yard line at the superbowl loud.

maggie stands up and turns around to look at juliet who is still lying quietly
on the floor in the back of the room.

then, how come we're not feeling it?

everyone reacts differently to physiological stimulus. uh, you said
that you heard a woman screaming, right?

oh, what? are you saying that what i heard wasn't

i'm saying that you can't be sure of anything.

even maggie is starting to get agitated, her words tumbling over one after the other.

helmholtz resonance has a long history of messing with minds. it's
used in shamanistic cultures to transcend the physical boundaries of their
existence. astral projection, inter-dimensional travel -- all that sorts of

oh, and you think that's what's happening here? astral projection?

no, but the resonance has powerful psycho-active properties. it
affects the chemistry of the brain. i'm thinking more like ... waking dreams.

the templars designed the castle to produce helmholtz
resonance. it would be like one big mind trip booby trap.

look, i don't care! i want to know where my dad is! what
happened to him!

suddenly, juliet sits up, panicked. everyone turns to gather around her.
nikko kneels down in front of her.

no! dr. zond! no!

nikko puts a hand on her shoulder to try to calm her down. she looks at nikko with such sympathy.

nikko. i'm so sorry.

she reaches out and gently touches his cheek.

but you're all alone.

nikko stares at her. calvin watches in shock. maggie's eyes go wide.
taking it as a sign, nikko scrambles back away from juliet. he gets to his
feet and runs toward the door to go help his dad. calvin and maggie both run to intercept nikko.

nikko! no! wait!

nikko reaches the door and lifts the wood beam up barring the door shut in


you can't go! all right? you're going to make things worse!! you
can't help him!

calvin reaches nikko at the door and stops him from removing the wood beam. he pushes nikko away from the door.
nikko pushes calvin back against the door.

he's my dad, cal, not yours! don't you get it?

no, i get it! you make damn sure of that.

nikko tries to remove the wood beam; calvin stops him.

you're not leaving!

stop it. don't be such a stupid child.

i'm going to find him, now get out of my way.

nikko pushes past them both and tries to lift the wood beam off the door.
calvin grabs nikko's arm to stop him. nikko turns and hits calvin in the jaw.

you stupid ... !

pissed, calvin pushes nikko up against the door, then down to the ground where the two are locked and fighting.
nikko rolls over calvin and gets the upper hand. he pulls back his arm to
punch calvin when maggie grabs his arm to stop him.

stop it! stop it! both of you!

nikko steps back off of calvin. calvin watches nikko warily; as does nikko
back to calvin.
maggie stares at the back of her hands; frozen by what she sees.

oh, god!

calvin turns to look at maggie. she starts backing up away from the door,
staring at the back of her hands.
the back of her hands are wrinkled, the veins protruding from her skin with
age. her hands shake. she can't take her eyes off of what she sees.
she whimpers.


the virus! it's back!

what's wrong! what are you talking about? there's nothing there!

the back of her hands are wrinkled, the veins protruding from her skin with
age. her hands shake. she can't take her eyes off of what she sees.
calvin grabs her wrist.

maggie, look! there's nothing there!

the back of her hands are smooth. the virus is gone.
maggie looks up at calvin.

helmholtz resonance. it's getting to all of us. we've got to keep it

nikko runs and hand through his hair.

i've got to do something.

nikko turns and heads for the door. calvin's had it. he walks away from the
door toward the center of the room, the hallucinatory affects on maggie had
really gotten to him.
maggie, however, makes a last ditched effort to stop nikko.



we are in the back room of the castle -- furthest away
from the resonating center and look how it's affecting us. if you go down
there, you won't be able to control it.

you won't be able to tell what's real or what's not. you won't
be able to protect yourself.

oh, but none of it's real, right?

this is real as i am to you now.

people manifest real injuries in their dream states all the time. if
you get hurt out there, you get hurt. for real. get it?

and if you die ... nikko, you could die out there.

oh, and if my dad dies, i guess he's dead, right?

neither maggie nor calvin say anything to that.


nikko turns, removes the wooden beam from the door and opens it. he slips
outside. maggie and calvin watch. they both turn away and head back toward the middle of the room. juliet is sitting up and she's quiet.
nikko walks down the passageway looking through the corridors. he sticks his head into one passageway and yells for his dad.

hey, dad!

hearing nothing, he turns around and continues walking through the corridor.
he takes a couple of steps when his flashlight starts to blink out. he taps it;
but the light flashes off and on ... and then, off.
he hears the sound of a door opening. nikko stops fiddling with his flashlight
and listens.
he hears the sound of a door closing shut. he cautiously takes a couple of
steps forward, looking around through the corridors.


he looks down the corridor and at the very end, standing in front of the open
door is haley. behind her, the shadow of the templar cross shines on the wall
inside the room.
she stands there and looks at nikko. nikko stares back at her, surprised. she
smiles at him.


haley cayce:


nikko starts to run as fast as he can toward his mom.

haley cayce:

behind her, tollan walks up and puts his arm around her, holding her there.
nikko gasps and stops.

haley cayce:
run, nikko. it's a trap.

tollan starts pulling haley backward into the room.

haley cayce:

he pulls her into the room and closes the door. nikko runs toward the door.
he opens the door and finds that he's at the top of a long stone stairs. at
the bottom of the stairs to the right is a door. nikko pauses at the top of the
stairs. to the left of the stairs, he can see shadows move along the walls
indicating that there's someone inside the room.
nikko starts to run down the stairs.
the doors burst open and nikko runs into the room. he stops.

inside the room, in the center sitting on a chair is tollan. he motions with
his fingers pointing in front of him.

you should have listened to your mother.

where is she?

tollan stands up from his seat.

although you were right and wise not to trust vincent to rescue your

nikko stares at tollan. he looks worried.

he is, after all, one of us.

tollan looks behind nikko.
nikko turns around and sees vincent standing inside the room, his hands
casually behind his back.
nikko stares at vincent, noticing that vincent is now dressed nicely in black,
dark dress shirt, dark tie. he looks like one of dorna's men.

you shouldn't have followed me, nikko.

vincent steps into the room.
nikko turns around and heads for tollan. now, he finds himself staring at
tollan and behind tollan are about six to eight of dorna's men.
nikko stops.
tollan spreads out his arms, palms upward as if waiting for nikko to do
something rash in front of all the men there.
nikko glances around the room.

what did you with my mother!

tollan starts to laugh at nikko.

where my father?

tollan continues to laugh. he glances at the men around him and steps back.
the men step forward.
the men slowly advance toward nikko. nikko stares at them getting closer to
him; he turns around to see vincent alone in front of the doorway. nikko takes his chances with vincent. he swings, swirls and kicks.
he misses vincent by a mile.
he rounds again to kick at vincent. vincent holds up a hand and blocks nikko's foot. with the same hand, he pushes nikko to the floor.
nikko falls to the floor, his cheek hitting the floor.
nikko sits in a meditative position legs crossed, his eyes are closed and his
elbows rest on his keeps, his thumb and index finger touching in an "ok" sign. vincent stands and walks around him.



nikko starts to fluster, his concentration broken, lips moving as he struggles
to concentrate to be able to count.

begin again from one.



you have to come to realize that none of this is real.



vincent continues to walk and circle around nikko as he sits in the center of
the room on the floor. nikko struggles to concentrate, his brow furrowed.



but beyond that, you must understand this.



you have to know, nikko ...


every number gets harder and harder for nikko.


every impulse is a decision ...

nikko: echoing eleven.

every thought carries the power of creation




as are your thoughts, so will be your reality ...


as you so will, so will be your destiny ...


follow your thoughts, nikko ...


it will take you where you need to go.






nikko's eyes suddenly open. he is surprised at where he is. we hear the high
whining sounds of cars or vehicles traveling at extremely high speeds. perhaps it's the blur of life as it passes by him.
nikko looks around.
in front of him, he's standing on the side of a street facing a row of red
brick apartment houses. the road in front of him is a red and silver blur of
speeding vehicles. the vehicles are moving so fast that there is no conceivable break in the traffic in front of him. he looks from left to right.
his eyes swing to the middle where he sees standing directly in front of him on the other side of the road: haley cayce. she looks back at nikko.
and smiles.
nikko tries to get to her, but the "highway" in front of him prevents him.


haley looks at nikko from across the street and smiles.

haley cayce:
echoing look at you ... my beautiful boy.


nikko stands just at the edge of the sidewalk and right in front of the

haley cayce:
you can't cross, nikko. it's not your time.

no! i want to be with you! i want you back!

haley cayce:
i am with you. and you are with me. i always have
been with you. pause love. it's stronger than this. you know that nikko,
don't you?

i don't know anything!

he takes a step into the "highway" and the blur of reality in front of him
pushes into him. he puts an arm up to protect himself.
the environment around nikko turns and blurs and changes into ...
nikko looks up and he's somewhere else. standing in front of a merry-go-round ride in motion. a young nikko is riding on one of the horses on the ride. he waves his hand enthusiastically to the woman standing on the side watching him.

young nikko:
hi mom!

nikko slowly turns around and sees haley standing behind him watching young nikko on the ride. she's smiling indulgently at the child, thoroughly enjoying that he's enjoying the ride.
haley looks at the ride and around nikko as he stands there right in front of
her. she watches young nikko on the ride and laughs in enjoyment.


haley continues to watch young nikko on the ride.

what's going on? where am i?

her eyes shift and she finally looks at nikko.

haley cayce:
you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

nikko stares at her. this isn't making a whole lot of sense to him.

young nikko is on the horse on the carousel. he lifts his arms to the air and
gives a hoot of excitement.

young nikko:

haley cayce:
you always were such a show-off.

nikko turns around to look at the ride.
nikko is now the one sitting on the horse on the carousel. he looks out at
haley standing on the side watching him ride the horse.
he passes her by.
haley watches nikko on the ride.
haley stands off to the side of the ride.

haley cayce:
grab the ring, nikko.

large, thin, gold-colored brass ring hanging from the center of the carousel.
nikko has his eyes closed. he swallows, then opens his eyes.

haley cayce:
you have to grab the ring.

he looks up and sees the thin gold-colored brass ring hanging alone on a stand in the center of nothing. camera slowly moves toward the ring as nikko gets closer to it.
he reaches out to grab the ring and just barely misses it.
nikko closes his eyes for a moment and takes a couple of breaths. he appears disoriented.
behind him on the same carousel standing in the aisle on the same ride only a ways behind him is vincent.

you can do it, nikko.

nikko glances to the side and sees vincent.

you have to trust yourself. trust what you see.

nikko prepares himself to try again.

haley cayce:
grab the ring.

you have to decide what it is you want.

nikko glances down, then back up at the ring.
nikko sees the ring disengaged from the hanger. it appears to be floating in
the air and tumbling over upon itself.
nikko braces himself to get the ring.

haley cayce:
you have to grab the ring.

the thin, gold-colored brass ring appears to be floating and tumbling over upon itself. as he looks at it, it changes into a different ring -- the ring of
the ring of truth floats in front of him, tumbling over upon itself.
nikko reaches out his hand toward it.
the ring of truth changes back into the thin, gold-colored brass ring.
nikko stretches out his hand and grabs the brass ring.
he holds the ring in his hand.
haley watches, pleased.
nikko looks at the ring in his hand.
this scene is just like the beginning scenes intercut with the chess game and
preluding into the chateau scene. nikko is now in this scene. close up of a
knight riding on a white horse, galloping toward the camera.
standing, nikko looks up at the horse.
the knight is on the horse. the horse scrapes his hoofs on the sand-covered
ground and neighs. nikko looks down. in his left hand, he holds the hilt of a
large, thick sword.
nikko lifts up the sword easily, his eyes on the knight in front of him. he
prepares himself for the attack.
the horse rears up on his hind legs. the knight lifts his own sword. the
horse neighs.
with his eyes on the knight on the white horse in front of him, nikko raises
his sword. standing behind nikko is solomon.

the knight on the white horse looks formidable.


i can't help you, son. just remember why you're here.

the knight on the horse starts to gallop toward him. nikko keeps his eyes on
the knight and prepares himself for the oncoming attack.
nikko takes a deep breath and runs out to meet the knight on the horse.
as he gets closer, the knight raises his sword to swing.
as nikko gets closer, he lifts his sword to swing with all his strength.


nikko raises his sword and swings. he cuts the knight's head clean off of the


nikko stops.
solomon watches with a grim look on his face.
nikko stops and looks down at the knight's head on the ground. he drops his
sword to the ground and picks up the knight's head.
he opens the helmet's hood and sees his mother's face inside.
nikko screams.
solomon grabs nikko's shoulders and turns him around. nikko struggles against solomon. solomon grabs nikko's shoulders and tries to calm him down.

no! no!

it's okay. okay. you're okay.

nikko takes a step back from solomon and vincent and stares at them, panting.
the head of the stone knight statue is in his hands. he glances down at the
knight's head in his hand. it's not his mother's but just a statue's head made
out of stone.

it's not real. calmly it's not real.

nikko turns around and sees the large stone statue of the horse with the now
headless knight towering with intimidation right in front of him. he yells out
in fright. solomon grabs nikko from behind and wraps his arms around his son, trying to calm him down. vincent walks in front of nikko and stands directly between nikko and the horse stone statue.

nikko, look at me.

still somewhat wary of vincent, nikko breaks away from solomon and steps away from vincent.

listen to my voice. you're here now. it wasn't real.
you hear me?

nikko looks from vincent ... to the stone statue ... to the sword flat on the

you're okay, son. you're okay.

no, but dorna, dad. they had you. no, they did.
i'm sorry.

there's no one here. no one had me. it wasn't real.

nikko takes several panting breaths. he looks down at the knight's head in his hands. he looks back at the sword on the ground, then up at the horse stone statue.

it all becomes too much for him. he takes a dizzying step backward and in the process, drops the stone head.
the stone head drops to the ground and shatters into pieces. there's something inside the head.
solomon grabs nikko as he collapses backward to the floor in a sitting
position. vincent steps forward to help.
he kneels down in front of nikko, who is now resting against his dad.
solomon's arms are wrapped tightly around him.
nikko glances at the mess of stone on the floor and sees something in the

dad. look.

solomon sees it. vincent turns around; he sees it too. he reaches out and
picks the piece up. he holds it out to nikko. solomon reaches for it as well.

unable to tell is that real?

etched along the flat arch of the piece is writing.

oh, yeah. it's real. smiles you found it.

vincent glances up at solomon and smiles.

three men in the middle of the room with the
treasured piece in their hands.

juliet walks down the stairs and into the main office area.
solomon walks into the office area carrying a book when he sees juliet.

hey. look who's joining the living. you feeling all right?

the elevator opens and calvin walks inside. he pauses when he sees solomon.

much improved. the whole thing was ... literally a nightmare.

solomon puts an arm around juliet, just glad to have her well and back.

you went ... deep.

she smiles.


he hugs her. she laughs. they both turn to head into the main office when
calvin calls out to him. solomon stops.

dr. zond. do you have a second?

juliet steps aside.

yeah, sure. what's up cal?

calvin walks up to solomon.


he sighs. maggie pauses and glances up at them. calvin pauses. solomon waits patiently and seriously for calvin to continue.

well, i've been thinking. he pauses and i think that what we do is
pretty amazing and, uh, i'm sure lucky to be working with you.

maggie glances back down at her computer and smiles.

hey, i'm the lucky one, cal.

calvin smiles.

c'mon. let's see what maggie's got.

with a hand on his shoulder, solomon leads calvin into the main office.
the computer runs through the alphabet letterings from the castle relic.
maggie reports to the group.

the writing on the castle relic uses the same alphabet system as the
relic we found on alma ? island. but the language is completely different. i
can't translate it.

on the table are the two relics: the castle relic they recently discovered and
an unrecognizable smaller flat piece probably found in a previous episode.
nikko leans over the table and examines both pieces.
solomon stands in the back of the office near his desk.

thinking well, they're made from the same material. same alphabet.
they've got to be related.

pieces of the ring?

that's what i'm thinking. maybe. but i can't make the connection.

solomon steps down and heads for the table with the relic pieces on it.

we don't even know what the ring really is?

solomon puts his things on the table. nikko is holding on to one of the pieces
in his hands when the memory hits him. he takes a step back in surprise.


everyone stares at him. nikko stands there in the middle of the room, his
hands outstretched in front of him, palms down, breathing heavily.

what is it?

nikko walks toward the table and looks closely at the two pieces. everyone
continues to watch his strange behavior.

i don't know. i think i saw something.

everyone remains silent and watchful.

i've got to get something. i'll be right back. to solomon i'll be
right back, i've got to get something.

nikko leaves the room.

where are you going?

back at the table, nikko has the two pieces plus a third piece - the wheel of
dharma - out in front of him. the others stand around the table watching him.

okay, we've got the olman? relic, piece from the castle, and the wheel
of dharma. now check this out.

nikko slides the wheel of dharma between the two relic pieces and pushes it
toward the castle relic. it clicks into place. the castle relic arc attaches
securely to the groove in the wheel of dharma.
everyone's eyes widen with astonishment.

a perfect fit.

nikko glances up at solomon who is just absorbing this. calvin looks
completely astonished and excited at the find.

it's real.

solomon glances at nikko, his jaw open with wonder at how nikko was able to
make the connection.

it's all real.

maggie puts a hand on his shoulder and whispers in his ear.

how's your faith now, cal?

on the mend. definitely on the mend.

his mind already working the possibilities, calvin gets a thought and stands
up. he heads over to his computer.

nikko, how'd you know.

hey. i just saw it.

nikko glances over at vincent who is watching him carefully, a glint of pride
in his eyes.


solomon turns and looks at calvin.

could you run a model on ...

calvin is already a step ahead and working on it.

calvin: ...
on what this thing might look like when it's all put together?
beat yeah.

solomon walks toward the back of the room where the computers are.

put it up on the plasma.

juliet straightens up to get to work. she puts a hand on nikko's shoulder,
then steps back to head toward the computers.
one by one, they all head toward the back where the computers are. nikko
remains at the table looking at the pieces for a moment, then he, too, also
moves toward the rest of the group.
the relic pieces on the table. the camera slowly rises away from the pieces.
monitor view of the projections that calvin is working on. on the
screen the are images of the pieces. he works fast and sits back to let the
program run. on the monitor, the program "builds" a composite of what the
finished ring would look like.
everyone sits in front of the plasma screen watching the ring as it finishes.
it's a circle of five rings similar to the wheel of dharma connected by five
arcs similar to the castle relic. it looks exactly how nikko pictured it in his

the ring of truth.

based on the angle of the curve and the length of the
castle relic, the ring would have ten pieces.

and we've got three.

so, what do we do now?

practically study these pieces. figure out what they're trying to
tell us.

and then we find the other seven pieces.

this is part of the translation that we got from the balshem? about
the ring.

she pauses.

" ... so he hurled the ring down to earth, where it broke
into many pieces -- that once reassembled will show mankind the ultimate truth: the power of god."

nikko puts a hand out on solomon's shoulder as he watches the monitor
silently.the relics on the table. nikko slowly circles the table,
staring at the objects on it. solomon walks into the room and up to nikko.



nikko stops walking and leans against the table. solomon stands near him.
they sigh and stare at the pieces on the table.

really something, huh?


i spoke with the benefactor. he's very pleased and pretty impressed
with you.

solomon glances proudly at nikko. nikko sighs again and straightens up, a
little frustrated by it all.

i don't get it. i mean, how did i know about the wheel, dad? if it was
just a hallucination, how did i know?

i don't know. but something happened to you in there. maybe
something in your subconscious clicked and you figured it out, or maybe there's
no logical explanation for it.

i know. softly i know.

solomon turns to look down at the pieces again. nikko stares at solomon.

i saw her. i saw mom, dad.

i could smell her. shakes his head it was like she was right next to

nikko hangs his head down and takes a deep breath to control his emotions.

yeah, i know. i do, too. i saw her, too. maybe it was something we
both needed to see, or ...

he pauses, unable to complete the thought.

i don't know.

solomon sighs. he leans forward against the table and puts his head in his
hands. nikko watches his dad.

i mean, i don't know. i can't say for certain what's real or what's
not real anymore. maybe she was there next to you.

and me.

he looks away for a moment.

we've seen some amazing stuff. i mean, c'mon.

the two share a laugh and a chuckle. then solomon gets serious as he looks at the relics on the table.

look. the ring of truth.

his fingertips lightly trace the shape of the two interlocking pieces and on to
the wheel of dharma.

i like the sound of that. that sounds promising.

nikko smiles and agrees.


nikko sighs and puts his head down. solomon puts a hand on his shoulder.

hey, you've got to get some sleep.

yeah, i will in a little bit.

solomon stands up, ready to leave. then he turns and looks back at nikko.
they've come a long way. solomon wraps his arms around nikko from behind and hugs him. he lets go, then kisses the back of nikko's head.

i love you.

nikko looks over his shoulder at his dad.

i love you, too, dad.

solomon turns and leaves the room leaving nikko at the table to stare at the
relics. well out of his reach is nikko's green soda
can. nikko stares at the pieces and unconsciously reaches out for his drink.
his arm moves out, his hand opens to grab the drink. and like a large magnet, the can slides rapidly across the table to the short distance into his open hand.
nikko's hand automatically closes around the can.
nikko turns and stares at his hand holding the can. he picks up the can and
turns it around to look at it.
nikko puts the can down on the table and turns his palm up to look at his
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